tagLoving WivesMorning, Noon, & Night

Morning, Noon, & Night


First night:

"Only me?" I asked sitting naked upon his lap after we'd made love. Gently running my hands up his chest kissing his neck. As he answered a firm yes. His fingers explored my body and I smiled as he rubbed me against his hard cock letting me know as always he wanted me. I grabbed his hands and hold them, I don't let them touch our bodies, letting my hips rub me over him. Finally connecting our lips and hips as his hard cock slipped past my outer lips and it pulled him in. I control my body and he felt my cunt softly gently milking him already as I contract it around him. His kiss deepened showing his surprise and delight as I held him in. He felt like his being milked without moving our kiss growing more passionate.

As I moved my hips back and forth slow and long, holding his hands up over our heads. He pushed and they slipped down to our sides but still not touching. A playful game going on with our hands, a soft teasing with our lips, and delight with our connection. I moved my hips around getting a swirl screwing motion in and out letting the kiss intensify. As I moved so his grinding against my clit and rubbing my g-spot losing my control my cunt quivering uncontrollably as I slide into one huge orgasm. His body replied to the irresistible call and he shot a major load of warmth into me. As I pressed down hard and then up cradling the shaking tip in me as his spurting tapers off. I broke the kiss off and released his hands.

"Only you make me respond this way," he whispered. His hands running up my back over my entire body. His lips moving down to tease my pert nipples on my creamy flesh waiting for his body to rise again.

The next morning:

After a long night of passionate love making he awoke. Watching me sleep peaceful and dreamy. He is a morning person and it took all my sexual hunger and passion to keep him awake. And now he was oddly enough still aroused. He felt my naked body next to his and he softly touched my skin, lightly kissing my neck. He doesn't want to wake me so he gently caressed me letting my body curl up to him in my sleep. His hands wander over me feeling my body respond, nipples hardening. My lips parting as I let out soft sigh still mostly asleep. He wanted to wake me in the best way possible.

He smiled and slowly shifted under sheets until he is over my legs. He rubbed my inner thigh and I rolled over to my back. He is greeted by my pussy as my legs spread and adjust. He pulled the sheets back slowly watching my nipples pop into sight as my soft voice murmurs as silken sheet slides over my skin. The early morning light making my soft skin glow. His fingers traced gently upon my thighs smelling my scent. Partly made up of last nights love making part from my renewed arousal. My eyelids flickered as his lips slowly slide up my thigh. He knew I was still half asleep and he curled his tongue and begin tracing letters over my clit. My loud moan expressed that I'm fully awake and he wasted no time bringing me to an explosive orgasm. He feasted upon me and I smiled fully awake propping myself up on my elbows looking down at him feeding between my legs. Murmuring sexy encouraging words and how I really wanted to feel his cock within me and how my nipples ached for his touch.

I lay stretched out totally relaxed from the morning of passion. I turned over pressing against his back enjoying the feel of his warm skin softly kissing his neck my hand running down his chest. Surprised to feel him stirring at my touch.

"Still up hmmmm?"

"You always make me respond" he murmured in a slow breath leaning back against me.

"Hungry?" I asked, "for food silly," seeing a grin spread over his face.

"Sure let me get something." Sheets rustled as he gets out of bed stretching, his arousal obvious. I moved to get out of bed. "Stay right there, after this morning, you deserve to be served." I watch him wander out running my hands lightly over my body remembering the warmth of his body the gentle and frantic passion. I close my eyes and relax. I hear his footsteps but don't open my eyes. "Care for a little snack?" his voice whispered as I heard him set a plate down and pulled back the covers.

"It's cold," I whispered opening my eyes, looking at him, the way the light caught in his dark hair the blue eyes twinkling. Watching his lips form a impish smile.

"I can fix that," he said sitting next to me on bed holding one breast in his hand, the other reaching for plate, "You're beautiful, you know that?" he asked cupping my breast placing soft teasing kisses around my nipple.

"Now I do, so what do we have to eat?" He placed a cream covered strawberry over my lips. I gently nibbled it not noticing him as I savor the sweet fruit until I feel him dollop cool whip over my nipples sighing feeling it cover my breasts, suddenly his tongue dips into cream carefully cleaning around my nipple leaving hard tip covered. His lips finally covering it, tongue teasingly flicking over it as his lips kiss and suck softly at my breasts. "I could get used to this kind of service," I say my breath louder waiting for him to switch nipples. Finally, he leaned across his rough gentle hand toying with my hard wet nipple as he cleaned the other. "Any more strawberries?" I asked watching him clean my breasts.

"Of course dear," he replied as he gently ran a warm sticky honey covered strawberry down my neck through valley between my breasts over my tummy. Slipping it down between my legs, "Tell me when I need to stop," he said running it over my clit. I let out soft sigh as he pressed it gently down mushing it over my clit. He quickly grabbed a thick strawberry slipping it down almost inside me letting it rest there.

When I said, "Far enough." He left it there and added a dollop of cool whip over it, kissing my inner thighs his morning stubble tickling me. "You could have shaved," I murmured sighing as his tongue flicked out to run over my clit getting to the mushed berry.

"So could you," he stopped to say.

"DON'T stop," I pleaded parting my legs moving one over his shoulder.

"As you wish," his mouth slowly worked over me finally sucking and pulling the strawberry into his mouth. Slipping two slick warm fingers into me. I gasped loudly pressing hips up to his mouth. His lips covered my clit fingers wiggling moving slowly in and out suddenly he curved them up to hit the mysterious g-spot.

"Yes," I panted repeating his name over and over as he rubbed me just right falling into orgasm. The powerful wave subsided, "I'm hungry," I purred.

He softly kissed up my body to tease my breasts his fingers still moving over my clit, "For what?" he asked.

"You, I need you, I want you and I want it now," my hungry voice commanded rolling over forcing him down.

"You're a wild one aren't you?" he replied, his body hard.

"It's easy to go slow at first but," I softly kiss him, his lips oddly flavored with strawberries, honey, and me. Running my hands down his chest, "Can you take it slow?" I asked running one finger over his tip and down under it, gently pressing what I lovingly called his On button. His head shoke no, "But you asked for slow," I held and caressed his balls pressing my hips down letting him feel my wetness on his stomach. I slide my hands up, caressing his nipples moving my hips down to cover his cock in my juices. "Should I make you beg?"

"Please, oh please, sweetheart," load moans interrupted his plea as I slide him fully into me.

"Want to stay there?" I smile enjoying the feel of his hard cock in me, "or leave?" I slowly slipped him out my body gripping tip in tightly.

"YES," he moaned looking down at his hardness veins bulging, his hands moving up my back trying to pull me down.

"Think you are hard enough?" I teased pressing back down going in slow strokes.

"Yes," almost a snarl now as I twisted my hips spiraling him in, pressing hard against his balls.

"Sure?" I teased once more as he thrust his hips up to force him in. Smiling as our bodies take over hips grinding, breathing fast, lips merged to create an intense orgasm simultaneously in us. I collapsed on top of him, "Was that slow enough?" I asked. We collapsed together eating and talking. We hadn't gotten much sleep last night and when he yawned I let him sleep.


After that long session of making love and not wanting to disturb his well deserved rest, I took a long relaxing hot bath. The water aroused and invigorated me and I can't help but touch myself as I wash my nipples. The slight roughness of washcloth getting them hard in no time. I let the rag slip from my fingers as I lather between my legs. Letting my fingers recall the passions of last night and this morning. After I cum, I quickly washed my hair so I can climb into bed and wake him properly.

I'm wringing my hair out over bath tub, on my knees. Body leaning over tub my towel snugly wrapped around my body. When I heard him open the door and he stepped in behind me kneeling, reaching up to run his fingers through my hair. My hands dropped to the ground supporting me as he kissed my wet neck. Running one finger down my spine pulling my towel off. Revealing my freshly cleaned skin. His hands ran up and down my back and I become quiet feeling his soft boxers against my butt, the bulge obvious. His hands slipped under me to gently cup my breasts. I let out soft sigh encouraging his movements. He quickly slipped the boxers off pressing his hard cock up against my body I'm so turned on just by the position that I wriggle pushing him to rest between my legs.

I grin as his unseen hands run down my body to slip over my engorged clit, feeling that I'm already beyond wet. Just the thought of him behind me, taunting me with never knowing what his pace will be. He teased me sliding his cock against me the tip pressing my clit. I eagerly pressed down and he slide in and he slowly thrust inside me in odd rhythm. I tried pressing back rocking body slightly mind a complete blank in state of extreme pleasure over ride, as his hands run up and down my back which is highly erogenous zone for me. I gasped letting my body climax over and over again feeling him clench my back as he managed to ride them out.

"Please," I murmured sexily begging for his cum. Wanting him to fill me so badly the feel of his hard cock growing to be too much to bear. Finally he sped up the slightest bit and in six deep, fast thrusts he exploded inside of me. His hands firmly pressing my back. We stayed that way as he ran his fingers up my neck grabbing a towel to dry my hair leaving his cock in me as he does. Only wrapping my hair up in towel when he dropped out of my body.

The next night I planned a special treat for me:

He saw me wrapped up in my no sex tonight, robe. He was partly glad because he's tired, yet disappointed because he wanted almost needed that release. He slumped into chair to read the paper and I gently take it away and tell him that I want to relax him tonight. He looked at me oddly, but nodded and I told him to shower, dry off, and lay on the bed in his towel. He did so, and put his hands up by his head. I slowly massaged his calves and legs removing towel as I go up to his bottom releasing all that tension. I moved up his back taking my time until he is all warm and comfortable. I asked him to roll over and to keep his hands under his head. I rubbed his feet and back up his legs just casually brushing his penis almost accidentally. I worked up his chest, neck, and shoulders, leaning over him as I do.

"Relaxed?" I asked.

A soft, "Hmmmm yes," is all the answer I needed. My robe fell open and I removed it and laid on top of him using my whole body to massage him. His eyes opened wide and he spoke again, "Think so?" a soft question of my intentions. "Just want to give you something. Actually you're going to give me something." I smiled and kissed down his chest working over his nipples. His cock springs into action. I slowly worked down planting a soft wet kiss on the tip and gently sucking first one ball then the other and he moaned. "Relaxed?" I asked again letting my fingers caress his inner thighs tugging the hair softly and he moaned louder.

"Relaxed?" he thought it over trying to figure out the right answer and finally answered truthfully. "Yes," a low soft word filled with longing.

I slowly take his penis into my mouth rolling my tongue over holding his hips down helping me relax so I can give him this. He held his hands tightly over his head knowing better than to force my head. I moved slow and gentle then feeling he is getting close. He told me as much, so I pushed him back as far as I can. He can't take the sensation and released down my throat. I closed my eyes, relaxing and let my throat take care of the rest. I finally let go and stood up taking a prepared drink and gently sucked and licked him clean and kissed up his chest.

"Relaxed?" I whispered and as I noticed his nodding off. I smiled moving away as I finished my drink. I went to brush my teeth and put my pj's on. After that I crawled into our bed kissing his neck and letting my hand hold his soft spent penis in my fingers.

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both get loads of playing with time, TK U MLJ LV NV

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both get a load of playing time, TK U MLJ LV NV

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