tagIncest/TabooMorning After a F--king Lousy Date

Morning After a F--king Lousy Date


This is the continuation of my story 'Fitting End To A F--king Lousy Date'. It is probably a good idea to read that one first if you haven't already done so. Once again, this story involves incestuous sex including oral, vaginal and anal. If this isn't your thing please look elsewhere. All characters are 18 or older and purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is strictly coincidental.


Damn was I having a fantastic dream. In it my date from last night, Becky, was lying beneath me with her legs spread wide as I slipped my cock into her hot and moist pussy. Very softly she moaned "Mmmm yeah baby, fuck me with that big cock." Slowly my hips moved forwards as more of my rod eased into her. "Oh god yes," she quietly moaned as she moved into me. My right arm wrapped around her and I grabbed one of her boobs and gave it a firm squeeze making her moan once more.

'Hmm' I thought in my dream, 'when did she get boobs on her back?' My fingers once again tightened around her breast and I felt her nipple harden as it dug into my palm. My hips were still moving and both of us groaned and I bottomed out as I felt my balls nestle against her clit. Huh?! I felt my eyes flutter before my eyelids lifted and then I focused onto a female back that was naked as the day is long. A naked back that belonged to my older sister, Andrea. My eyes bugged out even as they trailed down her body only to see her ass shoving back hard against me as she ground her pussy around my deeply imbedded cock!

'Where the fuck am I?!' I thought while my hips shoved back against her. My head hurt as my eyes looked quickly around and I realized I was for some reason in my parents' bedroom. 'What the fuck is happening?' I thought again while my hand was covered by my sister's as she pressed me tight against her tit...her full, ripe and firm tit that felt incredible in my hand.

My brain slowly realized that my sister was still grinding her ass against my crotch. And that she was doing it very nicely indeed. Son of a bitch...no way did I think she could move that ass like that!

"Oh god yes baby, fuck me deep!" she moaned while hugging my right arm tightly. My brain told me this was NOT good while my hips followed her advice and started giving her slightly faster thrusts that could get no deeper than they already were. Both of us moaned in pleasure as I felt my balls start to tighten. Damn her pussy felt so GOOD!

"Oooo baby, I can feel you getting ready! I'm almost there hon, don't stop!" Andrea gasped as she neared her own release. She was shaking her ass like crazy against my crotch as my hips pumped relentlessly into her. Her right hand released my hand and quickly moved to my ass where she started pulling on my hip as she tried to keep my hips moving.

I was trying to remain quiet so my voice wouldn't give me away (why risk having her pull that tight pussy away until AFTER I've pumped it full of cum) so I just moaned in lust as my balls really started moving in my sack. No matter that I was gritting my teeth super hard, suddenly I had to gasp, "Oh fuck yeah."

Andrea started to turn her head to look at me but then my cock shot its first rope of hot sperm into her and her orgasm took off like a rocket. She moved her hips wantonly as her pussy grasped me tighter than any ever had as she groaned, "Oh god...I'm cumming! Fuck me Phil and give it to me!" My hand had trailed down her body and I was rubbing her clit rapidly as I helped push her climax to even greater heights.

My hips spazzed out, then I gave her a super hard thrust where I paused with my cock buried to the hilt. After about five seconds I pulled my hips back and then slammed into her again making her grunt each time. I did this four more times before our bodies stopped all movement with my pulsing prick fully encased within her incredible sex. Andrea shivered once before she slowly exhaled in relief.

"Okay,' I thought, 'the deed is done so how do I let her know that she just fucked her brother and not her husband Phil?' I thought about that while her hand stroked lovingly up and down my thigh and ass cheek. She didn't say anything and neither did I as we continued lying there with her pussy twitching around my softening cock.

Figuring it was best to confront the truth now, I kissed her on the shoulder and very softly said, "That was incredible!" My body had braced itself in preparation of a female explosion in front of me. Nothing happened! Nadda. Zilch. Nothing at all. Cautiously I rose up onto my left elbow and looked over her shoulder to see her sleeping face with a cute smile on it.

"Holy fuck," I barely said aloud as I rolled back down onto my left side.

Wet lips kissed my back then as my mom said, "God how I love getting a half awake fuck like that!"

My head snapped around as I gasped, "You're awake?!"

"Yes I am," she said with a grin. "My head hurts like hell, my tongue feels like it's made out of cotton, and my pussy wishes you had been facing my way when you got that hardon!"


"I'm not that hung over that I can't remember that my son fucked the living shit out of both of us last night! And I sure as hell want to feel you shoving that big dick into me again! So how about it, my stud of a son, can you get it up for me?"

Andrea moaned just then as my limp dick slipped from her warmth, the irony of that timing not lost on me as I chuckled softly. Mom looked down at my cum coated cock and said, "Let me see what I can do with that."

She helped roll me onto my back as she gave me a quick kiss then slipped down my body, trailing kisses all the way. I was mesmerized as I watched her take my limp dick between her thumb and index finger then guide it towards her mouth where she flicked her tongue at my tip.

"Oh god," I gasped as her tongue sent a tingle up my spine.

"Did you like that? Then you'd better brace yourself, son." Her eyes locked onto mine as she slid her lips around my cock head and then sucked my soft shaft into her mouth where her tongue slithered around and around it. Mom's nose pressed into my abdomen as her oral attack continued unabated while she breathed through her nose. After about two minutes of incredible head her nose escaped from my abdomen as she pulled slowly off of me, not stopping until my entire rock hard shaft finally slipped from her lips. "See, I've got the magic touch, and now you've got the magic wand that will make both of us feel good."

Mom's face was coated with hunger as she moved until she was straddling my hips with a knee on each side of me. My eyes grew to double their size as they watched my mom grab my shaft and rub it on her pussy before centering it right on her opening. Her pussy slowly pressed down onto me and I could see her puffy lips stretch inward before they finally snapped back out as she eased about four inches of cock into her.

"Oh Mark, I love how you fill me," mom groaned while pausing in her descent. I put my hands on her hips and used them to push her up about two inches before pulling her back down onto me. On the fifth combined effort each of us gasped in joy as the tip of my rock hard cock pressed into the deepest wall of my mom's pussy!

"Oh god damn you feel good," I groaned as mom wiggled her ass on me.

"Ooooh baby boy, your cock is so hard!" mom moaned as she started lifting up nearly all the way off of me before dropping back down around me. With each successive motion her hips moved faster until she was pounding her cunt onto me, driving my shaft hard into her super moist hole.

I groaned mightily again as she tightened her pussy around me and forced her pussy back down onto me. "Oh mom, you're SO tight!"

"It's easy to be tight when you've got a huge cock inside of you!" Mom slowed her movements and leaned down to kiss me, our tongues dueling together. "Oh baby, it's so good to have you back where you began! Oh fuck you feel good in me!"

"Oh mom! Your pussy is really trying to milk me!" I said as our lips briefly separated. A few moments later I again broke off our kiss saying, "Mom, I want the top."

Trying not to awaken our sleeping bedmate we managed to stay connected while I took the top. Checking our position I gradually pulled my cock out nearly all the way before seamlessly reversing direction and pressed right back into her. We moaned together as my cock bottomed out. Slowly I pulled back out of her, my dick sensing each and every fold and crease of her pussy as it rippled over me. God damn she felt good around me as I fucked into her again!

"Oh baby, that is so good," mom moaned as her heals dug into my ass cheeks. My hips retreated 9 inches before I pounded my cock into her in less than half a second making her gasp. Mom chewed her lower lip as I slowly pulled back out of her 'til just the last bit of my tip remained within her lips. She looked to be ready for me to slam into her again so I eased back inside of her, taking nearly half a minute to do so.

"Oh god, you're driving me insane with lust for your cock!" Mom looked into my eyes with want painted all over her face. "Don't tease me like that! Fuck me damn it! Fuck me and make me know just how good you are! Show me that I didn't dream those orgasms from last night!" My hips were moving in and out with extreme slowness as she pleaded with me. Suddenly her eyes glowed with lust and she started fucking her pussy up at me trying to do what she wanted me to do.

"OOOF!" she gushed as I slammed my entire cock into her in a tenth of a second! "Umph! Oaph! Oooch! OH! Ohgod! Yes! Yes! Oh... god... yes!" she managed as my hips began a battering ram approach to hammering her pussy into submission!

Never did I think she was limber enough to do what she did then. I mean, she's my mom, and moms over 40 aren't supposed to be able to do things like this. Her feet had been tight against my ass but suddenly they straightened out and then she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs so wide and far back that I was sure she was going to kick Andrea in the head where she was still somehow sleeping next to us. That position suddenly morphed again as she pulled each leg back behind her head and locked her ankles so she could use them as a head rest.

"Holy fuck mom!" I gasped as I looked down her body, realizing that it looked as if I was fucking half of a woman. As my eyes moved back up her body she grasped her nipples with the fingers of both hands and pulled them out nearly three inches as she began to shake like mad. "Oh god mom you are SO tight!"

"Oh god...that's my spot!" mom nearly screamed. "Oh shit, you hit it again!" she cried out as Andrea groaned next to us.

"Oh god mom...I'm going to cum!" I croaked out in a raspy voice.

"Do it! God damn it give it to me! Fill me with your cum! Oh fuck yes there it is!" Even with her hands busy working over her nipples and her legs locked behind her head, my mom started shaking violently as her orgasm slammed into her body.

"Oh mom, I'm cumming so hard!" I gasped as my balls fired rope after rope of sperm into her hungry womb.

"What the fuck!?" Andrea said as she rubbed her eyes and was ignored by both of us.

Mom let loose of her nipples and grabbed my face pulling me in for our deepest passionate kiss ever. Her body still lurched and shook due to her continuing orgasm. My balls were running dry so my hips slammed deeply into her and paused there for a few seconds. Then I pulled back most of the way and drove deeply into her again...and then again...and then again for the last time, my body tight against her as she clung to my neck, her face against mine as our gasps for air mingled as one.

"Oh my god," she mumbled into my neck, "I love you so much Mark! Holy fuck that was good!"

"Wow," I softly said into her hair. I took three deep breaths before managing to once again say, "Wow!"

"I'll say!" my forgotten about sister moaned out. "Shit, I came just from watching you two!"

Mom loosened her grip around my neck and I looked around her head at my sister. "Hey," I said.


Mom looked at her and sighed "You should have been in my place! Damn! I'm still tingling all over!"

"I don't think I can get into that position."

"You've just never tried," mom said breathlessly. "My mother and all of her sisters were quite limber so you might be as well. All you need to do is try."

"Well I for sure have NEVER tried that position, even if I wasn't getting fucked! How was it Mark?"

"Holy shit it got so tight! My cock couldn't possibly have gotten any harder than it was."

"Still is, son!"

I pulled out about eight inches and then slowly shoved back in all the way groaning, "Oh my god!" I looked at mom and then over to my sister and then said with a grin, "It's the most incredible pussy I've ever been inside of!"

"Speaking of which," Andrea said while looking around, "I'm going to hazard a guess that it was you that fucked me earlier and not my asshole husband, right?"

"Um.....yeah....that was me sis." I answered. "Are we okay?"

"Did....um....did we fuck last night as well?"

I looked at her unsure of how to answer that one while feeling my body blush in response. Figuring my skin color had already answered that one I said, "Yes, several times...and you give really good head if I do say so myself."

"Guess that explains those wild dreams I had last night." Andrea looked at our joined sex for a few seconds before asking, "My god mom, just how long can you stay like that? Or are you stuck?"

"This position is no problem for me; never has been. I am not stuck, even though I'm still being poked by one mighty good cock."

"Thanks mom."

"Don't thank me, but since you haven't gone soft in me, why don't you fuck me some more?"

I pumped her with four semi-slow thrusts that made her coo with need, then began pounding her with more purpose. Andrea looked at us for a few moments then she slipped off the bed while saying, "I'm going to leave you two alone while I shower." She stood up just then and weaved unsteadily as she groaned, "Oh fuck me...."

"I already did!" "Very funny Mark. My god does my head hurt now. How much did I drink last night?"

"I'm not sure, hon, but that bottle is empty!" mom told her.

"I'm going to make some coffee and shower while it perks. You two just....well, just have fun but don't wear it out bro, I'm going to want that cock in me when I'm sober!"

I grinned at her and blew her a kiss while mom grabbed my hips and started moving me into her harder. Moments later mom easily unhooked her ankles and slid her legs from behind her head then wrapped them tightly around my waist.

"Good grief mom, your pussy is pulsing around my dick something fierce!" I gasped in shock.

"Yeah, every guy I've ever fucked went nuts when I did this to him! It feels pretty good to me too!" Her face moved up to mine and we kissed each other, our tongues working together as if we had been doing that together for centuries. "Harder baby. Slam that fucker into me and make me know forever that you made me cum the best! Oh god I'm getting so close!"

I rose up high above her on my outstretched arms and gave her one of my hardest thrusts ever. "Like that mom?"

"Oh baby," she gasped, "I love it! Fuck me, fuck your mother and make her cream again all over your cock! Oh god yes!"

Our skin started slapping together hard sending echoing sounds throughout the house. Sweat started running down my face before dripping off of my nose and chin, landing on my mom's sexy chest. Her hands ran over my body non-stop from my thighs to my head and back as she urged me on. The distant shower sounds ended before I felt the telltale signs of my impending orgasm.

Mom noticed them as well when she groaned, "Oh god son, I'm nearly there! You're going to make me cum so hard!" She looked deeply into my eyes and moaned out, "Oh Mark, make me cum! Cum with me! Oh fuck!"

"Oh mom!" I cried out as my first blast rocketed into her quivering pussy while she cried out in lust fulfilled. Each of us did our best to prolong our mutual cum as long as possible. I put my entire body into trying to drive my cock right out the back of her pussy while mom did the most incredible things with her pussy muscles so that I worried she might pull my cock right off of me! Fuck it was good!

And then the exquisite agony of it all was over. What remained was the most intense feeling of love for my mother that I had ever experienced. I could feel my cock pulsing in an effort to give up more cum...cum that my balls simply didn't have. Mom's pussy was clutching and spasming around me randomly as I stopped all movement and then slowly dropped down to put my entire weight on my mother.

"Oh baby!" she gasped.

"Am I too heavy?" I asked as I lifted up a bit.

"Oh god no," she said breathlessly as she pulled me back down onto her. "That was just.....so good! So fucking good! Thank you for loving me so much!"

I tried to move several times but mom just clung to me tighter each time so I just lay there on top of her, basking in the afterglow of incredible sex. Several minutes passed before mom said softly, "We need to shower."

"Okay," I mumbled as I rose up and began to pull out of her.

"Oh god, don't go!"

"Damn!" I gasped in shock as I realized my cock was still rock hard and fully inserted inside my mom. Something about being inside of my mom did things to my cock that other females couldn't. Hell, even when I fucked Andrea from behind earlier my cock shrunk and slipped out of her. But with mom it just wouldn't quit.

Grabbing her around the waist I said, "I've got you mom." Then I moved us to the side of the bed and stood up with her hanging in front of me, my cock stabbing deeply within her.

Mom wrapped her arms super tight around my neck as I started walking towards the bathroom. "You are going to spoil me if you keep carrying me like this."

"If it means I get to fuck you I'll carry you every day of the year!"


Just as I reached the doorway to the bathroom Andrea came around the corner and in a shocked voice said, "Well shit...how come you never carry me like that?!"

"Pussies and houses are the same; it's location, location, location!" mom said just before she kissed me quickly.

"I guess so," sis replied. "And I'd say that timing is also everything! I'm going to have to work on that!" She gave each of us a quick kiss on the lips before saying, "Get your shower, I'm going to fix breakfast."

"Don't hurry," mom told her and Andrea just rolled her eyes then walked away shaking her head in dismay.

We got into the bathroom and mom reached out to get the water flowing at a good temp. Satisfied I stepped into the shower stall (dad had built it with ample room and two shower heads) and then helped mom dismount my still hard cock. Mom instantly leaned down and sucked my cock into her mouth where her tongue slurped all around me as she cleaned me of our combined juices.

"Wow, we taste so good together!" she said as her lips finally let me go. "I really love sucking a good cock, so I'm going to be torn between blowing you and fucking you son."

"I can live with that!"

"Yeah, I suppose you can, you nasty man!" She looked into my eyes then back down at my cock which still pointed right at her face even though she was standing upright. "Trade places," she said as she moved so I was between her and the spray. She grabbed her bottle of conditioner and poured a huge glob into her hand then put the bottle back on the shower rack. Her hand moved to between her ass cheeks and she worked her fingers there for a few moments then said, "You've already had my throat and pussy; now I think you need to go for the tri-fecta and have my ass! Fuck me son, fuck my ass!"

If I thought my cock was hard before, it could cut diamonds now! I watched in amazement as mom bent over at her waist and then reached between her legs to grab my lance. Gently she pulled me towards her and then rubbed my tip on her ass crack, coating me with the makeshift lube. "Go slow Mark." Then she placed my tip at her puckered hole and released my shaft.

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