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Mother and Daughter BBC


Again I'd like to thank everyone whose read my story and enjoyed it, as well as those who've offered my feedback. I've enjoyed reading about how people have enjoyed my stories and taken to heart problems people have had, granted as long as the problems weren't with the story being of the interracial genre. I am continuing Confessions but I wanted to let this story test the water as well, I'm also thinking of submitting a fantasy type story since it the genre in which I hope to be nationally published. On that note I'd like to ask what new things would you like to see both in Confessions and this story. Thus far I've been writing for my own enjoyment but I realize once you move a story to a public forum it becomes the writers responsibility to mix the audience's likes with his or her own, so again feel free to comment what you really think. I cannot thank you enough and please enjoy the first installment of Mother and Daughter BBC.


Growing up I was never the adventurous type, always taking the safe route. I got excellent grades in high school, honor roll almost every semester through college, and when I graduated I married a safe, white Christian man three years older than myself. Together we had a beautiful daughter named Ashley who at the time things started to change was eighteen. I was so happy with my dull life; I never even imagined anything better, anything more. That is until that warm fall when my family became, well I guess the best word for it is awkward.

To tell you a little more about myself my name is Erica, I'm a thirty-eight year old Caucasian woman. I'm mid-sized, topping out just over 5,5 with plump round C cup breasts and a trim figure thanks to my rigorous fitness routine. MY body is in just about as good a shape as its ever been in, just slightly curvy just enough to give me a round plump ass and thick chest. My husband isn't much taller than me, just 5,8—before our incident little inadequacies like that didn't bother me. It never mattered to me that his dick was pencil thin and never gave me an orgasm, or that we hardly even spoke anymore. I was happy with the large home he provided and the security of his large paycheck. It was a life I was absolutely happy with.

The day we first met them we were having a mother and daughter day. My husband was out of town on business and the two of us were sitting at the dining room table, planning the events of our day. Our relationship was...well to tell the truth strained. Ashley was in the final years of her teens and her rebellious side was going out of control. It wasn't that her friends were bad, or that she was hanging out with suspicious guys, on the contrary I loved her boyfriend Rob. The problem was she wouldn't listen to a thing I said, no matter how simple the request. Getting her to wash the dishes was like WWII all over again, each and every time. She hated me, and for the life of me I couldn't understand why, though on that day she had made the reason abundantly clear. She wanted to go out with her boyfriend and I was forcing her to spend the day with me. Thinking back to my own teenage years I could remember how much I hated being forced to spend time with my mother but we didn't have many opportunities, I couldn't just let this one pass.

I had the whole day all planned out, first we went to the mall; I'll skip that part simply saying it was a complete disaster. Next we went out to eat, yet another disaster. The final thing on our list of things to do was swim out at the creek in the forest preserve by out neighborhood. Being outdoors like that held great memories for me and I hoped it would make some good ones for my daughter, I was wrong yet again. ON our way up to the creek she complained about the bugs biting her and when we got there she said the water was too cold. Her enjoyment of the day lost all relevance with me as I simply tried to force my daughter to participate in the activity.

We finished swimming around six, after which we climbed out, still in our bathing suits and made a small campfire to sit and watch the stars a little before heading back. When I turned to my daughter the look on her face was absolutely furious. I rubbed my forehead wondering what I could do if anything to turn the day around for her. A very strange answer came tromping through the growth not more than a minute later. Two large black men, one near 6,8 and the other about 6,4 stumbled upon us sitting out looking over the creek. Being a proper-bred upperclass white I instantly got a bad feeling about the two men. I reached for Ashley's arm, ready to run if they came near us. Ashley had learned very little from me in her eighteen years but she knew at least to fear a black man when they approached.

I had hopped to slip away down the path to our left but the two men saw us and approached. As they got closer I saw them waving at us, wearing big smiles, though not very terrifying. If I had known better I would have welcomed them but at that point in time I was too set in my racist mindset.

"Hey there" the shorter of the two said. "Sorry to interrupt your moment but we're a bit lost. We're new to the area and after going for a walk we couldn't find the path that led back out of the forest."

Figures I thought to myself. After all what big dumb nigger could find his way out of crackerjack box let alone a forest. I started to say that we couldn't help them when my daughter said coldly, "Why don't you big dumb niggers just go get lost."

This I certainly didn't teach her. Racism wasn't something you spouted to someone's face, certainly not when they were that big and you were very, very alone.

Both of the big black men looked shocked, unable to decide how to respond. I expected them to try something violent, or use harsh words but instead they simply laughed. My face scrunched into a puzzled frown as I tried to figure out just what was so funny. "What's with you big dumb niggers, why aren't you angry!" my Ashley shouted. I shot an angry glare toward her. I quickly apologized, saying that I had no idea where she learned to act like that, obviously I was lying through my teeth.

"Come on you big stupid niggers do something"

"Shhh" I hissed. I looked back to the men hopeless. I couldn't understand what my daughter was after. I looked pleadingly at the black men but to my relief and confusion they were still laughing.

"She certainly has a mouth on her" laughed the smaller one.

"And so cute" added the larger one.

I didn't know what to say, only that I would have to make it up to them somehow. I thought about offering to show them the way out of the forest when I heard something growling behind us. I turned to see a mammoth of bear raising up on its hind legs, snarling. For a split second I wondered what I had done to land such bad luck as to run into black men and a bear all in the same thirty-minute time frame, after that I screamed.

The bear lunged at me when suddenly an arm as dark as the moonlight swung. His fist caught the bear dead between the eyes, leveling it. I looked to see the larger of the black men, the 6,8 one standing over me his fist still extended. My next reaction was to look over toward my daughter to ascertain her safety. She was safely curled in her arms, her eyes wide before giving in to tears. She got up and raced to me, throwing her arms around me. That's when the bear rose again. Snarling and lashing at my daughter. The large black man caught the bear's jaws on his arm while the smaller (the 6,4 one) threw a punch splitting the bear's skull, leaving it incapacitated.

I looked back and forth between my black heroes, too overwhelmed to be ashamed of myself for what I'd previously said. My daughter was silent; I assumed she too was embarrassed.

"Thank you, oh thank you so much! I promise when we get back to town I'll get you a proper reward, my husband has a lot of money and influence."

"That won't be necessary," said the smaller of the black men. "Oh we haven't introduced ourselves. My name is Steve, and this here is my brother Kamal."

I introduced Ashley and myself, after which we sat over by our campfire to let Kamal rest, his arm still bleeding slightly, and to talk more. I was shocked to find out that Kamal, the giant was the younger of the two and even more surprised to learn he wasn't much older than my Ashley, just twenty years old. Steve on the other hand was twenty-eight and the owner of a budding computer technology company. He told me that he and his brother had recently moved into town after his company made a major expanse and he found himself able to afford new luxuries. Rich, intelligent, brave, these weren't things I associated with blacks and with the adrenaline wearing off I quickly became ashamed of myself.

"Please, let me pay you back somehow. I can't let you go unrewarded."

"If you really feel like you have to," Steve answered looking over toward Ashley.

He turned to Kamal who simply shrugged. "You really don't have to the little brother added, the first time he'd spoken all night. His voice was so rich and deep; his brother had a fine voice too. I felt a strange pull in my chest; I couldn't understand what it was.

"Please, I really want to. You were hurt, I would be a horrible person if I didn't do something to repay you."

"Then why don't you let your daughter pick our reward," suggested Steve.

I didn't understand what he was getting at. I looked over at Ashley who was now blushing. Ashley, what is he talking about, and if the next thing out of your mouth is slightly disrespectful I swear I'll tell your father to whip you when we get home."

"Fuck us," was Ashley's bashful reply. I looked at her dumbstruck, unable to process what my ear had just heard.

"So you really didn't understand," laughed Steve.

"Understand what!" I shot back.

"Your daughter, earlier when she was calling us niggers she was trying to get us to rape the both of you. She's curious about black men and is a little reckless with her life so she decided to take the chance."

I just stared at him blank faced then looked to my daughter, she was equally shocked.

"how did you know what I was thinking," she gasped breathlessly.

"We're not your ordinary black men Steve smirked. We're both, a little different. We come from a family that possesses certain power, powers that come in handy quite often. For instance I can read minds and Kamal can see the future. Along with that we have strength beyond a normal humans, and a few other interesting abilities—he grinned over at Kamal before continuing—Kamal saw you guys coming here and being attacked by that bear so we showed up to stop something terrible from happening."

All of what he was saying was beyond belief but knowing next to nothing about black men it wasn't hard for me to accept it. After all their bodies were as dark as midnight, covered in layers of rock hard, solid muscle, everything about them defied any of the logic I'd grown up with.

"So then said Steve, why don't we get our payment over with? I know your daughter is anxious to try and I have to say seeing the both of you in those skimpy swim suits has me pretty hard."

I was taken aback, was this really about to happen. Were two big black men really about to fuck me and my daughter? I watched horrified at first as Steve pulled his shirt over his shoulders, revealing his dark body, free of any hairs or blemishes, it appeared to be etched out of solid muscle. Steve told Kamal to take care of Ashley, that her thoughts said she wanted the bigger one, while Steve advanced toward me. I took a step back, terrified. I stumbled over my own legs and fell to the ground, hovering above my head was Steve, now in nothing but his boxers. In his pant leg I could make out the shape of a long fat limp cock, the head poking out from the bottom of the leg, as dark as the night. I was terrified by it but so turned on at the same time. Finally I had realized what that tingle I'd felt before was, longing. The moment I saw these black men my body had wanted to feel what they had to offer. Steve's shaft was easily double the length of my husband's and in the comparison of thickness it was like a bad joke, Steve was like a coke bottle. My husband couldn't stand up to a cock like this, not in a million years. I looked over to my left, my daughter was already on her knees kissing the swollen black shaft of Kamal which to my horror was even longer and thicker than Steve's. He was a monster, it had to have been thirteen inches, though Steve was a monster in his own right. At least ten inches of black python.

"Kamal is actually closer to fourteen inches," grinned Steve. "But none the less your correct he's huge." Taking my small, feeble white hand Steve brought it to his dick and began stroking his cock with my fingers. It felt good but I couldn't take my eyes off Ashley. You have to understand I'm not very big and Ashley is even smaller than me. 5,0 tall, incredibly thin with B cup breasts, everything on her is petite, and while my behind has a good size and shape to it Ashley only inherited the firm round shape. Despite this she kissed the long black monster in front of her and opened her mouth as wide as she could, taking the fat head of Kamal's cock into her small white mouth. She slurped on it, bringing her head back and forth over his mushroom, letting it pop out of her mouth to lick the inside of the slit. She then took the mushroom back into her mouth and sucked on it gingerly. I watched as Kamal's eyes flickered at the pleasure he felt from her teasing mouth. Towering above her he had to bend his knees slightly just so her mouth could reach. To ease his strain my daughter rose up from straightening herself on her knees. She hummed happily looking at Kamal and was shocked when he grabbed the back of her head and started pushing it further over her dick.

I gasped as my baby took more of the back dick, inch at a time. Her mouth was stretched open as far as it would go as she was forced to take it further. Her eyes bulged, I was sure it had reached her throat, but Kamal just didn't stop. He pulled even further, to the point I could see his cock bugling through her throat as it slid down. He continued until her nose was rubbing in his hairy black pubes, my daughter screaming over the large cock. Without warning Steve grabbed the back of my head and thrust me onto his cock as Kamal had done to my daughter. I gagged on it as he thrust me to mid-shaft and back, the feeling in my throat was oddly pleasant. I found myself slurping back on his cock as he rode my throat drilling deeper till, like my Ashley I was impaled down to his pubes. He moved me back and forth over it as I moaned over the thick meat.

I looked up at Steve; his eyes were shut as he relentlessly fucked my mouth. His hands squeezed my skull hard, like they were going to smash my head in, something I didn't doubt they could do but at that point I didn't care. I was in heaven sucking on that long hard black meat, my tongue Flared under his cock, licking him as I sucked, desperate to taste him. I eagerly gobbled his throbbing shaft, slurping it hard. God what's happening to me I thought. My daughter was just two feet away from me getting throat raped and here I was savoring the long black shaft of a man who was most certainly not my husband. After several minutes of thrusting in my mouth Steve groaned loudly and let a thick torrent of steaming pasty sperm pushed down my throat and as he pulled his cock out—fill my mouth. Instantly I fell in love with the taste, so strong and domineering like the rest of him.

Having completed my task I looked over at Ashley. Kamal was doing the same as his brother shoving his cock up and down her throat, making her gag. When Kamal pulled the big dick out of her mouth she coughed unable to breath. She had just barely recovered when he grabbed her face and pushed his cock back down her throat, holding it there. He made small thrusts, not letting more than an inch out of Ashley's mouth. She gagged and began to choke on his dick but still he wouldn't stop, and even worse I didn't stop him. Some sick part of me was enjoying watching what the mammoth black man was doing to her innocent teen throat. Delighted to see her small body gag and squirm helplessly at the feet of a black giant.

Ashley punched at Kamal's thick legs nothing could stop his assault. I watched as Ashley's eyes began to roll back in her head just as Kamal let out a roar that would send full grown mountain lions running in fear. Ashley's body, head, and throat went into seizure as Kamal pulled his thick black cock from her throat. When the tip popped out of her mouth it was followed by a slimy shot of cum, hitting Ashley on her forehead, running down the side of her nose to her cheek. Ashley swallowed the nut in her mouth; what she couldn't manage to get down oozed from her mouth to her pale stomach. She began to burp erratically but fought hard to keep the rest of the cum down.

Again Kamal didn't wait for her to recover, throwing her down on the ground, holding her wrists above her head with one hand and positioning his cock with the other. I put my hands over my mouth, wondering how the hell he planned to get something that thick into my daughters tight snatch. Kamal certainly shocked me, and my daughter who was screaming at the top of her lungs. "It won't fit, stop its too big...too biIIIGGGG!" Kamal cut her off slowly sliding his big shaft in without pausing even a second to let her become accustomed. His big dick just kept going at its steady pace sliding all the way up her vagina. Ashley screamed louder now, and even louder when he was all the way in. Then pulling his hips back so that half of the shaft let her Kamal thrust back in, stuffing my helpless teenage daughter.

"You're killing me!" she screamed, as tears rolled down her cheeks. How many times had I seen those tears break me or her father's will, forcing us to give in to her, yet this tears had no effect on Kamal. His will was like iron; he just kept fucking her at his own pace, not stopping or even slowing. I looked up at Steve helplessly who simply shrugged his shoulders. Kamal can see the future; he won't do anything that will kill her.

I looked back at them; I couldn't see how he wouldn't kill her with that thing. Ashley kept screaming as Kamal let go of her wrist and dropped his massive body over her, pinning her to the ground. Her legs kicked on either side of him as she released ear-piercing screeches between mindless screaming. "EEEEK! AAAAHHHEEEEEK!"

Steve having watched enough pushed me into the dirt in the same face up position as my daughter and climbed on top of me. I watched his eyes, too afraid to see what was impaling my pussy. Thick, throbbing, warm black cock stuffed inside of me, sending stinging signals all the way up my vagina. Steve like his brother didn't stop at any point to let me adjust, he just kept shoving till he was poking at my cervix. Cold sweat was dripping down my face as he backed out, my voice was moaning but not screaming like Ashley's. Having years of sexual experience, abet nothing close to this had given me a leg up and by his sixth thrust I was beginning to feel pleasure from his stabbing thrusts. It was insane how different sex with a black man was than with a white one. With a white man there was little feeling at first, it slowly built up and if you were lucky he'd light your spark and give you a light tremor in your vagina. With this big black man it was a constant hammer of pain filled with devastating force that after only a few minutes burst into a wild explosion, like a fire works finale. Yes if I had to compare the two that's what it really was. Sparklers compared to a megaton bomb.

Steve didn't bother pinning my arms, letting me throw them around his shoulders as I cried in painful joy. "Yes...yess...fuck that white pussy!" I couldn't believe what I was saying but lust had completely taken over at this point and I was asking for things I never asked my husband.

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