Mortal Kombat: The Sorcerer's Slave

byMackenzie Taylor©

At six foot six or seven he was a giant compared to her. His upper body was very muscular and tapered down to a narrow waist. His body was very white, almost as if he painted it but she didn't think that he did. She'd smoothed her hand over his abdomen earlier, with nothing rubbing off onto her fingers. He had been wearing only a pair of black leather pants and she'd noted that his bare feet were as white as the rest of him.

His body and head were strangely hairless. He didn't even have eyebrows or eyelashes. His lips were black and around his eyes as well. The black from his eyes formed two straight lines that ran over the top of his head and down his neck. He had a round red jewel embedded in his forehead and red markings covered his head between the black lines. He had red markings on his arms and back as well.

She just didn't know what to make of him. And the throbbing in her head didn't help, so she just sat there for a bit willing her head to stop aching and hoping to god that she didn't have some kind of irreversible brain damage from all the blows she seemed to be taking lately. Tears welled up in her eyes but she willed them not to fall. She just needed some time to assess her situation. Freaking out and having a crying jag just wasn't going to help.

Twenty minutes later she walked out of the bathroom, showered and clean. She was wrapped in a towel that covered her more like a blanket. She sat on the big four poster bed next to Quan Chi and started finger combing her hair. He conjured a black obsidian comb and handed it to her.

"Oh. Thank you." She said, taking the comb and carefully began running it through her hair. He watched her for a while as she worked the knots out of her long hair.

"When you're finished I need to have a look at your head." He finally told her.

"There's nothing wrong with my head." Of course that wasn't necessarily true, it was actually throbbing like a bitch but she chose to ignore that. A little pain never really hurt anyone. In fact it made you realize that you were still alive.

"I disagree, little one. You took a blow to the back of your skull and were apparently out for two days." He told her matter of factly, not in the mood to be argued with.

"Maybe I'm still out of it. Maybe this is how being in a coma works." She knew she wasn't in a coma because all of this was much too real, but god only knew where she was and why.

He blinked then comprehended what she was saying. "Gods! You actually think I'm a figment of your imagination?" He asked becoming irritated with her stubbornness.

"If you are then you're a damn sight better than the slavers," she said.

She'd had enough of this conversation already and stood up to walk away. He grabbed her arm, stopping her. He stood to his full height of six foot seven and looked down his nose at her. She swallowed hard but refused to back down. She folded her arms over her breast and stuck her chin in the air.

"Nobody walks away from me!" He snarled.

"Get bent!" She snarled back.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her up and pressed a bruising kiss to her lips. She was stiff for a moment but then wound her arms around his neck, enjoying the feel of his tongue, which was sort of rough, like a cats. He pulled away and looked down at her with a wicked smile. He picked her up, tossed her gently on the bed, and crawled over her. He bent down and started kissing her. He tangled his hands in the back of her hair but stopped when he heard her give a pained gasp.

"Are you okay?"

"My head."

"Fuck! I'm sorry. I forgot." He sat up and pulled her onto his lap and started examining the back of her head. She still had a bump the size of a goose egg.

"Don't move." He told her.


"Just don't."

He took a breath and focused his mind as his hands started glowing green. He chanted under his breath for a few moments and Mac felt a pleasant I just had hot cocoa on a cold day kind of warmth seep into her body and her head immediately started feeling better.

"Wow." She said when he was done.

"Not really." He shook his head almost angrily. "It's annoying. I had to actually chant because I'm not a healer."

It was the one thing that Quan Chi had never mastered when it came to magic. He'd never felt the need to. He knew a few basic spells to get him by if he ever needed it but other than that he had a why bother attitude toward healing.

"You don't have to chant with other things?" Mac asked.


"I'm impressed." And she was.

"Hmh. Anywhere else?" He asked.

She opened the towel to show him the blue black skin over her ribs and winced when he gave an ugly hiss. His eyes went completely black and she could actually see the shadows in the room start to rise and darken.

"If it makes you feel better, I broke his nose." She gave him a winning smile that said yay I beat up the bully in the school yard please don't be mad anymore.

"I suppose that makes up for it a bit." His eyes became normal again as the shadows lightened. He chanted as he ran a hand over her ribs. When he was done she took a deep breath and it didn't hurt.

"You are amazing." She smiled up at him and lightly ran a hand down his shoulder to circle a nipple. "Let's finish."

He sighed and pushed the desire coursing through him to the back of his brain. "You need to rest. The circles under your eyes are nearly black."

"I've been sleeping for two days." She said grumpily.

"No, you were in a coma. You still need to rest though."

"Maybe you're right," she said with a yawn. "Think you can wrangle me up some clothes?"

"Of course." His mouth tipped at the corner. "I'll see to it personally." He was becoming more charmed by her accent every time she spoke.

"Thanks." She made herself comfortable and he reached out and closed the bed curtains.

"Hope you're real." He heard her sigh as she fell into a dreamless sleep.

The last thing that she heard was his command to sleep.

"Nobody in or out," Quan Chi told the two gray soul warriors who stood guard at the door.

"Yes, Master." They both answered tonelessly at the same time.

Quan Chi walked casually down the hall toward his office, but his thoughts were in turmoil. He contemplated her words and actions. Women didn't normally enjoy his company, let alone feel attracted to him. She acknowledged that not only did she find him attractive but she was also very accepting of magic. This girl was very unique. Or still convinced she was in a coma. Either way he was going to take advantage of the situation. He was so tired of sublimating his desires. He wanted to indulge himself for once.


Mac opened the door and was greeted by two identical spectral warriors crossing swords over the door. They were gray as if the color had been leached from them and their eyes glowed an unholy red. She couldn't help but note that they both wore kilts with leather boots and not much else. Their hair, she could almost tell was auburn. They were big handsome Scots and she had to wonder if all the men of this place were going to be hotties. Their swords were extremely large. Claymore was the name that popped into her head. Thank you history channel.

"None shall pass." They both said simultaneously.

"Okay." Mac said warily. "I was just wondering-"

"None shall pass." The warriors said again.

"I understand that, I'm looking for-"

"None shall pass."

"That's annoying, stop it!" she said finally becoming more irritated than wary.

"Okay, you can pass," one said and they uncrossed swords.


"No." The swords went up again. "None shall pass."

"Oh, that wasn't nice!" She slammed the door.

Mac stomped back into the room, fuming as she heard them laughing, and threw herself back down on the bed. She had woken up after a few hours and couldn't seem to get herself back to sleep. And now she was imprisoned in this room and she was still wearing a freaking towel. Quan Chi had clothing but none of it would fit her. Not to mention he had some pretty strange taste.

"You seek an audience?" Quan Chi asked appearing in the room, in a slight puff of smoke and what looked like threads of green electricity.

His sudden appearance scared the crap out of her and her resulting shriek made Quan Chi chuckle.

"Ass!" She put her hand over her heart.

"You're going to call me names? And after I very kindly brought you the clothing that you requested?" He sounded hurt in a fake way.

"Clothes?" She looked down at the bits of fabric and metal in his hands. "Um, that's not clothing."

"Sure it is." He smiled showing a row of perfect white teeth.

"No. It's not. It's a couple scraps of cloth and some metal bits."

"Exactly. Clothing."

She opened her mouth to argue but stopped as Quan Chi made a motion with his hand that spun her in a circle. Her towel disappeared and then he threw the clothing, which attached itself to her body.

"Perfect." He said with a smile.

Mac looked down at herself with a frown. She was wearing what amounted to a leather string bikini. It was being held together with gold chains instead of strings. There were also thin golden adornments running up and down her left leg and right arm.

"Finishing touches," Quan Chi said waving a hand.

Golden, emerald studded cuffs appeared around her wrist and ankles and a collar around her neck. She reached up and fingered a small loop with an emerald attached to it. She automatically knew that a leash could be attached to the loop. Her hair wove itself into two loose braids that hung down the front of her body.

"Holy cow! I look like I just stepped out of a Boris Vallejo painting," she said sarcastically.

"I don't know this Boris Vallejo but if he paints such things, he must have good taste."

"I don't, ulp-", Quan Chi grabbed the loop on her collar and pulled her up until she was on her tip toes.

"Shhh" he said putting a finger to her lips. "Spin around please. I would like to have a look at all of you."

She nodded frantically and he let her collar go. At this point she would normally be practicing her martial arts skill on him but decided to do what he said, not only because she knew for a fact that he was a sorcerer, but because his bare chest rippled with muscles, suggesting that he could make her do what he wanted. He wouldn't even need to bother with any magic. His size was just too much of an advantage. And she knew that his mind would be much too strong for her own magic.

She spun in a circle as he pursued her body. He nodded with satisfaction at his choices. Hers as well. After he'd put an end to her first argument, she looked like she was going to try it again but then thought better.

"You learn quickly." Quan Chi commented.

Mac shrugged not knowing quite what to say.

"And how is your head?"

"It doesn't hurt anymore." She said quietly.

"Excellent." He touched her hair. "Your looks are unique. Tell me of your ancestry."

"My mother is half Indian on her father's side."

"I don't get to Earthrealm very much. Is that dot or feather?"

"Feather," she said tightly.

"Plains people." He nodded then frowned. "Shouldn't your skin be darker?"

"Yes. All I seemed to have gotten from my mother's side was the hair, eyes, and size." She shrugged. "The rest came from my father's side. My great great grandfather was Serbian."

"Interesting." He walked around her. "I'm quite fascinated by your size as well."

"Most of the women in my family are small. I'm the smallest though. I barely top out at five foot."

"Everything about you is tiny," he said running a hand down her shoulder, to pick up her hand and look at her delicate fingers.

"I only look tiny because you're tall." Her neck was getting a crick. "Very tall."

"Yes. I am rather large. Even for my own people."

"So what are you?" she asked after debating with herself about whether she should.

"What do you mean?"

"Look, dude, I'm not stupid. If you're human I'll-"

"You'll what?"

"Well, I'm not sure." She mumbled.

"Are you hungry?" He asked out of the blue.

"Yeah." Her stomach chose that moment to growl.

"Excellent." He said as there was a knock on the door. "Perfect timing."

Quan Chi waved his hand and opened the door, admitting one of his spectral servants bearing a tray of food and drink. He sat the tray on the bed and left.

"I'm afraid since we're in the Neatherrealm your choices are somewhat limited." He said speaking of the food.

"You don't have tables in the Neatherrealm?" she asked looking pointedly at the tray on the bed.

"I suppose I could eat off your body." He said with a smile that made her belly jump just a bit.

"You're avoiding my question. What are you?" She asked doggedly.

"This is the Netherrealm. Hell."

She frowned and then it dawned on her.

"You're," she paused. "A demon?"

"Smart girl."


"Don't know what to say about your new master being demon?"

"Master?" One of her eyebrows went up in a perfect Mr. Spock imitation.

"I did buy you from the slave market." Quan Chi reminded her.

He watched Mac's eyelids sweep down and cover the overwhelming emotions that played in her eyes. She sat down, reached out and carefully picked up a cup but quickly put it down when she realized that her hands were shaking too badly to not spill. Her brain was frantically trying to process the fact that she was now a slave. She did some deep breathing exercises and gave a pep talk to her inner self, who was having a panic attack. Something along the lines of they were definitely in a tight spot but they would be able to get out of it. Maybe. Possibly.

"Tell me, little one." Quan Chi rubbed the jewel in his forehead thoughtfully. "If you can't even get past my guards, how do you think you'll be able to escape the Netherrealm?"

"How did you-"

"Know what you're thinking?" He laughed. "Because the same thoughts would be going through my own head if I were in your place."

The tray of food disappeared and then reappeared on the floor next to the bed. He gently grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down. He straddled her and held her hands above her head, delighting as her whole body began to shake. His eyes blackened, even the whites.

"If you do happen to get away and lead me on a merry chase," He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Just know that I would find you. And I would punish you."

He dug a finger deeply into the pressure point on her wrist, stopping when she screamed. He ran a soothing finger over her wrist.

"Have I made my point clear enough?"

"Yes!" she gasped

"Excellent." He sat up, his eyes returning to normal, and rubbed his hands together happily. "Now let's eat."

The food reappeared and Mac knew she would have to force herself to eat. She was almost nauseas but knew that she would need her strength in the coming days because no matter what he had just told her, she was getting the hell out of here. He had pretty much clinched it in her mind with his display force.

"Shall I feed you?" Quan Chi asked holding out a small round fruit."

"Please don't ruin the party any more than you all ready have." Mac said, scooting away from him and taking a small bite of fruit from the tray.

"You liked me earlier." Quan Chi said popping the fruit into his mouth.

"That's before you started channeling the Marquis de Sade." She held up her wrist for his inspection. "It's already starting to bruise."

Quan Chi captured her wrist and brought it to his mouth, licking the already blackened bruise.

"A thing of beauty."

"If you mistreat me, I'm not going to be nearly as compliant as you'd like me to be."

"I suppose you're right." He said with a sigh.

"I am." She tried to smile reassuringly. "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

"Are you a fly then?"

"I've already decided that I'm attracted to you Quan Chi. Please don't make me regret it." She said trying to make him understand her logic.

"You're serious?" He asked incredulously. "You really are attracted to me?"

"Some woman beat the hell out of your ego, didn't she?"

"I'm a six foot seven, overly muscular, demon sorcerer. Most women are frightened of me." He reached out and stroked her cheek. "But not you."

"I have an innate sense of self preservation."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I feel," she paused trying to think how to put it. "That you, for the most part, don't plan on turning any of your malevolence on me. You don't really want to hurt me."

At this point if she hadn't known for sure that he was a magic user she would have made a push with her own magic. He was very strong minded though and she knew he would sense it so all she did was speak calmly.

"True." He said thoughtfully.

"You want other things from me. You want to enjoy my company."

"True again."

"I'm American. I won't-" he watched her nervously clench and unclench her fist. "take well to slavery."

"If it makes you feel better little one then we will use the word consort. It's more fitting anyway."


"Because you won't be required to do anything but fulfill my sexual needs."

"Oh my god."

"The gods are toothless. They can't help you." Quan Chi sneered. "This is between you and me little one. I honestly don't think you'll have a problem with your duties though. You proved that most admirably earlier."

"There is something so wrong with me," she said with a groan.

"I'll concede to that. You are attracted to me."

"It's the bad boy thing." She sighed and looked at him, her black eyes filled with tears. "My last boyfriend put me in the hospital, in intensive care."

"What?" Quan Chi straitened, looking down at her.

"I wasn't stupid or anything. I dated him for a month and realized that he wasn't what he seemed. He wasn't a nice man at all. I tried to break it off with him and he didn't take it very well. I remember he surprised me by showing up at my apartment. I told him to leave. He shoved me and I fell down the stairs. I woke up a week later in the hospital." If she'd anticipated it she would have broken his arm instead of having her head cracked open.

"What did you do?"

"When I woke up he came to my room and threatened me. I played along and told the police that I tripped and fell down the stairs."


"He had money and I knew that if he went to jail he would just bail himself out and things would really get ugly." She shrugged and put a small piece of fruit in her mouth. Not to mention she refused to get another man put in prison.

"But you left him?"

"Oh, hell yeah! The minute I could get off the bed, I snuck out. Went back to my apartment, packed a few things, and got the hell out of town."

"I see."

"Do you?" She smiled wickedly. "Want to know what my philosophy on sex is?"

"Do tell." He said intrigued.

"I think when it comes to sex if it's not rough it isn't fun. But too rough too much of a good thing."

"So I should fuck you within an inch of your life but not use whips or chains?"

"Sounds good to me." She sighed. "I'm more than willing to give this a chance Quan Chi. I really do need a vacay from real life."

Working double shifts at the Burgerramma had really been starting to take its toll on her. She'd started seeing burgers in her sleep. She felt like soon she'd turn into a burger.

"Tell me this man's name and where his lives." Quan Chi ordered.

"His name was Bob Thornton. He was driving drunk and killed himself and a family in a mini-van a few weeks after I left town."

"Hmh." He sounded disappointed.


"I was going to bring you his head."

"His head?"

"Yes, but since that's not possible I will take you to desecrate his grave." Qaun Chi said with a ruthless smile.

"Oh." She paused. "Thank you?"

"We will go tomorrow then."

"How thoughtful of you. I'm touched." And she really was. In a what the fuck kind of way. "But you know I would really just rather forget Bob and focus all of my energies on you."

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