Morgan's Canal


"What drawing?" I asked tilting my head.

"I was sketching you and I asked..."

"That's right," I interrupted, "I'd forgotten that bit."

"And I asked you..," her words quickened, "to take your swimming trunks off."

"That part I remember," I said, I knew I was grinning.

I really had forgotten that she was 'making a drawing of me'. The adults were having a great time at the farmhouse. We were down at the creek swimming and playing. They knew we were safe. We knew we were safe. Safe from the adults.

In one moment, a farm girl age twelve or thirteen and a city boy aged twelve at best, officially went from being children to being adults. Or so it seemed at the time. In retrospect, we became young adolescents.

"And I said to you..." I whispered to her in the still air of the glorious June day, "...I'll take my trunks off, if you take your shorts off."

"Yes!" She cried as she clutched her stomach and rolled onto her side, her face landed in the juniper branch, "Oww...I remember," she couldn't stop laughing. I pulled her up from the bush.

"That was the first time," she said brushing the side of her face from the juniper impact and the few remaining tears from her cheeks, "the first time I ever saw a....dick, and touched it too. You had an erection!"

"I did. I remember."

"Oh my...we were just kids."

"I was so in love with you afterwards. I was more than in love with you, I was crazy in lust with you. I grew up...fantasizing...about you." I soon as I said that, I regretted saying it.


"I'm sorry, I'm being creepy aren't I?" I said lowering my eyes.

"No, no...not at all. That time we had, by the creek, was the most exciting time I had in my life," she said gazing above me, "all my sexual experiences are rooted in that moment. Even my art. My preference is to draw men. Naked men. I'm sure it all stems back to that," she paused. "Looking back on it now, I recognize what a watershed moment that was in my life," she paused again, but then looked straight into my eyes. "No, I don't think you fantasizing about me is creepy. Actually, I find it touching."

Touching was a good way to describe it. I just looked at her, tears started to swell up in her eyes.

"I'm a farm girl, I married young. All of my sexual life has been with my husband, the lazy fat ass that he turned out to be. And that one time with you."

"It wasn't sex," I said reaching out to her hand.

"No it wasn't. But it excited me in a way I guess I didn't understand at the time."

"Well I sure understood it," I proffered.

She just smiled at me. I was holding both of her hands at that point. We sat gazing at each other, lost in memories. Where do we go from here? We sat on the blue tarp and simply looked in each other's eyes, still holding hands. The moment got cool.

"Can I draw you again?" she asked suggestively.


"Preferably yes," she answered with a smile, "normally male subjects are a little hesitant to pose nude because they're either afraid they'll get an erection, or the artist will see how small they are."

I looked at her with a lowered eyebrow.

"But if I recall correctly," she carried on, "you don't have to worry about the latter."

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," I said planting my tongue into my cheek. "And I hope you will excuse me if I get a boner again."

She burst out laughing.

I said, "Maybe you'll touch it again too."

On the verge of hysterics, she dropped my hands, rolled onto her side then proceeded to roll right off the tarp again, back into the juniper bush, face first.

"C'mon Annie," I dragged her out of the bush, pulling her back onto the tarp. Now I was half on top of her. She was still laughing hard. Our eyes met, our lips were only inches apart. She stopped laughing. So did I.

"Kiss me Tommy," she whispered.

I did.

It was my first kiss -- all over again. I felt as if I'd just died and gone to Heaven. Something deep in my psyche stirred. I missed those lips so much. I was home again.

I kept kissing her, passionately. She kissed back, tears were rolling off of her cheeks and she pressed her tongue into my mouth.

"God I missed you Tommy..."

I hugged her tightly, lips locked again, then whispered in her ear, "I missed you too. I need you. I need those paintings and I need you." We loosened our tight embrace of each other a little, "I come here Annie to reground myself...can you see the real me?" We shifted sitting up a little but still holding hands. "This creek is the real me. We are today simply a sum total of what we were before. I was a little boy and I was in love with a little girl -- I'm still that little boy and I'm still in love with that girl. Always was, always will be."

We embraced each other and kissed again, her lips were warm and soft.

"My Prince Charming has come to rescue me..."

"Ah oh! I'm turning into a frog now."

She composed herself wiping the tears from her cheeks and we sat up on the blue tarp facing each other.

"I guess you can never quite guess what will come drifting down the creek next."

"Or what you'll find around the next bend." I answered. "I never expected to find my dream come true."

"Okay, now you're getting silly," she said sniffling and wiping her tears away.

"Come with me in the canoe. Finish my trip with me. Paint me, paint me naked."

"I'll draw you, not paint you. That's a little too messy for a canoe."

"Fine." I was clearly beaming that she didn't just shrug me off and that she was good with the idea of joining me. She was grinning too.

Annie packed up her painting gear and headed off to her car to stow it all away. I packed up the tarp and cleaned up from the lunch, tossing the empty wrappers into a garbage bin next to the car park. She re-appeared with a box of pencils and a sketch pad as I was rearranging the canoe.

"Nude right?" I asked her as I stood next to the canoe.

"Are you okay with that?" she answered back. I didn't reply. I simply started peeling my clothes off and stowing them into my back-pack. I noticed my prick starting to come to life as I slipped my water shoes back on and stepped into the canoe.

She was grinning ear-to-ear as I steadied the canoe and she stepped in, sitting on the aft seat, facing me. I handed Annie my back-pack and had her jamb it into the space behind her thereby allowing her to recline somewhat.

"So here's the plan, we'll continue the canoe trip together, you'll get to draw me...again," then I'll drive you back to your car. Should be about three hours. Are you okay with that?"

"Sounds marvelous," she answered smiling at me, while taking in all the flesh in front of her eyes.

I pushed off and took one stroke to get us into the main part of the creek. "I'm afraid you'll have to take your shoes off, as it'll be necessary to step out of the canoe a few times."

Annie kicked her shoes off and commented, "It really is a beautiful day, isn't it." She pulled her sketch pad out and flipped to a new page.

Annie sat in the canoe contemplating her subject and I her long graceful legs. I became aware that my cock was starting to swell.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked demurely.

"I see the picture of loveliness."

She chuckled at that and replied, "Hey, I'm drawing the picture here."

I drank in her beauty as we drifted along. She picked up her pencil and started to sketch.

I gazed at her red painted fingernails which contrasted her strong hands and fingers. The nail polish was slightly worn and chipped. Hers were farmer's hands, toughened by manual labor. Her arms were slender but strong. The nape of her neck as swept to her jaw was strong, yet slender and to my eyes exquisitely erotic. I wanted to kiss that neck. Her lips, full of emotion barely hid her bright white teeth. When she smiled her entire face lit up. Her eyes were blue, wizened. For a middle aged woman, she had very few wrinkles, a few around her eyes, but that was it. Her straight blonde hair had a touch of grey near her temples. Her legs were long, strong and shapely. Her toenails were a matching red, also slightly worn. Her breast swelled under her short sleeve blouse, I could faintly make out her nipples.

Annie sat back in the canoe drawing. Her sketch pad was on her lap but slightly held up with her left hand as she drew with her right. The angle of the pad with her legs spread for balance gave me a perfect glimpse, her khaki shorts which were pulled tight to her crotch.

I was stiff as a rock now.

"Are you going to hold that pose for awhile?" she asked coyly. Her smiling face was slightly flushed, and not from the sun.

"With you sitting there all sultry like you are, I don't think I'll last long," I answered.

We were drifting through the two pools towards my aunt and uncle's old farm. The mayflies were dancing around us. Fishing was the last thing on my mind.

I knew I had to at least try to talk her out of her clothes.

I cleared my throat and said, "I'm pretty sure the original arrangement was if I show you mine..."

She raised an eyebrow up and stared me straight in the eyes.

"Then you show me yours."

"I'm pretty sure it included that I'll get to touch yours. But that's impossible in this canoe."

She surprised me with that comeback.

"True," I answered, "however if the little lad here starts to lose enthusiasm..." letting the sentence trail.

"I wouldn't want to rub out what I just drew," she said.

"Quite frankly I wish you would," I quickly replied, wishing I hadn't.

She blushed. I'm sure I blushed too.

Annie put her sketch book on her lap and her pencil in her teeth. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her arms out. She then reached behind her back and unclasped her bra then flipped the straps off her shoulders revealing her beautiful tits. Although they sagged a little with age, her areola were big, pink. Her thick nipples stood up and out.

She pulled the pencil from her mouth and said with a grin on her face, "That should keep your enthusiasm going for a while. Just keep an eye out for others."

"That's not quite how I remember them," I said.

"Did I even have any then?" she asked as she started to sketch again.

"Little mounds. And nipples. It worked for me then," I replied, "and they still work for me now!"

"Hmm, I can see."

The tip of my cock was glistening with pre-cum. Oh how I wanted to just put my hands on her tits and squeeze them, give her nipples a little twitch. I think my eyeballs were rolling around.

We drifted along, coming up to my aunt and uncle's old farm. I could see the old barn in the distance. Mayflies danced around us. I let the paddle drag in the water on my left side. Cock very much pointing straight up.

Although her legs were set apart as she continued to sketch, I could make out a slight side to side movement in her hips. I'm sure she was unconscious of it. Then one knee would flex inward for a moment, then the other.

We passed a drake mallard sitting on the right bank. His green head and chestnut breast glistened in the sun and he silently flapped his wings to divert our attention. On the left bank was mummy mallard, plain brown but with blue wing flashes. She was busy keeping her five fuzzy ducklings in order. The ducklings were oblivious to the canoe. Annie was oblivious to the ducks.

We continued to drift. She continued to sketch, pausing occasionally.

After a short while, without saying a word, she put the sketchbook down next to her left leg, put the pencil back in her teeth, unfastened her shorts button, unzipped her shorts and in one motion pulled her shorts and panties off causing the canoe to rock side to side.

Annie pulled the pencil from her teeth and asked, "How's that?"

My eyes bugged out. "That is outstanding."

"I could say the same," she said with a smirk.

Soft pink pussy lips peeked out from thin blonde pubic hair. Her lips were slightly parted. I thought my cock was going to explode. If not my cock, then my brain for sure.

"Annie, you are truly a magnificent, gorgeous woman. And sexy as can be. You are stunning! Beautiful."

"And you are sweet," she said, "but you probably need glasses."

"No, I need something else," I answered as I scooped some water from the creek with right hand and dragged it across my forehead.

Pre-cum was running down my shaft now. I could tell my heart was beating. I drew a couple of deep breaths.

We continued to drift along. A kingfisher whisked by. Annie didn't seem to see it.

I considered picking up my fishing rod and taking a cast or two. I shook my head of the thought of having a trout flopping around at in the canoe.

My dick stayed firmly at attention.

Annie was still sketching and before long her knees started unconsciously flexing again. Every once in a while she would slightly shift her position, or I mine, and I could make out that her areola were starting to crinkle up and her nipples stand out. There was definitely moisture glistening between her pussy lips, which were just slightly parted a little wider.

On the right bank there were two turtles. One standing on the other's back. Heads both pointing downstream. How odd. I recalled the old construct of the world sitting on the back of a turtle, which sat on the back of another turtle, and that on another. In fact, it's turtles all the way down. Maybe I was just looking at the top two? Or maybe they're terrapins? I really don't know the difference between a turtle and a terrapin. Maybe what I was looking at was a terrapin station and that's merely how they stand in line? Annie was oblivious to the turtles as she continued to sketch and stare at me.

My dick was disconnected from my brain as it continued to point to the sky. This was maddening. All around us crickets and cicadas sang a rare and different tune. I'm sure Annie didn't notice.

My cock was straining. This was torture. She must have seen it in my face.

"Don't you dare touch yourself or I'll turn you back into a frog," she said smiling at me.

I scooped some more water for my forehead again. I could see the roof of the old farmhouse in the distance. I stared at the sky. In the northwest corner, there was a brand new crescent moon.

She continued sketching, her eyes alight, with glowing hair, but after a while I noticed that her knees were now flexing together, instead of one at a time. Her pencil movements were slower and she lingered her gaze on the subject matter -- seemingly my cock -- for a little longer each time.

"How am I supposed to draw that?" she broke the long silence.

"What?" I asked.

"The oozing from your erection."

"I could get rid of it." I answered calmly.

She gazed at me with questioning eyes as I dragged my right index finger up my cock shaft scooping up as much pre-cum as I could and slipped the finger into my mouth. As soon as I did that Annie's eyes widened like saucers and her jaw dropped.

I wondered if I just grossed her out.

She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and gasped, dropping the sketchbook to her thighs. Her nipples were definitely stiff. Her face was flushed. She took a deep breath and lifted her head, leaned all the way forward with her boobs pressed against the sketchbook and her knees jammed together. Her face reddened, her mouth opened as she gasped for air again. Her whole body was trembled. Her eyes were wild.

"That's the hottest thing I've ever seen," she growled at me. She sat back up closed her eyes and took two deep breaths.

"Fuck it!" she croaked as she dropped her sketchbook to her left. The pencil dropped as she leaned back onto the backpack behind her and spread her knees wide. Her right hand pounced onto her pussy, immediately found her clit and she furiously rubbed it with two fingers. Within five seconds she came hard. Her pussy and anus muscles contracted rhythmically, her spine arched and her tits trembled.

"Oh fuck!" she yelled as her face turned a deep red. Her nostrils flared as she gasped for air.

My knuckles were white as they gripped the gunwales on each side of the canoe.

Annie pinched her own nipples sending further shivers through her body and an additional three contractions to her pussy and bumhole. Finally she lifted her head and stared at me, her blue eyes glassy, her breathing heavy.

"That the hottest thing that I've ever seen!" I gasped, I'm sure my eyes were popped.

I suddenly became aware that I'd dropped the paddle in the water. My cock was in full pre-cum ooze again.

"Tommy. Will you fuck me?" Before I could make a sound she added, "Right now."

"Hold on," I said as I lifted my right leg out of the canoe and shifted my weight to the side. My foot touched bottom, then I dragged my left leg out, while I held the now severely tilted boat. The water was knee deep. I reached for the drifting paddle, tossed it into the canoe and twisted the little boat in the water towards the shore.

As I pushed the canoe forward I recognized precisely where I was. The canoe landed next to a flat rock as I stepped forward in the water. My bone was pointing straight forward.

"I'll hold the canoe as you get out," I said. Annie jumped out of the canoe like a pro. As I stepped ashore her hand reached out and grabbed my cock. Without letting go she eased herself down onto the bank amongst the gravel, grass and twigs.

She let go of my cock as I knelt down between her now open legs. Her pussy glistened at me in the sunlight. I could smell her arousal. The aroma was intoxicating. I was drooling as I pushed my face forward. My toes were still in the water and I managed to get one glorious lick in before she grabbed my head pulling me up towards her.

"Never mind that Tommy, just fuck me."

With my hands and knees covered in bits of grass and pebbles I shifted forward on top of her. She pulled my cock into her pussy and with one quick, easy motion I was inside her.

"Ahhhh" we both gasped together. I could feel my heart pounding, my face flushed.

I was grinding my hips into her. So different from my wife I thought to myself. Why am I doing this? I've never cheated on my wife. I didn't stop. She fucked back. Smiling. A sweat was breaking out on her forehead. Our breathing was heavy as we rocked ourselves against each other. Am I cheating if I'm fucking my first true love? Although I recalled that I'd taken wedding vows, I wasn't about to stop. This was too good. I felt like I'd finally come home.

Never mind come home...I was going to cum. Soon.

"Tommy," Annie gasped, "I've never made love to anyone but my husband."

I wasn't a virgin when I first met my wife.

"I've not had sex in years," she gasped, then growled, "and never this good."

We continued to screw. In and out, side to side. I touched her soft lips with mine between breaths.

"Tommy," she cried between gasps, "you're the answer to my prayers," her body shuddered, "a dream come true."

My guilt was gone. I was on a mission.

Her whole torso was a different color now. Her blue eyes were watery, glassy. The pupils were dilated. Her nose was running as she panted. Her pussy was running too. There was no friction as I continued to pound into her.

"Harder Tommy!" I did. As hard as I could.

"Auuuuugh!" she growled, her face contorted. Nails dug into my back.

Her eyes slammed shut and her back arched as I felt the first contraction around my cock. Before I could feel a second one, I came, my contractions working with hers, against hers? I couldn't tell. I'm sure my face was as twisted, red and snotty as hers. We both struggled for breath as our bodies flailed spasmodically against each other. Grimacing. Growling. Gasping.

Eventually our orgasms slowed down and ended. We lay there, I on top of her, staring in each other's eyes, our chests still heaving for breath. I became aware of my weight on her and the torture her back must have felt from the gravel and twigs under her back. I kissed her, slipped my now softening cock from inside her, then rolled off her to her right side, between her and the canoe. I held Annie's right hand with my left as we both stared off to the sky, still panting.

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