tagIncest/TabooMorning Light Part 6

Morning Light Part 6


Chapter 1

The bright morning light rushed into the room as Jennifer lifted the window shade. She walked over the bed, a smile on her freckled face.

"Wake up sleepyhead," Jennifer said as she gently shook Shelly.

It was ten o'clock and the young girl had barely stirred. Jimmy was outside mowing the lawn and getting things ready for the cookout with Robert and Rhonda.

Shelly turned over and opened her eyes with that "deer in the headlights" look on her pretty face. It took her a minute to realize where she was. When she did, she smiled and held her arms open to Jennifer. "Thank you so much," she whispered as she hugged her friend and lover. "That was the most incredible night of my life."

"You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I brought you some breakfast," Jennifer said pulling away then placing a tray of food over Shelly's lap.

"I know some breakfast I would rather have," Shelly said with a smile.

"Eat your real food," Jennifer answered in gentle admonishment. "I have to get going or we won't be ready for the cookout. Are you sure you can't join us?"

"I'd love to but I promised my cousin that I would spend the day with her two little ones. They would be so disappointed if I didn't make it."

"Okay. However, sometime this week I want to sit down with you and talk about a proposition," Jennifer said.

"A proposition? What proposition?"

"Oh, just some things about college, you, Jimmy and I."

Shelly's eyes opened wide. "Can't we talk now?" She asked excitedly.

"Sorry sweetie but I have to get going. Now eat and we'll set something up for later in the week."

Shelly pouted her lips as Jennifer kissed her cheek and went into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Jennifer was standing in the bathroom at the vanity. She was dressed in short shorts and a tank top, putting on her makeup when Shelly came in.

Shelly wrapped her arms around Jennifer's waist and placed her cheek on her back. "Thank you again!" she said as she squeezed Jennifer.

"You're welcome again sweetie," Jennifer answered, stopping what she was doing as Shelly slipped her hands under her top and squeezed her bare breasts. "Shelly," she whispered. "I have to hurry."

Shelly ignored Jennifer's weak protest and began to massage her soft breasts. "I love your breasts," she said as she began to pinch and squeezed the already hard nipples. "I love all of you. I would eat you for breakfast every morning if you would let me."

Jennifer sighed, half in frustration since her time was short. God, she thought, these kids are insatiable. Jimmy had practically attacked her this morning and she had fought him off. She grabbed Shelly's hands as they slipped to the snap on her shorts. However, her efforts at trying to stop the young girl from opening her shorts were futile as the zipper was quickly pulled down. "Shelly," she said again and shivered as she felt her begin to pull her shorts down her legs.

Shelly knew that Jennifer wouldn't stop her as soon as she let her pull her shorts to her thighs. Her heart began to beat with excitement. Then she slid to her knees behind the older woman, pushing her shorts to her ankles. A little gasp escaped Shelly's lips as she knelt with her face just inches from Jennifer's buttocks. She stared at the smooth skin of her ass, observing that there wasn't a blemish or freckle anywhere on the soft white skin. That fact amazed her since Jennifer had so many freckles on her face. Like a magnet, Shelly's lips were drawn to the warm skin. She placed little kisses over the surface of her buttocks, leaving wet marks from her lips.

"Shelly, please," Jennifer pleaded again but made no move to stop her. She trembled as she felt Shelly's hands reach up and grasp her ass cheeks. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Shelly knew very well what she was doing; she wanted to eat her wonderful lover's ass. Her hands spread Jennifer's buttocks wide. A little smile crossed her lips when she felt Jennifer lean forward slightly and push her buttock back at her. Now her face, and more importantly her lips, were just inches from Jennifer's little rear hole. She sighed and stuck out her tongue, gently touching the puckered ring.

Jennifer jumped in shock. Her hands grasped the vanity as she felt Shelly's face press tight to her cheeks, her tongue fighting to penetrate the tight little opening.

"Shelly, Shelly!" Jennifer gasped.

Then Shelly moaned when the sphincter relaxed and let her tongue slip inside. Within seconds, Shelly was lost in her own world of sweet excitement. Her cheeks were being caressed by Jennifer's soft ass flesh and her tongue was being squeezed inside her body. She barely heard Jennifer's moans above her.

Jennifer's body began to tremble in excitement from the nasty assault. She could feel her juice beginning to drip down her thighs. As much as she wanted to stop the girl, she was powerless to do so. Her own excitement was betraying her will. With a groan, her thighs moved apart in surrender and she leaned further forward allowing Shelly full access to her sexual parts. Her vagina began to quiver with need. It was pulsing, dripping juice, and demanding a finger, a tongue, anything.

Shelly wasn't ready for that yet. She was so excited to have access to Jennifer's special place that she almost forgot that there was another hole that needed attention. Her tongue worked relentlessly inside Jennifer's dark little passage. The taste and the smell were intoxicating to the teen; the taste was sweet, the smell was all Jennifer.

"God, Shelly, please," Jennifer moaned impatiently.

Shelly heard her this time and knew what she wanted. She brought the finger of her right hand between Jennifer's thighs and began to gently rub her swollen lips. Her tongue didn't stop its movement for one second.

Now, Jennifer could no longer hold her hips still. She began to squirm and push her ass back and down on the invading tongue. Suddenly she screamed as two of Shelly's fingers found her hole and pushed inside. Her legs began to shake and her lower body rocked back and forth, up and down, rapidly moving toward satisfaction.

Juice began to stream down Shelly's arm as her fingers began to plunge rapidly in and out of the contracting hole. She could feel her fingers on her tongue through the little sheath of skin separating her anus from her vagina. She moved her tongue and fingers in and out rapidly.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Jennifer moaned, her head bowed, her body tense. Suddenly her entire body went stiff. Then a long wail escaped her lips as a climax began to rush through her. She pushed back and down, almost sitting on Shelly's willing face, her cheeks almost smothering the poor girl. Jennifer was delirious with pleasure now as her body shook with a climax from deep inside her anal walls.

Shelly moaned as she felt Jennifer's contractions. Juice began to drip from her chin as the tiny anal sphincter squeezed her tongue like a vise. Gradually the pulsing slowed. After a few more licks, Shelly pulled away and stood up, smiling at Jennifer's still trembling form. She was practically laying in the counter, her shorts around her ankles and her ass cheeks wet with saliva. "Well, you had better hurry or you'll be late," Shelly said smugly and walked out of the bathroom with a big smile on her face.

"Brat," Jennifer whispered but sighed contentedly, her little back hole still tingling from Shelly's tongue.

Chapter 2

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent preparing for Rhonda and Robert's arrival. Jimmy had to vacuum the pool and the hot tub, set up the grill and finish up outside. Jennifer straightened up the house and prepared dinner.

Robert and Rhonda arrived at 4 PM. Jennifer greeted them at the door and kissed Rhonda, giving her a big hug. She turned to Robert and smiled, then kissed him briefly on the lips in a friendly manner. It was easy to tell that he was still nervous about the relationship between the two families.

A few minutes later, Jennifer and Robert were sitting on the back deck. Rhonda and Jimmy had put on their swimsuits and were frolicking in the pool. From the deck, the entire pool area was visible. The two adults sat on the deck quietly. There was a subtle tension in the air.

Finally, Jennifer broke the silence. "Robert, I know this is uncomfortable for you but I would really like to be your friend. I think we have a lot in common now."

Robert said silently, unsure of what to say.

Jennifer took a deep breath and said, "Listen, Robert, I know that you and Rhonda have a special relationship and I also know that you saw Jimmy and me the other night."

Robert's eyes grew wide at the direction the conversation was taking, but he still didn't respond.

Jennifer knew that she was shocking him but continued anyway. "I have been through all of the same emotions that you are going through now. I am certainly no expert but I feel like I can give you some advice. Just go for it! Life is too short to care what society thinks. The truth is that I have fallen madly in love with my own son. He is the love of my life and no one will ever replace him. I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. I've talked to Rhonda and I know that the two of you feel the same way about each other. So we have a special bond you see." Jennifer reached over and took Robert's hand. She felt his body tense. When she looked at his face, there were tears in his eyes.

"It... it's been so hard... so hard after Rhonda's mom died," Robert said, staring out at nothing. "I feel like I have betrayed her," he choked and wiped his eyes.


"I guess everybody; Rhonda and her mom. What kind of man am I?" he said derisively.

"You're a good man according to Rhonda, a wonderful father and now a great lover. How can that be so wrong? Your wife is gone and nothing can ever bring her back. If I were she, and could see what is happening down here on earth, I would be happy that the two of you have found each other. That might sound crazy but it's how I feel. Just go with your feelings. You are hurting no one and I know that you are making one young lady very happy."

"I... I guess you're right but I can't help thinking that I'm talking advantage of her. She... she is so young."

"I don't think she is 'that' young. Rhonda is a mature and very intelligent young lady and I think she knows what she wants. Robert if you deny her your love, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Look at her, look at how happy she is," Jennifer said, nodding toward the pool.

Rhonda and Jimmy were roughhousing in the pool. He picked her up and threw her screaming into the water and dove in behind her.

A smile finally appeared on Robert's face as he watched Rhonda and Jimmy play.

"These kids have such energy, especially sexual energy," Jennifer said almost wistfully.

"I can't deny that," Robert answered with a little smile and then he sighed, shaking his head. "Sometimes I think my heart is going to give out," he added with a nervous laugh.

"Or your hard on," Jennifer giggled then said, "whoops, sorry about that."

"The truth hurts," Robert said laughing at Jennifer's directness. He began to relax now, deciding that he liked Jennifer. She seemed so open and so loving. She reminded him a lot of Rhonda's mom.

Jennifer wondered if it was time to take the next step. Then she thought that there wouldn't be a better time. As they watched the kids continue to play, Jennifer placed her hand on Robert's bare thigh below his shorts. She thought she felt a little tremble but otherwise he didn't react. "Rhonda tells me that you... uh... you have quite the equipment," Jennifer said and held her breath.

Robert felt his face flush with embarrassment and his heart begin to beat a little faster. He was shocked at the comment but even more shocked when he felt Jennifer's hand begin to move gently up and down his thigh. He could feel excitement course through him and his penis began to swell. He tried to think of something clever to say but he was afraid that his voice wouldn't work. Besides, he was losing blood rapidly from his brain. It was heading to his penis.

Jennifer saw Robert's eyes staring out at the pool. She looked at his crotch and saw movement. A smile came to her lips and she increased the pressure of her hand, moving it under his short leg.

Robert began to squirm as his penis pulsed with life. He knew that if Jennifer were looking she would see the bulge in his shorts. Yet, he was afraid to look at her. Within seconds, his penis was straining his short leg, outlined plainly under the cotton material.

Jennifer suppressed a gasp as she saw the large head outlined under the material of his shorts. It appeared to be pulsing. With a bold move, she slid her hand over the cloth-covered head. She heard Robert gasp as her hand squeezed the head gently. Her own breath left her lungs as she felt the incredible size of Robert's equipment; her hand was filled by the swollen head alone. A little quiver ran through her vagina at the thought of his large head splitting her. Jennifer used her thumb to rub the slit in the head almost casually, forcing the cloth around it to become wet with his juice. She could feel the wet circle grow larger by the second as his sticky fluid poured out.

Then Robert looked down at Jennifer's pretty hand caressing him and watched her thumb moving across the wet surface. Finally, he looked up to see Jennifer staring into his eyes. Their eyes held each other for a long moment before Robert closed his and moaned. He felt Jennifer's hand close around him and begin to move up and down his long shaft, as if she were testing its length. It was a gentle but firm motion.

"Oh God!" Jennifer exclaimed when she saw his penis fully stretched under his shorts. "I've got to see it," she whispered almost to herself.

Robert just moaned as he felt Jennifer pushing his short leg up his thigh. Then he heard her gasp and felt the heat of the afternoon sun on his exposed head. He could feel her eyes burning into his hard flesh as she held his short leg high on his thigh. He was afraid to open his eyes for fear that he wouldn't be able to control himself.

"Oh my God! It's huge!" Jennifer exclaimed.

The head was covered by a sheath of skin, leaving just the tip and the slit exposed. Jennifer hadn't been able to see much the other night but now here it was in the bright light of day. Her mouth practically drooled as her hand worked up and down the shaft, causing a steady stream of clear juice to pour from the slit. Then with her other hand, she reached over and pulled the skin from the head, exposing the purple crown. The silky foreskin fascinated her. She moved it easily over the head. A nervous giggle escaped her lips as she made the head appear and disappear. Unable to control herself any longer, Jennifer dropped her head, her tongue coming out like a snake after its prey.

"God, Jennifer," Robert exclaimed when he felt her tongue lathering the exposed tip. His hands gripped the chair until his knuckles turned white. He fought to keep his hips from pushing up into her flicking tongue. Then he groaned as she roughly pulled the skin from the head and began to lick the smooth surface. Robert almost screamed when he felt her open her mouth and try to take the head inside.

Jennifer could barely get the head into her mouth. She stretched her jaw wide as her lips wrapped around the crown. It felt like she had a small apple in her mouth. Everything around her faded as pleasure overcame her senses. Her heart pounded in her chest and her vagina quivered, pouring juice into the crotch of her shorts.

Robert opened his eyes just in time to see Jimmy and Rhonda get out of the pool and walk toward the deck. Fortunately, they were so engrossed in their conversation that they were not looking at the deck. Robert pushed Jennifer's head away from his pulsing penis. There was an audible pop, like a cork from a bottle, as the head slipped out of her sucking mouth. "Jennifer, stop! They're coming!" Robert said in panic.

Jennifer looked up in surprise. Her eyes were glazed over and she looked confused. Suddenly, she realized what Robert was saying and sat back in her chair. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard as she tried to compose herself. She had totally lost it for a minute. Amazingly, she could still feel the large head in her mouth. Her lips were wet with his juice and she could still taste him.

Robert hastily pulled his shorts over his still throbbing penis as the two teenagers started up the steps to the deck.

"Everybody hungry," Jimmy called as he reached the top of the deck with Rhonda close behind.

"Uh... yea... uh sure," Robert said as he watched his daughter walk over to him. His hand moved to his lap to cover the large wet spot on his shorts. He almost tried to stop Rhonda as she whirled around and sat on his lap. At least her wet suit would cover the spot on his shorts he thought.

"Ohhhhh!" Rhonda said when she felt the hard shaft under her ass. She looked over at Jennifer and smiled, then winked secretly as she squirmed her soft ass cheeks into her embarrassed father's groin.

Jennifer rolled her eyes and made a face filled with conspiracy and amazement. Then she made a "wow" silently with her lips.

Jimmy started the grill and Jennifer and Rhonda went into the house to get the food ready.

As soon as the two women stepped into the house, they both broke out in giggles.

"God, Rhonda, you didn't lie about the size of your father's cock. Lord, how did you get all of that into you?" Jennifer said in amazement.

"It was hard. No pun intended," she laughed. "However, where there's a will, there's a way. Are you going to try it for yourself later?"

"I hope so. Did you see us?" Jennifer asked.

"Yea, but not very well because of the deck railing. I could see enough to know that you were doing something with your mouth."

"I could barely get it inside my mouth. But it sure did taste good," she giggled.

Then the two conspirators dreamed up a plan for Jennifer to seduce Robert.

The four of them had a nice dinner, talking, laughing, and getting to know one another. Jennifer and Robert had quite a bit in common. They found out that they had the same birthday and were married in the same month. In fact, they may have had some distant cousins in common. They continued to talk as Jimmy and Rhonda went back to the pool. The sun had gone down and it was getting dark when Jennifer suggested that she and Robert get their swimsuits on and use the hot tub.

The hot tub was on the deck in the corner and had a view of the pool below. It was a large tub, seating six people comfortably. Robert was already in the tub when Jennifer came back out. He saw that she had a blue silk robe on and was carrying a bottle of wine, two glasses, and several large fluffy towels. He smiled as he watched the sexy woman walked over.

In the pool, Jimmy and Rhonda were at it again. They had turned the underwater lights on and were playing a game of roughhouse tag. "Such energy," Robert said as he watched them run around and jump into the pool time after time, screaming and giggling. When he turned back to Jennifer, he had to gasp. She had taken off her robe to reveal the same tiny suit that she had worn at the lake with Jimmy. It was nothing but a couple of triangles across her nipples and over her crotch. Her puffy sex lips were barely covered.

"You like?" Jennifer asked and turned around to reveal her all but naked buttocks.

"Wow!" Robert exclaimed in admiration as he stared at her perfectly shaped derriere.

"I guess that's a yes," she said as she climbed in the warm bubbling water and sat next to him. Jennifer poured them both a glass of wine and sat back, her body touching Robert's under the swirling water. They sat and drank the wine, talking quietly, watching the teenagers play.

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