tagErotic CouplingsMorning Passion

Morning Passion


I awake so rested and refreshed. Last night is still on my mind. I hear your gentle breathing next to me. Rolling over, I observe how the gentle sunlight shines through your flowing hair and across your lovely face. I watch you for a moment, your chest slowly rising and falling with each breathe.

I cannot help but gently stroke your face. It is so tender under my fingers. Your eyelids slowly flutter open, giving me a window to your soul. I detect in you a feeling just like mine. What a morning this is going to be!!

I move my face to yours. Our lips gently touch and sparks of electric passion are firing between us. We kiss slowly, tasting each other, our tongues gently battling. Our breathing speeds up, as our bodies cling to each other. Our hands slowly explore each other. Our lips are sealed with a kiss of deep passion.

Taking your lovely hands, I love them with my mouth. Hearing you gasp as I suck and nibble your fingers lovingly.

Lowering my head, I kiss a trail down your neck, nibbling and sucking all the way. Lower I go, taking your left nipple in my lips. I gently suck, while my tongue dances over it and my teeth gently nibble that sweet flesh. Moving to the right nipple, the process is repeated.

I now cover your belly with warm kisses, nibbling your tender flesh. I pause at your belly button, to dip my tongue in. Lower, I travel, taking my time. I hear your sighs and moans. Those sensuous sounds encourage me on my journey. I am just above your center, the desire rising more in me every minute.

Rolling you over, I rise up and lower myself over you, kissing the back of your neck. I gently massage your shoulders and neck, releasing any possible tension. My hips are gently moving, allowing my firmness to stroke your buttocks. I move slowly down your back, nibbling and kissing all the way.

My attention goes to your sexy buttocks. Gently I massage, stroke and kiss that lovely part of you. I take a long time nibbling, sucking, and kissing your sweet cheeks. This is one of my favorite parts of your sexy body. I hear your groaning getting raspy and deep, your face is buried in the pillow.

I kiss down the back of your thighs. Slowly licking and sucking each one, hoping you know the extent of my passion for you. I take my time at the back of your knees, sucking and nibbling. Now, I am moving down your calves, massaging and licking.

Gently, I roll you over, and settle between your thighs. I start at the knees, slowly kissing and licking my way up towards my final goal. I feel the moistness coming from you as I get closer. I then lick all around your sweet center, teasing you. I feel your body writhing on the bed in anticipation.

Gently, I pull you slightly open, take your lips in and sucking, running my tongue over them. I dip my tongue in and taste your sweet nectar. My hunger for you increases. My tongue strokes lightly over your clitoris. I feel it harden under my attention. You reach down and pull my head into you. My finger goes just inside of you and finds your G-spot. I stroke it, as my tongue still plays with your erect clitoris. Reaching up, I gently roll your nipples with the thumb and fore-finger of my other hand. Suddenly, you jerk, your walls tightening on my finger. I lower my mouth, and insert my tongue deep into you. I do not want to lose any of your precious nectar.

Rising up, I cover you and feel your legs go around me. We kiss passionately, as you grip me, and guide me into your hot core. I feel my head enter you and I pause, rotating it slightly inside. Your hips are reaching for me, and you beg me to give it all to you. I slowly lower myself and feel my hardness sinking, inch by inch, all the way into your lovely silkiness. We begin slowly rolling our hips in time with each other. I slide almost out and then slide it slowly back in. We take our time, looking into each others eyes, unaware of anything except our heightened emotions. Our strokes quicken. We are lustfully locked in our love dance. The feeling of sweet, soft, sensual moistness milking me with each long stroke is driving me insane! I see your eyes widen, your breathing goes shallow, your body quivering, your mouth moaning deeply, as a massive orgasm sweeps over you. This moment is why I am here. You, holding me tightly, seeing your face in raptured bliss, feeling the release of the tension that has built up in you for so long. We continue clinging to each other, our bodies joined in that erotic and passionate way. We move in time with each other, our lust building with each motion. I feel you tighten around me, with a very firm grip. I look into your eyes. They glaze over as the feelings of another orgasm overtakes you. Your back arches as your whole body vibrates with the strength of your release. I feel moistness flowing from you. I can no longer take this. Your grip on me is so tight and your motions are stroking me so erotically. I feel the fire of my lust churning in my loins. It slowly rises up my rigid shaft. I relax, allowing it to flow. Such relief sweeps over me, as my orgasm erupts from me, flowing deep into your body. Our passions mix together into a wonderful cocktail of love. Our passions slowly lower. We hold each other tight. We look into each others eyes. It is going to be a great day. How could it not be, starting it with such morning passion?

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