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(This story takes a little bit longer to develop and to get to the nitty, gritty sex than most stories because of the characters and the circumstances. It is almost more a love story, but with an incest theme. So, if you are looking just for a quick stroke without characterization, story, and buildup, you might want to look elsewhere).


"My little girl's going away to College," I kept saying to myself as I helped her pack her things into the car. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was all pigtails and girl scout cookies. Now she's eighteen, out of high school and on her way to college in Arizona where she has a softball scholarship waiting for her.

Jennifer's mom left us some years ago, so it has been just the two of us in our Maryland home. And now she's leaving. It's going to be so empty here when she's gone. I'm going to really miss her smiling face. I wonder if she will miss me at all, or whether she is just looking forward to her freedom? She's going to be down there living in a dorm with no parental supervision. She's going to be all on her own—and that is the scary part.

"Okay Jen, you about ready?" I called back into the house after tossing the last suitcase into the car's trunk.

"Here I am Daddy," She yelled, running out of the house with her purse and an over-night bag stuffed with snacks and CDs, her blond pony tail bouncing up and down with each step. I could only shake my head when I saw what she was wearing for our trip out west. She had on a pair of white shorts that were way too short and way too tight, and a tight T-shirt with no bra letting her breasts bounce as freely as her pony tail as she ran up to the car.

As I walked back to the house to lock it up I was tempted to make her go back in and change into something a little more decent, but then that might just make her really glad to get away from my control so I held my tongue.

I was hoping to have a nice father-daughter talk with her in the car during the long drive out to Arizona, so I could warn her about all the nasty men that'll want to get into her pants, remind her about the importance of keeping her grades up, not getting into trouble, and all of that good fatherly stuff. But before I had even pulled the car out of the drive way she had stuck those two thing-a-ma-bobs into her ears and was listening to that junk she calls music. Oh well, at least with her earphones on I didn't have to listen to that same crap she was, I sighed as I began driving towards the Interstate.

Every now and then I glanced over at her and just shook my head. She was lost in what ever world eighteen year old girls get lost in. Plugged in and tuned out. I doubt if she had any awareness of any of the towns we went through, the beautiful and always changing countryside—or anything else other than what ever it was her portable CD was playing.

The only time she took those plugs out of her ears and returned to the real world was when we stopped for gas. Then she would get out to cruise the convenience store, go to the restroom, or buy junk food with the allowance I'd given her. That was okay, I could deal with the junk food, but what got to me was the way all the men in the store gawked at her with that too tight of a T-shirt showing off her pert, bouncing titties, and those too tight, too short, white short shorts showing off a little too much of her butt in the rear and a little too much of her crotch in front.

After filling the car up with gas, I pulled up to the front of the convenience store and sat there tapping my fingers on the steering wheel waiting for my sweet little darling to return from her show time.

"Ah, here she comes, finally," I said to myself. In spite of everything I couldn't help but notice how sexy my little girl looked. I'd never really noticed before, but her hips had rounded out like a real woman's--nice and heart-shaped. And, the way she walked! Certainly she must've known how sexy she looked the way she let her hips sway side to side. With each step she took it accented the "V" of her crotch.

As she approached the car I noticed that not only did her tight shorts show off the "V" of her crotch but there was a tell-tale indentation where her slit was. Not only was my baby girl not wearing a bra, but she obviously wasn't wearing any panties either!

Those shorts had to be rubbing her cunt and clit the way she's walking, I thought. I started to get an erection, then immediately felt ashamed of myself. This is my Daughter! For God's sake! Yet I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I relished the move of every muscle in her body as she climbed into the passenger's seat next to me.

She caught me looking at her funny like I was, and gave me one of her sweet smiles.

"You all set now honey?" I said.

'Yes, Daddy, let's boogie."

It was then that I noticed her nipples had grown erect and were sticking out through that skimpy T-shirt she had on. Oh why didn't she wear a bra?

I couldn't help but wonder whether she had gotten aroused from all the attention she had gotten back at the convenience store, or was it just from the way she was making her shorts rub on her cunt when she walked? Then the thought struck me that maybe it was the way I was looking at her that had turned her on. I had read that there are some girls who actually do have Daddy fantasies. I blushed at my own thoughts while trying to drive them out of my mind.

Jenny saw my face turn red—and smiled so sweetly at me again as she put those Goddamn ear plugs back in her ears. I put the car in gear and tore out of the parking lot glad to be on the road again where I could keep my mind on my driving—or at least try to. From time to time I couldn't help but sneak a glance or two over her way.

The first night we stopped somewhere near the border of West Virginia and Kentucky and found two rooms in a motel off the interstate. I tossed and turned in bed most of the night. I couldn't get the thought out of my mind of my daughter in those too tight white shorts showing off her crotch and her slit, and that skimpy t-shirt with her tits sticking out. I just could not get all of that out of my mind, and I caught myself fondling my own tool now and then as I tossed and turned. Yes, I was totally out of my mind, thinking such incestuous thoughts like that. It was a very "hard" night, but somehow I managed to get through it and actually get a little sleep.

But if I thought what she was wearing the first day was too sexy, I was ill prepared for what she came to the car dressed in on the second day. On top she wore one of those black lingerie things that supposedly pass for blouses these days. It was showing lots of cleavage and she was wearing no bra, once again. Then on the bottom she had on the skimpiest micro mini I've ever seen. It was even shorter than her short shorts, if that were possible. It was nothing more than a ribbon of red cloth covering only her absolutely bare essentials—and I mean bare. I mean the waistline of this skirt, if that's what you'd call it, was slung way down low on her hips starting just barely high enough to cover the top of her pubic hair. Then the hemline, if that's what you want to call it, just barely reached low enough to hide her pussy. Well, I mean, at least almost.

Now, I know that a lot of the girls on college campuses are dressing like that now-a-days so they can flash their professors and other students, but seeing my own daughter in an outfit like that made me almost blow a gasket. When she climbed into the seat next to me that skimpy skirt of hers slid up and her sweet little pussy peeked out at me. And I just about dropped a load right then and there. My face burned and I knew I must have been turning a thousand shades of red.

She noticed my flustered condition and just smiled her sweet smile at me like she always does. But just as my cock was growing erect underneath my shorts, her nipples also began to grow to erection under that skimpy lingerie thing she was wearing.

I shook my head clear and pulled back on to the Interstate. Try as I might, I just couldn't help looking over at her every now and then as we drove down the highway. In fact, I must admit I was looking at her quite a bit. And, each time she caught me looking at her she flashed me her sweet innocent smile. She also flashed me something else all day long too. I mean every time she shifted positions, that skimpy little skirt would slide up and her sweet little pussy would peek out at me as if it were saying "Hi, please kiss me."

She was still listening to her junk though her ear plugs, but now instead of being lost in her teenage world, she seemed to be looking at me all the time, studying me—even when I was not looking at her. She was moving her body to the music she was listening to, as if she were trying to dance right there in the car. Her blonde pony tail, as well as other body parts, bounced around in time to what ever it was she was listening too. And, oh boy! Did she ever look sexy the way she was moving her body almost as if she were having sex right there in the car with an imaginary lover. After awhile she stopped even trying to pretend to pull her skirt back down and just let it ride up her hips, with her wet little slit flashing me all day. Yes, her slit was wet, and getting wetter as the day wore on. And, that darn wet pussy, and her antics were making my poor cock harder and harder as the day wore on.

I swear I saw her playing with her nipples at one point, but when she noticed I was looking at her, she pretended to be just adjusting that flimsy lingerie-blouse thing she was wearing.

At lunch time we pulled through one of those drive-through burger joints for burgers, fries, and sodas, then rolled down the Interstate a ways where we pulled off on one those roadside rest areas and found a table near the parking lot.

I expected Jenny to sit opposite of me, but no, she decides to sit right next to me and in order to get herself onto the bench she had to first lift one leg over, straddling the bench, then pull the other leg over. As she performed this maneuver she put her hand on my shoulder for balance, leaving forward slightly, but enough to put her cleavage right in front of my eyeballs—since I had turned my head to watch her contortions in that hide-nothing-of-a-skirt she had on. That skimpy lingerie thing she wore on top barely covered her nipples so it was like her breasts in their entirety were pretty much exposed. The lingerie material was so thin and silky it was almost transparent and clung to her very erect nipples like a second skin.

As if all that wasn't enough when she lifted her leg to get it up over the bench it hiked her teeny skirt up so much it exposed most of her cunt. And, the fact that her cunt was so obviously wet made me that much more uncomfortable. But then, once settled in her seat she smiled that sweet innocent smile at me and Daddy just melted.

As we started eating, she crossed her legs letting her bare thigh rest practically on top of mine. Since I was wearing shorts that came to mid-thigh, there was a lot of bare flesh on bare flesh. I was only too aware of the heat of her going all through me.

"Would you like a French Fry, Daddy?" She asked reaching into the bag and holding one between her thumb and index finger.

"Sure, honey, why not?"

She smiled as she held it up to my mouth. As I nibbled away on the French Fry she held between her thumb and forefinger, her other fingers lightly touched my lips making me tingle in a very sweet way. She offered me another one and her fingers got a little bolder lingering just a little bit on my lips even after I had taken all of the French Fry in. I couldn't resist giving her fingers a light kiss as the last of the French Fry went down my throat.

"Thank you, sweety," I mumbled. "Ummmmmmm, and thank you, Daddy, for that sweet kiss." She giggled and squirmed—and the movement of her naked thigh on mine sent waves of all too naughty thoughts through my mind—and a rush of blood down to an eager, expanding cock. Then she pulled a French Fry out for herself and before taking it into her mouth she licked at it as if to show me how long her tongue was. Then she stuck it between her lips and began sucking on it, pulling it in and out of her mouth as if she was giving it head or something—all of the time looking at me out of the corner of her eyes just to make sure I was looking at her.

And, of course, I was. I was looking at her quite strangely for a father. Her eyes lit up with mirth, then she continued eating normally until we had both finished our meal. On the way back to the car, after trashing our stuff, she carried her unfinished soda in one hand, then on an impulse she put her other arm around my waist and hugged herself to me. "Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I love you so. I'm really going to miss you."

"I love you too sweetie," I said, putting my arm around her and giving her a squeeze. "I'm going to miss you more than you could know."

As we headed down the Interstate I couldn't believe it, she failed to put those Goddamn earplugs in her ear. After a few miles had passed she said she couldn't finish her jumbo coke and asked me if I wanted some."

"Sure, baby. It might help keep me alert on the highway this afternoon."

She unhitched her seat belt and slid over on the car seat to hook herself up on the belt in the middle. Then she snuggled up as close to me as she could turning slightly so her bare thigh rested slightly on mine. And, of course this maneuver caused her skirt to slide up again showing me more of her increasingly wet pussy. Her wet pussy that was so close to me I could just catch a whiff of her feminine arousal. As she offered me her soda, she leaned towards me just enough so that one of her nipples grazed against my arm sending jolts of electricity through me.

And, so it went for the rest of the day. Even after I had downed all of her soda she continued sitting as close to me as she could get instead of sliding back to her own seat. After all the flashing and the game playing now her nearness was really getting to me. Her sweet smelling skin and the light touch of perfume she had on—all blended with the sharp, tangy aroma of sex, wafting up from her micro mini—was reeling my senses. The touch of her smooth, warm thigh against mine kept my cock hard and my mind in the gutter.

After a few more miles, she leaned her head on my shoulder and dozed off, her sweet warm breath cascading down my arm and chest. The rhythm and sweetness of her breath was like heaven. I felt nothing but love for her then—a protective father's love. I tried to will the other type of love away, the type of love my gutter mind was trying to fixate on. I kept telling myself that hey, this is my daughter and she's just trying to be chummy. You know, a little father-daughter bonding. But, my cock knew better and it pulsed and throbbed with every breath she took.

That evening we stopped at a small town just outside of St. Louis. As luck would have it the motel we stopped at had only one room available and I thought Oh my God, what do I do now? I can't sleep in the same bed as my daughter—especially not after all the dirty incestuous thoughts I'd been thinking. I just couldn't trust myself with that. But then, they told us that the room had a pair of queen-sized beds, and I sighed a huge sigh of relief. We took the room. Hopefully, I thought that Jen and I would both be so tired from the long trip that we'd both fall right to sleep and nothing would happen that we might regret later—as long as we were in separate beds.

After dinner we returned to our room and I turned on the TV to watch the news. "Why don't you take your shower first, sweetie," I said. "I'll just watch TV until you're done."

"Okay, Daddy." She peeled her top of right then and there while I was still looking at her—and then she rolled that tight skimpy skirt down her legs.

I had expected her to undress in the bathroom but no, she does it right there in front of me. Suddenly I wasn't interested in the TV anymore—not that she had that much clothing to take off anyway. The beauty of her totally naked body just took my breath away, daughter or not. I mean, not that I hadn't seen most of what she's got all day long in the car from the skimpy clothes she was wearing, but now, instead of just looking slutty and sexy, she looked just down right beautiful. She was an angel or a goddess from heaven. I watched her firm, round butt jiggle and sway side to side as she walked to the bathroom.

And, my cock was as hard as a rock again. I tried to concentrate on the TV news while listening to the shower in the other room, but my mind kept picturing the water cascading down and caressing her sweet, young body, splashing on her pert, young breasts, making her nipples even more erect than they were. I imagined her caressing her body with handfuls of soap suds, playing with her boobs, then moving down to fondle her butt. Then a soapy hand slips between her thighs in front to rub her pussy. Does she slip a finger or two inside? Could she possibly be thinking about daddy while she's doing that?

Oh such nasty thoughts I had. Vainly, I tried to banish them from my increasingly dirty mind.

Jenny emerged from the shower smelling all fresh and clean—and completely naked again. She hadn't even bothered to wrap a towel around her privates. Droplets of water hung suspended from her blond pussy hairs, glistening in the light of the motel room. Her pert young tits jiggled as she walked towards me. She had undone her pony tail and now her long, such tresses swished and swayed across her upper back and shoulders in time to the swishing and swaying of the rest of her body.

I pretended to be still watching the TV instead of leering at my daughter through the corner of my eyes.

She put her arms around my neck and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, her freshly washed hair smelling so clean and sexy. "You're turn now, Daddy." Before I had a chance to get up out of the chair she kissed me again, but this time directly on the lips. "Daddy?" "Yes, sweetie?" "Before you take your shower could you tuck me in bed like you used to do when I was a kid?" "S-s-s-sure, if that's what you want." I giggled uneasily wondering, and half fearing, what the hell brought up this "tuck-me-in-to-bed" routine all of a sudden.

"Please." She kissed my lips again, lingering a little longer. Her tongue briefly skittered across my lips sending chills all up and down my spine—and a new rush of blood down to my growing cock. She let out a little giggle and bounded over to her bed.

I had a hell of a time getting up out of the chair. My poor cock was completely engorged, and as it had grown erect it had crawled down my pants leg—then turned rock solid—and now I couldn't stand up all the way with out breaking the poor thing. So, I kind of hobbled over to her bed half-way bent over.

My daughter set in a kneeling position on her pillows watching with great amusement as I struggled to get myself over to the side of her bed. She continued to smile at me with that innocent, sweet smile, but her eyes told me there was a hell of a lot more to it than mere innocent giggles and fun.

Trying not to stare too much at her nakedness, I pulled her covers down for her and she scooted her lithe young body down on to the bed giggling like a school girl.

"Oh, Daddy, thank you," she said still giggling as I pulled the covers back over her body. 'Now, give me a goodnight kiss." She threw her arms around my neck before I could pull away. Still bent over, I hugged her shoulders as she plastered her face to mine. It started out as an innocent father-daughter kiss on the lips, but then she wouldn't let go. She lingered, and lingered, and lingered making me taste the sweetness of her, and to breathe her breath, while she breathed mine. Then her tongue skittered across my lips again like she did before and when I failed to break away from her she slipped her tongue directly in between my lips.

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