tagIncest/TabooMother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter


This was not written for other people but myself. I don't profess to be a writer but will share my experience.

ANNA AND GIGGETT. NAPIERThe most fantastic sexual experience that I have ever had happen with Anna and Giggett. It was in Napier on the 29 January 1986 and we were down in Napier on holiday. I had seen an add. in the personal column for the paper for massages by friendly Anna and I phone about it and was told all the details. But there was more besides.

I had the car serviced down here and then phoned and made an appointment for 4.15 pm and then walled around, and I arrived at about 4.05 pm . The door was opened but a rather attractive young girl who's name was Giggett. I had thought that it was Briggett but was mistaken. She had a were nice figure and seemed very pleasant. She showed me into the room which was rather large but was dominated but a large red double water bed and beside it was a small massage table.

Anna came in a short time later and she was about forty but still attractive and as she had a bath robe on at the time, I was not able to accurately judge what sort of figure she had. She had a very pleasant manner which immediately put me at ease, and she asked me if I wanted a massage first. I said that I did not so she came up to me and started to kiss and stroke me straight away. No mention had been made about money at this stage so I just responded in kind. She was a very enthusiastic and experienced kisser and one that I felt very much at home with. If I had been a little disappointed when I first met Anna, all doubts now disappeared.

Anna started to undress me and when she had me almost undress she went down and started to give me a head and let me tell you that she was very experienced and good at giving heads. I was aroused in no time flat and when she came up, she tried to insert me into her vagina. I did not want to rush things, so I said that I wanted to take our time.

We then completed our undressing and progressed to the bed. I said that I wanted to eat her first and she was most agreeable to this. I went down past her breasts and paid them some attention on the way, and then moved down until I was able to eat her fully. She tasted beautiful and moved her pelvis seductively in my face. She then said that she wanted to be in the action and suggested that we got into the 69 position so that we could both be actively participating. I lay on my back and she climbed on top of me and started to attack my fully erect penis while I was able to pull her vagina hard into my face and really give it a good going over.

I had to stop her several time, otherwise I would have coated her tonsils, and I had wanted this session to last for at least and hour, if not longer. I wanted this to be a very memorable session.

I then said that I was ready to enter her so we got into the missionary position and I clambered on top. I did not need any guiding as her vagina was wet and open enough for my erection to find its way in by itself. She was rather open, almost loose, but she was able to contract her vagina around my cock and hold it firm for several seconds and this greatly increased the pleasure of the encounter. Anna kept moving under me and kept her legs moving all over the place, first up around my waist and then down around my legs. We were kissing like lovers and not like the run of the mill women that I had met.

We must have been like this for ten minutes or more, and I had to stop several times to stop myself from coming but then she suggested that she would like to have an orgasm, which she said that she did not usually have with her punters, or clients as she called them, and that she wanted to get on top. I was more than willing and pulled myself off and lay down beside her, gave her a little cuddle and a kiss, then she climbed over on top of me and impaled herself on my erection.

She controlled the pace of this session and moved up and down at various paces for her own satisfaction while I was able to kiss and stroke her breasts. She was still able to contract her vagina on me and at times we moved rather rapidly. After about five minutes or more she said that she was having her organism and stiffened up slightly and then sagged on top of me.

While all this was going on, I was aware of Giggett out in the garden, hanging out the clothes. I was a bit worried about this at the time in case that she could she her mother and me making love, but Anna said not to worry, as she could not see in and that even if she could, it would not worry her as she worked there as well. I then asked if it would be possible to have a threesome and Anna said of course but it would cost $250.00. I did not have that money on me but I knew that I would be able to get it so I said that I would pay her one hundred now, give her a cheque for the balance, but said not to bank it as I would send her the balance down shortly. She was agreeable to this, so she got off me, put her gown on and went out to get Giggett.

She came back a few minutes later with Giggett , who was very pleasant, and Anna took off her robe and got back onto the bed and Giggett started to take off her leggings and swim suit. Giggett had a very attractive body, firm and rounded, good breasts and perhaps a better figure than her mother, but not by very much. I was at last about to have my first threesome or menge a trios.

I lay in the middle of the bed and I had Anna on my right and Giggett on my left. I had an arm around both of them and started by kissing first Anna and the Giggett. I could tell straight away that Giggett was not as experience or as enthusiastic about this as her mother was but she had youth on her side. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes then Anna reached foursome cream which she was going to apply to Giggett's vagina, to make sure that she was moist and lubricated when the time came for me to enter her. I was not going to have any of this and said that I was going to get her ready myself.

I asked Giggett to come and sit on my face and said that I would get her ready and her juices flowing. She moved up and straddled my face so that a leg was on either side of my head. I pulled her pelvis down on to my face so that her vagina was right on my tongue, and I began to eat her in earnest. I would guess that she had not been fucked that day, because, she was very fresh and very sweet to taste, but she did not move anywhere near as well as her mother had done. I was able to reach up and play and stroke with a breast in each hand. Giggett had beautiful breasts, very firm, large, with beautiful nipples in each one. These became erect and stood out like little crowns on top of a hill.

While I was doing this, Anna was in no way passive, because she went down and started to give me another excellent head, so good in fact, that I had to stop her several times to stop myself from coming, as I wanted to save that for one or other of the vaginas that I had close to me but preferably, I wanted to come inside both of them.

While I was attacking Giggett's vagina, it started to become very wet and became more open but I do not think that she was enjoying this a much as her mother was, or at least gave the impression that she was. I must have been eating Giggett and been eaten for at least ten minutes before Anna suggested a change.

What I had wanted was to be inside two women at once and in another way, I was. My tongue was inside Giggett's vagina, and my cock was inside Anna's mouth. What I had really wanted was for Anna to mount my erection and ride me, while I ate out Giggett and then they could change positions. I had even thought that it might have been nice that while Anna was riding me, she might have played with her daughters breasts and visa versa.

However, Anna suggested that she get down in the doggie position and I approach her from behind while at the same time playing with Giggett. I should have taken the lead her and said what I had wanted but instead I went along with Anna's suggestion.

Anna got down on all fours and I approached her from behind while Giggett came up on my left side. I entered Anna's warm cavity and thrust in deeply and firmly and once I was located properly I turned to Giggett and started to kiss and caress her. In this position, my hands are usually on the woman's hips or reaching round to her breasts, but this time because I had another attraction, my hands went all over Giggett. I stroked her breasts,kissed her breasts, and played with her vagina. She was also stroking me all over as well as playing with my balls and at the same time Anna was also playing with my balls and cock as it was going in and out of her vagina.

I was almost in heaven . Anna was able to move her pelvis in a most seductive manner as well as clasping my cock firmly in her vagina, so as to increase the pleasure of the encounter. She was very active in this session, just as she had been in all other sessions. Giggett was almost as active and she did seem to be enjoying it, or at least she gave the impression that she was, almost as much as her mother. I was going to try and make this session last as long a possible to increase the pleasure that I was getting, and in some way, giving. Anna seemed to be enjoying herself as I plugged back and forth. I increased the pace so that I was ramming in hard and furiously into Anna and she responded in kind and kept up with me.

I was hoping to ejaculate into Giggett but it soon became obvious that this was not going to be possible unless I was going to have two comes because I felt that I was getting close to coming. I had been at this stage several times in this position, but each time I had managed to slow things down and delay it. But now I knew that I could not delay the impending orgasm any longer and came very powerfully inside Anna but I kept up my motions as before so she was not aware that I had come.

We must have been in this position for at least ten minutes before I came and after I had come, I remained hard so I continued for at least another two minutes. I then suggested that it was time for me to try Giggett and all agreed. When Anna pulled me out of her, she found that she had excess fluid inside her and she asked me if I had come. i told her that I had but she could see that I was still hard so was quite willing to let me continue to have her daughter.

It was decided, I am not sure by who, that I was going to have Giggett in the usual missionary position, and she lay down in front of me in the usual manner, with legs apart, and knees drawn up slightly. I moved up to get on top of Giggett and when I was almost in position, Anna put her hand down to my cock to guide it into her daughter's vagina. I found this very erotic. When I was properly located, Anna moved her hand away and I thrust back and forwards several times before I was fully into Giggett. She was much tighter than her mother and that in some ways added to the pleasure, but she was not able to move anywhere near as well, but it was still good to be inside her. On reflection, I think that I preferred to make love to Anna, rather than Giggett, but it was very erotic to have two women to administer to my sexual wants.

I think that I fucked with Giggett for about five minutes, and while this was going on, Anna was playing with my balls and cock as it went back and forth inside her daughter. This heightened the sensation and made it all that much better. I was now conscious of the time, which was now well after five, and I knew that if I continued for quite a while longer, that I would have another orgasm, but I did not have that amount of time. I reluctantly withdrew from Giggett and said that I needed to be going. I had been over an hour but neither of them had made any comment about the time, so I think that I could have continued for quite some time, but we broke apart and went for a shower.

The shower was a very large one, which was just as well because all three of us got into it together. We soaped each out down and this was fun in itself, and it was at this stage that I noticed that Anna had a breast uplift and implant as well as surgically tightening up on stretch marks on the stomach.

When we came out of the shower and back into the bedroom, I was very tempted to throw Anna on the bed and have her all over again, which is what I would have liked to do, but because I was conscious of the time, I did not. I left shortly after, but had to go back later that evening, to collect my cardigan, which I had left there.

I had hoped to make a day trip down from Matamata to visit them, but this never came about. When I moved down her, I found that she had been charged with running a brothel and the case was still on, and even though I tried to go and see some of it I was not able to find it on. She was found guilty and fined $1000.00. She moved away after this so I was never able to repeat the experience.

I did have one massage from an older woman at the massage parlour here soon after the trial, and she told me that Anna had been hounded by one of the escort agencies here, and they started the complaints which led to Anna's prosecution. I did fancy that woman, but did not have enough money on me to complete that encounter, but I did say that she would have to be excellent to be as good as Anna and Giggett were. She also told me that Anna arranged an auction for Giggett's maiden head. That would have been interesting.

That was unfortunately, was the end of my best, most exciting, and most successful sexual encounters that I have ever had, and I would like to try and repeat the experience with two women who are as close.

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