tagInterracial LoveMother and Daughter are Trained

Mother and Daughter are Trained


Chapter three

Heather and I sat naked on the step of the oversized Jacuzzi tub while our goddess bathed. We watched in awe as Cyntha slowly caressed every inch of her magnificent body. I felt the craving in my loins for her thick, luscious she meat. I smiled when Cyntha rose to allow us to rinse off the scented oils and soaps lathered over her perfect body. Heather took the Cynthas' rear while I took the front. We thoroughly rinsed every inch, I spent as long as I can making sure each and every centimeter of her she cock was immaculate while Heather did the same to Cynthas' ass.

Cyntha, in her sexiest voice said. " I have a surprise for you two. This will be the next step in your training. Go prepare yourselves for something exciting...Now!"

We had finished our showers and we dressed together. It took us a while to decide on what to wear. We both agreed on stockings with garters and the hottest "fuck me heels" we had. Heather wore white, while I chose black. Our perfect asses were framed so seductively by our garters.

We stood together admiring ourselves in the mirror when we heard the door bell ring. Heather and I both exchanged shocked looks. "Who would this be at this time of night?" I asked.

Cyntha called to us. " Ladies come here, I need to introduce you to someone."

Heather and I descended the stairs, little knowing what surprise awaited us. Standing in the foyer was another cinnamon chocolate beauty. Cyntha saw our questioning looks and began. " This beautiful woman is my sister Cali She will take over your training. You will obey her as if she were me."

Cali was the model that Cyntha used to transform herself too. Cali was tall with a body one usually only sees in the most exotic of magazines. She turned to place her jacket upon the foyer wall hooks, Calis' derriere, framed in a skin tight leather skirt cut two inches below the lowest of its' curves was exquisite. She was a masterpiece of femininity. Her flawless features and casual grace were instantly endearing. Heather looked shocked as I am sure I did too. We were looking at twins only one was a pure female and the other, her brother, was as beautiful as she.

At this point, and without saying a word Cali produced two collars made of silver from her leather bag. She held them in front of her at waist height. Heather and I hesitated only one second before we obediently went forward and fell to our knees; our heads bowed in supplication to our newest of instructors.

Cali placed a silver ring around Heathers' and my neck, she then produced two matching chains from her bag of tricks and proceeded to clip one end to each of our collars.

Cali, with a voice so full of sensual control, looked up to Cyntha and said. "These two will do quite nicely Cyntha. I shall take the mother for private training, I need her to understand her role."

Cali nonchalantly dropped Heathers chain and proceeded to pull me toward our library. I looked to Cali with a pleading eyes and asked. " Should I stand or crawl Cali?"

Calis' response was immediate and brutal. In one movement she spun and choked up on the chain and collar and pulled my face to the floor. Her eyes, brilliant and fiery; a voice so perfectly tuned to a dangerous fury; began. " When you want to question me, you shall sit and I may or may not acknowledge you. When I pull this chain you will follow its' lead without hesitation. This will be your first and only warning. Now raise your face to my pussy, breath in the scent of your mistress. Inhale all you can absorb, drive my scent deeply into your brain, for you shall never forget it."

I obeyed without hesitating. I placed my nose against her hairless pussy lips and inhaled with all of my lung capacity. I felt my pussy flood with juices like no other time in my life. Her scent was unlike any scent ever discovered. I wanted to taste every savory inch. I flicked out my tongue to taste her beautiful pussy. As my tongue lightly grazed the lips of her labia I felt the sting of leather across my ass.

Cali, with an even more danger added to her tone, admonished me again. "I said to inhale my scent not lick it, you have not earned that privilege as of yet. So far, I have seen only insolence. Now! Roll to your back and submit!"

I had never known such control, so instinctively, not knowing what to actually do I stayed frozen in my position on all fours. Again, the leather leash handle assailed by rear. An internal preservation mechanism, instantly took over and I felt the cool marble tiles along my back as Cali glared down at my supplicating form. I glanced up to see the slight smile she gave to Cyntha who had taken the leash of Heather and was guiding her toward the bedroom. I dared not move an inch for fear of the lash, I felt the burning sensation in the areas Cali had struck and I knew I was now totally dominated.

I felt the pull of the leash as I quickly returned to my knees and followed Cali as she sauntered toward our library. The scent of her perfect pussy still filling my senses and the lucky taste I had stolen made me crave her pussy more than anything I had ever craved. As we entered the library I felt Cali pull the leash toward one of the sofas. I crawled toward the sofa and stopped short as Cali stopped. She turned and sat down as I stayed kneeling at her feet.

Cali looked down at me and through her smile intimated. " Good, you are coming along nicely, perhaps you won't be as hard to train as I thought. Now remove my boots and massage my feet. If you do it correctly I shall reward you. I believe you know the alternative!"

Cali stretched out her spectacular legs. Her legs were shaped like a professional dancer or an athlete; muscular thighs tapering to well defined calve muscles. I lowered the zipper on the side of each boot and tenderly removed each one, taking time to carefully place them to her left and aligned perfectly. I have had my feet rubbed but I had never done it for anyone else, but I knew what I liked and I only prayed that Cali would too. I spent forty minutes massaging every millimeter of her perfect feet and toes. Calis' legs were parted and her perfect pussy was in full view. I knew this only because I had stolen quick glances up to her face to see if she was enjoying the foot massage. Her pussy was only the length of her leg away but I felt as though I would need to climb Mt. Everest to only taste it again.

I felt the leash pull me closer between her legs and Cali began. " You did well and even though I saw your fleeting glances at my beautiful pussy you did not linger and your hands felt delightful on my feet. I shall now reward you."

Cali parted her legs further apart and pulled my head upward to look at the two perfect mouth like lips of her pussy. I craved to smell and taste it but dared not move an inch until instructed to.

Cali began." I will now instruct you on how you will lick my pussy. Listen well, I do not like to repeat instructions... When I tell you to begin, you will slowly approach my pussy, lightly kissing my thighs, both of them. You will then work your kisses up to my pussy lips and show me how much you love my pussy with your kisses. You will slowly and lovingly begin to kiss the hood of my clitoris your kisses will increase to lightly sucking the hood finishing each suck with a kiss. When I tell you to begin with your tongue you will lightly stroke the hood of my clitoris, Slowly, I will tell you when to use a faster stroke and we shall see how you do from there. Now, begin."

No sooner had the "n" in "begin" been pronounced when I began my loving journey along Calis' spectacular legs. I slowly kissed my way to center of her core, being careful to only respond to her breathing. I lovingly caressed the hood of her clitoris so to convey the desire I had to taste her essence. It was after ten full minutes of gentle kissing and sucking her now engorged clitoris that I began to see white droplets of cream forming at the entrance to her vagina. I wanted to lick those droplets clean, but my mistress had not yet given me permission to proceed. As if reading my mind, Cali finally spoke. " You are doing well, so far! I know that your own pussy is crying out to be touched. I will tell you when you may touch it. You will not touch it until I order you so. Now! Plunge your tongue into my delicious pussy and taste of the juices you have conjured."

The moment my tongue entered her perfect pussy, my mind shut out all external influences. There was nothing in the world more important than the inside of Calis' pussy. The first taste of her pussy juice caused me to quiver and sob with joy. I wanted to drown myself in the delicious juice I now devoured. If only I could have a longer tongue. I wanted to taste every centimeter of the inside of Calis' pussy. I felt her raise her hips from the couch and slowly begin to grind her soft pussy into my mouth. I had never felt so happy pleasing someone as I did now.

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