tagErotic CouplingsMorning Shower

Morning Shower


We both knew we had so little time together. We fought it as long as we could. We made love to each other for hours. But in that lull between orgasms human nature finally got the best of us and blissful exhaustion finally closed our eyes.

I woke up to the sound of your breathing and a room filled with the scent of sex. You were so peaceful laying there beside me. With the bed in such disarray, I was surprised that you found a sheet to cover yourself. You were on your side facing me with the hint of a smile lifting the corner of your lips. I rolled off my back to face you.

I didn't mean to wake you, I just wanted to watch you sleep and see the contentment on your face but my motion somehow let you know that I was here with you.

Your eyes slowly opened to see mine looking back at you. The small smile turned into a wide grin. I could not help but smile back at you.

You notice that the sheet has slipped from you shoulder, revealing to me the breasts that I had been so enthralled with just hours earlier. You girlishly pulled the sheet up to cover yourself for just a moment, then slowly slid it down to reveal first one nipple, then the other. I was surprised by this coy playfulness but also stimulated by it. I started to reach over to touch you, but you pulled the sheet up again and wagged a finger at me that told me now was not the time.

You got out of bed with the sheet wrapped around you and walked to the bathroom. The sheet trailed you like a wedding train as you stopped in the doorway and glanced over your shoulder. You dropped the sheet as you stepped inside the door, giving me the slightest glimpse of that beautiful ass. Then the door closed behind you.

I waited, not sure what to do, but then heard the shower turn on. Well, I figured, it must be time to go fulfill your motherly duties for the day. I knew I would have time with you again tonight. I rolled over and looked at the clock and it was only 3:30 AM.

About that time, you poked your head out of the bathroom door and said "Are you going to join me or not?" You swung the door open to reveal you body to me once again.

I literally leaped from the bed, only then realizing the toll that the night's lovemaking had taken on my creaking joints. As I walked to the bathroom, you smiled, pleased with the condition you had me in.

As we stepped into the shower, you stood in front of me facing the showerhead. As I stared at your back, you soaped up your hands and massaged your breasts. You handed the soap to me and I started to rub my hands along your spine. Although the water was hot, you shivered like it was cold.

You turned around and wrapped your arms around my neck. I bent down to kiss you and you eagerly responded to me. We embraced, kissed and use the soap as a lubricant as we explored each other just as we had been doing hours before. You then reached up and took my hand and rinsed it off. I thought our time was up.

But you were full of surprises as you guided my hand down between your legs. You started to rub yourself but used my hands instead of your own. I felt how your fingers guided mine to your clit and how you wanted me to first stroke it and then make small circles around it. I felt you spread your legs slightly and guide my fingers to your entrance. I felt you shiver again as you gently guided them inside of you.

I knew what to do from there as I slowly pulled my fingers to the edge of your lips then slid them back in. You moved your hips like you wanted me to go faster but I did not follow your lead and continued the slow, methodical motion I was using. You lightly slapped my ass and said "Stop teasing."

I started driving my fingers faster and deeper inside of you. I was holding you as tightly as I could and could feel every muscle spasm that ran through you. It didn't take long for you to tighten against my fingers.

We just stood there together for a few moments, then you stepped back and turned around to rinse the soap from your chest. I figured I should rinse off as well, but when you turned back around you had a washcloth in your hand and you started washing the soap from my chest for me. The little circles you made on my chest grew larger until they started at my neck and ended at my hips.

It seemed odd to me that you would soap up your hands again after just rinsing me off but the look in your eyes told me you were up to something. You soapy hands wrapped around my cock and you slowly move from the base to the head and back again. I almost fainted at the feeling.

"You have been such a dirty boy, I figured you could use a good cleaning" you said. With that you increased the pace you were using on me. I was hypnotized. The feeling of the water, the feeling of your hands and the sound you were making as you continued to stroke me had me building to a crescendo.

"I'm going to cum baby" I said, warning you that things were going to happen fast . You just smiled and bent down so my cock was in front of your breasts. The water broke on the top of your head as you stroked even faster. You could feel me tense and did not act surprised at I shot cum all over our tits. As you milked me for any drop left, you stood up and smiled at me again.

"You got me all messy again. What good was this shower anyway?" Then you kissed me. "Let's go back to bed, Alex. We still have some time before I have to leave for the day."

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