Morning Light Part 3


"He fucks your ass?" Rhonda said, her mouth dropping open.

"Sure, doesn't Todd do you?" Jennifer said as if she had been doing it for years.

"No he wants to but I'm afraid."

"Well, you should let him do it. I think you would love it."

"Maybe I will." Rhonda looked at Jennifer for a couple of seconds and pursed her lips like she had made a decision. "You're all right Jennifer, I like you," Rhonda said with a bright smile.

"You're pretty cool yourself," Jennifer said and hugged Rhonda. She felt a little shiver run through her when Rhonda's large chest pressed to her. When she pulled back she looked into Rhonda's pretty blue eyes. She resisted a sudden urge to kiss her. It almost looked like she would have let her. Instead she brought her hand up to her cheek and caressed her gently. Suddenly there was a sexual tension in the room. "Let's have some fun tonight." Jennifer saw Rhonda close her eyes and take a deep breath.

"I think we had better get back out there or the boys will think we deserted them," Rhonda said as a little tremor ran through her body. Her head was spinning. She had never felt anything for a woman before. The only thing she had ever done with another woman was that time about a year ago when she let that girl Shelly suck on her tits. However, she had been smashed at the time and had convinced herself that she didn't know what she was doing.

Jennifer grabbed Rhonda's hand and led her back out to the boys who were still arguing over the best NBA player of all time.

Jimmy didn't miss the fact that the two women were holding hands. His mom amazed him more every day.

They arrived at the movie in plenty of time to get a seat in the very back. The theater was a modern one with the large backed comfortable chairs. The seat were tiered like a stadium with a long set of steps to the top. There was no one in the last three rows. Todd went in first then Rhonda then Jennifer. Jimmy sat on the other side of his mom. The three of them talked and joked quietly, sharing popcorn until the lights went down and the movie came on.

Jimmy put his arm around his mother. Jennifer noticed that Todd did the same to Rhonda. Then, Rhonda took her sweater off, leaving her large breasts practically exposed in her low cut summer dress.

It only took a few minutes for Todd's fingers to move over Rhonda's shoulder and began to rub across the soft exposed skin of her breast.

A few minutes later, Jennifer felt movement next to her and saw Todd pushing Rhonda's shoulder strap down her arm. She noticed that Rhonda didn't object as the top of her dress fell down, almost exposing one nipple. Jennifer could feel excitement begin to course through her. She looked back at the screen until she heard Rhonda moan, almost a little whine. When she looked to the side, she almost gasped. Todd had pushed Rhonda's top down until her entire breast was exposed. He had her hard nipple between his fingers and was squeezing it. As Jennifer watched, Todd moved back and pulled the other strap from Rhonda's shoulder, letting her dress drop off her breast, exposing both in the dark theater. Now Jennifer could feel her vagina begin to drip with excitement. She glanced over at Jimmy and saw that he hadn't noticed what was going on next to them.

Todd pulled Rhonda over to him and let her lean into his arm. She was turned slightly to the side, her bare breasts pointing at Jennifer. Todd could see Jennifer looking at them. He made a show of playing with Rhonda's large breasts for Jennifer. He leaned toward Rhonda's ear and whispered something.

"We can't," Rhonda whispered in weak protest.

"Come on baby," Todd said as he began to push her little dress down to her waist. He smiled when Rhonda lifted up and let him take her dress completely off.

Jennifer's heart was pounding so hard she thought someone would hear it. She could see that Rhonda was totally naked now. She obviously hadn't bothered with panties as she could see her naked groin in the dim light. It looked like she had just a little bit of pubic hair, shaped like a heart, right at the top of her slit. Then Jennifer was surprised when Rhonda pulled one leg up, spreading her legs wide. She watched in amazement as Todd began to play with Rhonda's breasts with one hand as the other moved toward her crotch.

Jimmy had been totally engrossed in the movie until he heard a moan. He looked over just in time to see Todd push a finger into Rhonda. He almost jumped out of his seat. Here they were in public theater and Todd had Rhonda totally naked. When he looked at his mother, he saw that she was watching Todd use his finger on Rhonda. Jimmy's penis began to harden immediately. He moved his hand over and cupped his mother's breast. She was so focused on what was happening next to her that jumped and almost screamed. He was relieved when she quickly relaxed and let him slip his hand under her top to cup her bare breast.

"Oh God," she whispered when she felt Jimmy begin to kiss her neck and pinch her nipple. She reached her hand over and grasped Jimmy's thigh, working her way up to his now throbbing penis. Almost in a trance now, her other hand moved over and touched Rhonda's thigh. She felt the young girl tense and saw her eyes open in surprise. However, she didn't make a move to stop Jennifer's hand as it moved slowly up her thigh.

Todd and Jimmy looked on with wide eyes as Jennifer's hand moved closer to Rhonda's pulsing sex. Todd pulled his hand away when Jennifer's fingers reached her vagina.

Rhonda moaned as she felt the other woman's fingers touch her swollen sex. She began to tremble as she watched Jennifer's finger's move closer to her dripping hole, gently spreading the lips. "Oh my God," she moaned as Jennifer slowly pushed a finger between her lips, sliding it into her clasping vagina. She couldn't believe that she was letting another woman touch her so intimately. However she couldn't deny that her vagina was dripping juice and her chest was heaving in excitement.

All four of them were breathing heavy as Jennifer's finger worked in and out of Rhonda's vagina.

Rhonda's hips began to move up and down as little whimpers came from her lips. She reached down and grasped Jennifer's hand, but instead of trying to stop her, she began to guide it in and out. Suddenly her legs clamped together, trapping Jennifer's hand between her thighs. Her eyes closed tight as her body began to shake with pleasure. She fought desperately to keep her moans down as her body betrayed her and she convulsed in climax.

When Rhonda stopped shaking, Todd looked over at Jennifer and Jimmy and said, "Maybe we should get out of here before we get arrested. Would you like to go to my dad's beach house?"

Jimmy looked at his mother. He saw that her eyes were wild with lust. When he saw her head nod up and down, he turned to Todd and said, "Okay."

Jimmy and Jennifer followed Todd's BMW to his beach house. They were silent as they drove, neither one of them wanting to break the sexual spell.

Todd directed them into the study. This was the same room where Shelly had seduced Jennifer. Todd walked over and put the gas fireplace on to take the night chill out of the room. Then he put some soft music on the CD player and asked if anyone wanted anything to drink. Jennifer asked for a glass of wine and Jimmy took a coke. When Todd returned he gave them their drinks and pulled a joint out of his pocket.

When he saw the look on Jennifer's face he said, "Do you mind if we have a little smoke?"

"That's fine but Jimmy and I won't have any," Jennifer said. Jennifer knew that she and Jimmy had gotten high from contact with the smoke the last time. However, she didn't want to say anything about that. As much as she didn't like drugs, she certainly had enjoyed the feeling that it had given her the last few times. Still there was that motherly instinct.

Todd sat in a love seat with Rhonda and Jimmy sat on the sofa with Jennifer. They all talked quietly as Todd and Rhonda finished their joint. Within a few minutes, Todd and Rhonda were giggling and acting like they were getting high. It didn't take long for Jimmy and Jennifer to feel the effects as well.

Jimmy and Jennifer watched Todd kiss Rhonda. Jimmy turned his mother's lips to his and kissed her passionately as well. When they turned back to the love seat, they saw Todd's hand sliding up Rhonda's dress. Mother and son watched as the two on the sofa began to moan in excitement. Then they watched as Todd pulled Rhonda to her feet and took her into his arms and began to dance to the slow music playing on the CD.

Todd held Rhonda tight, sliding his hands down to her buttocks. He slowly turned her back to the couple on the sofa and pulled her little dress up, baring her ass. His strong hands kneaded the soft cheeks of Rhonda's ass, lifting them and squeezing them gently. He could see Jennifer and Jimmy watching his hands.

Jennifer gasped as she watched the two dancing a few feet in front of them. She was so focused on the two that she barely noticed when Jimmy cupped her breast in his hand. Her breathing increased as she watched Todd push the shoulder straps of her dress down her arms. She gasped again when he moved back and let the dress fall to the floor between them, leaving Rhonda entirely naked in her lover's arms.

After a few minutes, Todd turned to Jimmy and said, "Do you want to cut in?"

Jimmy looked at Todd then his mother. When he saw her smile he said, "Sure." He stood up, feeling a rush from the marijuana contact and walked over and took Rhonda into his arms. He felt his erection throb as her large breasts pressed to his chest.

Todd moved back to his place on the love seat and watched his girlfriend and Jimmy dance. He wanted desperately to sit with Jennifer but knew that he had better take it slow.

Jimmy grew bold with Rhonda and slid his hand down her soft back until he reached her buttocks. He pulled her groin into his and heard her moan. Now it was his hands that were working on the sexy girls ass.

When the song ended, Jennifer stood up and said, "Can I cut in?"

Jimmy reluctantly moved away and turned to his mother. His mouth dropped open in surprise when his mom didn't step into his arms but rather turned toward Rhonda.

Rhonda was as surprised as Jimmy but she didn't resist as Jennifer pulled her into her arms.

"I want to feel you breasts on mine," Jennifer whispered and stepped back and pulled her sweater over her head, baring her naked breasts. She smiled at her surprised partner and pulled her back into her arms. She whispered into Rhonda's ear, "God, your nipples are so hot." Rhonda just moaned and pushed her large breasts harder into Jennifer.

Todd and Jimmy stared in excitement at the two sexy women dancing in the middle of the room. They could clearly see Rhonda's larger breasts pressing to Jennifer's smaller ones, flattening them both out, bulging out at the sides.

"Have you ever had a woman kiss you?" Jennifer asked quietly, her voice heavy with excitement.

"No," Rhonda choked out.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Uh...oh God," Rhonda moaned.

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes." Rhonda acted very shy, her head falling down to Jennifer's neck and her face turning red.

Jennifer moved her head back and put her hands on Rhonda's cheeks, lifting her face to her. She held her face in her hands and stared into her eyes. Almost in slow motion the two women's lips moved together, the touch of their lips almost causing sparks to fly. Jennifer pressed her tongue to Rhonda's closed lips. When her lips didn't open she used her tongue to lick back and forth across the already wet surface. Then she heard Rhonda moan and felt her open her mouth. Jennifer moved quickly and pressed her tongue into the younger girls mouth. Again she was amazed at how sweet a woman's mouth tasted and how soft their lips were. She felt her own vagina dripping her juice into the crotch of her pants. It wouldn't be long before her crotch was soaked.

Rhonda's own vagina was beginning to drip her juice down her thighs as their kiss went on and on. She was embarrassed when Jennifer reached her hand between her legs and felt how soaked she was. A little moan escaped her lips as Jennifer's fingers spread her vagina then slid back and forth.

"Have you ever been eaten by a woman," Jennifer whispered, her own excitement almost out of control as she fingered the young woman's swollen pussy lips.


"Can I eat your pussy and suck your tits?" Jennifer asked.

"Oh God Jennifer no," Rhonda said but didn't stop her when she pushed her over to the sofa until she sat heavily next to Jimmy.

The room was filled with an incredible sexual tension. The two young men watched in excited silence as their two lovers got ready to put on a show for them. Both men were afraid to say anything for fear that it would break the spell. They watched as Jennifer knelt between Rhonda's legs and pulled her face to her again for another passionate kiss.

Jennifer was practically out of control with lust as she pushed her tongue into the girls now willing mouth. She moaned as she brought her hands up, lifted and squeezed Rhonda's large breasts. Then she pulled back and looked down at the large orbs in her hands. They were incredibly huge; she guessed a 38DD or maybe E. She lifted one to her mouth and sucked the nipple.

"Oh my God," Rhonda moaned.

Jennifer went wild, sucking one large nipple then the other. She sucked and kissed the entire breast, making loud sucking sounds. It took her a long time to cover the surface of both breasts with her kisses and her tongue. When she was done, the two large tits were heaving in her hands.

"Ohhhhh Jennifer...pleasssseee!" Rhonda pleaded in a gasping voice.

"Please what?" Jennifer teased, her fingers pinching her nipples.

"Oh God...please eat...ohhhh eat me!"

Jennifer smiled at the excited teen and began to kiss down her stomach. Suddenly she stopped and stood up. "My crotch is going to get soaked," she said and pulled her pants down her thighs and threw them to the side.

Rhonda gasped as she saw Jennifer's wet and baby smooth vagina appear before her eyes. The swollen lips that hung from the large outer lips fascinated her. There was a string of clear juice hanging to her thigh. Her mouth began to water. Maybe someday she thought.

Todd couldn't take the excitement anymore and unzipped his pants and brought his hard penis out. Jimmy saw what Todd had done and opened his pants as well. Both boys ran their hands up and down their hard shafts as they watched to two women make love, or more correctly, watched Jennifer make love to Rhonda.

Todd had a great view of Jennifer's swollen sex lips as she knelt, bent forward and began her journey down Rhonda's stomach again.

Jimmy had a close up view of his mother's tongue as it worked slowly lower.

Rhonda was beyond excitement now as she reached for Jennifer's head and pulled it forcefully toward her pulsing sex lips. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed when she felt Jennifer's mouth suck her lips inside her mouth. "Oh God, oh God, oh God, suck me, suck me," Rhonda said as she slid her hips down the leather sofa, giving Jennifer a better angle of attack.

The room was quickly filled with the sloppy sucking sounds Jennifer's lips made as she devoured Rhonda's swollen and dripping sex lips. She used her teeth to nibble on the swollen lips then sucked them deep into her mouth, pulling them almost painfully away from her body. When she pushed her tongue into the hole, she felt Rhonda's legs fly up and wrap around her head.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddd," Rhonda screamed as her body began to convulse in pleasure for the second time that evening.

Todd and Jimmy had to control their hand movements or risk climaxing on their pants. They watched as Rhonda screamed over and over, her hands pulling Jennifer's hair, forcing her mouth to stay planted on her vagina.

Jennifer thought she might smother as the young girl squeezed her with her strong thighs and poured her juice down her throat. Jennifer now knew what Shelly saw in eating woman as she squeezed her own over excited vagina between her thighs. Suddenly she felt a little tremor run through her. It wasn't exactly a climax but it was still very pleasurable.

When Rhonda's thighs opened, Jennifer pulled back and looked up at the exhausted teen. She saw a weak smile on her face.

"Thank you," Rhonda said in a barely audible whisper.

"You're welcome," Jennifer said and stood up on shaking legs. Her thighs were positively drenched with her juice. She turned and looked at the two wide-eyed boys. "I need to get fucked!" she stated emphatically. She smiled at Jimmy but turned and walked over to Todd.

Todd's eyes were wide with excitement as he watched Jennifer straddle his thighs.

Jimmy watched in amazement as his mother prepared to take Todd's penis into her body. He thought about the signal; all he had to do was tug on his ear lobe. Yet, his hands wouldn't move. He was so engrossed at the site of his mom preparing to make love to someone else that he barely noticed when Rhonda got off the sofa and knelt between his legs.

Rhonda pushed Jimmy's hand away from his penis and wrapped her own around it. She heard him moan when she bent her head and took his hard penis into her mouth.

Jimmy knew that he couldn't stop what was about to happen now. The situation was beyond his control now. He grabbed Rhonda's head and began to buck his hips into her face.

Jennifer spread her legs wide over Todd's thighs. She let him place his large penis at the entrance to her sex. She turned and looked at her son. She smiled when she saw Rhonda's head bobbing up and down on his hard penis. Still, she waited for him to give her the signal, hoping that he wouldn't. She hesitated, giving Jimmy the chance to stop her. When he didn't move and closed his eyes in pleasure instead, she turned back to Todd and slowly began to sink onto his shaft.

"Oh God Jennifer," Todd moaned as he watched Jennifer take him into her body. This had been his fantasy since he had first met her that day in the Pizza Hut. Now, his penis was sliding into her. She was as warm and tight as he had imagined.

Jennifer moved further down, groaning in pleasure as she tried to get used to the fat shaft stretching her lips. Todd's penis was about the same length as Jimmy's but it was bigger around. It stretched her wide. When her body resisted she pressed down harder. Soon she had all of him inside her. She leaned forward and kissed his lips passionately, her breathing ragged, her chest heaving on his chest. Then as her tongue entered his mouth, her hips began to move up and down. She heard a moan from behind her, turned and saw that Rhonda was now straddling Jimmy's thighs, facing her. She watched in excitement as Rhonda sat on her son's penis. Behind Rhonda, Jennifer could see Jimmy's lust-crazed eyes looking at her. She made a kissing motion to him. He responded with the same kissing motion. Then she turned back to Todd and began to bounce up and down on his penis.

"Oh God fuck me, fuck me Todd, yes, yes, fuckkkkkkk meeeee!"

The room quickly filled with the lustful groans of the two capitulating couples.

Jennifer worked rapidly up and down on her lover as her new friend, Rhonda, did the same to Jimmy. She was amazed at how exciting it was to be making love to another boy while her son took his pleasure a few feet away. It was wanton and naughty but so exciting.

"Ohhhhhhh," Todd moaned. "Jennifer, I'm...I'm going cummmmm." Todd could barely contain his excitement as Jennifer's tight vagina squeezed him.

"Cum baby, cum in me," Jennifer moaned, bouncing rapidly up and down on the young man's throbbing penis. As Jennifer felt Todd's cum begin to squirt into her she moaned, her own body reaching a peak. "Oh God yesssssss!!! I'm cummmmmminnnnggggg."

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