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Moth to a Flame


The following story is based on events from my own life and does not necessarily represent a healthy mindset. Never engage in any described sexual acts without prior negotiation and safety measures. I am a real lesbian, so this story is written out of my own desires and not political correctness. All people in this story are over 18.

I jolted awake to my phone's obnoxiously cheerful chime alerting me of a new text message. I frantically grabbed around my bedding before finally retrieving it from my pillowcase. The room was pitch dark, and I squinted to read what was on the screen: "Wednesday 10/24 2:21 AM Victoria Lee: I need a quickie. Be at the gas station across from the mall at 3." I stumbled into the bathroom, squinting again as I flipped on the light. I turned on the shower and tied up my hair. The water was cold, but I did not have time to wait for the water to warm up. My rose petal pink nipples shriveled and darkened as the icy water ran over my round E-cup breasts. I washed and ran a razor over my bikini area, underarms and legs, then washed my face and stepped out. I frantically brushed my teeth and hastily applied concealer, mascara and lipstick. I turned on the light in my bedroom, found my best push-up bra and black thong, and then fumbled through my closet for a pair of tight skinny jeans and low-cut top to put on top. I grabbed my favorite heels and purse on my way out the door. With luck, I would get there before 3.

As I drove to the gas station, I asked myself why I did this. Why would a proud, educated, intelligent woman keep subjecting herself to this? Why was Vic so irresistible to me? It did not matter. I pulled into the gas station lot and immediately spotted Vic. My heart leapt inside my chest and I felt I could not park quickly enough. She was leaning against the wall in a pair of black cargo pants, all-star sneakers, white tank top and black leather. Her short black hair was spiked; she had probably been out clubbing. A cigarette hung from her thick, pierced lower lip. As I approached, she irreverently blew smoke at me. "Hey," she said in her low, raspy voice. She looked me up and down with her cold, dark eyes and motioned for me to follow her to the other side of the building. I followed without question. She led me to her car, unlocked the door and told me to lie down in the back. I gingerly reclined in the back seat, taking care not to crush the various items already there. As I moved her things to the front seat, I noticed a bottle of risperidone that was prescribed to her, a bottle of codeine that was not, and her girlfriend's sweater. Yeah, I knew about her girlfriend. Vic was an asshole and I loved her for it.

Vic took off her leather jacket, and I watched her brown nipples harden under her thin white tank. She loomed over me, unzipped her fly and pulled down her pants and boxers, revealing a double-strap harness that left her pussy fully accessible. Underneath, black pubic hair decorated the front of her vulva, but her labia were soft and bare. I got lost in its intoxicatingly enticing smell, only to be startled as she abruptly sat on my face. I struggled to breathe but she did not move, so I quickly found her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth. I felt her labia swell against my lips. She moaned softly and shifted her weight, allowing me two breaths, before grinding back into my face. She grabbed my tit and squeezed until it hurt, ignoring my muffled moans. I sucked on her clit, periodically penetrating her with my tongue, eliciting loud, husky moans. She let me breathe about every 45 seconds. I sorely wanted to use my fingers to fuck her but could not, making the asphyxiating process much longer. "Yeah...mmm...yeah..." She grinded harder and harder. I was running out of air, but she did not budge. Her hips rocked faster and faster. I felt faint. She would not let me breathe, but I did not date interrupt her orgasm. Finally, she relented and lifted her pussy off my face. We took a moment to catch our breath. I sat up, allowing her to sit down, before lying back down in her lap.

My pussy felt hot and engorged, while the residual fluid on my lips grew cold. "Fuck me," I blurted out.

"Yeah? You have the tool?"

What? I knew she intended to fuck me because she wore the harness, but in my confusion, I could only answer with an honest "No."

"Damn it!" She said. She hooked her fingers into my belt loops and in one aggressive motion flipped me so I lay over her knee. Her strength never ceased to surprise me. She yanked down my tight jeans and thong (needlessly) and began spanking me. "You know I don't like using my nice cocks on dirty sluts like you!"

Dirty slut? She was the one cheating on her girlfriend, but in my state of arousal, I accepted the humiliation. The first blow hit my relaxed butt by surprise and was very painful, so I tensed my asscheeks in anticipation of the next smack in the hopes that it would lessen the pain, only to find that it hurt even more. I resigned myself to the punishment, instinctively tightening after each blow and forcibly relaxing in preparation for the next. Every time I moved I felt it in my pussy, and each slap resonated deep inside me. She finally tired of spanking me when my ass was burning in the cold air, and she nonchalantly said, "Luckily, I brought one for you anyway." I was not even angry. All that squirming in her lap had made me even more excited. She produced a long, slender, semi-realistic green dildo and proceeded to attach it to her harness. "I want you on all fours," she said without looking up. I clamored to oblige. When she finally looked up, she chuckled derisively at my vulnerable position, "God, you're a slut."

I moaned, which she must have taken to mean I agreed.

"This thing might not be big enough. I bought this for my girlfriend, not a whore like you," she scoffed as she gingerly inserted the tool. She thrust in and out a few times, then rammed into me. I felt the impact of her full body weight plowing into me and let out an involuntary moan. My cunt felt like city walls being broken in by a battering ram powered by a thousand heartless barbarians. I was moaning like a bitch in heat, but Vic and I both knew that vaginal stimulation alone would not make me cum, so she withdrew and removed the harness.

She flung the door open and barked, "Kneel! I'm going to give you what you deserve."

I stumbled out of the car with my tits hanging out of my top and my jeans still around my knees. As I hurriedly tried to pull up my jeans, I saw Vic kicking off her pants, which had been hanging at her ankles. I watched her remove her shoes, puzzled about what she would do next. Would she slap me? Beat me? I was eager to receive whatever she had in mind as I shivered in the icy night air. The anticipation was killing me. I slipped my hand down my pants and began to rub my clit furiously. She eyed me coldly, watching me give in to my urges and masturbate uncontrollably with a disdainful chuckle.

She stood over me, grabbed my long auburn hair and using it to pull my face within a few inches of her pussy. She paused to let me breathe in its seductive scent again. I opened my eyes just in time to see a stream of piss coming at me. I moved in closer, enjoying the warmth that quickly gave way to an icy chill. I opened my mouth, desperate to drink in everything she had to offer. I moved my head around, letting the piss hit my forehead, tongue and scalp, hearing and feeling it tinkle on impact. I started to cum and prayed her bladder would not run out before I was finished. I rubbed faster and faster, letter Vic's pee fall from my face, down my chest and legs. She finished peeing not a moment too soon and unceremoniously walked away and put her pants back on while I caught my breath.

"See you next time," she said as she tossed my purse at me. She jumped behind the wheel and sped away, leaving me on my knees in a dirty parking lot, shivering and covered in piss. I buttoned up my pants, which were now soaked with her pee and stuffed my tits back into my top. I had no choice but to walk back in front of the convenience store on my way back to the car. The clerk stared at me through the window and I realized, to my horror, that she had seen the whole thing. The burning in my cheeks was nothing compared to the burning shame I felt in the pit of my stomach. I sat in my car, allowing Vic's piss to dribble off me and soak into the upholstery. I looked in my purse and realized that Vic had stolen $40 from me. Vic was an unrepentant asshole, but I was addicted to her, and there was nothing I could do about it. I could not wait for next time.

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Fuck Yeah

Dude this is super hot, I uh, enjoyed the story quite a bit

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