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Morning Magic


As the first glow of dawn creeps silently above the distant horizon, a gentle breeze begins to caress the soft lace that adorns the windows of my bedroom. The call of songbirds brightens the already glorious day, and soft sound of your breath as you sleep floods my soul with a sensation that could only be described as magic.

Rolling over, I snuggle in against you, my naked body molding perfectly against yours, my breasts pressed hard against your back, my pelvis against your ass. I slide my arm about you, running my hand up over your chest, delighting in the warmth of your body.

You begin to stir, a soft, contented sigh escaping your lips. Your hand finds mine and lifts it gently to your lips, each finger blessed with a tender kiss. I press my lips to your shoulder, kissing and nibbling across to the back of your neck. I can feel your body responding to my every touch, and with a soft moan, you roll over to face me, your arms embracing me and pulling my tight against you.

My heart beats faster in my chest as you whisper, “Come here woman.” And your mouth joins with mine in a heated, hungry kiss. Your fingers caress the small of my back sending tiny shivers racing through my body. Slipping my hand between our bodies, I find your hard, erect cock, and wrap my fingers firmly around it. It feels so hot, so ready. I can feel your pulse throbbing through your shaft, and I start to stroke it slowly.

Your tongue parts my lips, exploring the inner reaches of my mouth, joining mine in a delightful dance. I can feel your hand moving down over my ass, kneading and massaging the soft flesh before lifting my leg up over your hip, opening me to your knowing fingers. Moving your hand slightly along my thigh, you reach lower, brushing the tips of your fingers along the cleanly shaved lips of my pussy. I gasp a little as you part my lips and begin to probe my opening with your finger.

You feel my silky wetness, your fingers slipping easily into my hot depths, and you moan softly against my lips, the evidence of my longing for you covering your finger in a smooth cream. Slowly you begin the rub the inner walls of my womanhood with your finger, my breath now coming in short pants, my grip on your cock tightening a little. You slip a second finger into me, and my breath catches at the exquisite pleasure of your touch.

Holding and stroking one another, you move down my body a little, kissing and nibbling your way down my chest to my breasts. My back arches a little, my breasts aching for your attention, and you are not one to keep them waiting. Your lips covers my nipple and you suck it hard into your mouth, your tongue pressing my tender flesh against the roof of your mouth. Pleasure almost to the point of pain consumes my breast, and I dig my fingers into your hair, holding your head hard against me, not wanting the feeling to end. You pull your head away slowly, stretching my nipple between your lips before releasing it and moving to the other breast.

Your fingers continue to work their magic between my moistening thighs, my body finding a natural rhythm that matches your strokes. You cover thumb in my creamy juices and begin to run it around my now very sensitive clit, your fingers still probing deep inside me. My body aches for you, burns for you, but I know the time has not yet come for us to become one.

My fingers loose their grip on your throbbing shaft as you move further down my body. Your hungry lips releasing my breasts and marking a trail of moist kisses down over my belly and abdomen. Smiling up at me, you move between my legs, spreading them wide and devouring my now very wet pussy with your eyes. By hips life, as if my pussy is seeking you out with a mind of it’s own, and you know how much I want you.

Kissing slowly up the insides of my thighs, you brush your cheek and nose against my pussy lips, teasing them without mercy. My fingers, still buried in your hair, urge you closer to the place I need you most, and you tease me no longer. Your tongue sweeps over my pussy, running from one end of my now dripping slit, to the other, pausing at my clit to suck it gently into your mouth.

My body begins to wiggle and writhe beneath you, my hips gyrating against your mouth. Your two fingers continue you pleasure the inner confines of my womanhood while your tongue works it’s magic on my now throbbing clit. I can take no more of this exquisite torture, I need to feel you within me. “Oh baby, please. I need you now. Right now.”

Your body moves up along the length of mine and I open my arms to embrace you. I can feel the hardness of your cock on my thigh, and without a thought, I spread my legs wide to receive you. I can feel the head of your cock presses against the opening of my more then ready pussy as you lift your self over me. Pressing your mouth hard over mine, you push, driving the entire length of your cock into me in one thrust and holding it there. I gasp for breath, sucking the very air I need from your mouth, tasting my own sweet juices that cover your loving lips.

Slowly you withdraw from me, only to enter me again and again. I wrap my legs about your hips and pull you closer, harder into me, and you respond in kind, driving yourself deeper with every stroke. My hips lift to meet you, matching you thrust for thrust, the scent and sound of our lovemaking filling the air we breath.

I can feel warm, tingling sensation beginning to spread through my body and I know I need more of you. Pulling my mouth from yours, I whisper onto your lips, “Baby, take me from behind.”

Reluctantly, you take your cock from my body, and I roll over, rising to my hands and knees before you. I can feel you behind me as you position yourself between my knees, the head of you swollen cock against my opening. With a single thrust you are deep within me again, your strong hands on my hips pulling me hard back against your ridged member. Again and again you drive yourself into me as I reach beneath myself and find my pulsing clit with my fingers. I rub myself hard, accentuating the already heavenly sensations that consume my body.

You wet your finger and begin teasing the outer rim of my tight ass, working gently around the opening until you can slowly push your fingertip inside. I moan loudly as your fingers penetrates deeper into my ass, and you begin fucking both my opening in a rhythm known only to lovers. Soon you add a second, well moistened finger to my ass, stretching it slowly open with slow, gentle strokes. Over my shoulder you whisper, “Are you ready baby?” and I moan back, “Yes. Oh yes.”

Taking your cock from my body once more, you press the swollen, purple head against my ass, pushing gently as my body yields and you enter me. I cry out a little at the intensity of the sensation, and you stop, giving my body time to adjust to the intrusion. Holding your body still, you wait until I am ready, and I begin to work myself back against you, taking you within my ass at my own speed, until at last, the cheeks of my ass are pressed firmly back against your hips. I begin to rock slowly back and forward, your cock stretching the insides of my ass wide to accept you.

My fingers work harder and faster over my clit, and I know I am close. You take my hips in your hands and begin thrusting into my ass, deep and hard, my heavy moans and panting sounds of pleasure echoing in your ears, driving you to even higher pleasures.

A shuddering sensation surges through every cell in my body as orgasm consumes me, and I find it almost impossible to breath. You can feel the inner walls of my ass contracting an pulsing with my wondrous release, squeezing your cock as the heat and moisture within me increases. You can wait no longer, hot jets of cum spurting from you loins and filling my ass. Again and again you pump your seed deep within me, your body shuddering a little with the intensity of your release, a deep groan of pleasure escaping your lips.

Slowly, you withdraw from me, laying down on the bed beside me and pulling me down against you. I rest my head on your chest, my hair clinging to the sweat on your shoulder as you embrace me. Your lips find my forehead and you kiss me softly, lovingly. There is no need for words between us now, just the sounds of our pounding hearts, and steadying breaths, as we share the gentle glow of morning magic, and the loving bond that unites us, and makes us one.

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