More Watersport Fun With Wife


I flipped open the top, and began to pour. I dripped it over her ample cheeks and down her crack. Rubbing it all over until her twin globes are shining like they've been waxed. Water, (or pee?) and sweat are beading up across her butt. I coated my steely dick until it shined, and then proceeded to grease up that wonderful little hole I was going to fuck.

She exhaled slowly as I slipped a finger up her, working it easily in and out, and pouring little oil on it as it passed inside. I removed my finger, and put the nozzle up against her sphincter and gave the bottle a squeeze pumping a generous amount of oil directly up her rectum.

I saddled up behind and got into position, one hand on the small of her back, the other holding my solid cock by it's base, pointing it at it's target, her tight little asshole.

"You ready?"

A long exhale....and then, "As ready as I can be..."

I placed the head of my cock right up against her puckered hole, "It's all yours..."

And with that, she begins to rock back on to my cock, taking it at her pace. The bulbous head of my tool pops inside her tight ring fairly easily, and I so desperately wanted to hold on to her shoulders and just drive my meat into her, savagely ass fucking her as I just take what I want. But I let her be in control and decide how much to take at once. Her tight asshole gripping my shaft as I ever so slowly was permitted up her dark passage. She is rocking back and forth, grunting with each inch she takes. Soon enough she bottomed out and I was fully embedded in her tight back end. She pulled forward, withdrawing almost to the tip and then sliding all the way back to the base. I felt her knuckles brush my balls as she reached under and began fingering herself, "all right baby, it's all yours...."

Music to my ears, I shifted my grip to her hips and began to enjoy that butt of hers. Slowly at first, but steadily I began plugging away at her butt. Working a few inches at first, then more and more and before long I was taking long thrusts packing the full length of my cock in and out of her well oiled asshole.

And packing that ass is just how it felt. Her tight velvety tube gripped my cock shaft like tourniquet as I slid back and forth through her well toned muscle ring.

Once or twice I pulled out just enough for little air to be pushed inside her. We were covered in so much oil that I knew it would make some beautifully sloppy sounds as it bubbled and popped out around my well oiled stick.

Her hand brushing across my balls as I worked in and out of her, her grunts as I pushed my thick cock up her ass, and the occasional wet, sloppy sounds her butt hole made as the air was pushed in and then escaped around my shaft was making my head spin. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I picked up speed. Ramming her sweaty ass over and over again. We were both making sounds more animal than human as our flesh slapped together.

"Uhhh...I'm gonna cum. I want to fill that tight shit pipe with cream baby."

"Ooohhh yesss....let me feel that hot load it honey...cum in my butt..."

And with that I released. One hard push and I was as far inside her ass as possible and my balls were emptying their wad. It felt like a jolt of electricity every time my dick twitched and I send another load up her rectum. She pushed back and squeezed hard as she rocked side to side, "yesss baby, I can feel that hot cum seep inside...keep filling me up..." She groaned as I ejaculated my last squirt up her butt.

I leaned into her and trying to catch my breath. It wasn't long before I began to soften a bit. And an urge I thought was gone returned. I was getting soft enough to pee. A devilish thought occurred. "You like all that hot cum inside you?"

"Ooohhh yes," she said, "feeling that warmth of your load explode and fill me up like it does. It's nice and warm, kind of relaxing. Wait, what do you have in mind?"

I don't answer. I just release my bladder while I'm still buried in my wife's shitter. My warm pee filled up her rectum like a hot piss enema.

She jumped a bit at first, and then settled into it, "mmmmm.....fucking kinky...damn that feels soooo good." She moaned as I empty my bladder in her. I was still hard enough to fuck a bit and begin to work my cock in and out of her liquid filled bowels. A few strokes and I became too limp to continue. Slipping out with a wet "pop!" She flinches a bit and sits up. "Whew! That was fucking wild...but now...." She eyed the toilet. I could see the look on her face and she did seem to be straining a bit.

I helped her up and turned on the shower for a quick rinse, scrubbing off the oil and rinsing the assorted bodily fluids off, I leave her to her porcelain throne, as she was when as this started, to expel the contents of that beautiful, that perfect, that highly fuckable ass. I closed the door just as I heard her sigh of relief as she relaxed that recently fucked asshole and allowed the contents to be emptied into the bowl below her.


I'm glad people seemed to enjoy my previous stories, as I said, I LOVE getting comments and messages and hearing from others who are into this kind of stuff. Please let me know, and I'll keep sharing. She is really getting into the swing of things and I have so much more to share if anyone is actually interested in reading it.

As always, PLEASE comment, or send a message if you like what you've read. I have so much more to share, as long as I know people WANT to read it, I'll keep writing.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/02/18

oh so sweet

I just loved this one.

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by akeyesx07/06/17

Don't know if you're still around...

But this was an excellent, nicely perverted story. The combination of anal and watersports is not all that common, and your angle of peeing in her shitter after coming in it was TOPS!
Thanks for writingmore...

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