Morgan's Canal


"Annie?" my chest was still heaving.

"Yes?" hers too.

"Do you realize where we are?" I asked.

She sat up brushing her runny nose with the back of her left hand. I brushed the twigs, pebbles and dirt off of her back, still holding her hand. There were twigs and bit of grass in her hair.

Before she could answer I said, "This rock is the exact spot where you drew me. We played show me exactly here."

Her head spun around, "You're right. It is!"

We lay back down in each other's arms for a moment and then she said, "Tommy, I have no words to express how I feel right now."


"Yeah, that too," she chuckled. Her puss was oozing.

We lay there on the bank, our feet dangling over the edge, kissing softly and saying thank you to each other for what seemed an eternity. I could see that she had shed a silent tear or two.

It dawned on me that in my entire adult life, I had never had such joy in my heart than at that moment.

What a bizarre twist of fate to find Annie again I thought, as we stared up into the sky. It's funny how the sullen wings of fortune beat like rain. The obvious is hidden, with nothing to believe in. With Annie I couldn't figure out if it's the end or beginning. Yet, there we were, back at that flat rock, for good or ill again.

For good or ill again.

Eventually the little pebbles and twigs digging into our bodies got the better of us. It was time to get back into the canoe and continue on, although both of us never wanted the moment to end.

I stood up and as I handed her my t-shirt to clean-up she asked, "Do you mind if I get dressed again?"

"No not at all," I said as she cleaned herself up with my shirt.

I spotted a bullfrog on the other side of the flat rock. It was facing me, eyes blinking. In one smooth, silent move I dove down, one hand on the flat rock, the other reaching for the frog. I caught him by the legs as he tried to jump sideways. I was a kid again. Annie was oblivious to the whole thing as she had her back to me trying to put her panties on.

Standing up, with the bullfrog in my hand behind my back I said, "Annie, I've something for you."

She swung around with a questioning look in her eye.

"A frog!" I held it out like an ice cream cone right in front of her face.

"Ahhhh!" she screamed as she dashed off into the water with her panties around her knees.

I chased after her into the water.

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by Anonymous

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by xtchr09/03/17

Well Written BUT...!

Yes, it was a well written story that started out so peacefully and serene. However, if I didn't miss anything, they were both married to other people. So that makes them 2 cheaters and that just doesn'tmore...

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by Ambivalence08/09/17

Definitely a different slant...

Normally, the "we'd been married long enough to have adult children, and *I* thought we were happy until my spouse's first love showed up, seduced my spouse and stole them from me" scenario runs differently...


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