Mother Abuse


Robert didn't need to wait long before he caught Melissa's glance staring at his crotch. Robert walked up, so he stood just inches away from her. Melissa still didn't take her eyes away from the hairy thing that dangled right in front of her. Suddenly, just as Robert was about to say something, she slowly reached out an put her hand against his dick. Her fingers slid under it's shaft and with a calm motion began stroking it.

Robert smiled. His meaty cock quickly took shape, as her tender fingers rubbed against it. It didn't take a minute before his manhood stretched out in it's full length, pointing somewhere above Melissa's head.

"Good girl," Robert whispered. But his mother didn't show any reaction. She kept her glance away from his eyes, as her fingers worked their job, coupling his balls, stroking his shaft and head.

Robert wasn't going to stop there however. With a somewhat clumsy movement he pushed his body towards Melissa, so that his dick touched her cheek. He then moved down a bit so that it touched her just above the tip of the mouth. Melissa didn't react. Robert urged her, pressing against her mouth.

"Come on baby," Robert had decided to call her that, "don't you want to give me a blowjob?"

Melissa still wouldn't open. Her finger played bluntly with his dick, but she wouldn't open her mouth. Robert reached out and touched her breast. His finger got hold of the hard nipple and began playing with it. He then slowly moved the tip of his dick around her face.

"Come on baby, be a good mommy, open your mouth for your boy."

Robert could see his dirty talk in action. He could see it on his mother's face. He had noticed the action before, but for the first time he realized - she was really enjoying it. It even seemed to him, that she was deliberately pushing him to dirty talk her further, by refusing to take him in. With his hand still on her breast he continued.

"See those droplets of precum honey, I know you're dying to taste the real thing."

Looking down at his mother's face Robert was now almost certain. He began stroking her hair.

"Now then," he shoved his dick under her nose, "Open up and show me you've got more holes to you than that hairy cunt of yours."

Melissa was beginning to break. Robert was dying of excitement as he felt her lips slowly move apart.

"That's it it Ma, be a good girl and show me you're as good at sucking as I imagined."

She was still hesitant. His cock-head was nested between her lips, he knew that a light push would do the job, but he wanted his mom to do it herself. His hand trembled as it went down her hair.

"Don't make me fuck your mouth Mom, a bitch your age ought to swallow cock with ease."

With those words the tip of his dick touched her tongue. It was simple as that. Robert couldn't do much now, except moan and pant, as his shaft rubbed against his mother's tongue and the head explored her mouth.

Robert hands clung to Melissa's hair. He looked down but quickly realized that the sight was too much, even for him. His vision seemed to blacken, he closed his eyes and tried to imagine that this was some street whore not his mother blowing his dick. And boy, did she feel like a whore. Drunk as she were, Melissa sucked like Robert had never imagined possible.

It didn't last long. With all his power of will Robert was helpless. Just a minute had passed when he felt his muscles contracting uncontrollable. It took him another moment to realize he was pumping cum into his mother's mouth.Overwhelmed, Robert pulled out, the streams of cum still exiting his dick, covering her chin, mouth and dripping down on her breasts.

"Good girl," Robert panted. Smiling he nudged Melissa's head so that she looked up at him. He could still see the confusion of feeling that was there in the morning, but he could also see unhidable pleasure. He pressed his dick to her cheek, and let the last droplets of cum cover her just beneath the eyes.

Robert suddenly noticed that her tongue had reached out and was touching his balls. Excited, Robert pushed them closer, until the hairy mass pressed against Melissa's willing mouth.

"That's right baby. You're one good cock-sucking bitch, mom."

For a minute Melissa silently licked her sons balls, as several more drops of cum poured out to find their way to her face. Finally Robert moved back and looked at his mother.

"Did you like it Mom?" Robert kept stroking her hair.

Melissa hesitated. She was looking up, but her face still showed a mix of emotions. Robert kept stroking her hair.

"Didn't you enjoy sucking off your son?"

"Yes..." Melissa said after a short pause.

"I enjoyed it too," Robert's hands reached out to touch her breasts. For a minute his fingers played around her tits, squashing the several drops of cum that had landed on them around. Melissa waited silently.

"Ok mom, you've been a good girl today, I think you deserve a treat."

Robert leaned down and grabbed Melissa's panties by the sides. Only then did he notice a large wet spot right in the middle of them. With a quick motion he pulled the underwear down till Melissa's knees. Without a word she obediently raised her legs to let him pull her panties completely off.

Robert didn't stop at all. Continuing in his rash, disinterested manner, he spread her legs apart, keeled down and pressed his tongue against the wet hairs. Melissa moaned. Robert licked again, pushing his tongue deeper, then he pulled back and looked up. His mother's face had changed again. It was no longer pitiful, the drunk eyes were still there, but so was a streak of passion.

"Do you like this?"

"Yes, Robbie", she whispered.

"Do you want me to lick you more?"


He pressed against her pussy again, then pulled back once more.

"Now make me believe it," his voice was demanding.

Melissa hesitated, but she spoke her words quite clearly.

"Lick me Robbie, please, lick my pussy."

Several more long seconds his tongue ran the length of her slit.

"Good girl, but let's call it your cunt, ma."

Melissa sounded as if she had suddenly become sober, "Be nice to mommy, dear, lick that cunt of hers..."

That was all. Unbeknown to Melissa, Robert came once more, right then. He didn't even care about licking her, it didn't turn him on, he just went on with it. He simply realized that the job was done, there was no turning back. That was what really turned him on.

* * *

Days passed. Contrary to what could be expected, that day didn't turn out to be exceptional for Robert and his mother. Melissa was in no position to control events, and Robert had not the slightest intention of stopping what had started. Even more than the most passionate of couples, their life began to revolve around the sole idea of sex.

Robert went on with his casual, sometimes careless behavior with his mother. It was a part of their sexual life that served to turn him on more than anything. What was more the same was true for Melissa. It seemed that she tolerated Robert's attitude because of her physical weakness, but the reality was that she enjoyed it to an extreme.

Robert also never gave up the pleasure of playing with his Melissa's nerves. Once she was standing at the sink washing the dishes, when she heard his voice, approaching from behind. Robert was talking on his mobile, probably it was one of his friends. She could hear him laugh.

"Ok, Mat, you guys have a good time... No, no, I'm not coming today... Na-h I've got a cunt to fuck today."

Melissa's body tensed. Robert was standing right behind her. Suddenly, with a sharp, almost violent movement he thrust his hand under her skirt and grabbed her ass. Melissa couldn't hold back a loud shriek. Her cheeks were suddenly on fire, as she heard the voice on the other end roar with coarse laughter. She imagined the way she had sounded.

"See... Ok.. No, no, it's not Jessie, you know... it's my mom."

Melissa's knees seemed to give way. For a moment her heartbeat rang in her ears. It took her quite some time to realize that Robert had already hung up before he said that. When her heartbeat was finally back to normal she wanted to turn around and scream at Robert. She didn't however. His hands had already managed in peeling her underwear aside, and his dick was pushing towards her pussy from behind.

Apart from such incidents their life went on as one would expect a loving couple to progress. Sometimes when bolts of guilt hit her Melissa wanted to sit down and talk to Robert. She couldn't help thinking that all of this was wrong. She did however quickly realize, that it was beyond her strength. Not least because she really didn't want to stop having sex with her son and because with every day that passed all that continued between them became ever more commonplace, and confronting it became ever harder.

Another thing happened however. Shortly after their first coupling, Robert began to notice that his mother stopped getting drunk to the extreme extent he usually found her in. Some days she even remained almost sober till nightfall. The rest of time she would stop drinking as soon as Robert was around, ready to turn his attention to her body.

This was something even Robert had never anticipated. At first it seemed to him, that this could mean an end to their sexual life, after all, nothing of what had happened would if not for Melissa's drinking. But he was wrong. The less she drank, the more she demanded from him. At times it seemed that she was silently blackmailing him: fuck me, or else I'll get drunk.

It took some time, several months, before she finally stopped, but she eventually did. Melissa was still weak, but she had quit alcohol altogether. As Robert liked to think, she had traded the throat of the bottle for his dick.

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