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Morning Surprise


It was a Saturday but the two children had got up early to go to a friend's house for the day. Lindsey had been married for four years and loved her husband deeply but had so little time to devote to him these days as the kids monopolised most of her time. She'd risen ahead of him this morning to see the kids off, but she could hear him scampering around upstairs, meaning he'd be coming down for breakfast in a moment before starting the day proper. There were plenty of chores on his list of jobs for the weekend -- she knew this because she'd put them there -- but they could wait. Lindsey wanted to say thank you and to show her man that she loved him.

She was dressed in only a white silk nightgown that was a far cry from her normal morning attire. She hadn't shown him this one yet -- she'd been saving it for a special occasion -- but she knew without doubt it would get his blood up. He loved her legs, and this showed them off to good affect; the intricately laced hem reaching down only a few inches below the apex of her thighs. The waist was very slim cut and hugged her sides perfectly as it ran to her shoulders, where the low neckline gave way to the most flimsy of shoulder straps. She could hear him making his way down the stairs now and she hid behind the door of the living room, knowing he'd have to pass through on his way to the kitchen.

Within moments, she felt the door widen slightly signalling the presence of the man behind. Tenderly she reached out and touched his arm as he passed, causing him to pull up and turn to her. Leading him to the centre of the living room she stood before him, allowing him a moment to take in her state of dress. As he looked at her questioningly, she slowly stepped forward and placed her hands on the top of his chest. Then, tilting her head up, she offered her lips to his. As their mouths intertwined, she kept the kiss going and gently flicked her tongue, teasing him already, as her hands moved in small circles on his chest before seeking and drawing back the folds on his dressing gown to expose his pecks.

Breaking the kiss, she lowered her face to his chest, touching her wet lips to his skin while her palms continued their caress. Flicking her eyes up to meet his, she moved back slightly and ran her hands down the front of his gown to the string holding the waist together. Easily freeing the knot, she peeled back the sides so that the robe hung open and once again stepped into him. Biting her lip suggestively, Lindsey nudged his chin up with her nose and gently lapped at his exposed neck with the tip of her tongue. She smiled to herself as she heard him exhale sharply at her touch, and moved her lips further down his chest to his nipple, taking it in her mouth before switching to the other side and doing the same again.

As her husband moaned gently above her, Lindsey continued to kiss his chest but again slid her hands up his exposed belly to his pecks. As her hands moved up his body, she moved her lips slowly downward, trailing her tongue down his sides as well as over his stomach. When her mouth reached his navel, she moved her palms upward and pushed his gown slowly off his shoulders so that it fell on the floor in a heap behind him. Running her hands down his flanks as she continued to sink to her knees, her lips reached the top of his pubic hair and she moved slightly to the right, placing kisses down the side of his groin to the top of his thigh as she momentarily ignored the proof of his arousal that jutted proudly from his hips.

Her hands resting on the outside of his thighs, Lindsey moved her head slightly and ran her tongue laterally over the tops of his muscular legs to the base of his shaft before kissing her way along its length. As her mouth reached the head of his penis, she gripped him with her right hand as her left stroked his thigh and hips. Glancing up at her partner, Lindsey gingerly flicked her tongue against the end of his manhood before taking it fully into her mouth, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure from her husband as she did so. Keeping her right hand still, Lindsey started rocking back and forth, establishing a gentle rhythm that allowed her to take a little more of him into her mouth each time.

Enjoying her control, Lindsey slowed the pace slightly so that as she drew back her head she could flick her tongue over the sensitive tip of his penis, feeling her husband's muscles tense each time she did so. After a little while of changing the tempo, she withdrew completely and lifted his shaft up and into his belly so that she could duck down further and draw his balls into her mouth. Sucking on them gently, Lindsey lightly ran her hand up and down the length of his organ as she did so. Her lips otherwise engaged, she purred happily as she heard him groan again and felt his fingers intertwine with her hair. Releasing his sack with a final lick of her tongue, Lindsey once again took his penis into her mouth, re-establishing the gentle pace that allowed her to almost press her lips to his pelvis as her throat relaxed.

Engrossed in the rhythm, after a short while Lindsey felt her husband's hands on her arms and she was drawn back to her feet and into his strong embrace. Looking into his eyes, she kissed him passionately on the lips, knowing he wouldn't mind, and her tongue eagerly sought his. Not breaking their contact, she felt her husband's hands snake up her arms to her shoulders and then draw back the straps holding her nightgown, tugging the material down until the light fabric pooled at the top of her firm breasts, trapped by the crush of her man's chest into her own. Her own hands running over his shoulders and back, Lindsey leant back so that her partner could peel the gown down to her waist and then gasped as his tongue found first her neck and then her now-bare breasts, his hands cupping them gently and his thumb and forefinger teasing out her nipples. Sighing gently at the stimulation, Lindsey arched her back to present herself to him, even as her husband sank slowly to his knees, his hands peeling down the fabric of the gown as he went, allowing him to trail his tongue and gentle kisses down her cleavage and belly. As he came to rest on the floor in front of her, he slowly guided the gown over her shapely thighs and down to her ankles. Like her husband, Lindsey wore nothing underneath.

Lifting her ankles, Lindsey gently kicked the nightwear away as her felt her man's hands on her calves and thighs before they moved to her buttocks, kneading them tenderly as he drew her toward him and his lips began kissing the inside of her thighs. Mewing softly, Lindsey widened her stance and slowly guided his tongue into her sex by flexing her hips to meet his probing glances. As her husband continued to lick and flick his tongue in the places that he knew set her off, she was grateful that his grip on her behind and the backs of her thighs tightened to keep her in place as she started to grind against him. Sensing that she was building toward an orgasm, Lindsey gripped her husband's head tightly for support and lifted her right leg over his shoulder so as to open herself more readily to him. Realising her need, he slid one hand up her belly and grabbed one of her firm breasts at the same time as he flicked his tongue over her most sensitive of places. She cried out softly as she let herself be brought to the brink, then exhaled with relief a second later as she climaxed around her husband's skilled tongue and kneading fingers.

With blood pounding loudly in her ears, Lindsey arched away from her husband's mouth and lifted her right leg off his shoulder. Keeping her legs straight but bending at the waist, she leant over and kissed the still-kneeling man on the mouth, tasting herself on his lips as she did so. Not removing her tongue from his, Lindsey reached down with her right hand and took her husband's penis into her hand, stroking it up and down until he started moaning into her mouth. Smiling, Lindsey broke the kiss and immediately her husband's mouth was on her breasts, sucking them greedily. Letting go of his penis, she placed her hands on the back of his head and let him run his tongue over her nipples as she knew he liked before she stood straight again and pulled him up too through gentle pressure on his arms. Once they stood face to face, Lindsey smiled warmly at her husband and lovingly ran her hand down his cheek before turning slowly to face away him.

Keeping her legs straight, Lindsey bent at the hip until her back was flat, and rested her hands on the arm of their leather sofa for support. Wiggling her bottom at him suggestively, Lindsey pushed it backward until she felt his manhood press against her cheeks. Still bent, she then bent her knees so that her his penis rested on her lower back before raising her hips again, catching his penis between her ass cheeks and pushing back further so that her buttocks trapped it vertically against his belly. Never having done this before, she started moving her hips in a circular motion, grinding her ass against his penis and belly, smiling to herself as she took his deep-throated moan as a sign of pleasure. She rotated her hips again, pushing back harder this time and sighed seductively as she felt his hands grip her by the waist, not to steer her, she realised, but as support for his weakening knees.

Continuing to tease her husband, Lindsey pushed back one more time as his hands snaked underneath her to grip her belly, before she let go of the armchair with her right hand and reached back between her legs to take his penis. Running her palm up and down his length twice, Lindsey widened her stance and then used her hand to slowly guide the tip of his manhood into the welcoming fold between her legs. Rocking backwards so that she slid herself down over him, she kept pushing until she felt her buttocks squash against her husband's hips. Slowly she drew herself back up, and then pushed down again, repeating the process tantalisingly slowly. Determined that this was her show and that she would control the pace, she established a steady rhythm, slowly increasing the tempo over time in order to match her need as well as his.

As the speed built, Lindsey realised that both she and her husband were starting to pant with exertion and need, and her partner's hands were becoming more desperate as they gripped her hips, her shoulders, and the inside of her thighs. Unable to hold back, he started matching her thrust for thrust and Lindsey happily abandoned control to him as his hands gripped her breasts and sent a new shockwave of pleasure through her, causing her back to arch her back involuntarily. Now dictated by her husband, the pace increased yet again and Lindsey cried out in pleasant surprise as an open palm struck her on her behind. Behind her, her husband spanked her again before moving one hand down to her belly, splaying his fingers over her navel and down to the top of her mound. Immediately as he did so, Lindsey's stomach muscles contracted with pleasure at the unexpected touch. Knowing that her own release would trigger that of her husband also, Lindsey pushed off from the armchair and stood vertically, reaching up and backward to grip the back of her husbands head to keep herself pressed tightly against him.

With her chest fully exposed, Lindsey quickly felt her husband's hands move from her belly to her breasts, cupping them tightly, and she heard a moan of pleasure in her ear. Biting her lips to stop herself crying out, she pushed herself back into her husband's lap as his next thrust lifted her to her toes. Turning her head to the side, Lindsey opened her lips and kissed her husband passionately, abandoning herself to the growing sensations in her groin and belly as he groaned with need into her mouth. Widening her stance, she gripped his head even harder as she was lifted upward again and then broke the kiss and cried out with pleasure as the first waves of orgasm raked through her body.

As her knees started to buckle, Lindsey felt her husband's grip on her torso deepen, holding her in place, and her body tightened its grip on his penis as she climaxed. Behind her, Lindsey's husband groan fervidly and then she felt his hips jerk forward into her buttocks as he spurted his seed deep inside her in response to the increased pressure from her vaginal muscles. Exhaling appreciatively at each additional thrust, Lindsey waited until her husband's orgasm subsided completely before twisting her head to kiss him deeply again, gently swaying her hips as she did so in order to milk every drop from her partner.

Quietly sated, Lindsey stood for a moment, allowing her husband's hands to roam over her front and caress the inside of her thighs as held each other, before turning slowly to face him. Lifting her hand to his face, Lindsey gently stroked his cheek and kissed him briefly again. "I love you," she whispered and turned away leaving her husband, lover, and best friend, utterly speechless behind her.

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