tagAnalMorning Glory

Morning Glory


The Perfect Cyberass


How Enlightenment Came To One Lonely Woman Through The Wonders Of The Internet

Cum One

Oh my Morning Glory

The bright morning sun shoots shafts of light and dark through the blinds, laying bars of mystery down the length of your arching back, creating halos and hollows in your hair.

I lay supine between your wide splayed legs, my hands kneeding the flesh of your firm buttocks, my face nestled in the split between those two precious mounds. My tongue gently caresses your pink, puckered orifice, sometimes darting inside to tease the ring clenching shut your tight and steaming passage.

I trace a path downward and sink the tip of my tongue inside the slit of flesh hiding the entrance to your wonderful pussy. My nose touches the place where my tongue so recently languished and you cry out with the touches to your most tender places and your juices flow out to bathe my questing lips with their salt-sweetness.

I strain to penetrate deeper, the root of my groping tongue aching from the effort. I swab up and down the distance between the two tunnels of my delight, pausing at each to lap into them while you reach back to tangle your fingers in the curly hair of my head.

I stop and rise to my knees. You beg me not to stop licking into your slick holes. I help you roll over on your back and watch the play of moving light across your moist and tender skin.

The hard shaft between my own legs quivers with need as I position over your lovely face and lower the red, swollen tip to your full and waiting lips. You reach up hungrily to take as much of my length inside your wet hot mouth as you can fit. I fall forward to find your steaming sex with my tongue once more.

You raise your legs up and out to bring your cunt to an easy angle for my ministrations and doing so exposes your pulsing butthole. I reach around to clasp your straining cheeks and let my middle finger rest lightly against it. I run my hot tongue deeply into your pussy slit and you suck me deeply into your throat, rolling the length of your tongue along the length of my prick.

I stab my tongue hard into your butt and you raise up and down rapidly sucking my dick to fulfillement.

I bring my tongue back to your waiting cunt as I fight to hold back my cum. I ease my finger just inside your ass but, you push back against me and the finger slips in to the second knuckle. You reach around to my own heaving cheeks as I fuck my hard prick in and out of your yielding mouth. You touch my own sweat streaked hole with a finger and caress the tender flesh with easy strokes.

Suddenly we can wait no longer as my reaming of your three holes brings us to the first climax of this glorious morning and the cum shoots, steaming and thick, into your waiting mouth and your ass and cunt clench tightly around the finger and tongue shoved deeply inside them. Our spasms go on and on, granting us the release that only serves to clench us more tightly together.
Cum Two

We lie, naked and sweaty, side by side on our backs. The window is open slightly and a tiny wisp of breeze blows softly across our hot, flushed skin.

My hand is tangled in the curls of your pussy hair, my middle finger strokes gently against your clit. You rub lightly on my semi-hard prick, your finger nail teasing the moist tip. The sensations of our first encounter overwhelm us. We take time to rest, knowing that we have time and that more and greater pleasures are yet to come.

But, best laid plans are laid aside as our desires fuel a faster quickening.

My prick engorges once again and I roll over to lay full upon you. My chest hairs mash against the full nipples of your tits. My legs force a way between yours and you spread wide, my hard cockhead slipping down to rest against the top of your moist slit, pushing against your erect little clit.

I arch up from the waist just enough to let my chest touch your breasts and I move back and forth, rubbing your nipples with mine and grinding my prick into your nub.

We can wait no more and I reach down to guide my hot, stiff cock into your waiting cunt. You are so tight that I wonder if I can truly squeeze my length inside you. But, of course, your passage parts easily to grasp my fullness. I plough to the hilt and catch you unawares when the head of my pulsing prick enters the small opening at the back of your steaming snatch. You cry out with the slight pain and I quickly pull away, not wanting to cause you discomfort. To my surprise and delight you grasp my taut butt cheeks and pull me deep inside you again. Again I reach the end of your cunt and you hold me there, grinding your hips against mine, working hard to gain every tiny amount more of me inside you.

We rest a moment, my cock bathing in the juices of your sex. You use the toned muscles of your cunt to milk the length of me and I groan with the marvelous sensations.

I reach down with one hand and work it under your ass cheeks to find the slick hole between your clenched buns. My middle finger gently massages your ass pucker and I begin to move in you.

I pull my whole length out until just the tip remains inside. The cool air on my shaft soothes me but, I seek the excitement of your depths once more, ramming my fullness to the hilt. You rise up to meet me and our hips slam together with the force of our coupling. Again and again we stroke against each other as the rising ecstasy of orgasm slips up on us. I have no wish to cum so soon and I pull from you for a moment.

You beg me to ram your grasping cunt again but, I roll you over on your stomach instead and pulling you up by your slim hips, I raise you to your knees.

Oh, the sight of you. Ass in the air, legs spread wide, your asshole and cunt pulsing and gleaming in the light of the morning sun.

I feast my eyes on you and slowly, gently guide my prick back into your waiting cunt. Once only, do I rest briefly at the bottom of your hot hole. With abandon I begin to pound into your tight, hot hole. Each thrust in fills the air with the slapping of your heaving ass cheeks against the taut muscles of my straining thighs. Each thrust is followed by my complete withdrawal but, without hesitation, I slam fully inside you.

As our climax builds you cry out for more and I stop outside you just long enough to insert my finger deeply into your clenching asshole. Without further hesitation I resume pounding your perfect pussy and the added pressure of my finger in your butt only heightens our sensations.

I feel you shudder with the sensations of both your holes being penetrated and I know that you will reach your release soon. This is the moment I have waited for and I increase the tempo of my pussy pounding until we spasm together. My hot jiz shoots deeply into your slimy snatch and your butthole grabs so tightly at my finger that I feel the loss of circulation. Our release goes on and on as you buck back against me and a fresh flood of your sweet juices flows out and around the pulsing shaft filling you.

Our second orgasm is complete yet, we both know that our time together this morning is not.


We tried to wait longer. We had a little champagne and orange juice (my other favorite morning glory) and snacked on some sweet strawberries and honeydew melon.

Yet, here you are, in a position not much different from the one you were in only fifteen minutes before. We didn’t make it back to the bedroom.

You lie prone, face-down, on the kitchen table with your legs spread wide. I ream my tongue deeply into your hot, salty-sweet asshole. You sob with the pleasure and my prick rises higher at the thought of what is to come.

I stop swabbing out your hole and move around to the other side of the table where you take my prick into your mouth, deeper and deeper, until your lips are buried in my stiff crotch hair, and suck hard at my oozing cockhead.

My impatience abounds and I pull from your sucking throat and quickly return to the ass you present me with such trust and abandon.

I move up behind you and put the head of my rampant dong hard against your tight pucker. There I wait a brief moment, letting you prepare for this ultimate in sexual pleasure.

Suddenly I push and the slick head of my butt splitter enters just past the sphincter that, even with all your preparation and will, seeks to block my entrance. But, I will not be denied and you would not let me stop now if I wanted to. I push harder and the first two inches slide into your hot, tight butt. This is the best and I wait no longer but ease the full eight inches of my throbbing manhood into your backdoor tunnel.

You gasp with the unbelievable feel of my prick filling your asshole and I am amazed at the feel of the walls of your anal passage throbbing around my rod. You are the tightest I’ve ever been in and I am, once again, amazed at the stroke of luck that brought us together.

I sense that you have gotten used to my penetration and I begin to stroke in and out, gently massaging you ass walls with my hot, hard prick. You beg me to go faster but, I’m not ready for that yet. I know that my third cum will take some time and I don’t want to wear you out before I’m ready. I’m going to be in your butt for a while, taking all the pleasure I can from the tight tunnel I’m filling. I know that you will be right there with me, riding the sensations to the best orgasm you ever had.

I stop partway out of you and take my prick between my thumb and forfinger and begin to twist it around inside you butthole. You rotate your hips in time with me, increasing the radius of our rotation.

After a few minutes I begin thrusting my full length deeply into your hole, pulling all the way out to watch you gape open for a moment then snap shut just before I plough back into you.

A timeless time passes as the sweat rolls from our bodies and the breath rasps in our throats and the never ceasing rhythm of our coupling endures.

The sounds, the slap of flesh against flesh, the slurping and sucking noise of my rock hard prick inside your aching asshole, combine with the odors of sweat and cum and the thin juice that lubes us as we shut tight our eyes and fuck as if we just invented it.

More time and my prick has reached that point of pain, where to remain hard any longer is no longer a joy but reaches to become agony.

Your asshole is raw with my pounding and you feel sure that I have ruined you, that your butt will never recover from the pounding and stretching that goes on and on without relief.

Yet each of us knows that there is a higher plain to reach, that a little endurance will gain us a pleasure that is unsurpassed.

So we continue. My thrusting dong seeks out the final depths of you and in an instant all is new again.

I bend my knees to increase the pressure on the underside of my prick, stretching you further. You pound back against me as a rising tide of ecstasy washes over you. You moan and cry and spasm against me as you peak in waves of orgasmic delight until suddenly you stop, spent. Yet I cannot stop. I still need more to reach my own release. With your spending the lubrication between us dries away and you begin to feel the pain of my increasingly hard thrusts. You beg me to stop but, I am moments away and cannot end this here.

Just as it would seem that the desert of your hot, dry asshole would rip the flesh from me I arch against you and begin to shake with the strength of my orgasm. This third release brings forth little juice, yet it lasts longer and is more intense than any so far. The tip of my prick burns with the thin slime that oozes from it and the rock hard shaft of my prick aches with the blood engorging it. I shake with the intensity of it all and cry out your name as the agonizing ecstasy builds to a jarring climax.

It is over. You stand with my cock still caught in your vice-like anal grip. Our legs give way and we sink to the floor. I lie on my back with you laying full length atop me.

I hold tightly into you, not moving as my prick softens and slips out of your sweet butt. We relax to open our eyes to view the lonely light of our screens, separated by miles and the time it takes to send e-mail. Your hand reaches vainly through your clothes for your soaking pussy as the last of the sensations you imagined so realistically slip away. My prick softens inside my jeans as I type out the last of my vision. You realize that you must bring to life the visions I have brought you, you must end this empty life of solitary cyber-gropings and electronic fantasies not realized.

Of course you will, yet I know with a sadness profound that you will not do so with me. Alas, not with me.

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