tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMorning in the Park

Morning in the Park


...I was driving the speed limit but wanted to meet him as quickly as I could. I wore my cotton drawstring pants no panties on; my pink low cut t shirt with my bra. My nipples were already on alert and hard. I pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. There he was sitting on the bench waiting with that smile of his. I sat down next to him and kissed his cheek. We talked for a while about really nothing but the excitement in my stomach was bubbling for his touches.

He put his arm around me and we looked at each other to see who could outstare the other. We smiled and he gently kissed me. His hand played with my hard nipple as I leaned into his touch and I loved how this felt through my bra. He stood up and walked behind me, placed both his hands on my shoulders and started to rub them so gently, moving his hands to my breasts. I anticipate the touches that he will do as he has done this before. I held my breath as he touched my breasts circling their shape with his finger tips and lingering on my hard nipples. His touches took away my breath as I put my head back looking up at him, his cock was right there, but I didn't acknowledge it yet. He played and made my nipples so hard they ached to be released from my shirt, from my bra. As he was touching me I could feel my pussy stirring, waiting to be touched as well.

He sat me up straighter, lifting up my shirt and released my bra -- my nipples were free and he moved his hands to embrace them with his finger tips. God, I was so excited and wanted time to stand still. He sat down next to me and took my breast in his hand. Again, circling the shape of my breast, he gently traced his tongue as if outlining and finding my harden nipple treating both my breasts equally he continued this taking his time to make sure every nerve was stimulated. He licked my nipples and gently sucked on them, his tongue circled my nipples and as if it could happen made them so very hard. He looked up to me and just smiled.

Next he moved me to arch my back and while still rubbing my breast, he released my drawstring and loosen my pants -- I know he knew I did have on panties. My pussy was really wet and I couldn't wait for him to find that out. As he tugged at the waistband I pulled my ass up slightly from the bench, he pulled down my pants to the top of my knees. I opened my legs slightly, seeing the juices sparkling from the top of my pussy from the reflection of the sun. He moved his fingers down and parted my pussy lips. I was not aware of anything around us, except him, my body and the heat that it was generating. I wanted his tongue on my soft shaven pussy lips, I wanted to feel his hot breath licking my clit, I just wanted to hold his head with my hand and not let him up till I exploded.

He again, that smile, oh that smile; looked up at me and knelt down in front of me -- moving my pants to my ankles, he moved my knees far apart and let his tongue talk to me. I just kept squirming under his touches, tongue, and his warm breath, licking my juices and fucking me so gently with his tongue. I relaxed and exploded 2 maybe 3 times on his tongue. Each time he licked me, each time he sucked me; I gasped.

Now it seemed it was over, I exploded once again and he came up for air. I sat back on the bench and he played again with my nipples and molded my breasts under his touches. He took each nipple again and licked them till I felt like I was going to cum again. I couldn't believe how many times this man in my life could make me cum. One more time....he pulled my shirt down over my breasts. My bra was still free, my nipples still hard he kissed each one with tenderness. He moved back up to my side and held my hand. I pulled up my pants and moved sideways at his side. I went to touch his cock and it was rock hard. I leaned down and kissed his cock through his line cotton dockers and lightly made little teeth bites to feel his hardness. His cock throbbed and he moaned. I pulled down his zipper and found his hard cock through his boxers. I gently lifted out his cock and swallowed it deep into my mouth. I sucked lightly and then harder, harder and he exploded that quickly...as I swallowed his warm juices, I could hear his moans and his body shiver. I licked him clean, lifted my head and kissed him long and hard on his sweet lips.

I put him back together, and we sat close, no words, me hugging him, he playing with my nipples. What a sweet end, till we do it again...

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