tagInterracial LoveMore Than Neighbors

More Than Neighbors


Several years ago a couple moved into the apartment next to the one I was living in.

We welcome new people into the neighborhood by taking some goodies to them. This allows them to know us and we have the opportunity to know them.

Several of us in my apartment building went over to their apartment one Sunday afternoon with a can of Danish made butter cookies, some soda, a bottle of wine and a hot pot off coffee.

A fellow answered the door and stood in shock looking at four ladies holding odds and ends and all about the age of his girlfriend or wife whom we had seen before and given a wave when the opportunity presented itself.

I introduced myself and my friends and then proceeded to explain why we were there.

A huge grin then appeared on his face as he called out the name, "Virginia".

When she appeared he said, "This is my wife Virginia and I am William but call me Bill."

Bill then introduced us to Virginia and explained why we were there.

Virginia invited us in; as we were sitting down she said, "Call me Gin."

We snacked on the goodies which we had brought while getting to know them and them us.

Bill was into IT work and traveled fifty percent of the time. Virginia was a nurse in local clinic.

Bill was thirty years old, weighed around one-hundred and eighty pounds, with curly black hair and green eyes. He appeared to be close to six feet and was well balanced. It appeared he worked at staying trim and fit.

Virginia was twenty-six, with straight blonde hair reaching her shoulder blades, showing no frayed or split ends. Her eyes were blue and she appeared to be five-foot seven with maybe 34C or D breasts, a waist looking 27 with hips close to 35 or 36 inches. Her weight appeared to be less than one-hundred and twenty. She could have been a Victoria's Secret model if she was inclined to go that route.

Over the next few months we would wave when we saw each other outdoors but never mixed socially.

I came in late one night from a late bowling league session. After shedding my coat I headed to my dark bedroom and noticed that across the courtyard a bedroom light was on. My heart picked up beats as I decided to leave the light off and take a peek. My knees weakened, my pussy lips expanded, my heart pick up a faster beat when my eyes focused into the bedroom where Alice was on her knees, with her breast swaying as Jack's monster cock was thrusting away deep into her apparently steaming pussy, since Jack's cock was very shiny with her love juices. This was the first time they had let their light on. Was it on purpose or just the mood?

I have never viewed people fucking in real life. Sure I have watched on TV and DVDs' but this was live activity.

I decided to continue my stripping since I was going to shower anyway. My left hand then went to my right breast and my right hand went to stimulate my clit. Watching them had my juices flowing harder than they ever had.

Alice looked sexy on her fours with her black hair in a ponytail against her snow white skin. Jack was holding onto her at her waist.

When I saw Jack stiffen, his mouth flying open and his cock bury all the way into Alice, I had my orgasm knowing he was flooding Alice with his hot nut juice, which I wanted in me after seeing that cock. Alice had to be in another world as he delivered his semen deep into her.

As they both collapsed forward, I dropped to my knees and made myself cum again as I watched them gasping for air. Alice had her face towards the window that I was looking into.

They remained quite for a long time. I assumed they fell asleep. I headed for the shower and while the water was flowing over me I pictured Jack's tool in me and I gave myself another orgasm.

I checked on them after the shower and they were in the same position as when I began to shower. I decided to hop into bed and fell asleep with wondering how Jack's cock would feel deep in me.

I made it a practice to peek every night before closing the blinds in the dark to check for activity over the courtyard into Alice and Jack's bedroom. I do not know why I had never checked on them before.

I saw nothing until two weeks later in mid-week when I had the shock of my life.

Alice was on top of a female in sixty-nine position. It was hot watching two of my gender getting it on.

That night then in bed I wondered how Alice's tongue and mouth would feel on my body.

Over time I soon found out she had many girlfriends.

One night Alice had a girl friend over and they were doing their natural thing. I had become so accustomed to seeing Alice having fun with a girlfriend that I no longer voyeured but masturbated picturing what was going on in her and Jack's bedroom.

I was approaching my second orgasm when I was startled by knocking on my door. It was after eleven and I hesitated about going to answer the door but assumed it had to be someone from the complex. When I looked through the security peep-hole I saw it was Bill (my neighbor). My heart leaped into my mouth in total confusion.

I cracked the door and asked, "Why are you here Bill?"

I heard, "I'm sorry Amber but I need your help. May I come in to explain?"

I was covered in a white terry robe, knee length with pussy juices leaking from my love canal.

I opened the door and stood partially behind it as Bill came in.

I heard, "Thanks Amber and I'd like to get to the point. I came home awhile ago and thinking Gin was asleep I was quite. I heard Gin call out, 'Fuck me now Jimmie, fuck me hard and deep like Bill does.' I froze and heard, Gin scream out her orgasm. I then snuck out of the unit and came here to try to figure out what to do next. I hope it is okay with you."

I was like a statue when Bill walked off into the bedroom before letting me answer him.

I then heard, "Amber please join me."

That startled me out of my state of numbness.

I was trembling as I walked to where Bill was.

I then heard, "Have you ever heard us getting it on Amber since it appears our bedrooms are adjoining?"

My mouth was dry, my heart was pounding in my chest, my knees were weak and I could not answer.

Bill approached me and said, "Amber your bedroom smells like there was some sex going on in here; were you masturbating listening to Gin and her friend?"

I froze where I was standing. Bill stepped in front of me as I was looking at the floor so as not to look into his face. He wrapped his arms around me, pulled me tight to him and whispered into my ear, "I hope you have been listening. Many times when I am fucking Virginia, I picture she is you. I have desired you from the time my eyes first saw you in the hall when you and your friends paid us the welcome visit."

I continued to look at the floor as he broke the hold on me and took my right hand and lead me to the bed.

Bill lifted me from the floor and placed me in the center of the bed.

I was still numb and did not answer. The thoughts of Bill fucking me had gotten my nipples hard, very hard, and my pussy was leaking profusely.

Bill's hands undid the robe tie and I felt the cool air as the robe opened. Bill was standing over me inhaling the beauty his eyes were feasting on.

Bill's hands reached for my 34B breasts which he cupped and massaged, while pinching the hard nipples slightly between a finger and thumb. A sinister smile was on his face.

I heard, "Your pussy juice smells awesome Amber. Let me eat you, please."

I did not answer.

Bill lowered himself to his knees on the bed, lifted my legs so the feet were flat on the bed, wrapped his arms around my thighs and spread my legs wide as his head disappeared between them in the dimly lit room from the hall light as he parted my swollen lips with his fingers to expose the love knob. Soon he was flicking and licking the hard clit with his hard pointed tongue. I just went sailing and moaned, "Ohoooo," as he began to nibble at the hard clit. I exploded with my first cum with Bill. He let me down easy and then lifted his head and said, "I'm glad you wanted me as much as I want you. You taste delicious, better than I had anticipated. Do you want me to eat you some more or do you prefer for me to let you experience what you have wished and dreamed about for so many months, making yourself cum and cum listening to Amber and me getting it on?"

I responded with, "Fuck me Bill, please. Fuck me like you do Virginia. Oh god do it now!"

Bill stood and stripped. I knew he had a monster of a cock from seeing the outline in his trousers many times but could not see it well with his back to me. When he turned I saw the length in the dim light but not the girth.

He came to the bed, used my legs to spin me on the bed and knelt. He was tall enough and the bed low enough so he could kneel and slip the monster into me.

I felt the warm head at the entrance. Bill began the pushing of his tool into me. I was so wet it continued to slide in easily. It was more than well lubricated for him. The room smelled of my love juices.

As he was slipping into me, my canal was expanding and sensing sensations it had never had sensed before. I muttered all the time, "Yes, Yes, Bill, Yes...yes...yes."

He then lowered himself by placing his hands by my ears and began with slow in/outs. The sounds emitting from the wet canal rang through the room. He picked up his tempo and hammered away with thrusting hips. Anyone hearing the sound knew a pussy was being fucked and loving it. It did not take but a minute or two and I had my second cum and it was the best cum ever for me. I remember thrashing and tossing my head from side to side as I tried to rip my nipples from my breast.

After I had calmed down, Bill then picked up his fucking pace and soon I was yelling, "Harder, faster, Oh god yes, I'm there again."

Sweat was dripping from the tip of his nose. I felt him stiffen and heard him inhale before hearing, "Ahaaaaaaaaaaa...ahaaaaa...ahaaa as his warm seed sprayed deep into me as his cock flexed shooting the juice from his nuts. I then had another orgasm while his man juice was filling my pussy and running out and down the crack of my butt. I had this time lifted my legs and used my feet on his buttocks to get in as deep as I could while my arms wrapped around his neck. I had the best love making to date that night with a white guy. I expect that kind of experience with a black guy doing me but a white doing it was new.

When we recovered Bill said, "Let me stay tonight and I will go early."

I answered with, "I'd like that Bill."

In the morning we made love again, with Bill making me cum two times before saying, "Thanks babe and I hope we can do more of this," as he put on his clothes and headed out. I wondered where he headed after leaving me and was going to ask him the next time we were together.

I then wondered if Virginia heard us since I could hear them from time to time. I then wondered how many male friends does she have and when I heard people having sex was it with Bill or her other boyfriends.

Bill managed to pay me a visit about once a month and stay over night. I had avoided Virginia which was easy to do for about six months other than a wave as we passed each other in the parking lot as we were coming and going.

I asked him about where he went after leaving me the first time and he said to the airport to catch a flight. He never asked about bedroom activity in his apartment when he was gone.

It was early winter around seven in the evening and there was a knock at the apartment door. Looking out into the hall I saw Virginia. My heart leaped into my throat wondering if there was going to be a confrontation assuming she discovered Bill and I having love making sessions. I decided if there was going to be one let's get it over with.

I opened the door and heard, "Hi Alice, Bill is out of town for three weeks and I am bored and lonely. Do you have time to keep me company either here or at my place for a little bit? There is nothing on TV.

I relaxed and said, "Sure, come on in. I agree with you. TV is dull. I was on the net looking at exotic islands to maybe get away for a week or two in mid-winter. I can look later. No big rush."

"Maybe we can look together. Maybe we can go together if you would like company. We could do that when Bill is traveling. It gets so lonely when he is gone. (My brain was churning) I have had fantasies about those islands. Bill never wants to try anything new. He just likes to be a home body and screw me whenever the urge hits him; it can be the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room. The only time I wear panties is to collect his nut juice after he has made a deposit. He doesn't want kids because they would interfere with his sudden urges. You know the same-same after five years is getting boring. (Really?) Would you like company or do you have friends already planning on going with you?"

"That would be fun Gin. There are about six of us girls that do go. It depends and who is free. It ends up with being two to four of us. Sure you are welcome. This year it is my turn to select a place."

"Thanks Amber, I sure do not want to intrude. God I am so excited thinking of being in an exotic place with exotic drinks and exotic guys. How are the guys Amber?"

"Some are hot and some think they are hot. It's like the lottery. But you never know until you sample."

"I'm leaking just thinking about it."

"Would you like some wine while we look at the different islands?"

"Thanks Amber. I will have the same as you."

As I was getting the wine I said, "Gin, I have lots of vacation time to use or lose so I am thinking two weeks for myself. Some of the others will only stay a week. What are your thoughts?"

"Amber I need to check on Bill's calendar. I'd sure love the two weeks."

Handing her the glass of wine I said, "Let's surf and see what looks hot."

We looked at places I had not been before and made notes about the pros/cons of each. There were so many to select from we decided to call it a night and have another wine.

While sipping the wine, Gin asked me if I had ever noticed the couple across the courtyard having fun.

I said, "Of course; one can not miss it with their blinds up."

I heard, "Sure makes for hot scenery and neighbors. When Bill is gone and they are at it, it makes me so horny. Do you feel the same Amber?"

"Yes at first but it has occurred so many times over the past year that I take it for granted."

"Hum, I wonder if I will ever take it for granted. I don't think Bill has noticed because he has me pinned down somewhere when he is at home and ready to snore when he hits the pillows."

"Yea, it seems like guys want to sleep soon and I think most of us girls are wider awake and desire more."

"Amber, have you indulged with another female when you where younger like in college?"

"I still do Gin. These girls I hang around with and go on the trip with all play from time to time. Half are college friends and the other half are work friends."

"Thanks Amber, knowing that you are not a prude makes me more comfortable being around you. Maybe sometime when Bill is gone we can enjoy some intimate time together if you would like. It would make the time he is gone a tad more tolerable."

"Sure Gin let's do that sometime."

"Amber thanks for the wine and letting me come on that trip. I have an early shift so I better get to bed. My alarm goes off at 5. Maybe this week yet we can enjoy more of each other's company. Maybe you can come to my place for dinner and stay the night."

"That would be nice Gin. Have a great night and then later."

We gave each other a hug as she headed next door.

My mind was spinning as she left. In just a few hours from her being bored to making a date for some fun later in the week. I was a tad nervous though wondering what will happen when Gin finds about Bill dipping his cock into my playpen.

Then the thought hit me that maybe I was being set up by both of them and Gin already knew.

Well, Gin and I had regular encounters after that and Bill and I continued our fun times.

I introduced Gin to my friends and she fit right in. It appeared going with us on a trip would be fun for all.

Gin and I decided on a resort in the Caribbean which catered to singles. Gin was the only married one among five of us going.

We scheduled our departure for late February for two weeks.

We took a taxi to the airport from the apartment. In the taxi I noticed Gin did not have her wedding band on. Bill had been gone a week and would be gone three more weeks. Gin was going to have fun and be back by the time he returned under normal circumstances. I did not want to know if Gin had told Bill about her plans.

We met my other friends at the gate where we were to board our flight to Miami and then connect to a flight for our final destination.

The flight was uneventful and the closer the plane was to our destination it appeared the water became bluer and more welcoming.

On the flight from Miami to our final destination we all selected window seats so we could inhale the beauty of the warm waters and let our minds drift of the possibilities that were on terra firma when we landed.

We had been instructed to look for people holding a sign with the resorts name and they would take our luggage and escort us to the transport van.

Jill saw them first after we had collected our luggage. Two people dressed in white tops, shorts, knee high socks, and white shoes were holding the sign.

One was a knockout tanned female about five foot eight inches with a black butch haircut and the other was a bouncer type black guy that had to be proud of the bulged outline in his shorts. He either had boxers on or no underwear. It was difficult to control my eyes from not drifting from time to time.

As we approached them they began to walk toward us and Gin said to no one in particular, "God look at the horse."

They introduced themselves as Heather and Charles. They took our luggage and Charles indicated for us to call him Chuck.

On the way to the resort along beautiful beaches and blue water they filled us in on the resort. We just knew we were in for fun times.

Heather mentioned that both of them did private massages when requested by guest and that was their main function and did other fill in when they were not rubbing someone down.

It crossed my mind picking up guest at the airport was a good way to solicit business.

We all had decided on a single room for each so we could maintain privacy and do as we pleased. The resort was accommodating and arranged all five rooms next door to each other. If we wanted to visit we would need to go out and walk the hall to get the other rooms.

We decided since it was mid-afternoon and we were checked in we would get in our swim wear and head to the pool and then maybe check out the au natural beach after a drink or two.

We managed to arrange chaise lounges in a circle so we could all face each other by the pool side. The cocktail ladies were in thongs and the guys in revealing eye catching leather thongs fully packed.

We all winked at each other and then when they were not around in hearing distance discussed the possibilities. Two of the white guys seemed to fill the pouch a tad more than their counterpart black co-workers.

When we asked for the check we were presented with a brochure showing all of the help in swim wear and noted in the brochure we could see them all natural on a particular TV channel.

They were all into massages as well as date escorts or tour guides of the island.

The rates were listed for their services and would be added to our bill.

Later that evening in checking them out on the TV their stats were listed.

For the guys a picture soft and hard was there along with dimensions.

We decided to walk to the au natural beach and soon were hit up by some single guys that spotted us that were staying there.

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