tagErotic CouplingsMorning After

Morning After


"Hey Beautiful" I say it slowly as I see your eyes open, my voice unused and sore after the screaming all night long I experienced under your looming presence. Our torsos tangled and held between the rumpled sheets, attained comfortable positions as the first rays of sun light hit the room through the white cotton curtains, bathing the room in golden light. I pass a tight smile as you look over me with your deep gaze, your elbow supporting your face, as your fingers slowly stroke my face. Your fingers command a trail of goosebumps to flare all over my flesh as they dip under my chin to trail one lonely finger over the curve of my breasts. Smiling as I stare at you, feeling your finger slip lower, making me take in a deep breath, and shiver in delight.

Unable to stop your strokes of sweet torture over my flesh, I pull you over me. Enjoying your looming presence, I hold your shoulders, massaging and wrapping my hands around them as you rest your body slowly over me. Completely covering me with your frame, your fingers graze over my sides, butterfly caresses marking me so early in the morning. I close my eyes to savour your touch, my own hands not far behind, silently explores your wide back. Every memory of your muscles and crevice refreshed as my finger tips move at a snails pace on flesh.

You as always accommodating, flex your shoulder blades to tempt me to anchor my nails hard into your flesh. Raking and nipping lightly at your flesh, my ears revel as your mouth emits in grunts and break the nascent innocence of this morning.

I dig deeper and drag my nails over your back. My voice raspy and low, I drag my mouth close to your ear and taunt you lithely "You are insatiable! Last night's marathon wasn't enough to sate you huh?". Dropping my voice a few octaves further, I mumble of how much I missed him and his body over the last one month, as my nails settle on a rhythm to reacquaint with your flesh. Each of your loud exhales and tightening grip over my hips are just the manifestation of your need to boost my ministrations over your body.

My legs shift lightly and hook over your calves, caressing your legs under mine. Gentle and slow, the heat spreads under my skin as I rub my smooth legs over your sparsely hairy legs. As I run the underside of my feet all over your calves, I can feel your muscles groan and tense under the caress of my calloused heels. I feel you grind your body forward, looking into my eyes as you groan. My toes curl in reaction to the onslaught of mental imagery from last night's love making and the expectations your groans now infect me with.

Both bodies drenched and yearning for more of each other from last night. Grinding myself slowly as I feel the passion and need for your body enveloping my senses slowly. Watching and staring at your face, a hand trailing up from your belly, over your chest, closing around your neck, I flip us on the bed. Hitting your back on the bed, I drag my petite self over your tall frame. Using my knees to spread your long legs apart, wedging myself between them. Swaying and slithering, I find my comfortable spot from where each of my assaults will be launched.

No words are exchanged between us, as you stay silent and neutral yet your eyes are alight in mirth and lust and your arms rumple and wrap the soiled sheets around us, grounding us effectively in the bed. Your left leg bravely wraps around my legs and pins me down. My body responds by deploying my hands over your nipples and massaging them slowly. My tongue impatient and hungry swiftly slithers out off its warm cave and leaves a wet trail from your ear lobe to your jaw line and exiting your face at your chin. Humming slowly my mouth starts a intoxicating trek under your chin. Slow and patient, my teeth scrape your neck up and down, followed by generous coating of my drool over the hot trail. Mewling and humming my lips retrace the path, pamper your chin to grind against my mouth. You lips raw and wild , open up wide under my ministrations and tug my attention back towards your mouth. Greedy and impatient I pin your chin further down with my mouth, before I capture your lips for a long kiss. Slow and smooth, our lips cajole and coax each other into a depth we missed all through this last one month.

Moist, soft and tender our lips fit together so well this morning. Your lips so greedy and possessive, enticing my tongue with gentle suckling. Raspy and relentless my lips nudge your mouth to open wide for my tongue to wrap within the moist cave I craved. Tongues shift and battle to dominate, gives me a chase before surprising me by a wet lewd swat over my lips. Your hands follow your tongue and pull me closer to your body, abuzz with warmth under me.

As the kiss deepens, I surface hard with a gasp and feel my body respond to the hardness poking under my soft belly. Grinding over your body, the heat generated between our bodies excites me further down into salacious pits of craving for your cock.

You however have different plans, In one swift calculated move, you push your hips making me loose balance over your body. Your body prepared and ready to tighten your hold across my legs, followed by your big hands grabbing my ass cheeks roughly to hold me down. I gasp loud at the change in the pace of the play. Resourceful as ever during our plays and talks, your tongue impales my mouth. Strong and potent, it marks and drags through each of my deepest crevice. Making me gasp with every exit and the tight territorial squeezes you shower over my asscheeks.

No more docile and soft, our loud needy kisses leave a hunger which is deep and carnal. To survive this intoxicating assault, I pull myself away from you to look deep into your eyes. They are ablaze and fully clouded by your needs and your crooked smile is shrugging the last vestiges of innocence. I laugh lightly, at your innocent expression, before I place feathery kisses over your cheeks. My lips grazing over the flesh recognised so well, filing the database after a month of longing. "Have I told you lately, How much I love you? " I say it slowly as your hands graze and caress curves of my derriere, with no care that its Monday and we have work in a few hours. You hum your affirmation as your hands gently savour and take their own royal time on my back, making it arch involuntarily as both your hands splay over my spine and caress it harder with every suckling I give your ear lobe.

My hands on my own trip, reminisce with your arms. Feeling your muscles flex under my touch as your hands graze over my spine. My hands wrap around your arms, gripping them tight as my body shudders under your sweet torture. Abandonment washes over me, as I throw back my head when your hands sneak between our bodies, your palm stroking lazy circles over my breasts and squeezing them light with love and adoration. My only solace as a traitorous moan tries to erupt from my mouth, is the iron grip I have over your arms. I bite my lower lip to keep from moaning and disturbing this tense silence. I lean in and push you back on the bed, grinding myself over you with mirth flashing in my eyes, I capture your lips. Nipping and biting over them as your hands hold my breasts tight and press them together. Toying with them as much as I toy with your lips, nipping and nibbling at them to my heart's desire. My hands wrap around your shoulders holding us tight, while our legs tangle and grind with each other for need and release.

Thoroughly tangled in the sheets they rustle loud and fill the room for louder promises, as we struggle against the bonds. Both the bodies are taut, tense and sensitive as more of our flesh touches and grinds together for release. Taking the situation in my hand, I gently place my palm over your chest and push you back on the bed, as I lean back and slowly sit over your legs.

I look at your face with innocence while my finger nails rove over your pecs like walking my own territory. Random lines and curves drawn as I look into your eyes gauging your need and hunger for my body. I gulp hard and clamp down at the wave of arousal which threatens to overwhelm me as I decode your need and hunger for me this morning. With a urgency my caresses transform into salacious rubs and fly further south and settle over your groin.

Touching and re-accquinting with your skin, my left hand fingernails flow over your meat stick before wrapping tightly around your balls. Thick and heavy, my hands squeeze and fondle them as I settle my mushy molten core over your left thigh and rub up and down to generate heat for placating my own hunger.

Grinning at you, I ask playfully 'If I am doing it alright'. A playful and play-stalling question, the guttural groan erupting from your mouth was an apt token of your appreciation for my ministrations. I grin at your inability to answer and get back to pampering your cock. Thick and erect, it garners every speck of attention I can give it this morning.

Licking my lips and wetting them slowly, I bend forward to take your hardness deep inside me. Yet, your hands grip my face and arrest my descent over your cock . Cupping my cheeks with your hands, your calloused broad thumb brushes over my plush red lips. I shiver as your calloused fingers rub over my lower lip, so possessive, new and carnal that I cant help myself from moaning under your grip and murmur a coy "please".

You lean forward and pull me closer over your torso. Kissing me deep and brief, your hands clutch my shoulders to push my head back over your cock. My hands grip your thighs and bury my nails over your flesh, as I rest my lips over your inflated crown. Raking my eyes over the head, my eyes follow the pearl drops flowing from the slit. I grin back at you as I dip my head to swipe at the trail of pre cum marring your shaft. Slow and nervous, the tip of my tongue collects your pre cum to savour long your essence and musk soaking over my taste buds and filling my nostrils.

I lick my lips slowly and watch you closely, as my hand starts chugging over your shaft, effectively spreading the pre cum over your shaft. Slippery and slick, movement of my hand catch with the rate you gasp over my head. Watching you closely, the dilated pupils and curled lower lip emitting grunts communicate your need for a release. My own arousal spirals higher as I watch your body rising under my touch. Exhaling loudly, my body stretches taut and legs tighten together as your lips whisper my name, arresting every movement in the room except for us. I savour the moment with closed eyes, rocking over your thighs, fingers travelling up and down your cock.

Your repeated chants of my name, fuel my fervor over your cock. Quickening my jerking over your cock, my pleas for your release joins your relentless chanting of my name. Feeling you further inflating in my grip, my other hand works on fondling your balls, begging you to cum hard under my touch.

I bend down to lap over the pre-cum oozing out of the slit but the sudden thrust of your hips choke me. Familiar yet scary, I arrest my movement as I let your crown take the space it deserves in my mouth. My eyes connect with your eyes and watches the flare of fear and anxiousness awashing in your eyes as my wanton mouth covers your cock. Watching your Chest rise and fall rapidly, as I increase my pace over yours. Soon each of your thrusts are wrapped with groans and grunts, pleading me for your release. Swatting wild and wet, my mouth sucks your head, while my hands rise in jerking your shaft and fondle your tight balls.

"Oh God!" you cry out loud as my finger nail rakes over your exposed shaft. Looking up into your eyes, I release your cock and gently lick my cum-laced lips and look questioningly at you. Taunting and teasing, my finger tips gently caresses over your inner thighs as I wait for you to say anything more. But you never said anything. Winking back coyly at you I bend my back and captures your hardness with my tender mouth.

Taking your length completely in my mouth, I press my mouth tight over your cock to give the tightness you crave. Wet and Warm my mouth pressed downwards, pushing you closer to the release you need. My eyes flutters and ears perk up, cherishing and savouring the way your hands grip the sheets and lifts your clenched ass cheeks, driving your hardness deeper in my mouth. I graze my teeth over your shaft.. Engaging your veins with my pointed incisors as my hands fondle and tighten around your balls. So tight and hard in my hand, I knead them for your release.

It felt a few seconds or hours when you came with a deep howl of primal release. Your body spasming and struggling against my grip over your sac, You thrust deep in my mouth, feeling your penis swell and spurt and deposit all your cum inside my mouth.. So hot and thick, I suck and slurp all your seed. Closing my eyes and humming loudly, I release your cock and savours your salty cum in my mouth at peace. So quiet and surreal both are bodies slack down on the bed.

Blinking my eyes repeatedly, I tilt my head sideways and watch you closely. A smile spreads over my face, as I watch your eyes still clouded and dazed from your pleasure. A smile spreading upon your lips as you breathe in and looks into my eyes to sigh in contentment. Hearing you sigh so sweetly, I shift myself closer to you and crawl and cover your chest with mine. Nuzzling my cheek over yours and straddling your head in my hands, I feel your hands swiftly wrap over my waist and pulls me closer. Looking into your eyes, I brush my lips over yours and murmur my question over your lips "Did you enjoy". Your throaty groan of "fuck yes you hungry woman" followed by your wild capture of my lips is enough to make my spirits soar sky high for the Day.

Licking and nuzzling my nose tip over yours I groan lightly as my eyes take in the time on the bedside table.

It is time. It is time for the day to start. And I have a feeling it's going to be a lovely day ...

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