tagGroup SexMorgan Watches Ch. 03

Morgan Watches Ch. 03


I could go on and on with stories about Jack and myself during the period before he left the area. My relationship with Diana never progressed beyond the kink sex phase and suffice it to say that because of her venturing into kink sex right off the bat of her sexual life, she became very jaded early on in her 20's. The last I heard of her she was a fem for a nasty dyke but she liked it and I guess that's all that counted. Maybe at some point I'll tell you more stories about what happened with her and me.

Over the years between Jack and when I met Morgan at 27, I had been with dozens of guys and had done most anything imaginable with them. There were more than a few women as well and it's safe to say that I had become a sexual opportunist in that I would go for most anything.

I met Morgan at a gallery opening in the little Italy section of San Diego. I was there out of an obligation and it was the last place I had any interest in being. I saw her across the room and was immediately interested. She was tall, slender, well dressed in a knee length indigo dress with a very open back. And her back was gorgeous with much defined muscles and a gorgeous golden color. Her calves were perfect from behind and she had on tall spiked pumps that put her at six feet tall or more. Tight looking ass too!

We met and seemed to hit it off immediately. We both liked a lot of the same things so conversation was easy and flowed all over the place. I got her number and e mail and a week later we started seeing eachother on a very casual basis. She's one of those women who are just so easy to be with and so open that we fell into friendship and a very friendly sexual relationship without all of the trappings of a love affair. We were classic friends and fuck buddies. I knew she was seeing other people and she knew I was too although she didn't know that some of the people I was seeing were guys. Neither one of us wanted to bring the friendship any further along than fun and sex as we thought it would mess things up. So we continued.

One night after about a year and a half of friendly fucking (during which time I was also having sex with lots of guys as well as her) we were at a party at a mutual friend's house in La Jolla. There were probably sixty or seventy people there and the alcohol was flowing freely as was the pot, x and whatever else one could want. We had both partaken of several drinks and numerous tokes on a hookah. During the evening this one guy kept looking our way a lot and was making undeniable eye contact with Morgan. At one point we were outside on a balcony looking at the ocean when he came out and started talking to us or rather primarily to her. I was cool with his putting the make on her as there were no strings between us although he didn't know that. He was maybe 6'1" and 180 or so with brown hair cut fairly short. He had on black slacks and a black clingy t shirt. Maybe 35 so a little older than either of us (did I mention that Morgan's a couple of years older than I am?). I had left her to go to the restroom and when I came back he was kanoodling with her out on one of the numerous balconies that overlooked the ocean. When I showed up he was noticeably a bit nervous but he didn't wimp out and leave. She introduced him as Martin and we shook hands and blah blah blah. Morgan excused herself to go see someone she knew and the awkward silence descended over us.

"FYI Martin. Morgan and I date but we're not into the serious relationship thing. We both see other people and it's all cool." I said to him as we leaned on the railing. By now it was 11PM and most everyone was feeling fine. I excused myself to go get us some drinks. When I came back they were no where to be found so naturally I started looking. I found them in a hallway towards the back of the house. He had her up against the wall and was kissing her and running his hands up and down her stomach and over her breasts. Her right leg was up and her knee was trying to encircle him. It was obvious that his cock was rubbing up against her crotch and I could tell by the way she was kissing him that she was very hot for cock at that particular moment.

She saw me and said "He's such a fucking good kisser Rick! I wish you'd try him!" I laughed and so did he. "Ricky, is it ok if I go into this bathroom with him and do nasty things? If it's ok I'll tell you all about it later."

Before I could answer Martin chimed in with "Why don't you come along and watch Rick."

I hesitated for just the appropriate amount of time although I was totally jazzed about what was going to and what might happen! "Yeah, ok, I want to come along and see it happen Morg." She gave a funny little shrug and twist of her mouth and without saying another word the three of us traipsed down the nearest hallway in search of an unused bathroom (they always have locks on the door and sometimes there's two doors for an early escape). Led by Martin we found a spare bedroom with its own bath which was unoccupied. It was a decent sized bath with a separate tub and shower and double sinks. Fortunately the lights were on a dimmer so I turned them down.

Martin and Morgan were leaning up against the vanity and I was sitting on the granite edge around the tub watching them. He looked at me and then at her and then turned her head towards him and kissed her on the mouth. It was a short kiss and they pulled apart and looked at eachother before kissing again in what I could tell was a really deep kiss. They were now pressed tightly together and as the kiss continued he was running his hand up and down her side cupping her breast and then running it down to the side of her hip to cup her ass cheek. For her part Morgan had her hand up by his chest and was tweaking his nipple through the thin material of his shirt. I knew he was hard as a rock since she's such a hot kisser and her body's so hard and tight. I was sitting there watching them when I found myself sub consciously rubbing my cock through my pants. I was so fucking hard watching them!

Morgan pushed away from him and as she faced him she started unbuttoning his shirt enough so she could get her mouth latched onto his left nipple. She loves to suck my nipples and he was getting the same hot treatment that I usually got. He moaned as he cupped both of her tits and squeezed them. She stood up straight and kissed him again as she cupped her right hand over his crotch and rubbed his hard dick. Martin pushed back from her and took off his shirt. As he did he kicked off his shoes from his sockless feet and then undid his belt and the top button on his pants. Morgan watched him do all of this and then reached out and pulled down the zipper herself and then left the pants fall to the floor. He kicked them off and stood there in his black bikini briefs that showed the outline of a big hard dick. I was mesmerized as she reached out and traced the outline with her finger and then turned to look at me.

"He's got a big cock Rick!" She exclaimed in a stage whisper. "What should I do with it baby?" This as she now cupped the shaft and ran her hand over it as he shuddered in anticipation.

"I think you should take it out and show it to me Morg." I said to her in return. Without answering she pulled down the elastic band of his briefs and let his cut dick pop out. Nice red head and veiny shaft. And it really was big! Obviously there was no tape measure but he had to be in the eight plus range. "Now what are you going to do with it Morg?"

She was looking at it with her full lips parted. Her breathing was shallow. She never took her eyes off of his dick as she took off her shirt and the tiny bra she had under it so that her b cupped tits were exposed. She reached up with both hands and started pinching her nipples. "Oh Rick I wanna put it in my mouth! I wanna suck it. Will you let me do that baby?" She was now looking back at me as she pulled on her nipples. Martin was slowly stroking his hot looking cock as he watched her.

"Oh yeah lover! I wanna see you eat that dick of his. I wanna see you make him crazy!"

"Oooooh Ricky, take off your pants so I can see your fat dick while I'm sucking his." She moaned as Martin reached down and tweaked her now reddened nipples. I took off my shoes and socks. Then I stood up and dropped my pants and briefs, then my shirt until I was as naked as Martin. I sat back down on the tub edge and started stroking my cock as I watched him cruelly do her nipples while she grasped his cock and pulled on it.

She turned Martin so that when she dropped to her knees to get his cock she could see me as I watched and jerked myself off. She looked at me as she brought her mouth forward until her tongue flicked out and touched the tip of him. He was looking down at her and he shuddered as she then licked the underside of his cockhead before folding her mouth over it like it was a great candy plum. Martin groaned as she slid his cock in and out of her face while never taking her eyes off of me. She popped his cock out of her mouth.

"His cock is so hot Ricky! It's like its on fire in my mouth. I wish you knew what its like!" She said before she sucked him back into her pussy mouth.

"Jesus Rick! She sucks my cock so fucking good!" Said Martin as he held her head and slid his big wet dick in and out of her. "Such a good cocksucking cunt!"

I was so into the moment I was jacking my cock up and down using my spit as lube. I was so hot watching my girl suck this guys hot looking dick! "Oh fuck Ricky! I love this so much! Please help me with it. Come here and suck it with me!" She moaned as she stuck his dick back into her mouth.

"Oh yeah Rick! Come over and suck on my dick with your bitch. You can both be my cocksuckers for tonight!" This is what I'd been praying for! I didn't even bother acting shocked as I slid off my perch and onto my knees on the floor. Morgan watched me as I crawled across the floor to where they were and got my face close to hers while she sucked his big dick. "Baby this is so hot having you here with me! Open your mouth and suck it for me. Please baby!"

I opened my mouth and acted somewhat tentative as she guided his dick onto my outstretched tongue. When it lay on my tongue for a moment it felt so hot and alive. I slid my tongue up and back over the glans while they both looked at me. My eyes and Morgan's were locked on each other as my lips closed over the head and I swirled my tongue around it making Martin groan with pleasure. I reached up and took the long shaft in my hand and started sliding it back and forth as I sucked on the head. His cock was big and fat and felt delicious in my hot mouth. I was trying not to look as though I knew what I was doing but my experience and instinct to possess overwhelmed me and I began to suck and eat his dick with hot passion.

"Rick you're a fucking natural at this you little cocksucker!" exclaimed Morgan as she watched me do him. "Suck his cock hard you fucking dick sucking bitch!" And I did suck it hard! I was slathering saliva all over and was producing so much that it was leaking out the sides of my mouth as if he'd already cum and I couldn't hold it all. Morgan reached over and took his hard balls in the palm of her hand and started squeezing and rolling them as I worked his dick.

"Ah Jesus you fucking sluts are gonna make me cum you motherfuckers!" cried Martin as he thrust his hips forward forcing his dick into my throat and making me gag a little bit. He held it there and I swallowed the head using my educated throat muscles to try to milk the cum out of him. I had subconsciously reached up and was cupping one of his ass cheeks in each hand pulling him forward trying to get as much of his big dick into me as possible! He had his hands on either side of my head and was "holding" me there as his cock started to pulse. It swelled in my mouth and I knew I was going to get a big load of hot cum. I pulled back a little bit so that the head of his dick was in my mouth while my hand slid over the slick shaft forcing his cum to the surface. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" he moaned as the first jets of cum poured out of him and into me. It was like he hadn't cum in ages as his dick pumped four or five big jets into my hungry mouth. So much of it pumped that my mouth was full and a tiny bit leaked out the right corner or my lips.

"Don't swallow it baby. Save it for me!" moaned Morgan. I hadn't noticed but she had her right hand up under her skirt and was furiously rubbing herself as I savored the flavor of Martin's cum. She leaned into me and we kissed flowing the warm cum back and forth both of us holding what we had without swallowing it.

In our lust we hadn't noticed Martin stepping away as he hurriedly put his clothes back on. "You two are a couple of really hot pig sluts! Next time I'll fuck you both til you can't walk!" He said as he finished buttoning up and went out the door. I reached up and locked it as Morgan dropped her skirt leaving her in just her three inch heels and blue panties. The entire front of the panties was soaked wet with her juices and I could look at her and tell that she was raging with need for something inside of her. She had taken some of the cum onto her fingers and was using it to lube my engorged dick as she stroked me.

I stood up and leaned back against the vanity and she, squatting on the backs of her heels, started sucking my dick deep into her hot mouth. I wanted so badly to fuck her! So I pulled her up and while I still leaned against the vanity turned her around so that I could pull her wet cunt onto my hard dick. She was soaking wet and my cock slid into her like it was going into soft butter. She gave a gasp and moaned. "Fuck yes! Fuck me with that big dick of yours you fag cocksucker! Suck him but be a man for me you bitch!"

I pushed and pulled her on and off my cock as she bent forward with her hands on her knees. It didn't last long since we were both so sexed up and hot to cum. I could feel the cum rising and told her. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum Morg. Wanna shoot it into you you fucking cunt!" And with that I poured cum into her feeling my cock pulse several times and knowing that she could feel it splash into her. Her muscles tightened around my dick as she got her own rocks off and as her knees gave way she sank to the floor causing my cock to slip out of her. She turned and took my cock into her mouth and sucked the last dregs of cum out of me.

We both got dressed but before leaving the bathroom she kissed me deeply and whispered to me "I think I just fell in love with you Ricky. You're the hottest man I've ever known."

Little did she know! But maybe she'll know more in part 4!

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