tagIncest/TabooMore Than This

More Than This


I stood under the shower. Even at the hottest setting the water it belched out in a forceless trickle was still pretty tepid. I needed hot water: to get to the low ache in my muscles and soothe it, to massage away the tautness in my back. I stretched, arcing back and reaching out until my fingers scraped at the ceiling tiles. The tensing of my muscles felt great, like it always did, and, again as always, I could feel a little anticipatory shiver run down my cock. As usual, I had waited until I was alone before entering the communal shower room, which was entirely without stalls or dividers.

I had been a surprising addition to the school rugby team, even though all through secondary school, I had been good at sports. I was very fast, very agile, very skilled. I could dance around every other player, the football seemingly magnetically attached to my feet. I could swish a basketball from anywhere in the court. The sport I loved, though, was rugby and there, for all my speed and skill, because of my size I got creamed every time. Then, in my last year at school, I had suddenly shot up. I went from about 5' 6" to 6'5". Muscles seemed to spring up on me overnight and suddenly I was no longer a picked-on shrimp – I had became one of the tallest, most powerful men in school.

Initially, unable to bypass the filters people seem to have in their eyes and minds, nobody noticed. Then Steve O'Malley came up to me, as he had done frequently over the preceding five years, and shoved me hard in the shoulder. "Think that's my CD player, shrimp," he had said, this being in the time before the iPod. I hadn't even swayed when he pushed me, and I realised – I guess even I'm not immune to those mental blockages – that I was now much, much taller than him.

I had smiled and stepped up so we were only inches apart. I could feel his breath hot on my chest and when he looked up at me, I flexed my arms. "Nope," I had said, "I think you've made a mistake."

He backed away immediately, looking too shocked to be scared. Later, I had worried that he'd just pick on somebody else instead of me. I went and told him what a mistake that would be, and he slipped into a quiet obscurity that would prepare him for the rest of his life.

Anyway, it seemed that I was what they call a late developer. That included puberty, too. Up until I was 17, I still had only the sparsest of pubic hair, and my cock was still really small. You want numbers? Fine - when my dick was soft, it was only a little over an inch long and grew to a positively whopping two and a half inches when I got an erection. I could only have dry orgasms, though I could have up to three of those in a row, which was amazing even though I didn't appreciate it at the time. In showers after sports, I would look around at the other guys, each of whom were, like me, secretly pretending not to be interested while avidly inspecting each other. There was an amazing array of shapes and sizes, but one constant – they were all bigger than I was, and each of their dicks sprouted from a thick nest of curly hair. I envied them all.

The one consolation was my girlfriend. We'd been together since she'd joined the school 5 years before. She was Asian, and her mother had been promoted to managing director of the English branch of her company. My girl's name is Masoko and we plan on getting married before going off to University. Anyway, both being misfits, we bonded together and, through either luck or fate depending on your personal preference, found out that our interests and tastes meshed more or less perfectly. We had been together sexually often since we had both come of age, and I always satisfied her, either with my tongue or my hands when my small cock wasn't up to the task.

The pivotal moment, in every sense, came one day in the showers after gym, when one boy, whose name I forget, had been caught staring at Michael Delaney's dick. Michael's cock had, embarrassingly, got hard and soon everyone's was, each staring and comparing. Mine wasn't the smallest, though only by about half an inch, so I wasn't teased too much just then, but though everyone else had more or less between 4 and 5 inches of length, Michael proudly caressed 7 long, thick inches. Up until then, I had been considered quite handsome – perhaps a result of my smooth skin, slender frame and un-pimpled brow – but soon after, I'd see a girl looking at me appraisingly before her friend leaned in and whispered behind a hand something that set both of them giggling. I stopped showering with the other boys soon after.

It didn't help that my non-identical twin sister Beth had heard the rumours. She teased me most of all, winning every argument we had with a silent mime of her jerking off a minuscule penis between thumb and forefinger. Masoko saved me – the instant she heard the rumours, she came to me and took me to her place. That was when we first made love. She had, of course, already seen me naked, as I had seen her body in all its magnificence. Before that day, though, all we had done was touch each other hesitantly, more out of curiosity than desire. After we made love, she held my penis cupped in one small hand. We lay together in her bed, bathing in the juices we had produced – our sweat, her come and mine – and she said, softly, "This and your love will always be more than enough for me."

Of course, guys kept coming up to her at school and advising her to try a real man, but she just laughed them off.

After I had developed, I still didn't shower with anybody and now the whispers had changed. Now it was, "yeah, every part of his body but one got real big…" But Masoko's laughter in the halls had become a little more raucous.

I don't remember what morning it was that I realised, or if Masoko noticed me changing and just didn't say anything. I can't recall waking up and, overnight, my voice was deeper and I had a coating of thick hair in previously bald areas. I don't know if I realised that the giggles in my small swimming class had turned to jealous gasps. In short, I developed so slowly, I became habituated to the changes and was, almost comically, unaware of them. Suddenly, it seemed, I would no longer be completely buried in Masoko, no longer striving frantically to get every precious millimetre in her tight little pussy, and suddenly she would come over and over just from my cock. Suddenly, I noticed that I was always having to tug my underwear so it wasn't tightly squeezing my balls, or letting my dick spill out down the leg. Suddenly I noticed that when I got erections in class, I wasn't able to get up, certain that people wouldn't notice.

Masoko lay naked on the bed, laughing at me. "How could you not notice?" she asked me. She spoke perfect English – had learnt it simultaneously with Japanese since birth, from her American father. I looked at her seemingly pore-free skin; her small, pale breasts and the delicate, pale rose nipples perkily perched in their centre; her thick bush, spreading in wild tufts around her exquisitely soft little pussy, where glittered the thick shower white beads I had just spilt there. Already I could feel my shaft thickening and rising, just from the sight of her.

"I don't know," I replied. "Perhaps it's just the constant reinforcement I get in school. Everyone going on about my tiny dick – how it'll look even smaller now I've got muscles."

"Well what do you expect?" Masoko said. "That the little boys in your swimming class are going to go around saying, 'You know, Rob's suddenly packing a lot of meat in his trunks'?"

The right corner of my mouth involuntarily twitched into a smile. "I suppose not, no."

"Does it bother you, anyway?"

I thought for a moment and realised that I didn't care what they thought. Perhaps at 18, I had finally achieved some maturity. I leaned down and kissed Masoko, tasting strawberries on her full lips. I played against them with my tongue, ready to go again, but she laid one elegant finger on my bare chest. "Stop," she said, and hopped off the bed.

I watched her firm little ass wiggle as she danced over to her school bag, and marvelled at how beautiful her pussy was as she bent over. Her labia were still parted. They were as pale as the rest of her body, and amongst the jet-black hair around them, the vivid pink of her cunt shone wetly at me. I was painfully hard instantly.

She hid something behind her back. "Lie down on the bed," she commanded me. I did so, smelling her fragrance on the sheets, the scent of her hair on the pillow. She danced towards me, her small, perfect breasts swaying gently, the hair around her pussy waving slightly in some breeze drifting through her house. Her hands were still behind her back as she bent over me. "Not quite fully hard, yet, I see," she said. She lapped at the head of my cock with her tongue, slowly washing away the sticky trails of my semen and the complex cocktail that had spilled from her pussy with such effulgence. She fluttered her tongue back and forth over the head as she spread her full lips wide to swallow me. I heard a click from her right jawbone. She bobbed up and down on the first few inches, and her eyes met mine through the thick curtain of black hair spilling down past her face.

Reluctantly, she withdrew. "That should do," she said.

"For what?" I asked.

Wordlessly, she whipped the ruler from behind her back, flourishing it like a sword.

"I thought we'd decided I didn't care about what people thought of my size?"

Masoko giggled, hooking an index finger inside her lovely mouth. "No," she corrected me. "You don't care. I, on the other hand, am positively desperate to tell all those sniggering girls in the third floor bathroom just how much they are missing out on."

She placed it flat along the top side of my cock, grasping the base of the ruler and holding it tight against my cock with her left hand. The ruler was plastic, but still felt a little chill. But the most beautiful girl I had ever seen was straddling me naked, her pussy dripping a small puddle between my legs. There was no way I was going to soften.

She looked directly into my eyes again and, never looking at the ruler or my cock, she ran the index finger of her right hand up the underside of my cock. Her eyes never left mine, though sometimes her slow, winding route made me giggle as she tickled me or moan when I thought her light touch would have me coming immediately. Eventually her finger slid over the smooth contours of my cock's swollen head and pinged against the ruler. She looked down then, and placed her finger exactly where my cock ended, then checked that the ruler wasn't pressed into my pelvis so tightly that it was reporting incorrectly the length of my cock.

I couldn't see the figure, but my cock was pretty near the end of the ruler.

"Well," Masoko murmured, "30.1 centimetres. My boyfriend's cock is 30.1 cm long."

"Masoko, everyone knows you measure cock size in inches. What is it there?"

"Oh," she said, "it's a pathetic 11 and 7/8 inches long."

We were both silent for a long moment and then Masoko gasped again. "Almost forgot." Reaching up, she tugged one hair from her head, wincing slightly. She wrapped it around my shaft. The head is thicker, but my shaft stays the same size along the length of my cock. Masoko reached over to her dresser and grabbed a pair of thin bladed scissors. Now I winced, as the chilly blades caressed my skin and she trimmed the hair she had wrapped around me until it was the exact length as the circumference of my cock.

"And 8 inches in girth," she said.

Then, with a shout of glee that made me glad her parents wouldn't be back home for another couple of hours, she mounted me and we fucked furiously.

I lay underneath her – it was a position we used more often now, as I worried about hurting her with all the weight my new musculature had given me. I placed my hands around Masoko's soft, rounded buttocks to support her as she leaned back and carefully straddled my cock. With one hand, she held my cock steady and with the other she parted her pussy lips wide as she lowered herself on to me. I began to trace small circles on her ass as she slowly slid down my length. Our eyes locked as she took more and more of me inside her and I realised that for a long time now she had been challenging herself to accommodate ever more of my giant dick.

I slid my hands around from her buttocks to her front, stroking her long, toned thighs and then sliding up to cup her breasts. Her nipples were small sharp points that I stroked lightly with the tips of my index fingers. Masoko moaned, and I felt the juice from her cunt dripping hot onto my balls. Her pussy had taken all that it could, and I was amazed to see how much was left outside her. She lay down on me, trapping my hands between her breasts and my chest, and kissed me lingeringly. "I love you," she said.

"I love you, too," I replied. Shockingly, we both meant it.

Masoko grasped the headboard of her too-small bed and began to slowly slide up and down on my cock. Her pussy was a liquid sheath of pure silk, yet my size was gripped incredibly tightly as it caressed her inner walls. I craned my neck and carefully lifted her small breasts so that I could flick her nipples with my tongue. Masoko moaned and began repeating my name over and over – once again, I thanked god that her parents were out.

As she acclimatised herself yet again to my size, she began to fuck me faster and faster, and with each stroke of her hips, she gasped out my name with increasing fervour. I reached down, squeezing one hand through the tight press of our sweating bodies to lay a finger in her bush. I quested down, through hair slick with her arousal, to find her clitoris. Once I did, I slowly stroked that miraculous little nub of flesh in time with her frantic thrusts. I felt her come several times. In my curiosity, I'd read much debate about the female orgasm – in particular some dry anatomical texts that claimed that given recent discoveries about the actual size and extent of the clitoris, that there was no such thing as a vaginal orgasm. Regardless of what meaningless bit of flesh caused it, though, after a number of orgasms mainly from the play of my finger on her clitoris, I felt Masoko writhe under the richer pleasure of several blended orgasms. The last of these was the limit of my endurance, and my come spilled inside her, spraying in heavy spurts that rocked both of us until she collapsed on top of me and we lay, lapping at each other's sweat soaked skin.

After, we had spoken again. "You know the reason you make me come so often isn't your big dick, right?" Masoko asked.

I nodded.

"I'm glad you were smaller for so long," she said. "Not that I don't give thanks every minute that you have this." She idly stroked the flaccid weight of my cock. "But if you'd had it from the beginning, you'd never have learnt to use your hands and your mouth so well." Masoko kissed me, and we made love again.

That was two or three days ago now, and thinking about it, remembering the feel of her breasts, the taste of her nipples and her pussy and her skin, I was almost getting hard right here in the utterly non-private showers. But then, if someone did walk in, I guess I wouldn't have to put up with anymore tiny dick remarks. Even with my new found awareness and equanimity, I had sometimes thought of leaving the bathroom door unlocked so Beth could "accidentally" walk in and see that her little brother – by twenty minutes – wasn't so little anymore. I never thought about that for long, though – too creepy.

That was when I felt a hand close possessively as far as it could around my cock, and a set of lips lay a lingering kiss on my shoulder. "Hi," Masoko said. "Close your eyes."

I did and her hand left my cock. I heard her padding around in the shower, turning on all the faucets. "So no-one hears us," she said. "Keep your eyes closed." I had sneaked a look at her. She was wearing only her bra and panties, plain white cotton not at all designed to arouse and yet utterly, captivatingly arousing.

The next thing I felt was her mouth working on my cock, which quickly became hard. She sucked on me for a while, her small, long-fingered hands playing with my balls, then I felt her mouth leave my cock.

She gulped back saliva and spoke, "Open your eyes, Rob."

I did so. She was standing in front of me, still in her bra and panties and a little flushed. Her panties were damp with arousal and I could see the hairs of her bush straining against them. She pointed to the right, and I turned to look before leaping back in shock and trying, impossibly, to cover my cock with my hands.

Standing in the wide opening into the shower were five of the girls considered to be the most attractive at our school – well, with the exception of my sister, who was widely regarded as the hottest girl there. Pretty little Stacy, with the long blonde hair and the big breasts with huge nipples that you could see poking through her shirt at the slightest breath of cool air, who stood only a little above 5 feet tall. Haughty, beautiful Sharon, form like a classical statue and irrepressible poise. Slutty Kim, with the puffy lips and low tops and no bra, rumoured to have a bunny tattooed exactly one inch above her pussy. Radiant Catherine, who was a little plainer than the other girls, but made up for it with a complexion that seemed to exude goodness and a sheaf of soft blonde hair. Sexy Deborah, whose every article of clothing seemed to emphasise her magazine feature breasts, ass and legs and who wore just the right amount of make up to bring out her stunning eyes and lips.

How Masoko had wrangled them all into coming here, I don't know. Kim would have agreed the moment she heard the word "cock", and so, went the rumours, would Deborah and Stacy. Sharon was utterly unpredictable, but would probably have gone along with her friends. But Catherine was a shock – I'd have thought she wouldn't know what a cock looked like, let alone actually want to see mine. Nevertheless, here were the five most beautiful girls standing watching as I showered, as my girlfriend took my cock into her mouth, as I stood, the sheer size of my huge cock keeping them agape.

Kim and Deborah looked hungry, as if – had they been alone – they would have fucked me right there, and while only Kim's hands were blatantly inside the trousers she wore, Deborah and Stacy were seemingly unaware that their hands were tracing urgent circles on the clothes over their cunts. Catherine looked like she was about to faint. Her jaw hung open and her face was scarlet. One hand was lying across her breasts covering her nipples and the other hung limp at her side. Sharon, on the other hand, just stood perfectly still, her mouth seeming to form the words, "so big" over and over.

I realised two things then, almost at the same time. Right here, right now, I could have any or all of these girls. Some out of the mistaken desire that big is somehow better, some out of curiosity over what it would feel like to be filled down there completely, some just to say that they had. The second thing I realised was that these weren't the most beautiful girls in school and that I didn't want them. Not even for a quick fantasy fuck in the boy's shower. I looked over at Masoko, who was smiling at me, and I saw she already knew what I had just realised. That for the rest of my life, it would be only her.

"Believe me now?" Masoko asked them. None of the girls spoke, but two of them nodded. "Okay," she continued," show's over."

They didn't move, but Masoko had already taken my hand and was leading me past them and towards the toilets. I briefly wondered how she knew so much about the layout of the gent's toilets, but then realised that they would be symmetrical to the ladies. The girls were beginning to move again as Masoko selected a stall and drew me inside. It occurred to me that some of those girls were certainly slinking off separately to masturbate while thinking about me. I realised almost immediately that it wouldn't be me they were thinking of, though, but my enormous cock. Had I cared, I might have found that depressing, but thinking about Masoko, and my love for her, I instead was suffused with the feeling of how lucky I was to have found my soulmate.

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