Mortal Kombat vs DCU: Dark Desires


"You want this just as much as I do," he said. "Don't you?"

"There's no use denying it, is there?" She asked, her lashes fluttering as she studied his face.

"No." He replied simply.

"Then by Hera take me!" She said fervently, grabbing his face and bringing his mouth to hers, thirsting for his kiss. It was full and deep, and Wonder Woman moaned with satisfaction around it.

Batman took her by the waist and pulled her close to him, his shaft pressing against her hot slit.

Wonder Woman felt so long and thick as it pulsated warmly against her thigh. She wondered what it would taste like, how it would feel to have it spurting down her throat...

There was no chance to discover that for herself, however, as Batman took her in his arms and picked her up, never breaking their kiss as he walked her across the cave to the computer bank.

She shivered as her warm ass was deposited on the cold surface of the console. It was a shiver that turned into a delicious ripple that wracked her body as, after he broke from their kiss, Batman lent down to skim his lips along her thighs.

His hands were on her knees, parting her legs, his eyes once again burning red as the desire between the two of them mounted.

"Ah!" Wonder Woman gasped as Batman took a long, teasing lick from her the back of her knee up along her curvaceous leg. His fingers were on the outer folds of her pussy, parting it open in a lewd display. "Ohhh!"

He took an exploratory lick of her slit, giving it the lightest of touches with the tip of his tongue.

"Sappho's mercy!" Wonder Woman moaned. "Stop teasing me!"

For the first time during this entire encounter, Batman smirked. He looked up at her as he took a broad lick of her bubbling cunt, finishing with a swirl of her clit, making her jolt against him.

"Fuck!" She grunted with sudden, rushing joy.

"I think that's the first time I've ever heard you swear, Princess." Batman said, taking another hungry lick of her slit.

"Oounnh!" Wonder Woman shuddered, before replying. "Keep that up and it won't be the fucking last...Auh!"

From her vantage point, she could see the array of security monitors broadcasting scenes from around the Batcave. On three screens she saw Kitana and Sonya Blade, stroking each other's breasts as they fiercely made out, Sonya's fingers seeking out Kitana's hot little quim and making her yelp with sudden delight.

"By Raiden's fucking might!" She cursed, shaking under Sonya's ministrations.

On all the other monitors, and from multiple angles, Wonder Woman could see herself, her breasts heaving, her legs spread wide in a shocking, pornographic display as Batman enthusiastically lapped at her.

The sight proved intoxicating to her, encouraging her to help Batman's efforts by spreading her cuntlips open for him with two of her fingers.

"Mmmnnnnm!" Wonder Woman moaned as he quickly took advantage of her opening, bathing her exposed slot with his tongue.

She clenched her teeth and braced her legs as she felt him sink his fingers in her searing pinkness, her hands whipping out to grab the ears of his cowl like they were handles and using them to push his face further into her pussy.

"Lick me, Bruce! Eat my cunney!"

"Your wish is my command, your highness." He replied, unleashing a series of expert moves on her mound, taking delving licks into her, suckling her clit, flickering his tongue up and down the length of her folds.

"Hera's sweet cunt that feels so good!" She gasped in a pleasure-soaked drawl.

Batman whirled his tongue around her clit like a propeller as he pushed his fingers in and out of her, running them against her engorged g-spot. He popped them out just as she let out a rapturous scream --


-- before placing one finger against the small, puckered ring of her asshole and pushing it gently but firmly into her. Her scream of pleasure doubled in intensity as her lungs struggled to suck in air.

"Aaaaaaauuuungh! Fffuck! Fffuck! Oh fuck!"

He traced letters and numbers in the wet creases of her pussy and suckled on her throbbing clitoris, even as he tenderly fingered her ass.

He added his thumb to the assault, pressing it against the opening to her cunt. He allowed her to feel it there, to tremble at the pressure of it, before he started to sink it into her.

"Gr--great Gaia!" She exclaimed, her lips quivering, her hips rolling as he planted his thumb as deep as he could.

His thumb in her pussy, his tongue on her clit, his finger in her ass, and all of them moving in unison, driving Diana steadily toward ecstasy...

"Bruce! Bruce! Oh fuck! Fuck! I'm going to -- I'm going fucking cccuuummm!"

She pulled back hard on his mask, exposing his face and his black hair, matted with sweat. Her eyes were closed and her body was tight as she drew closer and closer to the edge, her body once again in desperate need of release.

Taking advantage of her state, Batman rose up, yanked his utility belt off, threw it aside, took his cock in hand and in one focused thrust sheathed himself entirely in her drenched, simmering pussy.

"By! The! Goooddeesssssssss!" She screamed, panted and wailed as the sum totality of her pleasure hit her in one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever experienced, her pussy blasting around Batman's driving cock -- he was showing no mercy to her predicament, fucking her hard and deep as she came, never allowing the bliss to abate.

"Ohhhh Hera! Ohh Hera! OhhHera!!" She howled with every pump of his thick dick. She knotted her ankles around his ass, her boots squeaking against one another as she pushed him deeper into her, wanting to feel every solid inch of him.

His face unmasked, Wonder Woman could see just how much he was enjoying the thrill of their union, his teeth gritted but his eyes open and studying her with lascivious satisfaction.

He watched as her wondrous tits bounced with every driving thrust of his shaft, her hair curling with sweat around her face, her pussy parted wide to receive his dick.

Wonder Woman glanced to the side and, through the heat haze of their fucking, she could see the other women watching them, coiled around each other and masturbating one another's pussies as they moaned their encouragement.

"Fuck her! Fuck her good!" Sonya hissed over and over again, like a mantra, as she pounded four of her fingers in and out of Kitana's aching cunt.

"Make the proud bitch cuuuummm!" Kitana squealed, her fingernails sharp on Sonya's face as she licked and kissed at the blonde's neck, her other hand busy frigging her one-time opponent's clit.

A small smile found Wonder Woman's face. He had fucked the other two but it was for her that he'd saved the force of his release. She suddenly wanted to feel it more than anything else.

She looked deep into his blue eyes as she growled,

"Cum for me, Bruce! I want your cock to explode deep in me -- I want to feel the warm rush of it in my pussy. I want it so badly! Please, Bruce! Please!"

She thrust her cunt back at him with every word to emphasise her frantic request, her hands holding firm to his shoulders.

"I...I..." Batman, for once, was lost for words. She delighted in that little loss of control. He was always so staid, so held together. To see him like this, to see him desperate for sent a chill through her body that pooled in her loins and made her pussy grip tightly to his pistoning cock.

A roar built up in Batman's chest that clawed for freedom from his throat, and he let it out in a primal scream of gratification as his cock started to blast deep in her cunt.

"Aaaauuunh! Oh fuck! Fuck!" He grunted as he fired load after sticky load into Wonder Woman's sucking cunt, his shaft lodged so deep inside her it felt like it was practically brushing her uterus.

"That's it! That's it! Oooooh yeeeesssss!' She moaned joyfully, luxuriating in the sensation of his member twitching, throbbing, filling her up. "Oh, Bruce! Bruce!"

She drew him close to her and locked him into a wave of kisses, overwhelming with their passion.

He pulled out of her just in time for the last salvo of his discharge to splash on her inner thighs, the gluey white liquid bathing her already saturated mound and clumping in her dark thatch of pubic hair.

Kitana and Sonya Blade, drawn by the promise of Batman's climax and both of them stripped bare naked, appeared now on either side of the superhero couple, and with forceful relish they inserted themselves between the two.

Wonder Woman let out a harsh cry of delight as Sonya opened her mouth to lap at the thick river of semen and pussyfluid that streamed from the Amazonian's sopping cunt. The Mortal Kombatant moaned contentedly as she gobbled up every drop she could find of the Dark Knight's jizz, swallowing it along with Wonder Woman's dripping juices.

Kitana, meanwhile, was busy deepthroating Batman, whirling her tongue around every inch of his cock and sucking up every last glob of cum. Though she was looking up at Batman with adoration, he had eyes for no one but Wonder Woman.

He stared at her with an intensity that made Diana burn with evermore desire. She wanted nothing more than to be with him, to feel his touch, his kiss, the dark thrill of his body against hers all over again. Even as she shuddered with the bliss of Sonya's tongue sponging her pussy, she could only think of him.

Kitana slurped on the head of Batman's cock, her mouth now full of his spent semen. She played with it on her tongue, swirling it around her mouth, and when she felt Sonya's hand on her shoulder she turned to join the busty blonde in a full-mouthed kiss.

"Ooohh!" They moaned as they swapped the fluids they'd sucked up between the two of them, the excess liquid spilling over their full lips and spattering on their chins.

As they licked up the last strands, their bodies began to ripple with the same yellow energy that had heralded their arrival into the Batcave, and in a sudden burst of light they were gone...

Wonder Woman shook her head. She would have thought it was all a dream if not for Batman standing there in front of her, unmasked and cock exposed, his breath now returning to normal after the intensity of his ejaculation, of their fucking.

"Diana..." He started to say, but was suddenly distracted by her hand once again finding her messy pussy, her fingers sinking into her hot pink slit.

"The world can wait, Bruce..." She purred. "I want Round Two."

He smirked in response, his eyes flashing red.

"If you don't stop touching yourself like that, I'll have no choice but to..."

"...But to what?" She asked, twisting her fingers in her cunt and making herself squirm.

"...but to fuck you in your beautiful ass." He ended, taking hold of her knees. His dick was already hard again.

Wonder Woman grinned -- and stuck her fingers even deeper in her pussy, the wetness of it squishing around her knuckles.

"Round Two it is." Batman said with a devilish grin, and pulled her into a kiss...

The End

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