tagBDSMMorning After Ch. 01

Morning After Ch. 01


Waking before you with the sun just peeking over the edge of the window to bathe your sleeping form in the early morning light, I gaze down at you as you lie there peacefully. Thinking back to the previous evening and the way you gave yourself over completely to my every command causes a smile of remembrance and appreciation to light my features. Your body still bears the evidence of the incredible session we had. The collar still around your neck with my sigil attached to the loop in front, rising and falling slowly with your deep breaths, catching the sun and causing rainbow lights to flash over your neck and arms as you lay on your side facing away from me. The fur lined leather cuffs on your wrists and ankles are still more evidence of the bondage you endured and we both enjoyed. The sight of them still wrapped around your limbs causes an instant flashback to the night before.

Your lithe form is extended with your hands above your head, cuffs locked together and cinched to the eyebolt attached to the door frame. There's just enough slack to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor if you didn't mind extending your arms completely, or allowing you to release the tension and flex at the elbows if you rise up onto the balls of your feet. The cuffs on your ankles are attached to a spreader bar, keeping them parted and ensuring your legs stay open causing your beautiful ass to stay taut and rounded in a gentle curve of muscle. The curve of your buttocks meet in a tight line at your thighs, drawing in to join at the slightly visible crease of your outer labia as the position causes them to part ever so slightly, seen in silhouette as the light from the room beyond bathes you in a soft glow in contrast to the dim candlelight in the bedroom.

A smile on my face, I return to the present and allow my eyes to continue drinking in your now resting form. Your hair is disheveled from sleep and the passion of last night, framing your face in a tangle of brownish-red curls falling just short of your shoulders, accenting the very slight pink of your cheeks, and the lush bright red of the lipstick that still clings to your beautiful full lips. Continuing my visual journey down your body, I see the covers kicked off behind you, naked form now fully washed in sunlight. Your full breasts and nipples are still slightly pink and puffy from the erotic abuse they took last night. Your upper back and buttocks are rouged and bear slightly raised welts from the flogging and paddling they received during our session, again bringing erotic memories to bear.

As your body is stretched in the door frame, the casual weight of the tails of the flogger gently pull against my hand and the braided leather of the handle firmly grasped in my fist feels as if it were made to be there. I swing at the well-muscled upper back just below and between your shoulder blades. A satisfying crack sounds as the tails connect causing your arms to tense against their bonds and a slight shudder of pleasure to go through your body as a soft moan escapes your lips. Moving down I use a figure eight motion to bathe the cheeks of your ass in downward sweeping lashes, striking each cheek in turn on the downswing of the improvised infinity symbol. Each snap against your skin causes you to jump slightly. As I continue with the punishment, your ass resembles a dancer's sashaying from side to side with each brush of the leather tails. I continue alternating between your back and your ass, with the occasional strike to your thighs and calves to provide variety and to keep you from anticipating the rhythm of the pleasure inducing pain.

Later, after the warm-up from the flogger, we move to using your favorite paddle. The smooth leather always brings such delicious yelps from you as the intense feeling of leather against skin shoots jolts of pleasure/pain straight from your ass to your dripping pussy. Sometimes I swear I can see you moisten up more with each strike of the paddle. After alternating a dozen swats to your buttocks with caresses to your red cheeks roaming forward to your now soaked vagina, I can see you getting closer and closer to orgasm. I resume the rhythm of the paddling, occasionally moving to the backs of your thighs or a slight blow to the inside of them, sending a sharper pulse into your glistening lips. Finally, your body covered in a glistening sheen, I lower the paddle and gently massage the red welts on your butt and legs spreading soothing warmth and pleasure into your supple muscles. With my other hand I massage your vulva, my fingers moving between your labia and coming up to gently stroke your clitoris, gently circling the nub bringing slight waves of pleasure into your sex.

Seeing your breathing return almost to normal, I decide it is time for the final flagellations. Taking my middle finger behind my thumb, I allow it to snap forward directly into your clit. The sudden strike is quickly followed by several more, most to your clit, a few to the insides of your nectar coated lips. The quick, hard strikes elicit a gasp, followed by sharp intakes of breath matching each strike. As I stop the ministrations, I see your eyes gently lose focus and your legs begin to tremble as your orgasm sweeps over you. Releasing your wrist cuffs from the eyebolt, I gently lower you into my arms supporting you with one arm, while my other hand is busy pinching and teasing your nipples extending your orgasm. As it slowly releases you, I allow you to taste the nectar on my fingers and gently cleanse them with your lips and tongue.

"Thank you, sir, for the spanking and the chance to taste the nectar that is yours."

As the pleasant memories once again fade, I decide to reward your performance of the night before. Allowing you to continue sleeping, I go downstairs and prepare a light breakfast of eggs, bacon, fruit, and some fresh orange juice and coffee. Returning with the breakfast for two in a portable warmer, I set it on the bedside table and move into the master bath to draw you a hot, relaxing bath. I know you will need the soothing bath and the massage I have planned for the stiff and sore muscles I know will be waiting when you wake up. After all, the flogging and paddling had merely been the beginning of the evening's activities. Breathing in the aroma of the cup of coffee I was enjoying waiting for the tub to fill, I was once again captured by the memories of last evening.

The spreader bar is now gone, your hands are linked behind your back. You are kneeling on the floor, sitting back on your heels because your wrist cuffs are also linked to your ankle cuffs in mimic of the classic hog tie. Sitting like that, your shoulders are pulled back lifting your breasts up and forward presenting them to me in their perfect roundness, the nipples just begging to be teased, your torso stretched languorously leading down to the glistening juncture of your legs. The welcoming peaks are already puckering anticipating the erotic torments to come.

I begin simply. Reaching down I pinch both nipples between thumb and forefinger, pulling and stretching lifting your breasts away from your body until I feel the tension change as they begin bearing a portion of your mass. The pinching combined with the strain elicits a slight gasp. Then I feel the tension release slightly as you adjust to bear the weight with your legs and back. Eventually allowing you to settle back on your heels once more, I begin rolling and pinching your nipples, teasing them until they stiffen into hard little nubs.

Bending down I lightly flick the tip of your beast with my tongue and then slowly circle down to the base, lightly flicking and teasing my way around the circumference of your nipple. When I reach the base, I engulf it with my mouth, lightly sucking and teasing until I know you can't stand it anymore and I feel you moving beneath me as if to press your breast still harder against my mouth. Knowing what you want, I bite down sharply and then begin to suckle at your breast twisting and turning with my teeth still wrapped tightly around your bud. The pinching of my teeth combined with the suction is rewarded with moans of pleasure as your body gently settles back and you are unable to continue giving into the pleasure and fighting to keep upright. All the while I continue kneading, twisting and pulling on your other nipple, keeping it engorged and ready for its ministrations. I continue playing with you this way alternating between nipples for a few minutes until I can sense your arousal beginning to rise again.

Knowing you are now ready, I reach for the candle on the nightstand and holding it above you tip it gently allowing a few drops of wax to fall on the slope of your breast. The sudden pinpricks of heat have the desired effect as I see you gasp in sudden response. The gasp is followed by a rhythmic swaying as you reflexively move away from the sudden source of heat, your movements restrained by the position your are held in by the cuffs. I continue the drops moving slowly down your breast towards your nipple stopping just before reaching it. I move the candle over your body slowly drawing a line of wax across to your other breast where the pattern is again mirrored. I continue this teasing for a couple of minutes slowly getting ever so close to the nipple, but never quite touching it. The soft wax sheens slightly on your breasts as it hugs the curves perfectly flowing down and across them in a gently arching pattern.

Your body now acclimated to the gentle heat of the wax, the reflexive flinches have stopped and have been replaced by slight moans of pleasure as the heat slowly envelopes you and spreads throughout your heaving chest and even reaches your sensitive nipples. Putting the candle back in its holder I reach for the next instrument in my orchestra of eroticism. Your eyes are closed drinking in the warmth radiating from your chest as the heat continues to arouse you, no longer even remotely painful, just slow spreading warmth.

Smiling wickedly I bend forward and place an ice cube directly to each nipple. Your eyes snap open as the shock of cold shoots like a lightning bolt straight through your nerve endings confusing pleasure and pain and mixing the two into one confusing torrent of sensation that course straight to your core. The cold stiffens your nipples even further causing them to harden to sharp eraser-like tips. I swirl the ice cubes around your nipples slowly expanding the circles until your breasts are pimpled in gooseflesh and the wax is hardened by the cold. I gently trail the cubes down your torso pausing to tease your belly button and gently circle around your abdomen as you gasp with the changes in temperature.

I bend down and exhale slowly and deeply on your nipple watching you shudder with delight as the heat from my breath excites your nerve endings and conflicts with the cold that just left and is now resting on your abs. I allow my lips to surround and caress it lightly nibbling and massaging. As I move over to your other breast, I drop one hand down, and just as I contact my mouth to your breast, I apply an ice cube to your engorged clitoris. The heat of your aroused sex accelerates the melting of the ice as it mingles with your juices and begins to drip and puddle beneath you. I follow the trail of water down your abs, lightly biting and kissing my way down your beautiful firm stomach. Some of the water has pooled in your navel, and slowly I lap it out with my tongue as I continue teasing your clit with the rapidly disappearing ice.

I continue my tour of the river of ice water down to your sex. I nibble my way down your mons, lightly skipping over your tormented clitoris to lap gently at your labia majora allowing my tongue to slide ever so slightly into your vagina. In and out it teases as I move back and forth across your vulva, running my tongue first along your outer lips, and then gently dragging it down the folds of your inner lips. Gently biting and nibbling I tease your hot flesh as the ice cubes shrink between my fingers as it teases along your clit and the upper folds of your labia. Finally, I slip the cubes into your trembling pussy mixing the icy cold with the warm temperature of my skin as I finger fuck you with the middle two fingers of my hand. My tongue flits out towards your clitoris, eliciting a slight moan. I envelop the pearlescent bud with my mouth exhaling to rapidly warm it, the drastic change in temperature again rocketing electricity into your core. I gently tease with my teeth biting and twisting the engorged bud. As my fingers piston your snatch I feel it tightening around them. Latching my lips firmly around your clit, I suck forcefully enveloping it in my lips and tongue pushing you over the edge into another orgasm. I feel the grasping of your lips around my fingers as your pussy spasms around them, bathing my hand with a mixture of melted ice and ambrosia. I continue thrusting, finding your g-spot with my middle finger, extending and heightening your orgasm. A deep throaty moan escapes your lips as a shudder runs down your body and threatens to collapse you against your bonds to the floor.

Taking another sip of my coffee I check the temperature of the water in the half-full tub. I make a slight adjustment to make sure it is going to be warm enough to soothe you when you finally slip into it. As I walk back into the bedroom to refill my coffee from the carafe, I cannot help but to gaze upon your sunlit face. The contented peace of blissful sleep envelopes your features as a slight smile graces your features, perhaps from last night or the remnants of a happy dream. I gaze lovingly on you while drinking up the coffee, the view and even more memories of last night.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed creating it. I welcome all comments and suggestions as I am relatively new to this and would like to continue with better and better stories. Part two should be arriving shortly after the New Year. Oh, and don't forget to vote! Thanks,


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