Morning Delight


A single ray of sunlight kisses my cheek, and I stir, feeling the warmth, dreaming of you. My black nylon satin nightgown slides smoothly under the silk sheets as I slowly awaken from my dream. My penis is stiff with the thought of you as my lashes flutter open, and I realize that you are still working this morning, and I am alone. I sit up and slide out of bed, my feet seeking my satin slippers. They have fallen over onto their sides because of the high heels, so I reach down to slip them on my feet, and my breasts almost escape the low-cut bodice of my gown. In my bathroom, my heels click on the tile floor as I walk to the sunken tub and begin to run my bubble bath. I light the scented candles, and the air becomes soft with fragrance; then, I pour the perfumed oil into the tub. I slip my gown up over my curls and stand there nude, admiring my soft body in the mirror wall. It is mostly a woman’s body, with a tiny waist, ripe breasts, a high, round bottom, and a dear little clitty standing up in a smooth, clean crotch. I am still somewhat hard from the dreams I had of you, and the sight of my nude body makes my nipples rise as well.

I slip into the hot, scented water, and my body relaxes totally. The bubbles tickle me and find all my most intimate, secret places. I lay there quietly, letting the bubbles do their work. Then, I begin to stroke myself, first my breasts, squeezing my softness and teasing my nipples until they are very hard, then my sweet clitty, stroking and caressing myself in the warm, sudsy water. In a moment, my back arches and I squeal as my orgasm hits. I imagine you deep in me, and I pulse with feminine pleasure as I come and come.

After I calm down, I climb out of my tub and pat myself dry with a big, soft, thirsty towel. Nude, except for my slippers, I go into my dressing room and spritz myself all over with my Jean Naté perfume. In my lingerie chest, from all my panties, I select a peach silk, trimmed in ecru lace. They are so dainty and delicate. I know you will just love me in them when you get home. I slide the panties up my legs and they cuddle my bottom, smoothly sliding over my cheeks. My soft little clitty tucks neatly in front. Then, I reach into another drawer for the matching peach satin bra, bend over, cuddle my breasts into it, and clasp it behind me. In the third drawer, I find my pretty peach silk charmeuse slip and slide it down over my body. The bodice is nylon lace so my bra shows through, and the skirt is trimmed with oodles of lace at the hem.

In my hosiery drawer, I find a pair of sheer, nude thigh-highs with peach lace tops. I sit at my little crystal vanity, on the little cushy stool, and begin to slowly pull my stockings up my legs. The clingy nylon always makes me feel so very feminine. I plan to wear a light blue skirt and an ivory satin blouse today, so I select a pair of black patent pumps with 3” heels and slip my polished toes into them.

Now, in my prettiest lingerie, I begin the rest of my morning ritual. I brush my soft blonde hair until it shines and spray it with a little more perfume. After a pale ivory foundation, I make up my eyes with mauve shadow, with high, arching feminine brows and long, feathery lashes. My blusher is a pale rose and accents my high cheekbones. I place a drop or two of perfume on my lips to set my lipstick, then carefully apply a deep carmine gloss. The mirror on my dressing table shows a very pretty young lady, and I feel so totally feminine. If only you were here!

I look in my mirror and suddenly see you in the doorway, and I gasp in pleasure. You have obviously been home for a while because you are totally nude. You are staring at me hungrily, and it is obvious that you do not think I can see you. You stand there, motionless, the most handsome man I have ever known, like you were carved in stone. The light reflects off your muscles, highlighting them, making my breath catch in my throat. My heart flutters in my bosom as your eyes devour my silky curves, my full breasts, my slender waist, the outline of my smooth thigh under my slip. Your penis rises unbidden as you look at me, until, unsupported, it stands out straight and stiff. You are magnificent! I tremble with anticipation, my darling, and my own clitty rises in my panties. You walk in silently, and I hold my breath.

You come up behind me and gently touch my perfumed hair. I lay my head back against the taut muscles of your stomach. You lean over and softly kiss my neck, and I let out my breath, raggedly, my desire for you so intense. You lift me off my chair like a feather and turn me toward you. Your mouth covers my eager, trembling lips as you crush me to you. Your tongue probes me deeply, making my head swim, touching my feminine soul. My pulses pound, and my whole body is on fire with my desire for you, my love.

I cling to you desperately as your kiss becomes even more intimate. I can taste the tang of your desire, and I respond eagerly, sucking your tongue deep into my throat, clinging to you desperately. Your hands caress my silky flanks, petting me like your soft kitten. You lift me effortlessly in your powerful arms, carry me to my silken bed, and lay me down. You raise the skirt of my slip and slide off my silk panties, exposing my quivering sex. You lay on top of me, kissing me passionately, your body shaking with your hunger for me. I respond with deep feminine emotion, moaning softly, my moist lips eagerly pressed to yours, my arms twined around your neck, my crimson fingertips stroking your hair, as you kiss me deeply. Your dear weight on top of me is a drug that excites every fiber of my being. I adore being under you. You stroke my satiny legs and lift them onto your shoulders. Your rock-hard penis seeks my womanhood, and I open myself to you completely. You slide deep into my slippery tunnel, and a squeal of delight escapes my lips as I feel your powerful manliness grow even bigger inside me.

I am completely lost in you, and I cannot think. I cannot do anything but feel, just feel. Oh my darling, you make me feel so exquisite! I wriggle myself around on your penis, trying to get you even deeper into me. You thrust hard and strong, taking my breath away with your power. My intimate softness blossoms, and my petals contract tightly around your stiff rod, and as I do, I feel you swell even more, push yourself further into me, then throb and pulse deep inside me as you penetrate my womanhood completely. I milk you, squeezing you tightly deep inside me, wanting you so dearly. I can feel my orgasm begin, and I hope that you come when I do. That is always the very best. Just as I cannot wait any longer, I feel you pulse. I squeeze even tighter, and you erupt as my shuddery orgasm possesses me. My love pours out onto your taut stomach. You shoot your hot sperm deep into me, pulsing and throbbing, possessing me utterly, filling me to overflowing, making me your girl.

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