Morning Light Part 3


"Good morning sleepyhead," Jennifer said as she looked up at her son. She had been awake for a long time, waiting for him to awake.

"Good morning lover," Jimmy said. He suddenly realized that he had slept all night with his mother. They were truly lovers now. "Mom, last night was...was...God was so incredible."

"I was for me as well. I would have never believed that having a penis up could feel so good," Jennifer said, her voice dropping to a whisper with the word "ass".

"I think we need a shower," Jennifer said as she pulled from his arms and stood up. She took his hand and pulled him from the bed.

Jimmy helped her take off her sexy clothes that she had slept in and walked into the bathroom with her.

When the shower was hot, the two stepped inside. The hot water felt good on their sore muscles.

Jimmy picked up the soap and began to lather up his mother's breasts, the hot water pouring onto his back. He saw an indulgent smile on her face as he played with her nipples, working the soap into a froth across her large breasts. He soaped her entire body, paying special attention to her vagina and anus. When he had her lathered he moved aside and let the warm water rinse her body. Then he surprised Jennifer when he pushed her back against the wall and slid to his knees. He lifted one leg and quickly brought his mouth to her vagina, warm water still dripping from the lips.

"God Jimmy, you're insatiable," Jennifer protested. However, her hands didn't push his head away. Instead, they pulled his mouth to her rapidly swelling vagina.

Jimmy pushed his tongue deep into his mother as the water poured onto his back. He held her leg high as he felt her hands grasped his shoulders for support. He could feel her hips begin to tremble as her excitement rose rapidly.

"You're driving me crazy," Jennifer complained without conviction. She pulled Jimmy's lips to her groin as her legs began to shake. Suddenly, almost in surprise, Jennifer began to climax. Her body shook and her fingers dug into Jimmy's shoulders as a very satisfying climax roared through her. She was amazed at how fast she had reached her peak. She smiled to herself when the thought occurred to her that if this kept up she would be climaxing from his kiss alone. It was a sweet thought.

When Jimmy pulled his wet lips from his mother, he saw her looking down at him. He smiled and stood up and kissed her lips.

Jennifer pushed Jimmy away from her. She took the soap and lathered his body. She knelt in front of him, staring at his hard penis in front of her face. Then as he had done, she took special care in washing his groin. Her hands gently caressed his penis, smearing the soap up and down the shaft and across his large testicles. She even soaped up her hand and washed the crack between his buttocks. She giggled as Jimmy tensed. She pressed her finger into his back passage while grasping his penis and moving it slowly up and down.

Jimmy tensed as his mother's finger probed his little back hole. "God mom," Jimmy moaned as he felt her finger probe him, his eyes closed tight. He wasn't sure he liked what she was doing; yet he couldn't deny that his penis was throbbing. He felt a funny feeling deep inside of him as the finger slid inside and massaged the tiny lump of his prostate. Jimmy's hips began to move back and forth in time with his mother's finger and the hand working on his penis, his excitement raising rapidly now.

Jennifer was breathing heavy again as she opened her mouth and took the head of his penis inside. She kept the finger in his tight little hole moving as she sucked on the swollen head. When she felt him tense and moan, she pulled back and opened her mouth, leaving the head of his penis lying on her tongue. She stopped the movement of the hand but kept her finger moving in his tight rear hole.

It was an entirely different experience for Jimmy. There was a perverse excitement along with embarrassment...yet he was enjoying what his mother was doing. He could feel something building deep inside him. He wasn't sure what is was or where it was coming from. Still the finger worked in and out of his tight hole relentlessly. Jimmy opened his eyes and saw his mother's eyes looking up at him. "Mom, I'm going to...oh God...I'm going to cum if you...if you keep that up," Jimmy said in warning. This was a unique experience for him; his penis was not being stimulated, just his anus.

Jennifer moved her finger faster, holding his penis on his tongue. It wasn't only Jimmy that was excited. Jennifer was also breathing heavy, her vagina throbbing at the naughtiness of what she was doing. She could feel his anal canal throbbing, squeezing her finger. She knew that he was about to cum without being told; she could feel it deep inside his ass.

"Oh God mom, here it comes," Jimmy said as his penis throbbed. He watched in amazement as his mother held her mouth open and let his sperm squirt into the back of her throat. He worked hard to hold his eyes open and watch his sperm fill his mother's mouth and pool on her tongue. He couldn't ever remember cumming so much or so hard.

Jennifer's hand remained still on Jimmy's penis, only her finger worked. She held Jimmy's sperm in her mouth until every drop left his balls and filled her mouth. Then she closed her mouth, gently pulled her finger from his still clinching hole and stood up. She stared into her son's eyes for a few seconds. Finally she closed her eyes and swallowed, moaning in excitement. She loved the taste of his sperm.

Jimmy moaned as well and pulled his mother's lips to his and kissed her.

They got out of the tub quietly and dried each other with a soft towel. It had been another unique experience for both of them. Even now, after their lust had been satisfied, there was an excitement between them. It was that special feeling that came from the heart; a feeling only true lovers know, a feeling that many people never get the opportunity to enjoy in their lifetime.

Chapter 3

"What do you want to do today?" Jennifer asked as they lay wrapped in each other's arms on the bed again.

"Can we play tennis?"

"Sure, we haven't done that in ages. How about we play then ride our bikes up to Ocean Drive and have a late lunch on the boardwalk?"

"Great, I'll find the tennis rackets and get dressed."

Twenty minutes later Jimmy was waiting at the car for his mom. When he saw her come out he let out a wolf whistle. She was wearing her white tennis outfit with the little white tennis skirt. She had her hair tied back in a pony tail and wore no makeup on her face. She looked like a young girl again with that fresh freckled face. "Wow mom, you look great," Jimmy said sincerely.

"Thank you. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my tennis shorts so I had to wear a pair of white panties," Jennifer lied. "I didn't think you would mind," she said and pulled her little skirt up to show him her panties. She spun around, letting him get a good look at her gorgeous ass tightly encased in the panties, seemingly careless if anyone saw her.

"Whew!" Jimmy said wondering how he was going to concentrate on tennis.

There were only two other couples playing tennis at the community courts that morning. One couple was older, in their 60's, and the other looked to be in their 20's.

As they started to play, Jimmy knew immediately that he was going to have a hard time winning. He knew that his mom had a very competitive nature and hated to lose.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Jennifer was stacking the deck against her son.

Every time Jennifer bent over, she made sure he saw that she was wearing panties and not shorts. She figured she needed a little advantage. After all she was the weaker sex:)

The older couple didn't seem to notice but the young man didn't miss the display. Each time Jennifer bent over, the panties seemed to ride further between her buttocks. She would turn around and look at Jimmy with a little blush and discretely straighten them.

Jimmy lost the first set. He knew he had to concentrate or his mom would humiliate him. He barely won the second set. When they met at the net before the final set, Jennifer suggested that they place a little wager on the match.

"Okay, what do you want to bet?" Jimmy said hesitantly, knowing that she was up to something.

"What about the loser has to provide breakfast in bed for the winner for a week?"

"All right, it's a bet," Jimmy said with determination, his own competitive nature kicking in. He turned and walked back to the foul line, telling himself that he had to concentrate. He was surprised to see that his mom hadn't moved from the net.

Jennifer looked around and saw that the older couple had left. The young couple was still playing. She smiled naughtily at Jimmy and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down and took them off. Jimmy and the young man in the next court mouth's dropped open. They watched as Jennifer placed her panties on the pole holding up the net. Then she went to her position at the foul line and served.

The ball hit on Jimmy's side but he didn't even move to hit it back. Suddenly he realized that the game had started. He wanted to protest but Jennifer didn't give him a chance. She served the next volley and Jimmy returned it.

It was all Jimmy could do to remember to hit the ball. Every time his mom reached up to serve, her little skirt came up to reveal her naked groin. When she turned around to pick up a ball, she would bend over with her legs straight, letting the skirt pull up over her naked buttocks. Jimmy was at the net one time and had a close up view of her ass and her puffy vagina sandwiched between her legs; there was glistening juice on the swollen lips. Jimmy's already half hard erection went to full mast immediately. It was impossible to play with his penis tenting his shorts.

The young couple had stopped playing and was sitting outside the fence on a bench on Jennifer's side of the net. They were sitting with their arms wrapped around one another, watching the display Jennifer was putting on.

When Jennifer realized that they were watching, a tremor of excitement went through her. She made sure that when she retrieved any balls that went to the fence in front of them she would bend over and give them a great view. She didn't know what was getting into her. Just a few weeks ago she would have been mortified to even think of doing anything like that. Yet, here she was putting on quite a display, her vagina now dripping juice down her bare thighs.

It didn't take Jennifer long to beat Jimmy; he didn't have a chance.

When they met at the net and shook hands Jennifer said, "Boy am I going to love breakfast in bed all week."

"You cheated," Jimmy said with a pretend frown on his face.

"All's fair in love and war," Jennifer said and patted Jimmy's now smiling face.

As they started to leave Jimmy whispered, "Uh, mom...your panties."

"Leave them. Let someone have a little thrill," she giggled.

As they walked by the smiling couple on the bench, the young man said, "Great game. Thanks for the show." His girlfriend or wife smiled and blushed prettily.

Jennifer could see his erection tenting his pants. They are going to have fun later she thought.

Jimmy and Jennifer went home, showered separately and changed. Jennifer put on a stretch top and a pair of skintight pink short shorts. Jimmy just shook his head when he saw his mom. His erection had barely subsided.

As they rode the couple of miles to the boardwalk, Jimmy stayed behind his mom. He almost crashed several times as he stared at her ass as she peddled in front of him. He was almost relieved when they reached the boardwalk restaurant.

They took a table outside, facing the ocean. It was a gorgeous late May afternoon. There was a gentle ocean breeze, carrying the smell of the ocean across the assembled tables and chairs. Occasionally there was a whiff of suntan lotion and the sounds of people having fun on the beach.

As they sat enjoying the beautiful day, the waiter came over to take their order.

"I'll have a glass of red wine," Jennifer said.

The waiter hesitated and looked closely at Jennifer. "Uh...could I see some ID mam?" the young man asked.

Jennifer got a bright smile on her face. "I'm afraid that I don't have any ID on me."

"I'm sorry, then I can't serve you."

"All right, I'll have an iced tea."

"I'll have a coke," Jimmy said, his smile as wide as his mom's. "I guess you will just have to learn to carry your ID from now on."

"Unfortunately these shorts are too tight to put anything in the pockets," she said with a pout.

Mother and son fell silent again until the waiter had served their drinks. Jimmy lifted his glass to his mother and said, "To the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world."

Jennifer touched his glass and quietly said, "To handsomest son and the best lover a woman ever had."

They ordered sandwiches for lunch and sat quietly eating, watching the sea gulls hover around the table, expecting a treat. Jimmy threw a piece of bread into the air and ten gulls dove for it.

"Don't feed them or they will never go away," Jennifer said with a smile.

"Mom...about tonight," Jimmy said as he continued to throw bread to the birds. " you still want to go?"

"Yes, why?"

"I just wanted to make sure. You know Todd is going to hit on you."

"Yes and I'm pretty sure Rhonda is going to hit on you," she said with a smile.

"What do we do?"

"Well, why don't we just play it by ear and see what happens." Jennifer looked concerned. "Listen, Jimmy if you don't want to go then that's fine with me." It wasn't fine but she didn't want to force him into an uncomfortable situation.

"No!" Jimmy said quickly. "I just don't want anything to happen that would cause...cause any problem between us."

"We won't let that happen. Jimmy you know I love you and I don't want anyone else as my true lover. However, we can still have fun. I tell you what, let's have a signal. If either one of us gets uncomfortable with anything we will tug on an ear lobe. That will say it is time to leave. Does that sound okay to you?"

"Yea," Jimmy said relieved. He smiled at his mother and held his glass up to her again. "To a wonderful evening."

They clinked classes again and sat back to enjoy the day. Now there was an excitement building in them again. Neither of them knew what the night would bring but they were both comfortable with their relationship and knew that at the end of the night they would go home together as mother, son and lovers.

Chapter 4 "I can't decide what to wear," Jennifer said to Jimmy as she walked into his bedroom. "What do you think of this outfit?" Jennifer had on a pair of tight green capri pants and a short sleeved V-neck sweater. The pants molded to her like a second skin and the top showed a good amount of cleavage. She also had on a pair of high-heeled sandals.

"You look great mom," Jimmy said honestly. "But I think you look great in anything or...nothing." Jimmy stood up and pulled his mother into his arms. He reached around behind her and grabbed her buttocks in his hands as his lips met hers.

Jennifer let her son kiss her for a while until she felt him start to get excited. "Down boy, we have to leave in a few minutes."

Jimmy groaned but backed away from his mother. "See what you do to me," he said, looking down at his tented slacks.

"Poor baby. I guess you will gust have to ask Rhonda to help you with that."

Jimmy started to say something smart but decided to keep quiet.

"All right, then I'll wear this outfit. I'll be ready in a few minutes."

* * * * *

Jimmy and Jennifer met Todd and Rhonda at the Pizza Hut. Todd and Rhonda already had a table when they arrived.

Jennifer thought that Todd looked very handsome with his floral print shirt, flashing green eyes and wide smile.

"Hi guys," Todd said and stood up to hug Jennifer then shake Jimmy's hand. "You remember Rhonda don't you?"

"Hi Rhonda," Jennifer said as she and Jimmy sat across from the two.

They ordered pizza and a pitcher of soda.

"Where are we going tonight?" Jimmy asked.

"There's a good flick over at the new cinema. We have about an hour to eat."

Almost immediately Todd and Jimmy started to talk about the up coming basketball playoffs.

"Jennifer, do you want to join me in the ladies room?" Rhonda said, rolling her eyes at the conversation.

"Sure, it's getting real boring here" Jennifer said in mock frustration and slid out of the booth and followed Rhonda to the ladies room.

"Why do women always need to go to the bathroom together?" Todd asked rhetorically as he watched the two sexy women walk away.

Jimmy shrugged and asked Todd who he thought the best player in the NBA was.

In the bathroom, Jennifer and Rhonda stood side by side at the mirror. Jennifer looked at Rhonda in the bright lights of the bathroom. She saw a very pretty young woman. She had shoulder length sandy blond hair, blue eyes and a creamy complexion. She had on a light sundress with a long sleeved sweater with several buttons left undone, exposing her more than ample chest.

"So, how long have you and Todd been dating?" Jennifer asked.

"About three years."

"He is a very handsome guy."

"Yea. He is really a pretty good guy too, very thoughtful and sensitive."

"You mean under all that bravado?"

"Yes. He can get obnoxious sometimes so I have to straighten him out," Rhonda laughed.

"You two are a very cute couple," Jennifer said.

"Thanks. You and Jimmy seem to go together so well, almost like you were meant for each other. There's just something so comfortable about your relationship."

"We have a lot in common," Jennifer said, thinking, "If you only knew."

"What are your plans for college?" Jennifer asked to change the subject.

"I have a full academic scholarship to USC."

"That's wonderful. Your grades must be pretty good."

"I don't tell many people this, but I got 1450 on my SAT's. Just made a stupid mistake or I would have had a 1500."

"Wow, that's incredible! But why don't you tell anyone?"

"Well, I have a lot more fun when people think I'm a big titted, dumb blonde," Rhonda laughed.

Jennifer laughed with her. "What are you going to major in?"

"Psychology. There are plenty of nuts in this world so I'll have job security."

"You're right about that," Jennifer smiled. "Where is Todd going to college?"


"That's too bad. I guess you're sad that you'll be apart huh?"

"Yea, but at least we will be on the same side of the country. What about you two...with Jimmy going north for college?"

"I try not to think about that," Jennifer said, feeling a tear come to her eye. "We can have fun till he goes," she added with a casual air that she didn't feel. She saw Rhonda's face turn serious.

"Jennifer, I...I wanted to apologize about the other night. I know that Todd already apologized to Jimmy, but I would feel terrible if anything that we did came between you two."

"There's no need to apologize Rhonda. Jimmy and I have a very special relationship. Nothing we did caused a problem between Jimmy and I. We love each other too much for that."

"So you are okay with what happened...I mean with what Jimmy and I did and all?"

"Well, it was a little shocking, but Todd and I were not exactly idle," Jennifer smiled. "How about you...are you okay with what Todd and I did?"

"Yes. Todd and I are together but we have kind of an open relationship. Besides, I'm sure he couldn't find anyone else with tits like mine," Rhonda laughed, placing her hands under her large breasts and lifting them up for emphasis. "Todd is really a tit man. He loves to put his coc...uh...I'm sorry, I get carried away sometimes."

"I'm certain he likes to fuck your tits. However, I think Jimmy prefers asses. He certainly likes to fuck mine," Jennifer said, surprising even herself with her candor and language, acting like she had anal sex everyday.

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