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More than One Erection


It was loud. The music that is. I had come to a one direction concert for the first time. It's no secret they are my favourite band but it is a secret that I am gay. My name is Phoenix and I'm 18 years old but look much younger. I have relatively short brown hair that I spike up at the front and am baby faced with hazel eyes. I am slim and a little short. This is my fantasy about One Direction. I came to the concert with my two best girlfriends, Tiffany and Alice, who like me, were massive one direction fans. We sat in the fourth row. I was on the seat right next to the aisle and Tiffany and Alice sat to my left. As the concert came to a close and the boys preformed their encore song, 'Kiss You', we got a closer look at them as they ran out into the audience, singing.

"Oh my god! It's Niall!" said Alice. I turned to the aisle next to me to see the blond-haired Irish boy singing not 3 feet away from me. At this point the song ended and the crowd erupted in applause, not to mention the screaming. Niall was still in the aisle next to me, looking puffed as his gaze met mine. He smiled and began walking towards me. I turned to my friends,

"He's coming over here! Be cool!"

I quickly turned around to see Niall standing right next to me.

"It's nice to see a guy fan for a change," he said in his cute Irish accent.

"Yeah well someone's gotta keep these girls in line," I said, pointing to my friends. They just stared, like deer in a truck's headlights, utterly shocked and delighted. Tiffany let out a giggle but that was all the pair could manage to say. So I had no choice but to take charge of the conversation.

"Hey it was a great show tonight, loved it," I said.

"Tankyou, appreciate it," Niall said slapping me on the shoulder as he did so.

"Say we are havin an after party back at the otel, if you wanna join," Niall explained.

"Yeah definitely we would love to join," replied.

"Cool meet us out the back of the stadium, there's a bus with our faces on it. You can't miss it. Just hop on board and it'll take you to the party, K?"

"Ok but will we be allowed on?" I asked.

"Yeah you will just give the security tam at the bus these" He handed us 3 VIP cards that said 1D after party pass. The 3 of us took one each. "See you guys later" and with that he was off to rejoin his band mates.

"Did that just happen?" Tiffany asked, slightly confused.

"It really did'" I said.

"Best night ever!" Alice screamed. It took us about 15 minutes to find the bus Niall had described but once we found it we did what Niall said and gave the security personnel our VIP cards and climbed on board. The bus was loud. Loud from one direction music being blasted from the bus speakers and loud from the people on the bus trying to talk over it. The vast majority of the passengers were teenage girls so I, being slightly older (I'm 18) and a guy, stuck out like a sore thumb. It took about 45 minutes for the bus to travel to the party and when we got there we were escorted up to the bands room, where we were offered drinks. My friends and I took a drink, of champagne I think, and chatted amongst ourselves while we waited for One Direction to arrive.

We heard the screams before we saw the boy band enter the hotel room. Girls clambered at the boys desperate to tell them how much they loved them. I caught a glimpse of Niall and waved to him. He pushed through the crowds and came to talk to me

"You made it" he said.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," I replied. At this point my friends had joined the crowds of girls chatting to the other members and I was left alone with Niall.

"Don't worry it'll get better once the under 18's have to go at 1 o'clock'" he said. I stared at my phone that was 10 minutes.

"You are 18 aren't you?" He asked me.

"Yes only just" I was surprised he assumed I was 18 as I looked much younger.

"Oh cool, the party gets a lot more grown up once the kiddies go home'" he explained. We chatted for the next 10 minutes until the minors were escorted out. This left only around 20 people in the large 5 star hotel room.

"Right time for a drinking game," Niall decided.

"Keen who else is going to play?" I asked.

"I'll go get Liam and Zayn," he said. A few minutes later he came back with a muscular, brown eyed, tan-skinned boy with short shaven hair. That was Liam, he was 18. Behind him was a tall thin guy with dark skin, he was of Indian descent. His black hair was slicked up and he had black stubble around his cheeks, chin and upper lip. His arms were covered in tattoos and he smelled of cigarette smoke. That was Zayn he was 19.

"Liam, Zayn meet Phoenix, Phoenix meet Liam and Zayn," Niall introduced us.

"Hi," I said quietly. The two greeted me with their sexy English accents.

"Let's play circle of Death," Niall announced. "Does everyone else know how to play?" he asked. He all said we knew how to play. Circle of Death is a drinking game played with a pack of cards. Each player draws a card and performs an action depending on which card they draw. For example a 1 means you have one drink and a 6 means you got to do a dare. The 4 of us began to play the game taking turns getting drunker by the minute. As the game progressed I became aware of the increasing sexual attraction for the three handsome boys I was playing the game with. I kept my desires hidden as I could let them find out I was gay. The four of us, now very drunk, began to run out of alcohol.

"Okay last round," Liam announced. Niall drew a card,

"a 5," he said.

"That's a never have I ever," Zayn said.

"Fine Umm.. Okay got one. Never have I ever had sex with another guy," Niall said. I looked around none of us took a drink meaning that none of us had ever had sex with another guy, which was true.

"We better fix that," Liam joked. I would love to fix that I thought.

"Shut up Liam," Niall said.

Next Liam drew a card. "It's a 6! Oh no not a dare!" He said with a sigh.

"Alright Liam payback," Niall grinned. "I dare you to have sex with another guy" Niall proposed.

"What with who and gay sex tonight?" Liam asked.

"He's a horny little fucker!" Zayn added.

"Well you can't back put of a dare, do it!" Niall exclaimed.

"What are you serious? Right here? And you haven't told me with who? Liam stuttered.

"Well Phoenix is our guest he should be the one you have sex with" Niall suggested.

"C'mon let's do it in my room" Niall said as he walked off to his room.

"And I should go as well and be a witness" Zayn added. At this point I was in such a state of disbelief I just stood there until Zayn snapped me out of my trance with a cheeky spank on the ass. I hurried off to Niall's room. This couldn't be happening I wondered. it must be trick. The four of us entered a huge bedroom with the biggest bed I had ever seen. It was covered in a flash silver bed duvet and drapes on the windows to match.

"No one has to know right," asked Liam.

"No. No one can know. Promise to keep this a secret Phoenix?" Niall asked.

"Promise," I said. "Right lets gets started," the now surprisingly eager Liam said.

"What do you want me to do first?" I asked.

"Do you think a little foreplay is order Niall?" Zayn asked cheekily.

"Definitely they gotta get in the mood first," Niall replied.

"No way that wasn't part of the dare," Liam protested.

"Well let's see what our guest thinks. Phoenix?" Niall asked in his Irish accent.

"Um..." I stuttered, "I think it would be good to ease into it?" I said nervously.

"Fine what should we do?" Liam asked.

"Kiss him!" Zayn exclaimed. Liam puckered his lips and began to move closer to me. Oh my god his is actually happening. I was a flood with mixed emotions. I had never kissed anyone before what if I do it wrong. Oh god I want him bad. A readied my lips to receive Liam's. Our lips met in a sensual and passionate kiss. Not at all awkward like I thought would happen but simply beautiful. Our lips interlocked as if they were made for each other. His lips were smooth and had a slight aftertaste of alcohol. I pressed my lips closer to his, feeling the stubble of his upper lip on mine. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he around my waist. We were in this passionate embrace for a short while when I heard Niall and Zayn's voices,

"Tongue! Tongue!" They chanted. I willingly obeyed and drove my tongue into Liam's mouth. He responded by sliding his own tongue along my own and into my mouth. Oh god it tasted so good! I felt the feeling of pleasure race through my body. I could feel my cock going hard. I held Liam closer so I could feel his jean covered crouch on my own. I felt the unmistakable hardening package that could only be his erect cock.

I felt a hand on my back and before I knew it I was lying on the bed on top of Liam. Niall had pushed me on top of him. My instincts took over as our make out session turned into vigorous dry humping. My hips thrusted and grinded on Liam and he responded with thrusting of his own.

"Good boy," Niall said as he stroked my back.

"Now it's time to get rid of those clothes," he said. I immediately pulled my black Long-sleeved shirt over my head to reveal my slim torso, hairless apart from brown armpit hair and a slight snails trail.

"Your turn," I whispered to Liam. I grabbed the bottom of his Dickies T-shirt and pulled it up over his rock hard 6 pack that had a hairy brown snail's trail that was much more prominent than my own. It led right up his torso and disappeared under his T-shirt which I had only managed to get up to his nipples when I had to catch my breath. I was snapped out of it when Liam took my hands and guided them up, allowing the t-shirt to slip over his head. I stared down at his perfectly chiselled Pecs. Dark large nipples crowned the magnificent Pecs. Sparse chest hair grew on the centre of his chest and sprawled outward. I began kissing his neck. It was so muscular, I thought. As I kissed my way down, Liam groaned as I passed a round dark spot on his neck that was his defining birthmark.

"Oh yeah," He breathed. At this point my erection was pulsating in my pants as the thought of pleasing Liam pleased me. I kissed further down onto his hairy chest, stopping to give his nipples a slobbery Hickey. Liam let out a small gasp followed my Niall telling us to hurry up. In response to Niall's request I took hold of Liam's boxer shorts and pulled them along with his jeans, down. My eyes grew wide in amazement as I saw his 9 inch uncut erect dick with thick pubic hair around it. I grabbed it eagerly with my hand and put his mushroom like head to my lips. I remembered something I had read on the internet about bringing your lips over your teeth when giving a blowjob so you don't bit the person's dick. So I brought my lips over my teeth and lowered my mouth around Liam's cock.

"Mmm" Liam whimpered. I rubbed my tongue all over his head for a while then proceeded to swallow the whole dick. As I inserted more and more of his cock into my mouth I felt it on the back of my throat. I got to the point where my nose touched his pubic hair. I gagged, I couldn't help it. This seemed to turn Liam on as he grabbed the back of my head and aggressively guided my head up and down his dick. I enjoyed pleasing him, the groans, the sweet taste and the feel of his hard body as I rubbed his torso while blowing him. I could hear him breathing louder and faster, I knew he was close to cumming.

"Aaaarrrggghhh!" Liam screamed as his cock pulsed and his body spasmed as he orgasmed. I felt his man juices flood my mouth. His Cum tasted salty even unpleasant but I didn't care Liam Payne was cumming in my mouth. After 2 squirts I took his cock out of my mouth and let the rest of his cum cover the side of my face.

"Well done," Niall said as he patted me on the back. "Now Liam it's your turn to return the favour," Niall announced.

I knew what was coming so I readied myself by lying on the bed on my back. Liam licked my navel and continued in one big lick up to my chin. He grabbed my boxers and jeans and in one swift movement he pull them off, revealing my smaller 7 inch uncut dick. My fully erect dick was not fully developed so my foreskin still partially covered my head. My black pubic hair was trimmed short just because I liked doing it like that. Liam buried his face in my crouch and inhaled my man stench. He sucked up my penis. I moaned as his tongue worked on my shaft. I could already feel an orgasm coming on. I took hold of Liam's head as if by instinct and forced it up and down. It felt so good. It was total ecstasy. I could feel my cock being filled with cum.

"Oh yeah I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I yelled. I sweated and convulsed as the intense pleasure of the best orgasm I had ever had came over me. "OOOHHH!" I panted as I spilled my load into his cum thirsty mouth. He ate up my man juices messily. When he emerged he gave a big grin and cum dribble out of his mouth down his chin.

"Hot!" Zayn commented as Liam and I stood up.

"There I did it," Liam said.

"Actually you haven't," Niall insisted. "You just had oral sex. We said you have to have sex and by definition that's penetrative sex," Niall explained as he smirked.

"What! Aww C'mon," Liam protested. I decide I should take charge of the situation and mustered up the courage to say,

"Niall's right Liam, You have to have anal sex. But since I've had a turn cumming on Liam I think Niall should have a turn."

"What!" Niall said shocked.

"You heard me," I said,

"You have to fuck Liam up the ass." Zayn snickered.

"Yeah Niall it's your turn to have gay sex" Liam grinned. Niall rolled his eyes and reluctantly said,

"Fine." He began undressing. He removed his plain white T, to show off a hairless torso that had the outline of a 6 pack. Niall then took his shoes and socks off and undid his belt and pulled of his trousers and jockeys. His 8 inch penis has semi hard and was surrounded by thin dark blond pubic hair.

"Right you gotta do this right," I said, guiding Liam onto the bed, laying him on his stomach. I took hold of Niall's hand and led him to Liam.

"Okay you can't just plough on in you gotta loosen his asshole first," I explained, remembering the countless gay pornos I had seen.

"How do you do that?" Niall asked.

"I'll do it for you," I offered. I placed my hand on Liam's hairy cheeks and spread them open. I buried my face in his sweaty crack, loving every moment of it. I began licking his asshole.

"What the fuck!" Niall swore.

"This is how you do it," I explained. I continued licking Liam's very hairy asshole.

"I need lube," I said. Niall reached into the top drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a large tube of KY jelly. I took it and squeezed a little dab onto my finger. I rubbed around Liam's asshole then penetrated it with my finger, Liam gasped. I began vigorously fingering his ass hole. I could feel it loosen so I buried another finger in there.

"Ow" Liam muttered. I kept fingering until I felt the need for another finger. With 3 fingers in his asshole thrusting in and out I felt his ass was sufficiently loosened.

"He's ready for you," I told Niall.

I grabbed Liam's hips and pulled him up so that he was on all 4's. Niall stood at the end on the bed while Liam was on all 4's on the bed with his ass facing Niall. "Wait do we need condoms?" Niall asked.

"Only if either of you have any STD's," I replied.

"Ok," agreed Niall hesitantly. He grabbed the tube of KY jelly and squeezed a little onto the Palm of his hand. He took hold of his erect 8 inch cock and rubbed it up and down a few times with the lube. "A-Are you ready," Niall stuttered.

"I guess," a reluctant Liam replied. Niall positioned his cock in-between Liam's cheeks and pushed his cock inside Liam's asshole. Niall opened his mouth in a silent moan while Liam gave a gasp that was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Niall slid his cock all the way into Liam's asshole.

"Oh yeah," Niall muttered. He withdrew his cock and then pushed it back in. He repeated this motion first at a slow pace but, as Liam's asshole submitted to his hard cock, Niall began thrusting faster. The two boys fucked in total ecstasy letting out the occasional moan of pleasure. I stood back with Zayn and admired the two young men at work.

"Ooohhhh YEAH!!!" Niall yelled as he began to thrust even faster. I could tell he was close to cumming. Niall's pale skin was now tinged with pink and he was now sweating.

"I'm gonna cum!" Niall screamed. And with one last thrust he exploded inside Liam injected his creamy man juices into Liam's asshole. Niall continued with a few last thrusts to make sure his entire lusty load was deposited.

"Aaahh," He said satisfied and withdrew his cock. I saw Liam's asshole tighten back up and a stream of white cum ran out.

"There I did it! Happy now," Liam demanded.

"Yeah you did," agreed Niall. I wasn't ready to call it a night.

"Well you haven't completely done it," I interjected.

"What do ya mean?" asked Liam.

"You just took anal, you didn't give it," I explained.

"He's got a point ya know," Zayn said.

"Aaww C'mon," Liam protested.

"Don't worry this time you get to cum in someone's asshole," I smiled.

"What do you mean someone's?" Zayn asked hesitantly.

"Well Niall and I have had a go, it's your turn Zayn," I said.

Zayn didn't take much convincing, though that wasn't a surprise he is, in my opinion, the gayest of the 3 boys. He almost tore his button up dress shirt in an effort to undress. As he tore away his shirt it revealed his ebony skin. He was slender like me only he was a lot more developed. A snails trail went up his torso and turned into sparse black chest hair in-between his Pecs. He had tattoos on his right Pec. I presumed it was some sort of Arabic writing. Zayn's hairy dark nipples topped of his already perfect chest. He pulled of his jeans and underwear showing of his hairy legs and 8 ½ inch slender black cock, ringed with thick, long and black pubic hair. Zayn lay on his stomach on the bed.

"So who's gonna loosen me?" Zayn asked cynically.

"I thought since I gave such a good demonstration of ass loosening on Liam, Niall could do it," I said. Niall sighed but agreed to the task. Just like I did with Liam, Niall placed his hands on Zayn's cheeks and spread them apart. Zayn's mocha coloured ass was covered in black hairs that seemed to converge onto his asshole. Niall screwed his face up as he leant in towards Zayn's asshole and licked it.

"eeww," Niall muttered. But he continued licking. Oh how he licked Zayn's asshole. He was like a lusty little puppy lapping up Zayn's hairy asshole. I couldn't help but feel proud of my little gay student. I passed Niall the lube. He lubed up his finger and Zayn's asshole. He penetrated Zayn, first with one finger then two. "Okay I think I'm finished," Niall said. I nodded and Liam took the lube off Niall and began lubing up his semi-hard cock. He wanked his cock a few times to stiffen it up a bit. I noticed Liam's cock was a lot thicker than Niall's so I knew this was gonna hurt Zayn. Liam placed his hands on Zayn's hips.

"Hold on," I said, "Let's try a different position. I told Liam to lay on his back on the bed and Zayn to sit on top of him and ride his cock. So Zayn lowered himself onto Liam's cock. Zayn moaned in pain.

"It hurts," Zayn whimpered.

"It'll get better just keep going," I reassured him. Zayn began bouncing on Liam's cock and Liam Thrusted upward to receive Zayn's asshole. The fucked for longer than Liam did with Niall, probably because Liam had just came earlier. When Liam finally came he let out a groan. Zayn just sat on his cock and looked up at the ceiling as Liam spilled his load inside him. Liam's cock was still inside Zayn as I say cum dribble out of Zayn's ass and down Liam's cock. That was such an erotic sight. I wanted some of that.

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