Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

"Mother! What are you doing?"

The older woman slowly disengaged from the young man she had been kissing so deeply.

"I'm getting to know my next lover, dear. What did you think?"

"But that's my boyfriend!"

"Was he? What is your name, young man?"

"Lew, well, really Lewellyn, but every one calls me Lew." he stammered. His arms were still around the amazing woman who had ushered him into the house and had then proceeded to give him the hottest kiss he had ever had!

"Lewellyn? No one's named Lewellyn any more! It's a stupid name. I'll call you Lew." She snuggled closer to the young man making sure that he could feel her body as it moved against his.

"Mom?" ventured the young lady standing just inside the still open front door. "What's going on?" There was a pleading note in her voice.

"Dear, don't be tiresome. I told you. For some reason you have a talent for finding gorgeous young men with extremely hot bodies and that are VERY well equipped." She licked her lips salaciously while looking Lew up and down.

"And I introduce myself to them and, well... Lew, let me ask you. My daughter over there. She is really pretty isn't she? Of course she is. But I'm gorgeous! She's fit and trim, isn't she? Look what I have to offer," She tore open her blouse exposing to both the young people a magnificently stacked body. Trim, muscular torso, lithe midsection overhung by an enormous pair of breasts that seemed to be fighting to be freed from the gigantic bra that was trying to contain them

"54-28-38, Lew!" she bragged. "My daughter is flat chested at best! Almost a B-cup." she sneered. "So, which do you prefer? My skinny, tit-less daughter? Or all of this?" She gestured to indicate her body which she took care to flex for his gawking eyes. To seal the deal she bounced lightly on her heels. In response her boobs leapt and gamboled almost falling free of the largest bra Lew had ever imagined.

He was dumbstruck as he stared.

"I think we know the answer," bragged Mom. "It's always the same!"

"But, M...Muh... Mom?" Stammered the younger woman.

"Oh, please," was the reply. "This isn't the first time. I've had every single one of your 'boyfriends'. I let them hang around as long as they can keep up with me. Then I toss them out. That's why you can't keep a 'boyfriend' for more than a few weeks. They just can't keep up with me! I need a LOT of loving. I need a lot of attention. They just wear out, poor things. Brace yourself, Lew. It's a great ride. But no one lasts for ever. And neither will you, I'm afraid.

"And you, go away. Give me a few hours to get to know Lew. You need to find another man. I"m sure that you'll do fine!" Her hand swept down to fondle Lew's stiff dick that was throbbing in his slacks.

"Oh, yes," she moaned. "At least ten inches long and so very thick. We're going to have a lot of fun!" She was stroking and pulling on his member, making it grow even more under her expert attention.

"I can't wait. Are you still here?" she asked her daughter. "Well stick around if you want. I'll show you how I deal with all these young studs." She laughed.

"Lew, you never told us which you prefer? Have you made a choice?"

"Lord," moaned Lew as he forced his face between the most voluminous tits he had ever imagined. As he motor-boated, licked and sucked Mom's cans she looked over his head and smirked at her daughter who began to weep silently. Her new 'boyfriend' was playing with her mom's gigantic breasts and paying no attention to the girl that he had just recently called 'The love of my life!' That had lasted only until he had had his hands filled with a set of 34-Triple O breasts.

He came up for air. "I'll last longer than you think! I've never had a complaint!" he bragged.

With out responding she slid to her knees. Smiling up at him she quickly undid his belt and pulled his pants to the floor. Still smiling up at him she deftly pulled his dick out of his underwear. It throbbed and pulsed in front of her.

"It's just over a foot long," he annonced proudly. "Like it?"

"Oh, yes, Mommy likes," she replied. "I've had bigger, but it's nicely thick! It'll do."

Without warning she drove forward and took him to the root in one quick motion! She shook her head left and right before pulling back and deep throating him again and again.

"Oh, FUCKING HELL!" he shrieked. "What a cock sucker! GODDAMN! Your going to make me cum! I"m going to cum down your cum sucking throat!"

She just looked up at him and kept up her oral attack. As she worked she reached back to release her bra. Freed from their prison her huge boobs bounced joyfully out and swung in rhythm as she worked.

Just as he was about to blow she yanked him from her throat and buried his big hard dick between her boobs. Laughing up at the look on his face she pounded her incredible tits up and down his shaft until, with a roar, he came! Spurt after spurt flew up into the air to fall on her face, those immense tits and all around her where she knelt in front of him!

"Oh, Lew, you're really going to have to do better than that, honey. You didn't even last three minutes! How long can you hope to last in my pussy if I can get you to cum in less than three minutes? Well, lets' find out, shall we?

Getting to her feet she made a production of kissing him in front of her daughter before grasping his half hard dick and leading him toward the bedroom.

"Darling, I'm going to be busy with Lew, here, for a while. Either make yourself at home or go back to your dorm. I don't care and I don't think Lew will even notice, will you Lew?"

"Huh? What?" asked Lew whose entire attention had been on feeling up the gigantic boobs that were quivering and swaying just inches from him.

"Just as I thought," said Mom. "You really can't compete with me, honey, I'm sorry. I'm better looking, better built and a better sex partner than you could ever hope to be!"

"Come on, stud. I'm going to give you another chance."


Alternate endings. With do you prefer? Let me know in the Comments.


Three weeks later Lew was admitted to the hospital suffering from extreme exhaustion. It took him almost a week until he could stagger back to his dorm room.


Lew and Mom got married six months later. She had finally found a partner that she could not conquer. Lew was the equal if not the better of her when it came to sexual stamina!


Six months later Mom answered the door and found her daughter with another 'Boyfriend'. But this was not the skinny, tit-less young woman that she had tormented. This was a berserkly busty woman with gigantic, superbly round implants that burst out of her skin-tight flimsy thin sweater. They were the equal of Mother's immensity or even larger. Her 'Boyfriend' didn't even glance at Mom. He preferred gigantic fake tits that didn't sag at all.

Any other ideas? Put them in the Comments Section!

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by HungBigBen02/20/18

PS DDDDave...I sent you a note about some of your other work. I didn't hear back. You really are a talented writer. I have had a lifetime of erotic experiences...some not too unlike your work....I justmore...

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by HungBigBen02/20/18

Option 4

Good start...bring back the bigger, biggest lover she has had...and it turns out to be Lew's divorced father.....and they have a four way sex contest. Daughter may have smaller boobs, but a cavern pussy...andmore...

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Has a TheTalkMan + femdom feel, so, perfection.

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