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Motel Clerk Fun


Back when I was married my wife had two sisters. One lived far away and when she came home to see the family it was a big occasion. After such a visit by her, she complained to her sisters that no one paid much attention to her except me, her brother-in-law. I guess she felt left out of the family swirl and gossip. She put her thoughts into an email to the sisters.

I saw the email when it arrived, and I glibly replied that I paid attention to her because I wanted to fuck her. I really felt that way, but I figured she’d take it as a joke. Well, I guess I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier because a copy of it went to the other sister, too. To make the story short, that ended marriage number two.

But I did get to fuck the sister! Later that year I traveled near her home and called her to say hello. I didn’t know if she’d hang up on me or not, but I figured what’s to lose? She took the call and invited me to come to her office. To make this story even better, she’s a minister in a small town and she’s married.

We met in her church office and lamented the marriage and her sister’s feelings. Then she asked me, “You were kidding, right?” By then I didn’t care, so I replied, “No.” “I did want to fuck you.”

She looked a little startled, and I noticed that she blushed. She changed the subject but asked me where I was staying. Sure enough, that evening there was a knock at my door, and there was the clergy to perform a religious ceremony on my cock. We rolled in the proverbial hay until she had to get home.

Later on that road trip I had one of the most extraordinary experiences of my sex life. I was in the hills of northern Arkansas and needed to find a place for the night. Luckily I found a nice looking motel in a small town. Even more luckily, I had just passed a roadside strip club about ten miles back. After a long day’s drive, the strip club got my libidinal juices flowing.

The desk clerk was an attractive middle-aged woman. She was fit but not skinny, medium height and weight, mousy brown hair done in an old fashioned way, and she had a very pleasant smile. I joked with her as I filled out the registration card, and she seemed in good spirits.

I always keep my camera with me as I travel to snap pictures of interesting or unusual scenes, and I happened to have it with me at the front desk. The clerk asked me about it, and I told her that I was a photographer. She said, “That’s neat, we don’t see many photographers in these parts.”

“Here,” I said, “I’ll take your picture.” I picked up the camera, and she pushed her fingers through her hair.

I focused and adjusted for the indoor light. “Snap!” went the first shot of her face. “Oh, I wasn’t ready!” she said.

“Sorry,” I replied, “I’m used to taking lots of pictures in a row because you’re lucky to get one good one out of twenty.” “Ready now?”

“Yeah, OK,” she said, and she flashed a very pretty smile. My guess was that she was a working wife who had to take a night job to make ends meet. She wore a wedding ring and a dress. Not many women wear dresses anymore. It was a nice cotton print dress that came down just below her knees. Modest yet feminine.

I told her to look this way and that while I snapped more pictures. “You’re quite photogenic,” I said to her, “and you take directions well.” “Maybe you should be a model.” What a line, right? I was starting to toy with how I might work on this opportunity for some local pussy.

In a flash of inspiration, I stepped to the side of the desk so I could see her full length from head to toe. I readjusted for the distance and clicked off a shot, then I instructed her to spin around. I took a few more photos of the movement and kept up the patter, “Terrific, that’s great, do it again, make the skirt move like the wind.”

She complied with every instruction from me, even though I was pretty sure she was a conservative and careful wife. I had the impression that she appreciated this brief chance to step out of her world and enjoy a newcomer. So I crossed the line.

“Lift up your skirt with both hands and bend your knees a little!” And she did! It made for a cute pose. I think she was in the spirit of having fun, and she didn’t hesitate to follow the directions of a stranger.

“Terrific!” I said, “Now lift higher.” “Show me the color of your panties.”

And she did!

They were blue, plain blue. “Snap!”

I laughed, and she laughed and dropped her skirt. All of sudden she seemed to sober a bit and said, “Well, we better get you registered and settled for the night.” Her face had changed, and she looked thoughtful.

“You’re a good model,” I told her, “maybe one day you and I can do this again.” She didn’t say anything but just handed me a key and told me where to park my car.

I got to my room all in a fluster about what had just happened. It made me forget the strip joint. This was much better than professional entertainment. I wasn’t sure if there was any possibility for her and me that night since her mood seemed to change. To test it, I went back to the office to ask for more towels. She still looked solemn and no longer flashed a giddy smile.

I asked her about herself and found out that she and her husband moved here to take early retirement. I thought she was in her early forties, but this made me wonder about her age. They lived about five miles away, and her shift at the motel was over at ten o’clock that night.

I returned to my room to make phone calls and rest a bit, but I had in mind that I would approach her again before her shift ended and see if I couldn’t get something more going. At about 9:30, I went back to see her. I finally got around to asking her if she’d like to have a drink after work. She had withdrawn significantly from our first encounter, and she insisted that she had to go home. Something about her voice and countenance made me feel that she had violated her own standards earlier, and she was regretful.

I backed off and offered her my regards and thanks for her hospitality, then I set my mind on the little strip joint.

In was about ten minutes after ten o’clock when I heard a gentle tap at my door. I wasn’t even sure I heard anything, but I opened the door a crack to check. There was my desk clerk, Candice. “I have to talk to you,” she said, as I opened the door wide to let her come in.

She kept her gaze down and did not make eye contact. She said nothing at first and paced a little back and forth. I offered her a drink, but she shook her head.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Oh, golly,” she finally said, “when you came in and took those pictures I felt so free and like we was just two kids havin’ fun.” “I forgot I was married, and I shouldn’t outta done what I done.”

“You mean the photographs?” I played dumb, like I didn’t know that I had manipulated her into showing me her panties.

“Yeah, them pictures ain’t proper.” “Mister, I’m worked ‘bout what I done.” “Would you be so kind and get rid of them or give ‘em to me to get rid of?”

“Candice, you shouldn’t worry about that, not about having fun like that.” “I told you the truth, you were a wonderful model, and I bet those pictures will turn out real good.”

“That’s what I a worried about,” she said. “Ain’t nobody can see ‘em.” “It’s gonna be a worry to me if I don’t know they ain’t gonna get out into Lester’s hands or somepin.”

“Is Lester your husband?” I asked. “I bet Lester would be proud to see you showing your panties to a stranger.” With that I was starting to dig toward what I hoped would be a useful direction.

“No, no!” he won’t like it. “He’d go crazy.” “That’s why I gotta ask you mister, gotta plead with you to give me that film or see you get rid of it.” “Do ya understand?”

“Sure, Candice, I understand,” I said. And I understood even better than she knew.

“I understand that you don’t want Lester to know that I saw your blue panties.” “But I did see them, and they were very cute.”

“I tell you what Candice, calm down and try to relax a little.” “Take a deep breath and let’s you and me talk about this.” “Together we can come up with a plan to make Lester happy, and to make you happy.” “But you gotta make me happy, too.”

“Whatdyamean, mister?”

“Well, gee, Candy, I’m happy to turn over my film to you.”

“Oh, thank the Lord, mister, I’m plumb worried out ‘o my mind.” “That sure makes me feel better alright.”

“But Candy, it’s not that simple.” “I want something, too.”

Worry returned to her face. “Oh?”

“Yes,” I said, “you were so kind to lift your skirt and show me your blue panties.” “Now as a price for getting that picture and the others back, I want you to show me something else.”

“Oh, mister, I couldn’t do that.” By now she was sitting in one of the chairs and starting to shake a little.

“Candy, all you have to do to get the pictures back is to raise you skirt again right here and let me see your panties again.” “That’s all, nothing to it.”

She practically fell through the floor. “Oh no, I can’t do that.” “I shouldn’t a done it before.” “It ain’t right.”

I sized up the situation and considered my position. Here I was with a compromised woman in my room. How could I enjoy this to the max?

“OK, Candy, if you won’t do that, here’s my proposal.” “If I asked you to show me your panties and you refuse, then the price goes up.” “Now the price for the film is that you must hold up your skirt and let me take off your panties.”

“No, no, no!” “You don’t understand!” “I can’t do that stuff.” “I ain’t let no man do that stuff.” “Oh, won’t you please just let me have the pictures?”

I looked at my watch as if I was growing impatient, “Look, Candy, I have what you want, so I suggest that you pay attention to my requests.” “You hesitated again, so now the price has gone up.” “Now you must do all that and suck on my cock.”

Candy plunged into despair. She put her head in her hands and said, “All right, you win, I’ll show you my underwear again.”

“Too late, Candy, the price went up.” In fact, since you didn’t agree with my last offer, the price is now up to a fuck.” “Candy, I’ll give you the film after I fuck you.”

“Jesus, mister, I can’t believe this,” she gasped. I could see she was getting weak and was totally confused by the negotiations. On the other hand, I was getting a huge charge out of pushing her toward the edge.

“Candy, haven’t you figured out the game by now?” I said. “You’re in a deep hole.” “The price has gone even higher.” “When I drove into town I saw the strip joint on the edge of town.” “Now, for you to get the photos, I’m going to take you there and watch you strip for others to see.” “Then I’ll bring you back here and you can pay me all the other parts of the deal so far.”

She started weeping uncontrollably. Her sobs came between big gulps of breath. She hung her head and sobbed while I got her a towel and a warm washcloth.

I took her by her arm and gently guided her to her feet and out the door. We got into my car, and I had to buckle her seatbelt for her.

“Candy, I saw your legs and panties. You’re a lovely woman. You have nothing to fear about this. The men will enjoy this as much as I will. And maybe in time you will come to appreciate what you’re about to do.”

She just looked over at me with half hung eyelids and resignation.

The parking lot was not full because it was an off night of the week. Inside I asked to speak to the manager. An old boy with a poochy stomach came to see me. I told him that my lady friend wanted to audition and would it be all right if she had a turn on the stage. He eyed her and nodded, “OK, after this next set she can go on.”

I had to support Candy and walked her to a seat. She kept her eyes down and I guess she weighted the price she would pay against the chance that either the photos would get to Lester or that somebody she knew would be in the bar that night.

The time came, and my new friend was too limp to perform. So I pretended that our act was as a couple. I lifted her to the stage and used left over props to tie her hands above her to an overhead pipe. She was on the balls of her feet to keep her balance. There were only about ten guys in the place, but they sure perked when we began to do this.

From behind I unbuttoned Candy’s dress. I had to borrow a knife to cut it away from her body. Down it came, and there she was in those lovely blue panties and an old fashioned white bra. She just kept her head down and didn’t look out at the audience.

I stopped to caress her and slowly move my hands all over her exposed flesh. I carefully avoided any covered areas and let my fingers outline her bra and panties.

Then I used the borrowed knife to slip under the back elastic of her bra. I pulled the knife toward me and all of a sudden her bra flew off her chest and into the audience. Her breasts drooped free and bobbed there in mid air. Her little rosy nipples were taut and puffy and my pinching made them moreso. I whispered into her hear, “Do you hate me? Do you hate this? You’ll feel better when you go home tonight, well exposed and well fucked.” She just gasped and turned her head away from me.

I decided to change the plan.

After playing with her tits in front of the men and almost but not quite exposing her pussy, I released her hands and covered her with a blanket. As we walked off state, the men booed, but the manager gave me a thumbs-up. I gathered the remnants of her clothes and bundled her into my car.

“Why’d you stop?” she asked me.

“Those guys sure wanted to see you. They sure wanted me to strip you proper. But I got to thinking.”

“’Bout what?”

“I was wrong and you were right.” “That pussy of yours is mighty precious.” “I wouldn’t want just anybody looking at it.” “It’s mighty important, and I shouldn’t be funnin’ with you like that.”

She got real quite for the short drive. We went into my room, and I took the camera and gave her the film. “Here, I sure enjoyed this night, but you more than earned this.”

She looked kindly at me once again and whispered, “thanks.”

“But before you go home, would you mind if I got a little relief while you watched me?”

“What ‘relief’?” she asked.

“You know, I wanna beat off and get some relief or I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” “And I want you to watch me.”

Candy hugged the blanket to herself and just looked at me without saying a word. I sat her in the chair while I started undressing. When I got to my boxers, she saw my ‘problem.’ My eleven-incher dangling down one of the pantlegs and bubbling cum. I dropped the boxers and Candy was wide eyed.

I sat on the bed across from her and began the snake dance with my lengthening cock. Candy mouthed as silent, “Wow!”

When it got to full staff, I worked my rod in earnest. “Candy, remember how this night started?” “Would you be so kind as to show me your panties again?”

She extended her legs and drew up the blanket to show me the “V” of her nylon covered cunt. I stared at the cameltoe in front of me and let loose a torrent of spray. The spurts increased in volume and distance until the last of twelve strong streams lept from my dick. Candy just stared and again gave a silent, “Wow!”

I thanked her for a wonderful evening, and she said she would make up some story about how she lost her clothes. Maybe she’d tell Lester that they got chewed by a dog or ruined in the laundry room.

As I said good night to her at my door, she turned and kissed me. I told her my travel would bring me here again in two weeks. She just smiled and said, “Do you try this every night at motels?” As she walked away I replied, “Every night.”

Sure enough, just as I planned, in two weeks’ time I was back and once again I registered at her motel. From the moment I walked through the door and saw her face, I knew that she would be mine tonight and that she would be the aggressor. Just as I had planned.

Sure enough, at ten minutes after ten, the knock came on my door. She was standing there looking lovely and I was sure she was ready to be fucked by me. But to my surprise, standing behind her was the manager from the strip club. Candy turned to him and said, “Let me introduce you to Lester!”

Lester brought in a six pack and relaxed to enjoy the show. I enjoyed every minute of fucking this wanton wife, but I wondered who had set up whom?

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