tagIncest/TabooMother and Daughter Fantasy Ch. 03

Mother and Daughter Fantasy Ch. 03


One of the joys of writing about one's fantasy is that anything can happen and in mine lots of things take place which in reality I know just wouldn't.


So my next adventure with my hot 59 year old Mum also involves my horny younger sister Kath. Kath is 3 years younger than me, 37, married with 4 children. She like my mum is also endowed with large tits and I can remember as a teenager being fed up that her tits were bigger than mine. When I met my hubby, Kath used to flirt with him outrageously and because of this we sort of fell out and only really started to get on again when we were both married and I thought she wasn't a threat anymore. It is only over the last few years that my sexuality has changed and I have desired more and more sex that Kath has figured in some of my naughtier thoughts along with my Mum.

So in this fantasy I am back at Mum's and we have just started on each other. We are kissing slowly and gently, our lips brushing and the tips of our tongues just slightly touching. My Mum starts to fondle 1 of my tits, again telling me that her girl feels good, she has just reached into my blouse when the front door goes and then Kath bursts into the lounge. I quickly rearrange myself as my Mum leaps up. Kath is visibly upset and sits down on the sofa and blurts out her tale of woe, which basically boils down to her husband Clive being a right bastard.

After the proverbial tea and biscuit and exhortations of sympathy from me and Mum, Kath has calmed down.

It is then that she looks at us both inquisitively and asks "What were you 2 up to when I came in?"

"We were just chatting," Mum replies.

Kath though has a naughty glint in her eye and says "Only I could have sworn you pulled your hand out of Al's blouse."

Me and Mum laugh but it is very unconvincing even to me.

"Don't be silly dear, why would I be doing that," Mum says.

"I don't know," says Kath, " But I am sure that is what you were doing."

Within me I want Kath to know and I feel a wave of excitement flow through me just thinking about Kath knowing what me and Mum are up to.

"Are you jealous?" the words are out of my mouth before I know it.

I see my Mum's look of horror, but after all we are having an incestuous relationship which my hubby knows about so why not involve my sister.

"Are you 2 having sex together?"

"Yes," is my curt reply.

Kath just shakes her head looks at Mum and says "Really?"

Mum just nods and then explains how it all started (see fantasy 1).

"I've always fancied lesbian sex," says Kath, "but never dreamed of doing it with you Mum or you Al."

"I can satisfy both my girls," says Mum, "If you want me to."

I decide to give Kath a show, so I grab Mum and start to kiss her there on the sofa. As I do, I undo her blouse all the way revealing her big tits encased in a white lacy bra. Mum is soon snogging me back and I fondle her large heavy tits feeling her nipples harden through her bra. As Mum starts to lick my face I look across at Kath who is watching intently.

"Is Ally Mummy's good girl?" I ask hoping to raise some sibling rivalry.

"She's the best," Mum says as she kisses my neck. I push Mum back and reach behind her and undo her bra, pulling it up to reveal her naked white tits to her youngest daughter.

I hold one up and say to Kath "It's a long time since you sucked one of these hey sis?"

Kath is fascinated and lust has taken over, I can see it in her eyes.

She comes forward and sits the other side of Mum on the sofa. I proffer Mum's tit up to her and then watch as my little sister goes down on Mum's tit, sucking and licking Mum's erect nipple.

I take the other one and for a while, Mum sits back on the sofa, stroking both her heads as we hungrily suck her tits.

As I suck and nuzzle my Mum's wonderful breast I reach up her skirt and start to rub her pussy through her flimsy lace panties. Mum tells Kath to do the same and our eyes meet across Mum's chest as our hands meet beneath her skirt. I put my hand on top of Kath's as she slips her fingers past Mum's panties and gently caress' Mum's pussy lips. I gently rub Kath's fingers encouraging her to finger fuck our Mum and it is just wonderful when Mum cries out in ecstasy as Kath slips 2 fingers into Mums wet, warm cunt. I join in slipping my own forefinger in and me and Kath move in unison as Mum shifts her arse backwards and forwards on the sofa so that we go deeper inside her.

"God you're so wet Mum," Kath says as she moves up to kiss her.

I watch in hungry lust as my horny little sister starts to snog my horny Mum. Their eyes are half closed and their tongues probe each others mouths in total abandonment. Mum moves away and says, "Ally darling lick Mummy's cunt." She then goes back to Kath's lips and I kneel on the floor. I lift Mum's skirt up and get a great view of my sisters fingers ramming in and out of Mum's pussy. I reach out and take Kath's fingers out and start to lick Mum's juices off them. I then bury my face between Mum's legs, licking and sucking at her lovely juicy cunt, tasting her sweet wetness. Kath stops snogging Mum and watches, reaching down to open Mum's pussy lips wide, so I can get my tongue right in.

"Oh fuck me with your tongue darling," Mum screams.

Kath then joins me on the floor and Mum opens her legs wider to let us both in. Kath and I take turns to lap at Mum's pussy until she screams out as she reaches her orgasm, squirting her lovely cum over both our faces. I look at my sister who has cum running down her face and I grab her and start to lick it off and Kath falls into my arms and we kiss passionately, licking each other as we both want our Mum's cum in our mouths. Kath then literally rips my blouse off me to get at my tits and I lay back on the floor as my horny little sister starts to kiss my tits.

"God you've got great tits Al," she says.

"I just wish they were as big as yours and Mums," I reply.

"Size is not everything, yours are very firm and pert and your nipples are lovely."

"I want yours," I tell her. And Kath pulls off her top and her bra and starts to feed me her lovely 36inch DD tits.

"My My, my little girls are naughty," Mum says.

Kath looks up and goes to get up, but Mum says "No don't stop I want to watch my 2 lovely daughters enjoy each other."

I thus continue to lick and suck my sister's wonderful tits for a while then Kath stands up and removes her jeans, revealing her white cotton panties which are very wet. She slips them off too and then squats down over my face. Kath has a well trimmed pussy and it is dripping wet as she lowers it onto my mouth. I stick my tongue in as far as it will go and taste Kath's sweet wet cunt. As I lick she moves slowly backwards and forwards using my tongue and my nose to stimulate her. Meanwhile Mum is watching and fingering herself like crazy as her 2 little girls have sex in front of her. As I continue to lick, Kath lets out a little cry and then her cum is spurting into my mouth and over my face.

When she has finished she says "Your turn sis." Kath then pulls off my trousers and panties and starts to lick me. I have a completely shaven/waxed pussy and Kath loves that and soon I feel my sisters tongue deep inside me, teasing my clit. As she does this my Mum gets off the sofa and gets behind her youngest daughter. Kath has her lovely arse stuck up in the air and I soon realise that Mum is probing her arsehole with her tongue, forcing it into her as she licks me. Mum is also rubbing her own pussy and it isn't long before all 3 of us are panting as our orgasms flow through us.

As we all cum simultaneously, the 3 of us collapse on the floor partly exhausted from our lustful encounter.

"Who says middle aged women can't have fun?" Mum says

Kath and I both laugh and the 3 of us hug telling each other we love one another.

"So its incestuous lesbian sex from now on is it?" Kath says.

"No dear not just lesbian stuff, I think we can have a man or 2 involved as long as we keep it in the family," says Mum "after all Andrew has already fucked us both, there is no reason he can't fuck you and maybe when you and Clive have made up he might want to join in too."

Kath is totally surprised and of course is very interested in my hubby joining in as she has wanted to fuck with him for years. I tell her it's a deal but I want something too.

She tells me I can have Clive any day as he is a right bastard and not much cop in bed. I tell her I wasn't thinking about Clive but rather her 18 year old daughter, my niece, Becky but that is another fantasy.

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