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Is there anything as sweet as leaving the office late Friday afternoon, going out to meet the guys for some beers and knowing that the evening, the whole weekend, is just stretched out ahead waiting for you? Friday night, then Saturday sleeping late, maybe some football in the park, tooling around, meeting someone for dinner…

“Mr. Narr, Ms Morzhay said she wanted to see you before you left for the day.”

I stopped, not ten paces away from the door that led from the offices of Morzhay Cosmetics and out to freedom.

“She did? Now? Oh. Thank you Jennifer.” Goddamn it.

With Morzhay’s secretary looking at me with a knowing grin, I couldn’t just make a run for it and disobey the boss’ direct summons. But calling me in for a sudden meeting like this on a Friday afternoon was not a good sign. When they wanted to axe you at Morzhay, they did it on a Friday afternoon, so by the time you realized what had happened, they’d all be safely away from the office.

Still, I’d only been here two months. I couldn’t believe I could have screwed up so badly in that time to warrant the boot, and I certainly hadn’t heard anything through the grapevine. In fact, I thought things had been going rather well. I’d just got Morzhay some choice shelf space in one of the larger local drugstore chains, and sales overall were up 12 per cent since I’d started. What could I have done?

I couldn’t read much in Jennifer’s face. The receptionist was a copy of her boss, cool and distant, haughty, with that same superior stare that could make you feel like crawling under a rock. Jennifer was taller, almost six feet, and she was a blond whereas Lilah’s hair was a dark and rich chestnut. But they both projected the same air of style and sophistication that was everything in this business. Jennifer was more feminine, maybe prettier in a conventional sense. But then, she was the first face visitors to the company saw, so it was only right that she be drop-dead gorgeous.

Not that Jen had anything on Lilah Morzhay. The former model who’d parlayed her career into a multimillion dollar company might have lost some of her ingénue freshness, but she had gained a more womanly beauty, richer and riper than she’d had in her younger days. Her model’s body had filled out, and she knew just when and how to use it to her best advantage, subtly but skillfully. Although Lilah tried to disguise her beauty in her conservative dress, sensible glasses, and a businesslike demeanor, the curves and bulges which showed so obviously through her tailored outfits had caused more than one male to lose track of the subject at a company meeting. Females too, or so I’d heard.

But towards her employees, Lilah was all business, a fact I reminded myself of as I walked through the crowd of people making their happy way to a weekend of freedom. As they passed by me a few shot me curious looks. “Forgot something.” I said with an apologetic grin. “Forgot some work.” No need to tell them that Lilah was calling me on the carpet.

Lilah’s office was at the far corner of the floor, and by the time I got there, just about everyone had left the office. Her door was usually open, unless she was conducting critical business. I found it disconcertingly ajar, as if she was expecting me, as if something important were about to happen. Important and probably bad.

I knocked on the open door. “Ms. Morzhay?”

She was on the phone, her glasses low on her nose, her rich brown hair pinned up atop her head. She glanced up at me and beckoned me in while maintaining her conversation on the phone. “No dear, that’s not enough. That won’t do. Well that’s not my problem, Darling, it’s his, and he knows it. Tell him also that if he doesn’t like it he can shove it. You got that, Darling? I’m not negotiating with that cheap asshole any more. If he doesn’t like it, he can talk to legal!” and with that she cut off the call, pressing the hang-up switch with her fingers but keeping the phone to her ear.

“Come in, Rob.” she said, glancing up over her glasses at me. “Come in. Just taking care of some last minute business. before the weekend.”

Without missing a beat she punched a button in the phone and said. “Jen, hold all calls. Tell them I’ve already left. Yes, he’s here now. See that I’m not disturbed. That’s a dear.”

She hung up the phone. “Now, Rob, how are you? Have a seat, please.”

“Er… Jennifer said you wanted to see me?” I said, sinking into one of the leather chairs that faced her desk.

“Yes.” She stood up from her desk and stretched. I couldn’t help but notice her full breasts pressing against the tight material of her blouse. I quickly tore my eyes away. One of Lilah’s most intimidating weapons was the way she used her body, and it was fascinating to watch her work even when you were the victim. It must have been her model’s training, but it all looked so natural. I suspected that every gesture was well-calculated and that she always knew exactly how she looked and exactly the effect she was having. Lilah was like that.

She gave me a good look, then said. “God, it’s been an absolutely hellacious week. First those assholes at DRG with their asinine ad campaign, trying to sell Morzhay Cosmetics like we’re some sort of hemorrhoid cream, and now the European expansion is running into some sort of Irish mafia who’s trying to stiff me on the contract price.”

Then she suddenly seemed to relax. Her features softened and she said, “Well, that’s what I’m paid for, isn’t it? Listen, would you like a drink? I know I would.”

I was a little surprised. I’d been in her office many times before, but had never noticed a bar, and Lilah wasn’t the type to keep a bottle in her lower left hand drawer. But I said “Sure.” When your boss invites to have a drink, you don’t say no.

She went to a door at the far end of the office. I’d always assumed that it led to a storage room of some sort, but she stepped into it and I heard the clink of ice into glasses.

“What’ll it be?” she called out. “ Scotch okay?”

I could tell just from the way her voice sounded that the space was a lot bigger than a supply pantry.

“Uh, sure. Yeah, that would be fine.”

“Good.” She called out. “Do you like single-malt? I just happen to have some lovely stuff they sent me over from the Glasgow office. It’s the only kind I can drink. Water?”

“A splash, please.”

“Good. Just the way I take it.” she said, coming out with the drinks. She handed one to me and smiled, raising an eyebrow mysteriously. “Here’s to a…successful…relationship between us.”

“Sure.” I said uncertainly and we both drank.

Well, it looked like I wasn’t going to be axed; at least not then. As far as I know, your boss doesn’t have a drink with you before telling your to clean out your desk. But I still didn’t know what I was doing there, and she knew it, and seemed to enjoy it.

“Good scotch.” I said, just to say something.

“You like it? I’ll give you a bottle. They sent me a whole case.”

She leaned against her desk, holding her drink and still looking at me with that bemused smile. I realized with embarrassment and excitement that she was checking me out. Lilah Morzhay was checking me out!

“How long have you been with us now, Rob? About two months, is it?”

“Yes.” I said, trying not to stare at her legs. “Two months this Monday.”

“You’ve put in a lot of hours since you’ve started here, and I thank you for the hard work.. Tell me,” she said with a slight smile, “your wife doesn’t get jealous of your job?”

“No, well… I’m not married.” I said.

“Oh yes, that’s right. How could I have forgotten.” She seemed to find this amusing as she thought it over, still looking at me. “Well, I’m very pleased with your work so far. That deal you swung with Medco has really paid off. We’re up 12 per cent for the quarter. That’s paid for the whole European expansion.”

“Thanks, Ms Morzhay. I think we can do better, too. I’m working on Bettinger’s, and the ads we’re running in Trend have raised our brand rec up to 90 per cent among that demo.”

“Is that right” she said, again raising that eyebrow. But I had the feeling that she wasn’t listening to what I was saying.

“That’s excellent.” She said, then took a sip of her drink and placed the glass on her desk, folding her arms over her chest.

“I’ll tell you why I wanted to speak with you.” she said. “I have plans for you. Carl’s been working awfully hard too, and it looks like he’s gpoing to be retiring soon. Very soon. Wants to spend more time with his wife and kids, that sort of thing.”

WIfe and kids. Right. Carl had two daughters away at school and a wife who hated him.

“Oh?” I said innocently.

“I think you’d be perfect to take his place as manager of the home district. What would you think of that?”

Manager of the home district would mean a big hike in pay, a better office, a lot of perks. “I’d say that would be great, Ms Morzhay! Just great! I’ve got a lot of ideas I’d like to…”

“I’d also like you to consider a more intimate relationship between you and I.” she smiled and I suddenly felt goose bumps run up the back of my neck.

“Are you familiar with my cabinet?” she asked. “I have a few close advisors whom I rely on for help and advice in running the company. We kind of jokingly refer to it as the Cabinet. I’d like to include you. Do you think you could handle that?”

Okay, maybe somewhere deep down I’d expected a promotion, or maybe just wished for it. But this was an invitation beyond my wildest dreams. Morzhay’s cabinet was a circle of maybe five or six of her closest advisers. If Morzhay had gone public they’d be known as the Board of Directors, but since Lilah still owned 66% of the company, they were simply called the Cabinet. Most of these people had been associated with Morzhay from the start, and, frankly, I was shocked to be offered anything so big so soon.

“I…I don’t know what to say, Ms Morzhay.” I stammered.

“Lilah” she corrected. “At least in this office, please call me Lilah. In front of others, I prefer Ms. Morzhay.” “Ms. Morzhay…Lilah…I don’t know what to say!”

She smiled coyly. “Well, why don’t you think it over. You are interested, though?”

“Yes, of course, by all means!”

She got up and came around to the front of her desk and posed herself against it. Again that sly expectant smile. “Of course your acceptance into the cabinet is contingent on certain requirements.”

“Requirements?” I asked.

She cocked her head, “Oh, nothing I think you can’t handle. We look for a certain level of business acumen and intelligence, which I think you’ve demonstrated. Also…compatibility, loyalty, discretion. Mostly it’s a character thing. I look for people who I can get along with, who are willing to work with me. Does that sound like you?”

“Well, sure. I mean, if you’re looking for a team player…”

She reached and picked up her drink and waved it at me to cut me off.

“You can drop that MBA bullshit as of now, Rob.” she said. “I run this company from my gut instincts, and I’ve done pretty well. I’ve been watching you, and my gut tells me that you’re the man I’m looking for, which is someone who’s in tune with me, someone who I don’t have to explain things to fifty times a day, someone who doesn’t deal in bullshit and who can read me like a book and anticipate what I’m thinking and what I want.”

Again the chills flashed up to my scalp. What the hell was she saying to me? And it didn’t help that she had shifted around to sit side-saddle on her desk, letting her skirt ride up her leg to show a very distracting chunk of thigh, which she now began to rub with her hand.

“And I’m not just talking in a business sense.” she said, finishing her drink. “I mean on a personal level, too. You see, running the company is a full time, round-the-clock job, so I don’t have much time for myself. I have to take my recreation where I can find it. Here at the office, often as not. Carl was very good about helping me unwind, but I think he’s about exhausted. Can’t handle it anymore. That’s why I’m offering his position to you. Do you understand?”

I finished my drink too, trying to keep my hand from shaking.

“You see that door over there?” she asked, gesturing to the small door from which she’d brought the drinks. “Know what it is?”

I shook me head, afraid to try my voice.

“It’s my private room. My home away from home. A bedroom. Private, quiet, with a full bath and a wardrobe of clothes; exercise equipment, everything I need. Including a big, comfortable bed. It’s a secret of mine, and I don’t want you to tell anyone else about it. It’s where I like to relax.”

She stood up and stretched, pushing her tits out again so that gaps appeared between the buttons of her blouse where the fabric stretched tight over them. I knew my face was red, and embarrassed as I was, my dick sprang to life within my shorts.

“For instance, right now I have a terrible headache, and my back is just tied in knots.” she said as she sat down in the armchair opposite me, crossing her gorgeous legs and hiking her skirt up slightly to show me her knees. “As my advisor, what would you recommend?”

A good long ride on my stiff pole is what came to mind, but I had the sense not to say that.

“Oh, well, I can get the kinks out. I used to be pretty good at this.” I said as I went over to her and placed myself behind her. She let her head hang down as I began to knead the tight muscles on either side of the neck.

“Mmm.” she moaned softly. “That’s nice. Very nice. You see, I knew I was right about you.”

I bent over and worked at her back until mine began to ache, so I got in my knees behind her and continued the massage as I felt the knots and kinks dissolve beneath my fingers. She was well-muscled, yet had the soft, yielding womanly feel that always drives me nuts. As I continued to rub, I leaned forward to enjoy the smell of her body and her perfume as it wafted through her collar, delicate and rare and enticingly erotic. This was a woman who knew how to take care of herself and gave herself only the very best.

When her neck was fully relaxed I began work on her shoulder, slipping my hands beneath her jacket. There was little room to work, so, I instinctively pushed her jacket down.

“Wait,” she said. “I’ll take it off. And be a dear and hit the dimmer. I don’t like all that light in here.”

I did as she said, dialing the lights down to a comfortable yellowish glow, then came back to her. She’d removed the jacket, and I went to work on her shoulders, loving the feel of her body through the fine silk of her blouse. The sight of her neck, bare except for a thick gold chain, excited me, as did the warmth from her body. I remembered how the Japanese considered a woman’s neck one of her most erotic zones, and understood why.

I was achingly hard now and went so far as to slip my hands through the neck of her blouse to rub her bare skin. My boldness elicited another appreciative moan from her, but that was all. She didn’t tell me to stop or resist me in anyway. She leaned her head on the back of the chair, eyes closed, so I could examine her face. She wore little makeup that I could see, some pearly lipstick, some subtle eye shadow. No, she was a natural beauty, her skin flawless without a hint of powder or perspiration. She appeared to be asleep, her perfect lips just slightly parted. and I had to suppress a sudden urge to clamp my mouth over hers and ram my tongue down that swan-like throat But was this all she wanted? Just a back rub? I couldn’t believe that, but I hesitated before daring to do anything else. It just felt so good to caress her so intimately, this woman who had it all; money, fame, beauty, youth. Not to mention those gorgeous tits and inviting thighs.

I don’t remember consciously deciding. I might have just been so into it that I didn’t think. But I suddenly removed my hands from beneath her blouse and ran them boldly down the outside of her breasts. She arched her back slightly, pushing her tits into my hands, soft and firm and heavy, and I began to knead them gently. They were real, and every bit as gorgeous as the rest of her, soft and firm and heavy in my hands. Her bra was no more than a scrap of lace that perhaps kept her from jiggling too enticingly, and I could clearly feel the nubs of her nipples harden against my palms as I hefted and stroked these delicious orbs.

Again she made no move to stop me. She let her head loll forward, again with a grateful sigh. “Yes. That’s nice. That feels very nice. Don’t stop, Rob.”

I could feel her hot breath on my wrists as I worked, coming faster and deeper. The mindless adolescent in me screamed ‘Second base! A stand-up double! You’re going to score, Robby, you’re going to score!!’ I couldn’t stop myself from taking her erect nipples between thumb and forefinger and gently rolling and pinching them.

She jerked her head up with a sharp intake of breath and covered my hands with her own, soft and cool, encouraging me. “Harder, Baby.” she breathed. “Pinch them harder. It feels good! Come on, let’s see you get me hot! Get me hot, Baby.”

I would have stayed there forever kneading her breasts. Each time I squeezed her nipples she gasped and her hips gave a little coital jerk, until finally they began to slowly gyrate in an unmistakable imitation of sex.

She suddenly roused herself and pulled my hungry hands from her. She looked back at me and grinned. “You’re not half bad. You take your time. I like a man who doesn’t rush. Now come over in front of me. Take off your pants and kneel on the arms of my chair. I want you in my mouth.”

I didn’t lose any time. I kicked out of my shoes, stripped my pants and shorts off, and pulled off my socks. (I’ve always hated the thought of a man naked except for socks. It just looks so ridiculous.)

Lilah Morzhay was so formidable a woman that even in my fantasies (who doesn’t fantasize?) I worried about being able to keep it up in her presence. But I needn’t have worried. My cock was as stiff and as hard as a bar of iron, and I ached to make contact with anything. Kneeling on the arms of her chair brought my unit to within inches of her moist lips, and I could look down and see everything.

She brought her face close to me, and seemed to bask in the heat from my dick for a moment, her eyes heavy-lidded and lips parted. Then her tongue came out and touched me and I suppressed a groan. I wanted to shove it into her like an animal and fuck her face until I shot my wad all over those perfect features, but somehow I held back. And she did not make me wait. Her mouth opened and she took me in with a soft moan. I felt the slippery friction of her lipstick as she took me half-way into her mouth, and then explored me with her skilled and curious tongue. She seemed to be tasting me, getting to know me, seeking out my special pleasure points. And she was very, very good.

I’d like to describe heaven to you, but I can’t. All I can do is describe what I felt next. I saw her hiking her skirt up with her right hand as she held the base of my cock with her left. I could see no further down than the top of her hips, but I saw her hand begin a rhythmic stroking motion, and knew that she was masturbating as she sucked my cock. The realization hit me hard, and I had to concentrate not to spill it right then and there. Instead I started pumping my hips into her face, matching the motions of her head. The vibrations in the chair told me she was now getting rough with herself. Glancing over my shoulder I could just make out her knees opening and closing as she worked.

Finally—too soon for me—she stopped, turning her head to the side so that my pumping prick hit her in the cheek, and said. “Enough. That’s enough. Stop.”

She was still the boss, so I did as she said. I looked down at her and she smiled a wicked smile at me. She seemed very pleased with herself and with me. She slapped my lightly on the ass and said “Down.”

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