tagSci-Fi & FantasyMorgan's Enchantment

Morgan's Enchantment


Morgan knelt before her father, the blue and silver gem crystals of her skirt resting on the ground around her bent legs. Silently she regarded her father as he sat on his throne before her. His expression told her what he was going to say. She had been caught again and once more he would admonish her. She had heard it all before.

"What do you have to say for yourself, child?" he thundered. "This is the fourth time you have been found with a human in my palace. While it is fine to cavort with them on their plane, you know they must not be bought here. Do you understand what might happen if one of their kind was able to find his way back here?"

"You needn't concern yourself, father. I make sure they are in no condition to find their way anywhere long before I ever bring them here."

"But, I do concern myself, daughter, I think it might be you who is in no condition find her way, when you are so hot between the stems."

Despite herself, Morgan could not completely stifle the smile that crossed her lips. Yes, she certainly did get hot between the stems. The thought of a human cock entering her made her pause for a moment. They were so big, and so helpless when she used her magic on them. She could do what she wanted with them. Have them worship her. Have them bathe and massage her. But, most of all she liked it when she had them lick her cunt and then fuck her. Because humans were so much bigger than fairies, the tallest fairy being no more than four and half feet tall, rare was the male fairy as well endowed as the average human male, she could not help but want to fuck the poor things.

"You're thinking about having your way with a human right now, aren't you?" her father demanded, abruptly ending her daydream.

"No, father, I wasn't."

"That is it, I have made my decision. You will marry immediately."

"Please, Father, no!" she cried.

"Yes you will. I have decided. You will marry Witch-Hazel tomorrow."

Morgan grimaced in disgust. Witch-Hazel was such a jerk, always trying to be so right and proper. He was always trying to correct her, admonishing her to follow all the rules. Morgan found him even more tiresome than all the rules he was always telling her to follow. She had never seen what the point of being a fairy was if she couldn't use her magic to do whatever she wanted to do. Besides, she thought, I am sure his cock is minuscule.

Without moving her head she looked around the room to find Witch-Hazel. He stood in the place he always stood at the side of the room, with the rest of her father's courtiers. He had a smirk on his face. I can't believe father wants me to marry him, she thought. He is such a jerk.

Her father ignored her inattention. "Preparations will be made, and tomorrow night at the Fairy Ring you and Witch-Hazel will wed, with all the ceremonies proper for a royal wedding. Away now daughter I have much work to do to make this happen. Go to your chambers and start your preparation for tonight you will set yourself away as our custom demands. Away child."

Morgan rose to her feet and left the throne room as silently as she could, hoping not to attract the attention of any of the court of fairies that accompanied her father. She did not need to worry because as soon as she got up her father began screaming out commands to his court. They were soon too busy preparing her wedding to notice her as she retreated to her chambers.

Fairy custom demanded that a bride spend the night before her wedding alone. Similar to human custom where it is believed to be bad luck if the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day, so to with fairies. The groom is expected to go out among humans and sew his wild oats with human maidens, and the bride is expected to shut herself up in her room, so that there is no chance that she will encounter the groom as he goes about his sewing.

While the fairies are fickle beings, in matters of marriage they were adamant. Once a couple had been joined they would always be married, and because the fairy life span usually lasted centuries that could seem like an eternity. While there were generally no expectations that a fairy would always remain faithful to their spouse, she could think of at least three ways where it could be ensured magically. Witch-Hazel was just the kind of jerk that would do something like that to her.

When she got to her room she flung herself back upon her bed, the gems of her skirt tinkling as she hit the mattress. Why did she have to marry Witch-Hazel, it just was not fair. Although he was not bad looking with his fair skin and spiked green hair, he could be so annoying. She had known for quite a while that he had feelings for her. At least that was how she had always interpreted his constant corrections. He must be enjoying this, knowing that she had no way of getting out of marrying him. Knowing that she could not risk disobeying her father. Doing so would mean exile and with her banishment from the fairy kingdom all her magics would be forfeit. She could not imagine living without magic. "What am I supposed to do, go and live with the humans?" she asked herself.

Lying supine on her bed she turned her head to the side and saw her diamond dildo lying out on the top of her nightstand. Carved from a single stone, it was the size and shape of an erect human penis. What I wouldn't give for one of those right now, she thought to herself. Yes, she would have to escape from the palace and get herself one, especially because tonight would probably be her last opportunity to have a human cock inside of her.

Getting out of bed she walked across her room to her wardrobe. Wearing the jeweled skirt and corset that she had on to the human plane was out of the question. She took them off and replaced them with a white cotton v-neck blouse that did little to hide her ample braless cleavage and a red plaid kilt. Sitting down on her bed she took off her sapphire stiletto heels and stockings, replacing them with white knee socks and black leather low-heel pumps. Getting up she walked back to her wardrobe and put the clothes she had taken off away. She then checked herself in the mirror inside of the wardrobe door. The makeup spell she had used this morning was still in place. Picking up a brush from the shelf in the wardrobe she ran it a few times through her long black hair. She took a step back from the mirror so that she could look herself over. Turning to the left and then to the right she made sure that she looked like a Celtic lass and except for her wings the effect was complete. After placing her brush back on the shelf in the wardrobe she took her shoulder bag with all the ingredients for her spells off of the hook on the side of the wardrobe and slung it over her shoulder.

With her appearance taken care of she began the preparations for the glamour spell that would keep her absence from the palace a secret. It had been a long time since she learned spells to elude the palace's magical defenses, but tonight's spell would require something more than she used before. The glamour she used tonight would need to respond to questions spoken through the door. It was quite possible that some of her girlfriends would come to be with her, on this the night before her nuptials, even though fairy custom was to for her to shut herself up alone in her room. The spell would have to remind whoever was asking that custom dictated that she should be left alone. She was sure that any member of the court would obey and leave her alone. The spell was based on a candle that burned in the candleholder on her nightstand. She prepared the candles herself with thistle blossoms and thorns mixed into the wax. The thistle, with its pretty purple flower, defends itself with thorns, making it the perfect essence to call upon in spell to hold the illusion of her staying in her room. Taking one of the candles she placed it into the candleholder and lit it with a flame she generated from her finger. Concentrating on the burning candle she began chanting,

"Illusion of my presence
This room to fill
For any who might spy
Be here I will

If they knock on the door
And call out through
Be that this spell will
Answer them to"

After finishing her chant and making sure that the illusion was functioning, she teleported herself away from the fairy plane on which the palace existed. Upon entering the human plane she found herself on a path leading through the woods. On either side of her were tall pine trees. It was late afternoon and the shadows cast by the trees were lengthening. She quickly cast a spell to detect any other fairies in her immediate vicinity. The spell came up negative; there were no others of her kind within at least one hundred miles of her. Good, she was alone. She cast another spell to see if there were any humans nearby. The spell told her that there was a small village of about fifty souls not more than a mile down the path and there was a lone human about a hundred yards down the path from where she was standing. She began walking down the path toward the lone human.

She had not walked far when she began to hear the sound of an ax chopping wood. As she entered a clearing she saw a man, about twenty yards away, chopping branches off of a downed tree. He was a large, handsome man with long dark brown hair. He had not seen her and continued with his work when she entered the clearing. She quickly cast an invisibility spell so that he could not see her until she wanted to appear to him.

"Mmm..I like," she said to herself, as she looked at the man working with his ax. She watched as his muscles bulged beneath his shirt as his ax flew into the dead wood of the fallen tree. It impressed her that he was not cutting into a living tree as that might disturb other spirits that might disturb her spells. She could just imagine that some wood nymph from a felled tree wreaking havoc upon the handsome man she wanted to seduce.

From her bag she took a clump of maple leaves and she placed them on the ground making a circle around a small group of trees, making sure that the leaves were close enough together that the circle would be strong enough to hold her slave, but making it big enough that she would have enough space for what she wanted to do. Maple leaves because they resemble in shape the flames on the Tree of Life depicted behind the man on the lovers card of some tarot decks she had found that they are a powerful part of spells that enchant men. Within the circle the man would be powerless to resist her wishes. With her circle prepared she sat down with her back against a tall pine tree, closed her eyes in concentration and began the chant that would draw the man to her,

"Come now my lover to my side
Come now to your fairy bride
Your love for me beyond measure
To use you for my carnal pleasure

Come now lover and do not hide
Come now where pleasure does bide
Your enchantment never will cease
From my spell there is no release"

After she repeated the charm three times she noticed that the sound of the ax hitting wood had ceased. She opened her eyes and saw the man standing in front of her, inside of her circle, his clear green eyes peering down to where she sat. Even though he could not see her, as she was still invisible to him, the draw of her enchantment spell drew his eyes to where she was. She removed her invisibility spell and stood up in front of him. He towered over her standing at least two feet taller than her. It always made her fell powerful having a tall man like this at her command.

"Call me 'Princess'," she ordered.

"Yes, Princess," he replied in a dull monotone voice.

Knowing that she had him under her spell, she stepped away from the tree. To the side of the tree was a small patch of grass. As she moved his head turned, his eyes remaining fixed on her.

"Come here," she commanded.

He was quick to obey, taking a step so that he remained at her side.

"Take off your shirt."

His hands came up to the buttons and he started unbuttoning his shirt. First he unbuttoned the buttons down the front of the shirt and then the sleeves, throwing the shirt off when he finished. With his shirt off she could see his muscular chest glistening in the filtered sunlight of the trees. She ran her hand over his chest, feeling the solid muscles beneath his tanned skin.

"mmm, yummy. Take off your pants."

His hands went to his belt, loosening it and letting the open ends flop down. He unbuttoned his pants button by button, letting them fall to his ankles when he had finished. With is boots still on his feet, his pants remained down around his ankles.

Remembering that in his state he would obey all her orders literally, "Take the rest of your clothes off," she ordered.

He bent down and quickly removed his boots and socks and then took his pants off of his legs. Finally he removed his underwear. As each piece of clothing came off they were flung aside in the pile that had started with his shirt. Now he was naked standing in front of her, his sinewy body glistening in the sunlight that filtered through the trees. Her eyes were drawn to his massive cock, which in his enchanted state he made no effort to conceal. Even in it's flaccid state it was enormous, at least seven inches long. Reaching out with her hand she wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke it. She could feel her pussy begin to moisten as she felt his organ begin to harden in her fingers. She silently wished she could teleport him back to her room in the palace so that he could bathe her. She so enjoyed having a helpless human at her beck and command giving her a bath and massaging her body, but she knew that even with the illusion she had set up in her room she did not dare to risk getting caught with another human in the palace. No telling what punishment her father might inflict upon her. He could strip her of all her magic and then where would she be. Still, she knew she was going to enjoy this.

"Take my clothes off, gently."

She had long ago learned that she had to be specific when ordering the men in her power to do things to her. Though as a fairy she was by no means delicate and her magical nature would protect her from all but the most violent physical assaults she had been hurt by men before. Slowly the man reached to her chest and began unbuttoning her blouse. Button by button he opened her blouse, then pulling it out from under the waist of her skirt and lifting it off over her head and wings. The cool forest air felt wonderful on her newly exposed skin. The man now reached down to the front of her skirt and pulled her skirt down to her ankles, allowing her to step out of it. She was now entirely naked except for her shoes and socks. He bent down to take of her shoes.

"Stop," she ordered and he stopped halfway, still bent over. "Stand up and give me your hands,"

He instantly obeyed, straitening to his full height and putting his hands out in her direction. She reached up with her hands to clasp his. Holding his hands up she moved them to cover her breast, his right hand on her left breast and vice versa. The touch of his strong hand on her naked breast sent a chill up her spine and she could feel her nipples start to harden.

"Massage them," she demanded.

This was her favorite part of seducing her human slaves, she thought, commanding them to fulfill her wishes. She wanted her breasts massaged and her she had a strong man doing her bidding. No, wait, she thought, this was her second favorite part.

"Kiss me,"

The man was quick to obey. With his hands still covering her breasts, he bent forward, leaning down to place his lips on hers and began kissing her. When his lips met hers she forced her tongue through his lips to meet his. As if he heard her silent wish his tongue rose to meet hers and they writhed together in the space of their conjoined mouths. Without her so much as saying a word his hands dropped from her breasts and reached around her to grab her ass and pull her into him.

She had rarely had this much mastery over her slaves before, where she only had to think something and he obeyed. It scared her a little and she wondered at the power of her magic, that it should function so well. Maybe it was a full moon or something; in her rush to get to the human plane she had given no thought of checking the phase of the moon before she had teleported here. Fairy magic on the human plane came and went like the tide and was controlled by the moon. It was strongest at full moon, which was why fairies were more often seen on the human plane at full moon. Whatever the case, the thought soon fled from her mind as she felt the man's rapidly hardening cock pushing against her stomach. Just the feel of his member gently pushing against her body was enough to make her pussy tingle with anticipation. There was no way Witch-Hazel's cock would ever feel like this against her body.

She pulled away from him, breaking their kiss. "Lie down on the grass," she ordered. He quickly obeyed lying down on the small patch of grass next to where she was standing. Stepping over him she straddled his head and bent her knees to set herself down on his face. As soon as she had gotten down his tongue was in her cunt and licking away. The feel of his tongue running in and out of her cunt was too much for her and soon she was panting with pleasure.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh, mmm, yess," she panted.

As she rode his tongue she reached out with her hand to wrap it around his cock and start stroking him. As she stroked she felt his cock grow slicker with the drops of precum flowing out of the head to coat her fingers. Soon she could feel his cock starting to spasm and she stopped her ministrations. She did not want him finishing too soon; she only wanted him ready for her.

She climbed off of his face and scooted down his body to hover over his erect member, reverse cowgirl style. Reaching down with her hand she took a hold of it and guided it in to her pussy. This was what she had been waiting for, to have the huge cock of a human man in her what might be for the last time. It felt so good as she slid down its length, her ass bumping down on his stomach.

"Oh yes," she cried as she started bouncing up and down on his cock. She willed him to thrust his cock into her and he responded pushing it up into her, meeting her down stroke with a thrust up of his cock into her. Feeling its length going in and out of her was paradise. This is what she had wanted, what she would miss most of all. Before she knew it she felt her quim start to quiver and her orgasm was upon her.

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried as she felt her pussy spasm and begin the slow slide down into orgasm. It felt so good; she did not know how she was going to be able to go without the feeling of a massive human cock in her. Her diamond dildo was good but it was no substitute for the feeling of an erect flesh and blood cock shoved into her cunt by a willing male human. As she came, and her pussy spit out its sweet juice all over the crotch of the enchanted man below her, she closed her eyes and savored what might be the last real orgasm she might ever have.

As she opened her eyes she realized that the man bellow her must have finished because she could feel his cock growing limp inside her. As much pleasure as she got from human males, once they spent they were spent. They were good while they lasted but once they were done, they only smelled bad. Getting to her feet, she quickly dressed and teleported herself back to her room. Maybe she would sneak out later and find another one.

The other villagers found the man lying naked in the woods the next day, dead from exposure.

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