tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMoshpit Seduction Ch. 01

Moshpit Seduction Ch. 01


(Originally posted 15/DEC/2005)

(Reviewed 27/MAY/2010)
* The high pitched buzzing of Melanie's alarm woke her from her restless slumber. She watched as the white ceiling slowly came into focus, realising that today was the day. She jumped up throwing the covers off her naked body, screaming as she ran down the hallway to the bathroom to get ready. While in the shower she remembered the day 6 months before, sitting on that ice cold concrete at 5 in the morning waiting to buy those tickets. She had been waiting so long. She hopped out of the shower with a cheesy grin on her face; the kind you get when you know something great that you have been wanting a long time for was almost within your grasp. Tonight she would see her most favorite band perform right in front of her. Pulling on her long black skirt and black T-shirt she couldn't stop smiling. Finishing her makeup, she affixed her collars, armbands and numerous rings. When she had completed the job she whispered to herself 9 hours, 45 minutes.

She arrived at the complex half and hour later finding the queue of black easily. The group of Goths, Punks and Metalheads greeted her as she approached. They all introduced themselves to her and she was glad to be surrounded by such good people. Hours had passed and the line gradually became bigger. In the distance she saw another group of black approaching them. She slowly scanned the 2 guys and 3 girls stopping cold when she saw him. He had long stringy black hair with red tips, think layers of eyeliner around his eyes and down his cheeks. He was wearing a black Strapping Young Lad T-shirt, black jeans, knee high spiked boots, silver studded bracelets and a silver chain around his neck. Melanie bit at her bottom lip, immediately thinking very unclean thoughts.

Before he had arrived she had a very convincing lead over the players in the card game. However her attention was now divided. Whenever it was not her turn she would peek to see where he was, what he was doing. He caught her nearly every time, causing her to snap back to what she was doing. 3 hours, 22 minutes she muttered to herself with her eyes closed.

Melanie looked over to the horizon seeing the last tip of the sun fall beneath it. She was starting to get tired. She heard the low rumble of the bass from sound check start and that same cheesy grin came back as they were allowed into the complex to wait outside the doors. Sound check was still going as the guards checked their tickets. In the distance she could hear a chant rise up as hundreds of people screamed the bands name; she joined in screaming as loud as she could. The adrenaline was really pumping now. Leaning over to her new 'queue friend' she whispered "One Hour" and giggled.

Soon after, the guards opened the doors allowed them to enter the arena. She walked in and sat down front-row-center, right on the barrier. She turned her head, panning around the entire stadium, taking it all in. Turning back toward the stage she felt someone behind her. He sat down hard behind her, stabbing her by accident with his boots. She spun around ready to abuse whoever it was, then stopped cold again as she looked through the stringy black hair and into his cool blue eyes surrounded by think eyeliner. "Oh... sorry" he said to her and smiled. Seeing his smile, she just melted, tried to speak and found she couldn't. She snapped back around, the movement reminiscent of earlier in the queue outside the building. The lights went dark and she was relieved that the darkness would hide her red face. The crowd jumped up and ran for the barrier as the first support band began to play.

Three songs in and the pressure began to build. Melanie loved the feeling of being pressed against other people and jumping to the music of her favorite bands. As the first band finished their set she looked behind her to try and find him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Disappointed, she looked back to the stage and watched the roadies' setup for the next band. The second band was better then the first, but she was not here to see them. The suspense was building and adrenaline pumping as the second set finished. Melanie could feel it in the air and she, along with the whole crowd knew that it wasn't long now. She kept looking around and still he was nowhere to be found, but she didn't care since the show was only minutes away. The stadium went dark and the crowd screamed. She took a deep breath and screamed along with them. She had been waiting for this moment for so long. The crowd pushed hard against the barrier as everyone tried to get as close as they could. She was no longer on the barrier but she didn't care, all she cared about was what was going on on stage.

The first song finished and she was drenched in sweat, some was her own, most was not. She slid a hand between her legs and felt her pussy. It was more soaked than any other part of her body. She raised her eyebrows; she had never been this aroused at a concert before. As the second song started she heard a loud male scream from right behind her and as she turned around there he was. She didn't know how long he had been there but she loved him being so close. His arms were resting against her back and his body was pressed against her. All of a sudden she became aware of just how close she was to him. She became even wetter then ever before; and couldn't think of anything else but fucking him right there in the middle of the Moshpit. Each time the crowd jumped she gently pushed her ass against his groin. It wasn't long before she felt his hard cock protruding from his jeans.

She had now lost all interest in the stage; all of her attention was on his cock against her back. She decided to be bold and reached behind and pressed against his cock with her hand. This gave him enough persuasion to be bold also. He slid his hand up from her waist, sliding it under her shirt and holding her stomach, pulling her closer to him. His hands were warm and soft. Biting her bottom lip she unzipped his jeans, taking his wet cock into her hand, squeezing hard. He moved his right hand down to her stomach, down into her skirt, using his left hand to squeeze her breasts. He cupped her pubic area through her underwear, teasing her. His pulled her bra down with his left hand, pinching her nipples, playing with the piercing through them. His touch was driving her insane; she pulled his cock harder and harder. He leaned over bringing his lips close to her right ear. She felt his warm breath in her ear, nibbling at her earlobes and biting her neck. No-one around them dared look at them; while they could not see anything incriminating, they all knew what the two were doing.

The concert was coming close to an end, time had gone so fast. He now had his fingers inside her. Putting them in as deep as he could and then removing them, using the wetness to pinch and play with her clit. All of a sudden the lights came on and Melanie opened her eyes, realising where she was. She felt his hands tear away to put his hard cock back into his jeans before being seen. The crowds began to move away. He put his cock back home then took her hand and led her out of the Moshpit and out of the building. He Lead her without a word to the car park. Melanie did not need to be told where they were going and for what reason. The cheesy grin crept its way back onto her face. He was holding her hand with his right hand and his left was buried in his pocket. When he removed it he was holding his car keys, pressing the button she saw the indicator lights of a black Ford GT-P. She had waited long enough and she was now over the edge. She ran to him, pushing him back onto the car, pressing her groin into his hard cock and kissing him. He had his hands behind her holding her close as he kissed her. Grinding harder and harder against his cock, she bit into his neck. He put the keys back into his pocket and with his left hand he opened the back door of the car. Breaking from the kiss he held it open for her, She jumped into the car and with a quick look he saw dozens of people walking to their cars, most of which very interested with the show they were giving. He smiled and jumped in.

She had already taken off her skirt and underwear, he admired her speed. She parted her legs wide open, licked her middle finger very slowly and toyed with her clit with a devilish smile. He dived into her pussy, licking frantically at first, then slowing, kissing everywhere but her clit. He licked up each of her thighs and loved to bite the sensitive part when her legs join her pelvis. It was too much; she grabbed the hair on the back of his head, slamming his chin against her clit. His small amount of stubble pinched at her soft skin. His tongue reached her clit finally. She held on tight as he licked her, throwing her head back against the window. She was in heaven. While she wasn't looking he thought it was the best opportunity to slip 2 fingers in. As they entered her she screamed and pulled his hair hard. He only made 3 strokes before she pulled him up to kiss her. She could taste her own juices on his lips. Pulling at his pants as they kissed she finally got them undone and forced him onto his back against the other car door window. Taking his cock into her mouth, she could smell his pre-cum and sweat, the pheromones sending her into overdrive. She sucked harder then ever before, sucking more and more pre-cum out of his cock, and then swallowing it in gulps. He was getting close she could tell. She grabbed his cock in her right hand, moving it up and down, slowly at first then faster and faster until her hand was a blur. His breathing got more and more shallow and moments from blowing all over her, she stopped teasing him and smiling devilishly, she took off the rest of her clothes and removed the condom from her wallet and waved it in front of his face.

He got the message, taking it from her hand he fitted it snuggly to his cock and took position in the seat facing the front of the car. Melanie climbed on top of him taking his cock in her hand and guiding it into her soaking pussy. They both moaned as she took more and more of his cock inside her. As his cock filled her she bit into his neck, almost hard enough to draw blood. His reaction was to bite her back squarely on her left nipple and began sucking the piercing. The second his tongue hit her nipple she began fucking him as hard and as fast as she could. She held onto the back of his head, pulling him harder against her tits and she fucked him. He squeezed her ass hard and she begged him to spank her. He did as he was told, using his right hand he spanked her left cheek, she moaned loud and fucked even harder with her head back and eyes closed. He could feel her juices running down over his balls. He was getting close and she knew it. This time the last thing on her mind was stopping. She came hard; he felt her pussy muscles grab his cock filling the condom as he came. She screamed, loud enough to draw a lot more attention to the rocking car. It was only after they had come to their senses that they realised people were trying to see through the fogged up windows. After they had put their clothes on they got out from the back seat, smiled with red faces to the masses and jumped into the front seats.

Pulling out from the car park, they didn't speak, just exchanged looks back and forth, snapping their head back to front and center when they saw the other look at them. He broke the silence and asked her where her car was. She gave him directions; played with her clit under her dress. She loved watching him trying to concentrate on driving while knowing what she was doing. When they reached her car, she hopped out, running around to the driver's side and kissed him through the open window. When the kiss ended he asks her "So... What's your name?" She smiled the same devilish grin he had seen back in the parking lot. She remained silent as she walked backward to her car. She turned to open the door, looking back at him once more to blow him a kiss.

Driving away, she couldn't stop smiling. She made it only around the block before having to stop and finish herself off yet again. After she had cum, her seat now as soaked as her pussy, she closed her eyes and laughed, it was the best night of her life and she didn't even know his name.

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