tagIncest/TabooMorning Surprise

Morning Surprise


NOTE: All characters were at least 18 years of age at the time these events.


This story is completely true and happened (according to my memory) exactly like this. This incest story involves both my mother and sister. Before I get started with the story I want to get the introductions out of the way. My sisters name is Rebecca, Becca for short (although I call her Becky which she hates). She stand about 5'4", weighing approx 110 pounds, red hair, green eyes, she has porn star quality D-cup breasts and an ass I would literally kill for and the tightest pussy in the world no matter how often we have sex. She was a senior in high school.

My mother is just a few inches taller at 5'6" 130ish pounds with brown hair and green eyes, huge DD boobs, unfortunately her ass leave one wanting more but it's still nice. Her pussy isn't as tight after having 3 kids but it's still the second best lay I've ever had although that's another story for another time, after all this story is about my sister.

Her head bounced up and down on my cock, her red hair flying all around. I was speechless as I lied on my bed while my baby sis sucked my 7inch cock. Reaching down my right hand cups her left D-cup breast while my other hand is unhooking her bra. I struggle while the clasp a couple times before finally freeing her magnificent boobs. Now with both hands I start to fondle her tits, pinching her nipples. Her lips continued to envelop my cock not even flinching when I twist her nipples real hard. God I'm so close but I don't say anything, I so badly want to cum in her mouth and am afraid she'll pull her heavenly lips of if I tell her. All of a sudden there's a knock on my door.

"Chris, you in there?" my mother asks. "Hurry up or you're going to be late."

Huh, late for what? I think to myself. I don't say a word fearing my voice will give us away from the pleasure I am receiving. "Do I have to do everything myself?" my mother mutters to herself. "I'm coming in. Oh crap, what am I going to do? If my mother sees my topless sister sucking my dick I'm dead for sure. While the rational side of me was thinking clearly the emotional side was thinking a little differently. Fuck her, I've been waiting for this for years, no way am I gonna throw away a blowjob from my dream girl/sister. My sister turned her head off my dick as the door slowly opened. We both froze watching in horror. Whether from the superb blowjob, the fact I haven't came in nearly a week, the fact my sister was topless, in my room, sucking me or the thrill/fear that I was about to get caught I started cumming, and when I cum there's tons of it everywhere. The first spurt hit her mouth, second her neck, third, fourth, fifth and sixth covered her perfect tits. I was so dead, but that felt so good I didn't care. After my mother and sisters eyes met my sis turned her head back to my and smiled. At first I was confused, what the hell was there to smile at? We were both gonna die. Then all of a sudden my lil sis lowered her head back onto my now deflating cock. She started lick it clean, she was devouring all her saliva and my cum making me rock hard in seconds. My mother walked forward and placed her hand on my shoulder. She sure didn't seem angry.

"Chris, Chris," she called my name. "Wake up, you're gonna be late for work." God dammit I was just dreaming. After a few seconds when I didn't open my eyes she ripped of my covers, not knowing I slept nude that night on account it was so hot. Well, there was one truth to my dream, I did cum in real life. I opened my eyes, my mother standing over me, her eyes glued to my hard cock and half-gallon of cum coating my cock, balls, thigh and some of my lower abdomen. She glanced back at me, I immediately closed my eyes. Better she think I'm a perv and leaving that having to talk about this now, I decided. But she didn't, leave that is, instead she brought her hand down to my cock and touched the head. My dick immediately jerked causing her had to fly back a few inches. After a couple of seconds she moved her finger to my taut abs. she used but one finger to gather a small amount of cum, moved her finger to her face and smelled it. I couldn't help but get more aroused by this, thankfully my cock couldn't get any harder to she might not notice. My eyes were barely open but what I saw next was so fucking hot. My mother opened her mouth slightly and inserted her finger. My own mother was eating her only sons cum. This is where I finally decided that I was gonna fuck my little sister no matter what. With as horny as I was it was no surprise to me when I started cumming the same time she stuck her cum covered finger in her mouth. Seeing my cock squirting my semen all over my legs and sheets jerked her back to her senses. She turned around quickly and left my room.

Ten minutes later I came out of my room wearing just a pair of boxers. My mother was downstairs and as soon as she saw me she said, "good, you're awake. I've gotta get going for..." she paused for a second her eyes wandering down to my semi-erect penis bulging in my boxers. "...for work. I got called in early. So it's your job to wake your sister, get her ready for school, and make some breakfast for you and her."

"Okey dokey mom. Can do." I replied.

She walked towards me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Her body was pressed so tight I know she could feel my dick. I couldn't help myself and my cock started to grow, again. As soon as she felt this she broke her hug. "Ok, time to go. Have fun at work."

As it was only 6:30a.m., Becca left for school at 8:30 and my job didn't start till 10:00 I had, after that wondrous dream, planned on jacking off 2 or 3 times before taking a shower. Of course I had to wait for my sis to leave first. I could hear the shower start down the hall which meant Becca was getting ready for school. I decided I should start breakfast now so it was ready by the time she got out. I hooked up my iPod to our home theater system and started some rock music, then proceeded back to the kitchen to start the food. I had only gotten the bacon and hash browns done when my sister walked through the door connecting the hall to the kitchen. I never head the shower stop due to the music and she didn't know I was awake and our mother had left. What I didn't know was that while I never woke up before 9:00 my sister used that time to walk around before school wearing just a thong. She walked right past me to the table and sat down, her back to me. She never even saw me in front of the stove. Even though I only saw the side on her boobs and her scantily clad ass cheeks my cock jumped right to attention.

Holy shit! I thought. What am I going to do? My sister is sitting at the dinner table waiting for food my mother usually cooks but instead her brother is, wearing almost nothing while her brother has a raging boner from her and the dream of her sucking his cock and vowing he was going to fuck her if it killed him. Suddenly my "evil side" had a though. Well, if she can walk around wearing that then why can't I walk around wearing nothing? Somehow my "evil side" won without my "good side" knowing there was even a fight. When I regained my senses my boxers have been thrown into the washroom and I couldn't retrieve them without my sis seeing me.

"Mom! It the food done yet?" she asked.

I panicked for a few second before grabbing a plate, loading it with food and holding it over her shoulder. I had hope she would take it and I could disappear while she was eating. The only problem I had with my plan was that it sucked. She turned her head starting right in to my lower abs and pubic area. Her eyes froze on my cock for what seemed like an hour then she slowly ran her eyes up my body to my eyes. "Hey Chris, where's mom?" She had decided to act as if nothing were out of the ordinary and like hell if I was gonna act differently.

"She was called in early." I said while grabbing myself some breakfast and sitting down just like a normal family...minus the cock and tits and ass cheeks.

"Bummer...she was gonna help me pick out my clothes for today." She started talking while never taking her eyes off her food. "Well, you could always help."

My cock twitched at the thought of seeing her change. Now I know what your thinking, a almost naked sister asks her naked brother to help her pick out her bra and everything, she must want to sleep with me, right? Wrong, unfortunately for me this was how she always acted. She would often walk in while I was in the shower and use the toilet, or start her shower while I was using the toilet, on rare occasions when I interrupted her masturbation sessions she would talk to me while continuing to pleasure herself but I can guarantee you she had absolutely no desire to have any sort of sexual relations with me. I quickly agreed to her suggestion and we both headed for her room, leaving the empty plates on the table. I was hypnotized watching her ass cheeks while she walked, she stopped mid-step causing me to bump into her. My cock wedged itself between her ass cheeks. Without moving her body she turned her head and looked at my cock and her ass, looked at me and said, "I think he likes it there."

My face turned red and I back away from her reluctantly pulling my dick from the confines of her perfect ass. "Sorry." I said looking down at the floor.

"It's fine, I've been meaning to try out anal, you almost beat me to it." Not only was I shocked but my cock was even more surprised. I started cumming on her ass even more than when I was receiving a "blowjob." I know it's pathetic, cumming 3 times that morning without even being touched but if you saw my sister you'd probably cum just from seeing her clothed. "Chris!? How could you? She squealed with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I...I...I..." I stammer at a loss for words.

"Great now I have to change my panties too." She said to no one in particular, and with that she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her thong and slipped it down her legs. When she bent over to pick up her panties her shaved pussy came into view. Upon seeing this I knew I couldn't hold back anymore. I placed my right hand on her hip and used my left to guide my cock to heaven. My cock hovered in front of her pussy lips for a millisecond before pushing forward. It's a good thing I had already came 3 times or I would've blown it right here and now with just my head in her pussy. I had my whole cock inside her cunt before she had time to react. She turned her head to look at me and said, "What the fuck do you think you're doing? Stop right now and I won't tell anyone anything, not even mom."

I felt bad about doing this against her will but I couldn't bring myself to pull out. "I'm sorry Becky," my voice started to crackle near the end. I started to pull out and saw an expression of relief on her face, when just my head was left inside I pushed back in as hard as I could. Her expressions changed from relief to disgust then to pleasure. Upon bottoming out my balls bounced up and hit her clit. (While I didn't know at the time my little sister was an orgasm addict. She was a virgin but had broken her hymen while using her first toy, which happened to be my DVD player's remote, what I thought had been water damage was actually cum damage.) As my balls hit her clit a wave of pleasure made her forget exactly what was happening. I continued my relentless assault on my sisters' pussy, between my cock inside her and my balls hitting her clit she was going nuts. After the first minute she was really getting into this, her hips would rock back in perfect sync with my thrusts. I was fucking my sister and she was getting off on it. She was moaning and groaning and grunting then she suddenly stopped moving her hips. I was worried at first; worried that she finally realized exactly what was happening and wanted this to end. It didn't take long before I found out why she had stopped, her body started trembling and I could feel her pussy getting wetter and tighter. Her cunts constrictions on my cock pushed me over the edge. I shoved my cock as deep as I could and came inside her sweet pussy. I had never cum so much in my life. Take all three of my morning orgasms and add them together, that's how much semen I deposited inside her.

I pulled my cock out, and I could hear her mumble in protest as my cock left her my cum started pouring out between her lips. I held my hand out to gather most of it, when it looked like whatever was left wanted to stay inside I reached around and grabbed her right tit with my cum covered hand. I played with her tit for a good minute, until my cum was either on the carpet beneath her, or worked into her soft flesh. As I pulled my hand away I heard her whimpering, as if she wanted more. "Don't worry, we're not done yet sis." I grabbed my cock and guided it to her sopping wet hole and gave a push. I pumped it into her a few times before pulling out. She had a mixed facial expression of sadness and anger which quickly disappear when she felt my head on her flesh. I started to push again only this time I was using another hole.

"Chris, please don't, I've never had anything bigger than a finger in there," She pleaded. Her plea fell on deaf ears. I have wanted this ass for as long as I have been getting boners. It was quite hard to force my dick in there, almost as if her ass hole didn't want me inside her. Once my head entered it became much easier. Upon feeling the tightness of her ass, once again my evil side won. I had planned on being gently and slowly inching my way inside her but now after feeling her hot ass first hand I thrust as hard as I could forcing my cock inside her in once push. She must've been in pure ecstasy or in a lot of pain because as soon as my cock was inside her tiny ass she fainted. Now don't get me wrong, I normally wouldn't have had anal sex with my sister while she was passed out unless I thought she wanted it, and after her comment of wanting to try it I couldn't resist.

I started to slowly slide in and out of her ass. The tightness wasn't gonna let me take this slow, I was gonna cum and it was going to be soon. After pumping her ass for maybe 30 seconds she woke up. Without knowing I had brought her to another orgasm through anal sex. I thought her pussy was tight when she came, but the room inside my baby sisters' ass halved in size while she came. I couldn't take anymore and came deep inside her. I pulled out just in time to give one last spurt of cum right on her ass cheeks. I fell on the floor next to my sister and passed out. As my eyes closed I could see she was still quivering from her last orgasm.

Hours later I awoke to find my naked sister still laying next to me, my cum dripping from her ass and pussy, mixing with her own juices on the floor. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and spread her lips causing more cum to spill out. My dick started getting hard again; I might have to fuck this girl again. I started stroking my cock while playing with her pussy. After just a couple of minutes I started cumming again, I aimed my dick and covered her tits and part of her stomach. I moved up towards her head, I might as well get that blowjob I was dreaming about. About 3 inches of my dick was in her mouth when I heard a noise. My iPod was still playing from breakfast so I hadn't heard the car pull up, or the door open, or any footsteps, but I heard this part.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU TWO ARE DOING????" my mother screamed at the top of her lungs. My fingers were deep inside my little sisters' pussy by this time and after that hard fucking she was still mighty sensitive. Not more than a second after my mother say us I brought my sister to climax, she began to tremble, not only did my mother see her son and daughter naked, my cock in her mouth, cum on her tits and stomach, cum on the ground from her pussy/ass and my fingers inside her cunt but she also witnessed my sisters first squirting orgasm.

This is the end of the first sex story I had within the family however there are more, if people like this one I might just write about the time I had sex with my mother (with the help of a little alcohol), or about the second time my sister and I had sex (of course she doesn't know about the second time).

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