tagNon-EroticMorning After and Beyond Ch. 03

Morning After and Beyond Ch. 03


Sara woke up after what seemed like the longest sleep she had ever had. She stretched and then she looked around the room. She did not recognize anything at all. Where was she had what had happened last night? She had absolutely no memory of how she had gotten here or the events that had transpired the night before. She looked down and saw that her feet were completely bare. Where were her shoes? She looked around and was able to locate them in the corner of the room. She ran across the cold tile floor. Damn this floor is like ice cubes she thought to herself. Finally she reached her shoes and quickly slipped them on her feet. Once she had the shoes on her feet she decided to that she might as well explore her surroundings for a while.

As Sara exited the little room that she had been in, she found that it was one of many doors in an extremely long hallway. She shuffled out the door and closed it behind her. Thankfully the hallway was well lit so she was able to make her way down it without much trouble. The hallway had dark wood paneling. If she had had a clue as to why she was here she may have thought this was a beautiful architectural element but right now all it did was add to the house's dark and mysterious demeanor.

Maybe this was not even a house at all after all the only room she had seen so far could have been a bedroom or for that matter it was so bare that it could have been a hospital room and since Sara had absolutely no memory of the night before there was no determining whether she had ended up in a hospital somewhere. This inability to remember things felt really odd to Sara because she had been drinking the same thing she always drank and had never had the sort of reaction that she had today. Yeah maybe she would get a little hang over but she would always remember what she had done the night before.

Could someone have possible drugged her? She rubbed the upper part of her left arm. She wondered why she felt pain there. She had not done any heavy lifting at her job in weeks so it could not have been that. Had someone grabbed her there and dragged her into the car?

So many questions suddenly entered Sara's head. Where was she and why were they not together? Emma would never have left her alone at least not willingly. What had happened to Emma? Sara's head felt like it was spinning out of control. She could not even think straight. She had so many questions left unanswered. She wondered if any of it would ever become clear. Oh well might as well enjoy the place until she could get her questions answered by someone. "Let's go exploring," she said to herself.

Sara decided to enter the room that was directly across the hall from the room that she had awoken in. When she opened the door, it squeaked a little. Man whatever this place was the doors could seriously use some WD40.

Sara looked around the room and she found that it seemed to be a little game room. There was a dark oak pool table in the middle of the room and a large flat screen television on the side with a few overstuffed leather chairs in front of it. This has to be a guy living here she thought to herself. Only a man would have such a large television in his house.

She decided to plop down in one of the chairs for a few minutes and relax for a little while. After all if she had been invited into this house why not in enjoy it until her host arrived. She grabbed the remote control off the little wooden table near by and started aimlessly flipping through the channels. She found Top Chef and settled into the chair to watch the show. It was a repeat and even though Sara had seen it several times before she still got enthralled in the show.

Once it was over she decided that she was ready to do some more exploring. She wondered if her hallway had a kitchen in it. This guy was definitely not a good host. He had not even left her anything to eat when she woke and now she was starving. She went the door and slammed it behind her.

She was in luck. The next door she entered did lead to a kitchen. Since she was not the best cook in the world Sara sure hoped that this kitchen contained a microwave and thankfully it did. She went over to the refrigerator and took out something that was already in a plastic microwavable dish.

The dish seemed to contain pasta with some kind of sauce on it to her. She really hoped that her host did not mind her eating this but if he did it was his fault for not giving herself something else to eat. If she had been the one that had a guest, there would have been at least a snack sitting on the nightstand next to the bed so that her guest would have had something to eat when they woke up from their slumber. She slipped the dish into the microwave and set the timer for two minutes and pressed start. Then she went searching for some sort of utensils to eat the pasta with.

She opened a few drawers before finding the one with the forks in it One of the drawers contained some very large butcher knives in it . One of the knives seemed to be missing but Sara thought nothing of the missing knife. He had probably used it and just not gotten the chance to return it to its proper drawer.

Soon the microwave was beeping indicating that the food was finished heating and ready to eat. Sara took it out and leaned up against the sizable marble island in the center of the room. This is pretty good she thought to herself. She wondered if her host had made this homemade or if this was delivered from a local restaurant. Wherever it had come from it was very tasty. When she finally met her absent host Sara would have to ask him for the recipe. She made a note of that her still somewhat fuzzy head.

Before leaving the kitchen, Sara decided she was going to be a polite guest and wash her bowl and utensils and put them back where they belonged. Thankfully all the stuff to wash the dishes was easy to find because it was right next to the sink. She washed the dishes, dried them and put them back where she had found them. As she was exiting the kitchen, she once again wondered where Emma possibly could be. Now that she knew she was in a house thanks to the fact that she had just been in a kitchen that clearly was not built for a hospital because it was not big enough. She wondered how she was not with the best friend who always stuck to her like glue to paper.

"Oh well," Sara said out loud to the completely empty room. Maybe Emma had awoken before and just decided to go home. If that had been the case she would have called and left Sarah a message of her cell phone but even if she had Sara would not have been able to tell because when she had awoken her pocketbook was no where to be found. Currently her mailbox could be completely filled up and she would not know the difference because her phone was in her pocketbook wherever it might be. Sara hoped she had not left it at Jack's the night before because she had she may never see it again.

On top of it, of course, Sara had to bring her five hundred dollar Coach bag to the bar that night. What a dumb blond move I did there? She thought to herself as she twirled a lock of her bleached blonde hair around her index finger. Maybe her host would let her call Jack's and see if they had her pocketbook maybe by some miracle one of the bartenders would have stopped it before someone walked off with it. A girl could dream couldn't she? Sara truly doubted she would ever see that bag again though. Someone had probably walked off with it almost as soon as she had walked away or been dragged away or whatever had happened the previous night. She is sighed. There goes another expensive handbag down the drain.

On top of it, her parents had told that because the amount of stuff she had been losing lately the next Coach bag she wanted she was going to be paying for all on her own. It would take her forever to save up the money to pay for a bag like the one she had just lost. I guess I am going to have to use some of the old pocketbooks I have put away she thought to herself . There all so last season though. She would be the laughing stock all of her social circles if she walked in with one of them on her arm. Maybe if she begged her parents they would pay for it for her, she was daddy's little girl after all.

Sara snapped herself back to reality. She had no clue where she was and no clue where Emma was and she was thinking more about her pocketbook and her social status that was ridiculous. She needed to be thinking about trying to find out what was going on and less about what everyone was going to think about her when she got back to her home and her friends. Sara tried to clear the cobwebs out of her brain. If Emma was here what she have told me to do. "She would have told me not to get myself into this mess to begin with,"she said sarcastically to herself. Now that I am in this mess how the heck am I going to get myself out of it. I have to devise a plan.

What questions did she need answered? First of all, she needed to find out where here was. Another big question was how had she gotten here. Another one was who had brought her and what did they want her here for . Then there was where was Emma. Why had she either deserted her or been forced to leave her? All of these thought ran around Sara's head like a hamster on a wheel. She sat down on the titled kitchen floor and held her head in her hands trying to stop it from spinning.

"Sara you need to concentrate that is the only way you will ever figure out what is going on here," she said out loud to herself. She seriously wished Emma was with her because she would have a clue as to how to get them out of here. Instead Sara was by herself with probably the worst case of an inability to figure out what was happening she had ever had in her entire life. Damn it. Why the heck was last night such a huge blank? This was beyond frustrating for her. It was as if someone had hit the delete button on the computer that was her brain. She had no clue as to anything that had happened after her and Emma's arrival at Jack's the night before. Now on top of everything else she was developing a splitting headache from all of this thinking. She continued to sit with her head in her hands and tried to fight off tears of frustration but they came.

Sara had never thought that her partying would ever get her into trouble. It had always been out of complete fun and at least she thought had never gotten out of hand. That was until last night, now she was sitting on the floor of a strange place bawling her eyes.

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