tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMorning After and Beyond Ch. 02

Morning After and Beyond Ch. 02


As he looked through a large bank of monitors that were attached to cameras he had installed through out his house, Eric smiled extremely pleased with what he had done. He had successfully seduced to young females at a bar and brought them both back to his own home. They were both scared and would probably comply with his every whim in order to save each other. He had built it so that every wall in his house was sound proof. While that had cost him a pretty penny it was perfect for this little experiment of his . The two girls were in adjacent hallways and yet because of the sound proofing could not even hear each others screams. It had been a complete ingenious idea on his part. He mentally patted himself on the back for it.

He watched Sara for a while she had just discovered that the second door in her hallway led to the kitchen . This was the same kitchen that Emma had been in moments earlier. If both girls had chosen the same door at the same time they might have found each other. Eric had been very lucky though. Sara had first decided to visit a room that had no door in the other hallway therefore by the time she had gotten into the kitchen Emma was already long gone and she was standing all alone in the middle of it staring at her reflection in the stainless steel stove. Sara seemed be the more gullible of the two. She would probably be the easier to convince to do what he wanted her. After all she had been the one that had agreed to go with a total stranger to his house after only a few shots of tequila. Emma just seemed to cling to her friend like glue to paper. She would not let her go anywhere alone so when Eric had asked Sara back to the house he had gotten a two for the price of one deal.

He thought to himself . I must have won the lottery. This was the moment that his plan really began to take shape. It had originally involved watching one young woman wander around his home in a state of complete panic until he revealed himself and told her that she was now his to do with he pleased and that if she complied with these terms he would release her safe and sound back into the life that she had known before after a week . Now he had decided that it would be more fun if he pitted the girls against each other. He would tell each girl that the other girls' survival depended on their compliance. This should be a lot of fun he thought to himself as he went back to intently watching the monitors.

As he watched Emma walking into the library he grinned. If this girl only knew the deep dark secrets this seemly comforting room held she would be even more terrified then she already was. If she realized that with a press of a button she could be permanently shackled to that chair. He had installed that little treat all on his own. Another little feature that she had not discovered was his handcuff collection that was neatly tucked away in some of the so called bookcase in the bookshelf on farthest to the left. If she had discovered his little passageway that he had built in back of one of the bookcases, she would have wanted even more to run for her life. This passage led to a chamber deep within the house that contend some of his favorite toys including a metal framed bed which he would handcuff his victims to so that they could not escape. Maybe he should make another bed so he could have the girls be able to see him torture the each other . He would have a lot of fun once he got each of the girls down there.

Since Emma had discovered the secrets with this room, she thought of it as safe. He let out an evil laugh. Thank goodness for the soundproofing because otherwise one if not both of the girls might have heard him. They may have been able to trace the sound of the laughter to the place he was hiding somewhere in a room deep within the depths of the house.

If only this silly girl knew the truth but in time she would know it all be revealed. For now, he would just watch and studied the girls behavior so that when he finally did reveal himself he would be able to use his study of the two of them to his best advantage. The more time he had to study them the better he would be able to use them and the more fun he would have in the end. He went back to the monitors. These girls were in such a state of panic that it was truly entertaining to him.

He noticed one very interesting thing about Emma as he observed her though she seemed not to be quite as panic as Sara. She seemed more determined as wandered his home. She seemed be searching for something as she went from room to room. He truly wished that he had audio on these cameras because he would have loved to have heard what she was saying every time she opened her mouth. He also noticed that she was the smarter of the two. He noted that she had picked up a large knife when she was in the kitchen. He must get that knife off of her before she had the chance to stab him with it because otherwise the fun would end very quickly. It would not be very fun for him if that young lady was able to stab him. She was only a petite girl though so it should not be much of a struggle at all to wrestle the knife away from her and subdue her.

In his brief observation of Sara, Eric had noticed that she seemed to easily be distracted. While walking through the kitchen, she had spent a significant amount of time staring at her own reflection in the stainless stove. It was as if anything that she could look at herself in she would . She was absolutely obsessed with her appearance. He had even noticed the night before that she could not stop fixing her hair and staring at any surface that she could see her reflection in. He did not know how but he would definitely find a way to use this to his advantage. Maybe he would promise to hurt her face if she promised to cooperate with him one hundred percent. This was definitely going to prove extremely enjoyable for him.

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