tagBDSMMother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter


Louise had been serving her Master faithfully and lovingly for years. Always striving to be the best she could. And during this time she had been subtly grooming her daughter Jayne. Jayne was unaware that everything her mother had shown her and told her over the years had a point... a very definite point.

Louise's Master had expressed a desire to own a mother and daughter... to have both serve him as slaves. Louise had known this for many years and subtly and carefully she had been grooming Jayne to fulfill this special role. At last it was Jayne's 21st birthday, the day it had been agreed would be her introduction to her new role in life... a role as a slave.

During the past two months Louise had been training Jayne, explaining to her what she would be required to do. In fact since Jayne had turned 18 Louise had been showing her by example the way to defer to the Master, how to ensure that His creature comforts were seen to... cooking the food He enjoyed, making sure he had the drink he preferred, leaving Him undisturbed when He was working... to mention just a few things. Also during this time Louise had spoken of what would be expected once Jayne turned 21. At this age Jayne would have earned a University degree and would be ready to begin her life. A life of servitude... servitude to Louise's Master. Up until this date Jayne knew she had a choice, knew she could say no. But curiously the word was never spoken.

And at last the day had come when Louise was to prepare her daughter. Louise was apprehensive, scared and yet an excitement filled her. To make this gift to her Master was the ultimate sacrifice. So Louise began to prepare Jayne for her first introduction to her Master.

A bath was run, warm and inviting. When the tub was full Louise instructed Jayne to step in and wash herself; to ensure her legs and pubic area were shaved smooth. She said that the hair under her arms was to remain and nothing more than soap was to be used. Jayne was an obedient daughter and did as her mother wished. While Jayne was bathing Louise prepared the clothing to be worn for her presentation. Each article of clothing had been carefully selected.

Louise laid out on the bed, sheer black hose, a lacy black garter belt and at the foot of the bed 5-inch heels. Alongside the underthings was a gauzy tunic... opaque in colour and slit up the sides. She next got out garments for herself, for the first time Jayne was to see her mother in her true state, dressed as her Master wished. Louise was to wear only a corset, thigh-his, heels and the silver collar master had given her on her birthday.

Going to back to the bathroom, Louise hurried Jayne, knowing Master was due home in less than two hours. A long time it might seem but not when there was so much still to do. "Darling," Louise said, "it's time to get out and dried." Jayne emerged from the tub and for the first time in a long time Louise looked at her daughter, looked at her as if Master would. She saw the high firm breasts, the tapered waist and flaring hips, the long legs. A small sigh escaped her lips before she mentally shook herself and continued with the preparations. As Jayne went to the bedroom to dry, Louise sank into the still warm water and quickly washed herself, ridding herself of the day's grime. Once washed she got out of the tub and drying quickly walked naked into the bedroom.

Jayne had seen her mother naked many times and still marveled at how good she looked despite her age, not that Louise was old, just older. Flashing her mum a nervous smile she asked, "Well, now what?" Louise smiled back at her and indicated the clothing on the bed. "Dress in these things. Master expects this of you, especially today." As Jayne began to dress she asked her mother many questions, all revolving around what would be expected of her. Louise patiently explained, pointing out several times examples of how Jayne had 'served' in the past. At the same time Louise dressed.

Once both women were adorned in the manner Master had prescribed they looked at each other for a moment. Louise noted how her daughter's breasts were emphasised by the tunic; the areola standing out now they had been rouged. The long legs encased in the hose and secured by the garter belt, the shadow of her womanhood could be seen. Louise stepped forward and hugged her daughter, whispering, "Jayne, today will change your life forever. Today you will know what it is to serve without hesitation. Right now is your last chance to refuse. Master has said that if you are not committed to this new beginning you only have to say. But if you go forward there is no going back."

Jayne thought for a moment or two before replying. "Mother, " she began, " Since I was old enough to understand I have seen you and seen how happy you are. I have known for a long time the relationship you share with Jay, and I have been envious. To know such love and devotion is something I want to share." They hugged in mutual excitement, for the last time as mother and daughter. From this moment on they would be slaves together.

Louise stole a look at the clock and realised there was no time left. With a check of Jayne's apparel and makeup then at her own, she gave a small satisfied nod. Taking her daughter's hand she led her down the staircase and into a side room. Louise's instructions had been clear; She was to present Jayne in an appropriate manner after Master was home. Leaving her daughter Louise proceeded to the entryway and was on her knees in the correct manner just as she heard the key turn in the lock.

Master Jay opened the door, a smile of pleasure on His face as he saw Louise on her knees; legs splayed wide, her upper body resting on the cold tiles. As His gaze roamed over her, he noted her clothing, such as it was, and His smile broadened. He knew that the way she was dressed meant that Jayne had acquiesced. His loins tightened at the thought. For a long time he had fanaticized about having a mother and daughter and he knew tonight that was about to come true. He strode forward and placed one hand on Louise's head, gently caressing it before sliding his hand down her cheek and under her chin. With the slightest pressure he raised her face so she could see Him. "My pet," He breathed. She looked up at Him as he spoke and a smile crossed her face. Increasing the pressure he forced Louise to stand, then slowly he bent and gently kissed her lips. Her joy had increased ten fold knowing that she had pleased Him already.

He strode to the den and sat in his favourite chair. Without a word Louise brought him a drink and ensured he was comfortable before sinking to her knees at His side. She knew to wait until He gave the command. What seemed like an eternity she waited, but it was less than a few minutes. He leaned to caress her breasts, smiling as her nipples hardened; he tugged lightly on the rings making her moan. Hi hand ran down her belly to her slit and sliding a finger along it discovered how wet she was. "Tonight excites you doesn't it my slut?" He asked. She blushed and nodded. He gave a low chuckle. "Now slut, bring me my prize!" He commanded.

Without another word, Louise rose and walked to the side room, Master Jay watched enjoying the provocative sway of her hips. Within seconds He was given a sight He had only dreamed of. Walking towards him was both mother and daughter, so alike and yet so different. The mother shorter, more curvy, womanly... the daughter tall and lean... and yet both displayed the same demeanour, one of subservience. They approached until they were a foot away from Him, just as he had instructed. His eyes roamed over one and then the other. His cock hardened in his trousers. With an imperious flick of His hand Louise took Jayne by the hand and led her to stand directly in front of Master, then moved to once more kneel at His feet. Her eyes darting between Him and Jayne.

Master Jay leant forward in his chair and ran a hand possessively over Jayne's breasts and belly. He felt her quiver at his touch. "Do not be afraid my dear. I shall not hurt you" He was rewarded with a small smile before Jayne shot a look to her mother. Louise smiled back at her giving her silent encouragement. Master chuckled at this interaction too pleased with what was to come to think of punishing either for their display. Reclining back in His chair He spoke once more. "Jayne, tonight will be a beginning for you. Tonight you start your training as a slave. My pet, your mother, has been giving you verbal instruction but from now on your training will be in MY hands." Jayne felt her knees shake at His words, but in her heart she knew that this was what she wanted, what she needed, what she craved. "Come! "He commanded as He rose from His chair. Louise gracefully stood and both she and Jayne followed Him from the room...

At the top of the stairs Louise motioned Jayne to the bathroom whispering that she was to run a bath for Master. As Jayne went to do this Louise continued to follow Master Jay. In the bedroom she waited before Him, not moving till He signaled for her to begin. He took His time, looking over His slave, admiring the way her breasts were displayed by the corset, the rouged nipples so prominent, the rings glinting in the light. He strode toward her and pulled on the left one, tugging it till she gasped. He lowered His head to capture her sounds in His mouth. He teased and tantalised with his tongue then stepped back. He noted how Louise's breasts were heaving, a smile on His lips.

With a hand He casually stroked her cunt, pleased at the wetness there... "So slut... I see you are ready for me." Louise flushed, delighted that He was pleased with her state of arousal. He thrust a finger inside... quick and brutal... Louise sighed with pleasure, her hips reacting and thrusting forward. "Be still my slut!" He commanded and immediately Louise forced herself to stay still. He worked one then two then three fingers into her cunt, pushing them deep, feeling her juices begin to flow. As quickly as He had invaded her cunt His hand left it. Bringing it to His face He sniffed deeply then offered His hand. Louise needed no second prompt... her tongue flicked out of her mouth as she licked His fingers greedily. The taste of herself exciting her more.

"Undress me!" He commanded. And without another word Louise stripped her Master of His clothing, her hands lingering now and then. Her body swaying toward His. He captured her in His hands, sweeping her close before kissing her... long hard and deep. Then with one movement pushed her away, "Not yet my pet," He stated, "Soon I shall take you. However, I believe you have a surprise for me." At His words Louise took Him by the hand and without a word led Him to the bathroom.

Standing silent and with head bowed was Jayne. The tub was full of warm water, inviting Him to step in. He walked close to Jayne and with a finger below her chin raised her face so she had no choice but to look at Him. Her breath caught in her throat, her breasts moving beneath her garment. He noted the subtle changes... with a hand he caressed her cheek, down her neck, straying over her breasts. He marveled at how they were so different to her mother's. Jayne's were small but pert, firm to the touch. He motioned Louise closer and with His free hand he caressed Louise's right breast. His eyes closed for a moment as he absorbed the difference. Both so pleasing in their own way. His ryes still closed he drifted his hand down further till He reached their cunts. He slide a finger along each then gave a chuckle. "Both mother and daughter are hot and wet for Master," He stated. He rubbed first one clit then the other, their whimpers soft. He stopped rubbing and turned and got into the tub.

Louise knelt at the side of the tub and began to wash Master Jay. Her every move dedicated to arousing Him and yet also giving silent instruction to Jayne. Her hands washing Him gently, stroking and caressing... as always leaving His cock till last. She had finished all but that. Louise motioned to Jayne to come closer. Jayne approached and sank to her knees. With a look to her mother she knew what she was to do. Taking the washcloth, she lathered it with soap and then lowered it into the water. With slow but deliberate swipes she washed His cock. She felt Him harden in her hand, and at the same time felt her cunt get wet. He moaned low in His throat as her hand continued its work. He snaked a hand put and grabbed Louise by her hair pulling her to Him. He began to kiss Louise and with every stroke of Jayne's hand on His cock he thrust His tongue into Louise's mouth. In the back of her mind she wondered about this, about if it were right. But she knew He made the decisions and all she had to do was please Him.

With a decisive move Master Jay halted all movement of the women. He rose from the tub, His nakedness causing gasps of delight. He stepped out into the warm towel Louise was holding. Without another glance he proceeded into the bedroom, Louise and Jayne following behind. He lay on the bed and waited. Louise had brought another towel with her and quickly dried Him off. She undid the towel at His waist, looking at His cock... so hard, she licked her lips unconsciously causing Him to chuckle. "Here pet. Come taste." Louise had forgotten that Jayne was in the room, she moved forward and kneeling beside Him she lowered her mouth onto His rigid manhood. Her tongue and mouth licking and sucking at Him. All the while He was watching Jayne, noting her reactions.

A flick of the hand brought Jayne beside Him, she stood trembling unsure of what was to happen. He took a hand and ran it up her leg from knee to thigh. Then higher till He could feel her heat, her wet pussy. He could smell both of them, an intoxicating aroma... the smell of sex... hot and wild. He fingered Jayne's cunt as Louise sucked His cock, the cries and whimpers intermingling. "Jayne, "He said in a soft voice. She jumped as if the words were spoken in a loud voice. "Y-yes Sir" she replied.

"Come join your mother!". Jayne did as she was bid, sinking to her knees at the side of the bed. Her mouth and tongue licking and sucking in tandem with Louise's. Master's moans encouraging them on. With His powerful hands He grabbed each of them by the hair and pulled them away. Louise knew that the final moment had come. Standing she took Jayne by the hand and led her to the empty side of the bed. Louise laid Jayne down next to Master then retreated to a chair in the room. She sat with legs wide and watched the bed. She knew what was to happen... it both excited her and made her a little afraid. She had tried to prepare Jayne for this moment, but words cannot compare to the reality.

As Jayne lay docile beside Master Jay, she was unaware of what was to come. A click brought her more awake, then the second click made her cry out. She tried to move only to discover her hands were immobilised. Before she could utter another sound her ankles were also restrained. Master Jay moved to the closet and extracted a flogger, running it through His hands He smiled. He returned to the bed and lightly ran the leather strands across Jayne's body, she could feel them through the garment she wore. With one hand He grasped her tunic at the neck and with a swift movement rent it in two. Jayne lay there helpless and exposed. For the first time tonight she felt genuine fear. She darted a glance at Louise, and was reassured by the smile she saw. Swallowing slowly she prepared herself as best she could.

Master Jay drew His hand back...

... with a well practiced flick of His wrist He brought the flogger down across Jayne's belly. Jayne jumped not from pain but from surprise... there was not even a sting. He smiled down at her. "Little one, " He began, "This is your first time and as such it will not be too intense. Later when you are used to this I shall increase the strength." With that said He brought the flogger down again, a little harder... enough to sting. Jayne's eyes were wide partly with fear and partly with excitement. Although she had known this man for years she was unsure of Him right at the moment. She bit her lip as she saw His arm raise again, but as the flogger hit a little harder again she could not suppress the cry that escaped her lips.

Master Jay ran His hand over the light marks now showing on her milky white skin, a pleased smile on His face. When Jayne was quiet once more, He brought the flogger down across her breasts, again not hard but with sting. Once, twice, three times He hit each breast, noting how they reddened. Then leaning down He took one hardened nipple and tugged on it, pulling it away from her body watching as her small breast strained. Jayne was whimpering softly. He rolled it between His fingers never easing on the pressure. Bending He took the hard nub between His teeth and bit it. Jayne's moan delighted Him and He bit again, this time flicking it with His tongue. Jayne moaned a little louder, her splayed legs moving restlessly. He ran a hand over her belly to her pussy, pleased with how smooth it was, then slide a finger along her slit. It was hot and wet, the clit hardening at the touch. He rubbed His finger up and down the slit then thrust a finger inside. Working it in and out He could hear her juices sloshing inside. Jayne's moans and whimpers telling Him that she was close to cumming. Immediately He stopped, "Not yet slut!"

Moving away from the bed He approached Louise. Throughout this interlude she had been sitting quietly, watching, praying that Master would be pleased with this gift. As He stood close He held His fingers to her mouth, "Taste bitch," were the only words he spoke. Louise dutifully opened her mouth and sucked on his finger, licking it clean. That this had come from her daughter did not occur to her till she had finished, then she flushed in embarrassment. "Such a good bitch aren't you?" He asked. With her head lowered Louise nodded. "Don't worry I shan't ask you to do more with her.. yet!" He took Louise by the arms and stood her up, then led her to one side of the room, the side where He had installed rings into the wall. Jayne's eyes had been following His every move. Without another word He placed Louise up against the wall facing it. She raised her arms and spread her legs. She knew what was expected... He put the manacles on her wrists and ankles ensuring she some movement but not a lot. He glanced over to the bed and saw a look of horror flit across Jayne's face. He gave a low chuckle before picking up the flogger.

"Jayne," He began, "Today you are 21 and from this day forth you shall begin your training in earnest. Training your mother has been undergoing for many many years. Tonight will be a demonstration of what you can expect with in my care." And with that He turned to Louise and brought the flogger down across her back. Immediately red marks appeared on her skin. A gasp was heard but from the bed not Louise. Again and again He struck Louise, on her back, her shoulders, her thighs... crisscrossing the marks, not two ever in exactly the same place. Louise was quietly sobbing from the pain of the flogger; she had never gotten use to how it bit into her flesh. Master Jay stopped for a moment and ran his hand along her very wet cunt, noting how her inner thighs were coated in her juices. He held his hand for Jayne to see. "Do you see how excited my bitch gets from being flogged?" He asked. Jayne could only nod her voice unable to say a thing. Master Jay then sank to His knees and spreading Louise's legs wider He began to lick at her, His tongue licking her thighs and cunt. Louise was writhing with pleasure, the pain on her back forgotten. He teased and tasted until Louise was begging Him to let her cum. Her moans so loud. "P-please Master! Your cunt aches for release." she cried. He rewarded her with a smack across her red backside, a hard stinging slap of His hand. Louise promptly went still and quiet. His tongue teased a little more before stopping and releasing her.

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