More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 16


"Meeghh," Luc gasped in response.

It was Meg's turn to smile as she stroked up and down. Luc had enough. He let go of her nipple, flipped her over onto her knees and drove into her sopping pussy. He was half shifted and worked to keep control while he wanted to drive as deeply as he could into Meg. She was hot and slick and it felt so good.

Meg was surprised by the sudden change of position, but loved the way he felt inside of her. She could tell by his size and the fur tickling the back of her thighs that he was shifting. His hands gripped her hips to steady himself as he increased the rhythm of his strokes.

"Ooooohhh," she moaned as she felt her orgasm began to roll over her. She arched back against him as he drove in. It felt so good as she came and came.

Luc felt his own orgasm begin in response to Meg's orgasm. "Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhh," he growled as he orgasmed. The two of them melted to the bed. Luc reached down and pulled up the covers. His hand traced across her nipples as he let go of the sheet.

"Oh!" Meg gasped. She was still hypersensitive from the orgasm. As her body tried to settle down, Luc brought his hand around to her clit and just barely touched it. Meg gasped again and Luc couldn't resist bringing her to another orgasm.

"Llllluuc!" Meg squeaked as she came.

Luc laughed and then wrapped himself around her as he shifted. "Soft One sleep good," wolf thought. "Soft One smells sweet," he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Meg went to roll over, but Luc's paw was across her hip, pinning her to the bed. Light was streaming in the window and she struggled to see the time. Finally, she got free enough to see the clock on the dresser. 9:05am. "Damn!!! Ginny would be here in half an hour!" she thought.

"Luc, I have to get up. We have to get up!" she said shaking the wolf wrapped around her. Even after all this time, she didn't have a good way of waking Luc up when he was in wolf form. She grabbed his ruff and shook him again. "Luc, wake up!"

Wolf opened one eye and looked at Soft One. Too noisy. He tried to put his paw across her to make her go back to sleep. Soft One grabbed his ruff again and squirmed out from under his paw. "Soft One anxious," he thought. He sniffed her as she got out of the bed. He inhaled her scent that was so good. He put his head back down on the bed while his mate went and got all wet.


Meg got showered and dressed in record time. She had just started the coffee when Ginny, Patrick and Ysabel walked in the front door.

"Meg, you up yet?" Ginny called.

"Just! My lovely wolf didn't want to let me up this morning," said Meg.

Ginny and the other two followed her voice to the kitchen. They set down various packages and then Patrick went back out for more.

"Is he still asleep?" asked Ginny.

"Yeah, and still in wolf form," answered Meg. "He was being very protective this morning. In fact, he's been really protective for the last week or so," she finished.

"Hmm, maybe it's just the whole thing of the dinner," suggested Ginny. She grabbed cups for coffee and was closing the cupboard when she heard Patrick calling quietly from the hall. Ginny and Meg looked out to see Patrick standing very still while Luc still in wolf form regarded him warily from a doorway.

"Ginny, Meg, someone, please come get the bags," Patrick said softly.

Meg went to his rescue and handed the bags to Ginny while she stayed beside Patrick. Luc wasn't growling, but he wasn't letting Patrick pass either. Meg put her hand out to Luc and placed it on his shoulder. That seemed to settle things a bit and Patrick slid past Meg and into the kitchen.

"Luc, go shift back and quit hassling Ginny's mate," Meg said. Looking towards the kitchen, she saw Ysabel hold out a rolled up newspaper to her. She shook her head. However, Luc looked towards Ysabel too and she shook the paper at him. Luc turned and headed back to the bedroom.

"Sorry about that Patrick. Like I said, I'm not sure what's come over him lately, but when he's in wolf form he is so protective," said Meg.

"It's okay Meg. I'm new to the area, and sort of a double threat I guess. New male and new mate to someone dear to him," Patrick said.

"Shoulda hit him with the newspaper," Ysabel said as she grabbed a cup of coffee and a pastry from the bag Patrick had brought in. That made them all laugh.

"Let's go get the rest of the stuff," said Ginny and the four of them headed out to the car. Each of them grabbed a couple of bags and headed back into the house. Meg went first, just in case Luc was still prowling. Instead, she was pleasantly surprised to see Luc sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and a pastry.

"About time you decided to join us," Meg teased.

"Sorry about that. Sorry Patrick," he added as Patrick came into the kitchen. "I'm not sure what set him off, but damn he's been possessive lately."

"Not a problem Luc. Like I told Meg, I'm new and the two wolves haven't really had a chance to meet nose to tail. Face to face is fine in this form, but you know that our other halves don't always agree with us," Patrick said.

"You got that right," said Ysabel.

Ginny laughed and nodded as she stuffed perishables in the fridge and freezer.


Soon the house was buzzing with activity. Patrick and Luc set up the tables and chairs in the living room. They moved furniture and cleaned up anything that had been missed the day before. Meg, Ginny and Ysabel worked on the food. The menu was protein heavy with a beef rib eye roast going in the oven to slow cook. Ginny had coated it with a mixture of horseradish, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Ysabel had filled a crock pot with a veggie mix to steam slowly. That would be turned it on around 2pm. She also set up the rice cooker but didn't add the water. That would be done closer to dinner time. Then it was time to set up the relish trays. Ginny and Meg helped with those. Pickles, fresh veggies, dips and sauces went onto trays and into small bowls. It was orderly chaos.

"Hey Meg, where do you want this flower arrangement?" asked Patrick. He was standing in the kitchen door holding flowers that had just arrived.

"I, um... I don't know," she said and walked out to decide a place. It took a few minutes, but they finally decided to clear the fireplace mantle and set it there. Meg looked at the clock as she went past. Noon. Her stomach was growling.

"Hey Luc, how about you and Patrick go grab us some lunch?" Meg asked. "I'm starving, and I'm sure the rest of you are hungry."

"Sounds good. Pizza okay?" he asked.

"Sure!" replied Meg. She headed back to the kitchen as Luc and Patrick headed out the door.


The women worked on salads until the pizza arrived. Stuffing the last of the cling film covered bowls in the fridge, they all sat down to eat. Soon the only thing left were three empty pizza boxes and a few crusts.

"That hit the spot," said Ginny.

"Oh yeah. I'll still have room for supper though," said Luc. The roast was beginning to smell really good.

"Is there anything else left to do?" asked Patrick.

"No, most of it is last minute stuff, so I guess you can all head home," said Meg. "The bakery will deliver the cake at 5pm. Be back by 5:30pm and we should be fine. Dinner is set for 6pm."

"Alright," said Ginny. "See you then."

The three of them left to shower, take a break and change clothes. Luc picked up the trash and when he came back in to the living room, Meg was still sitting at the table.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, guess I just ate too fast. My stomach's a little off," said Meg.

"Why don't you go lay down for a bit and I'll finish setting the tables," suggested Luc.

"Are you sure?" Meg asked. The thought of a nap sounded wonderful.

"Yes. Go rest. I know how to set a table and I'll wake you in time to shower," he said.

"Okay," said Meg. She kissed him and headed off to lay down. "Maybe it was too much coffee this morning, or just stress," she thought as she lay down on the bed. She pulled the quilt on the end of the bed up and over her. She was asleep in less than a minute.


Luc got the tables set, decorated the sideboard where the food platers were going, checked on the roast and started the rice and veggies. He sat down for a few minutes with a soda and tried to think if there was anything he had forgotten. Looking at the clock, he saw it was 4:15pm. It was time to wake Meg. She'd kill him if he let her sleep any longer.

"Meg. It's time to wake up," he said softly.

She blinked owlishly and stretched. "So soon?" she asked.

"It's nearly 4:30," he said.

"Oh damn. Did you put the rice on?" she asked as she got up and folded the quilt.

"Yes, and the veggies too. Go shower and I'll wait for the cake," he said.

Meg headed for the shower and got out in under ten minutes. Wrapping herself up in her towel, she used the hair dryer. Once her hair was dry, she got dressed and then worked on her makeup. Just as she finished the last bit of eyeshadow, she heard the doorbell. "That must be the cake,"she thought. She washed her hands, and slipped into her shoes. A quick glance in the mirror and she liked what she saw. Auburn hair with just a touch of curl, little black dress with just enough curve to the neck line to show off the chain Luc had given her and a pair of amber earrings that set off her eyes. She smiled and headed to the kitchen.

"Luc, your turn for the shower," she called as she walked into the kitchen.

"Okay. Cake's here," he said and pointed at the cake set on the table.

"Oh that's beautiful. Can you put it on the sideboard?" she asked.

Luc moved the cake, gave her a kiss and headed for the shower. Knowing his family, they'd be here in fifteen minutes. He was surprised to see his clothes set out for him. He smiled.

Meg grabbed an apron and started finishing up the preparations for the dinner. She set out the salads, relish trays, and various sauces and dips. The timer on the roast went off just as she set down the last bowl. Grabbing the pot holders, she eased it out of the oven and onto the counter. It had to cool for a bit before it could be sliced. She checked on the rice and veg before she opened the wines to breathe.

"Meg! We're here," called Ginny. She swept into the kitchen wearing a floaty green dress that astonished Meg.

"Ginny? Um what did you do to Ginny and who are you?" she teased.

Ginny laughed. "It's all Patrick's fault," she said. "He bought the dress,"

"And who is taking my name in vain?" asked Patrick.

Meg turned to see Patrick. "My god you clean up well," she said. "I've never seen a suit look that good. Ginny, I'm surprised you let him leave the bedroom," Meg teased.

"It was a close thing, believe me," said Ginny. She smiled at Patrick. She had been gob smacked when he'd walked out of the bedroom all dressed up. 'Solda and Bitty had whistled and even Sara had said how 'pwitty' he was.

"Now, what's left to get ready?" asked Patrick.

"Can you carve the roast?" asked Meg.

"I certainly can," he said and took the carving knife she held out.

"Why don't you check on Luc and then greet your guests while we finish up," said Ysabel.

"Okay," said Meg and she handed Ginny her apron and went to find Luc. He was just fighting his tie when she walked into the bedroom. He was growling.

"Here, let me help," she said. In a few seconds, she had his tie in place and added the small wolf's head tie pin to hold it in place.

"Thanks. I hate these things," he said gesturing to the tie. He picked up his suit jacket and slipped it on. "How do I look?" he asked.

"Like a wolf is suit clothing," Meg teased.

"Funny, very funny. Let's go answer the door," he said as the bell rang again.


Twenty minutes later, Luc's house was full of family and friends. Angie arrived with a case of nerves, but Meg introduced her to George, who stepped in as friendly native guide. Sandy, Kevin, Marie, Cal and Peter all arrived at once. Jeff came with his wife, who Meg recognized as one of the nurses who worked at the clinic. Others she recognized from the night Duke went nuts. Soon, there was barely room to move. Andrew and the girl from the shop were the last to arrive. Ginny nipped out of the kitchen and got Meg's attention.

"We're ready in here, have Luc call everyone to the table," Ginny said.

Meg nodded and after a bit of a wiggle through the crowd, delivered the message to Luc.

"Can I have everyone's attention? I have it on good authority that dinner is ready," he said.

Everyone quieted down and moved to the tables. Ginny, Ysabel and Patrick brought the last of the food out and set it on the sideboard.

"Luc and Meg get to go first. After that, it doesn't matter," said Ginny. "However, anyone pushing or shoving will be smacked with a rolled up newspaper!"

Everyone laughed. However, they knew Ginny far too well to piss her off. In a few minutes, everyone was seated at the table with plates of food. Luc and Sandy were filling people's glasses with wine or handing out beer per request. When everyone had a glass of something, Sandy stood up.

"As the oldest member of the family, it is perhaps my duty to say a few words," he started. Laughter cascaded up and down the table along with a few silly remarks. "In all honesty, we never thought that this day would come. Luc settled down, finally owning up to his responsibilities, and making an honest woman of Meg here," he continued. "However, the important part is that we are family. We've had our ups and downs lately. Luc scared the shit out of us all, not only by dating, but by trying to shred a bear while still driving." He paused for the laughter to settle down. "Now before the food gets too cold and Ginny whips out that rolled up newspaper she fondles constantly, I'd like to toast Luc and Meg and their newly minted relationship," Sandy finished saying as he raised his glass.

"To Luc and Meg," rang around the room.

"Enjoy the feast," said Ginny as Sandy sat down.

Dinner conversations flew across the table. Laughter with Luc at the butt of the jokes was the common topic, and at one point, the sheep that the cubs had given Luc was brought out as a centerpiece. Soon there was very little food left and Ginny and Ysabel started to clear the table of the main dishes in order to serve dessert. Not only was there the lovely cake, but coffee, sweet liquors and champagne. Patrick helped open the bottles and when everyone had a glass, they stood and toasted the couple again.

Luc smiled and took a sip of his champagne and then stood to help cut the cake. Meg in her warped way had insisted that the top of the cake have a howling wolf. After cutting a slice, each fed the other a piece and managed not to smear half of it across their faces.

"Ah Luc, you're suppose to cover her in frosting and then lick it off," teased Kevin.

"No! She's suppose to drop a piece down his..." started Peter who got thumped by Ginny who was handing out cake.

"Oh you bunch are just sad that we actually cooked the roast," teased Meg. Laughter broke out across the room. She was relaxed for the first time all evening and feeling very good. The party was going so well.

"Now, although it isn't tradition, I have a present for the couple," said Ginny. She retrieved the box that Patrick had picked up from Andrew. She set the box down in front of Meg, for her to open it.

Meg looked from Ginny to Luc. Luc shrugged his shoulders and gestured for Meg to open it. Meg undid the ribbon, tore the tape tab and opened the box. Nestled in tissue paper was a thin silver rod. Puzzled, she lifted it out and as she did so, Meg realized it was the top bar of a scroll. Hanging from the bar was a piece of silk with Luc and Meg's name on it and today's date. From the bottom hung another bar covered with stylized wolf prints and and foot prints giving the impression that they were walking side by side. Meg held it up for everyone to see and tried very hard to hold back the tears she felt forming.

"Oh, Ginny. It's so..." Meg was lost for words and hugged Ginny. Meg then turned to Andrew and blew him a kiss. "Thank you too. It's beautiful," she said.

George then stood up. "The pups sent a present. They knew they couldn't come, but deputized me to bring it to you," he said. He handed over a bag colored by the little ones with wolves and a tent on the side.

Luc took the bag and opened it up. First there was a bag of peanut butter cookies shaped like dog bones. Then there was a bag of Hershey's Kisses with a label that read 'For Aunty Meg'. That brought a giggle from the room. Last but not least was a rolled up newspaper tied with gold ribbon. Everyone laughed when they saw that. "Thank the pups for me George," said Luc amidst the laughter. George nodded.

With that, everyone settled down to cake and drinks. Ysabel and George started clearing the table of dirty items and Ginny worked on the dishes. Patrick brought in the last tray of stuff and motioned for Ysabel and George to leave him alone with Ginny for a moment.

"Ginny, can I give you a hand?" he asked pointing to the dishes.

"Well, you can dry them in a minute," she said.

"Okay, I'll do that. Plus, I wanted to ask one other thing," he said standing just behind her.

"What?" she asked trying to blow a curl of hair out of her eyes.

Patrick pulled the pouch out of his pocket, and removed the chain. He stepped forward and as he brought the chain down in front of her eyes, he asked "Would you be my mate?"

Ginny dropped the plate she had in her hand and just stared. Before Patrick could question the silence, she whipped around and hugged him soppy soapy hands and all.

"I take it that is a yes?" he asked as he wrapped his hands around her.

"YES!" she hollered loud enough for most of the dinner part to hear and come rushing into the kitchen to see what was happening. They arrived in time to see a rather crumpled Patrick clasp the delicate chain around Ginny's neck.

"You realize that doing this today doesn't get you out of holding your own party," teased Meg.

"Oh shush!" said Ginny smiling through the tears of joy. Everyone laughed. The bunch moved back out into the main area and another round of toasts went up for Ginny and Patrick.

"Gee, So much going on, that I don't think I've spoken publicly like this since I was mated," teased Sandy. "Congratulations Patrick and Ginny. And heaven help you when she gets grumpy, because we all know she's the boss."

Patrick stood up with his arm wrapped around Ginny. "Thank you for the welcome to the family, the pack. I must admit that it has been a whirlwind romance. I never thought I'd find another mate. However, I must thank the instigators of this little plot, Cal, Kevin, Peter and Luc. Oh, and the bear that precipitated the crisis in the first place. For without that, I never would have visited my cousin, nor found a mate that is almost the perfect match," he finished.

"Hey there!" started Ginny as if to start to disagree with his assessment.

"I'd like to point out before my dear sweet mate here chimes in on our joy, that according to George, I have managed to do what none of the rest of you have ever accomplished. I rendered her speechless, and got her to buy a new dress," he said with a smile.

Ginny blushed as the room broke out in laughter. She smiled, made a curtsy and then turned to Patrick and stuck out her tongue. More laughter erupted. Luc topped off everyone's glass and another round of toasts went up before people settled back to chatting and snacking on cake, cookies and other treats.

"Where did you find the time to get this?" Ginny asked Patrick as she sat in his lap.

"That day you stormed off to find a dress. Andrew and I had a lovely chat and I got this," he said leaving out most of the details.

"You know we were lovers," she said quietly.

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