tagInterracial LoveMother and Daughter in Business

Mother and Daughter in Business


The set-up: I have always enjoyed black-on-white stories. I especially like black uber-male paired with little white lady stories.

You might like this too! If you find incest stuff or racist talk (even in the service of getting yourself off) offensive, then please hit the 'back" button. Otherwise, enjoy!


I watched Big Mike approach my 19 year old little girl.

"But Mom!" exclaimed Lisa, when she saw just who was approaching her. "He's a NIGGER!" She still didn't disobey me by closing her legs, but I was annoyed anyway.

"Lisa-Ann!" I scolded, "Now that's not very nice! Mister Jenkins is a very nice man, who just happens to be black. Now I want you to apologize to Mike for what you just called him." I motioned the big naked black man, who had paused at the unexpected outburst with a disappointed look on his face, to move closer to my daughter.

Lisa had dressed appropriately for the occasion. While she was actually 19 and looked quite mature in her high-school prom photos, she could be made to look so much younger. Today, she had chosen a slutty little tube top, stay-up nylon stockings with very high heels, and a little lace panties that for the moment, just covered her cunt.

"I'm sorry I called you a nigger, Mister Jenkins," said Lisa, still staring with (feigned) fright at his enormous member. His 8-inch prick was quivering, fully hard. It was drooling pre-cum and looked almost too fat and long to fit into Lisa's body- but we knew that it wasn't.

"Apologize properly!" I scolded her. "You know how."

"Yes Momma," sighed Lisa. She sat up on the edge of her bed and placed her feet on the rug. She had set her feet about a foot apart, and the heels she was wearing made the muscles in her legs tense slightly. The little strip of material covering her pussy stretched and, sinking a bit into her pussy, began to get wet.

Jenkins was right in front of her, and she reached out. "I apologize, Mister Jenkins" Slowly, gently, Lisa closed her hand around his shaft "For calling you a bad name." Lisa's little white hand, a beautiful contrast to Jenkin's black penis, gently squeezed his cock.

"That's much better." I said. "Mister Jenkins, does that feel better?" Jenkins had closed his eyes. "Yes--- yes, Mrs T. Much better, thank you."

Lisa loved this kind of scene. A year ago, she had confided to me that black men excited her. Taking the time a good mother should give to her daughter, I had explored with her what she meant exactly. When Lisa told me that she wanted to see a black man's penis, I had arranged that for her. She was intrigued watching it grow and swell. Then she wanted to hold one, and I made sure that she got to do that too.

Even though Lisa liked black men with BIG penises, she herself was petite and blonde. The only thing about her that wasn't tiny was her breasts. Her tits had grown rather plump, and her nipples stuck out, often clearly visible through even a brassiere. The first time I Lisa jerked a big black cock off onto her tits, I made some good money from it. I myself got off on the sound of the Negro's cum splatting onto her breastbone, and the juicy sluicing noises as she spread the cum all over herself with her little white hands. It was only a matter of days before she wanted to go the next step.

When it finally came out that she wanted me to whore her—but only to black men, I had made sure her wish came true repeatedly. She had never explained why she liked large black men for sex, but that wasn't important to me anyway. I liked seeing those big cocks somehow fitting into Lisa's little hole, she liked the way those cocks made her feel, and the men certainly were willing to pay for the privilege. It was a simple arrangement, good for everyone concerned.

Lately, though, she had especially enjoyed playing the reluctant little girl. It made her wet, she explained to me, to pretend that she's never taken a big black cock before. I myself enjoyed "forcing" her to do as I asked, and I liked watching as she pretended to resist. And I got off on seeing, in the end, her petite form penetrated by an oversized black cock. The contrast of black and white, big black stud and petite white slut, got me wet and tingly myself. It wasn't unusual for me to surreptitiously masturbate while watching little Lisa-Ann, moaning and jerking, take a black man's load- and by then the couple were usually ignoring me anyway. Lisa asked me to be sure to scold her for being shy, to tell the men that it was her first time. Some, like Jenkins, found this especially exciting.

Lisa was now stroking Jenkins' penis with both hands. She was pulling lightly, squeezing pre-cum out and spreading it over the head.

"Well, Lisa, are you going to just play with it all day? Our friend doesn't have forever, you know."

"Sorry, Mama." whimpered Lisa. "It's just-- so big! Do you think it might-- hurt me?"

"Don't be silly, Lisa. It might hurt when he first shoves it in--" Lisa tried to look frightened-- "but after a few minutes, you'll stretch to fit."

Lisa tried to look afraid. But she was also hefting Jenkins' balls, stroking the cock. "Are you—are you sure, Momma?"

"Yes, dear. Trust Mommy" I was getting turned on already. "Now—now lay back and show Mr Jenkins your pussy, honey."

With a sigh, Lisa let go of Jenkins and leaned back onto a big pillow. Spreading her legs farther apart; she reached down and hooked her fingers through the gusset of her panties. "Look, Mr Jenkins" But Jenkins was already looking. Lisa pulled the material to one side. Her pussy, freshly shaven, was already very wet. In the cool air of the bedroom, her lips eased slowly apart.

"Do you—would you like to come a little closer, Mister Jenkins?" Lisa looked up at Jenkins. He stepped between her knees.

"That's right, Lisa." I smiled approvingly. "You never know what might fit until you try."

"Yes—yes, Momma." Lisa was lifting her hips. She slipped a pillow under her ass, got herself lined up. Then with her left hand, she reached out and held Jenkins' cock again. She gently pulled it downwards, so that the swollen black head of the man's bare penis was poised at the puffy entrance to her tiny little crack. With her right hand, she spread her lips wide apart. Then she eased forward just an inch, dabbled the dribbling hole against her wet lips,

"I—I hope I've spread wide enough for you, Mister Jenkins...." The tip of his bloated penis was oozing gooey pre-cum into her opening. They both looked down as Jenkins pushed. The glans slipped inside Lisa's nubile young body with an obscene slurp.

"All the way," I insisted, "You want to take Mister Jenkins all the way up inside you and squeeze him real tight, so your vagina makes his prick feel especially nice, after calling him a nasty name like that!"

"But Mom," objected Lisa, obediently squirming onto the cock, so that another few inches of thick black cock slid slowly into her obscenely stretched little slit. "What if he 'cums' inside me?"

"That's the whole idea," I chided her, as the strain on Mike's face hinted that he was already fighting to keep from doing just that. Maybe he had never been in a girl as young and tight as Lisa before, or maybe the thought of releasing his sperm into a virginal cute little white chick was getting him so hot that he was close to orgasm already.

"You're SUPPOSED to make a man cum in you, if you're trying to be nice to him," I reminded my daughter.

"But Mom!" she objected again. "I might get pregnant!"

"Oh, I suppose you're right," I said, to Mike's obvious disappointment. "Well, I'm sure Mike is a nice guy, and would pull out before he cums, if you ask him nicely." This looked to be actually true; but I wondered. At the moment he was about to orgasm, would he actually be capable of pulling his thick black prick all the way out of this little girl's tight fuck-hole without squirting it half-full of baby-juice as he did?

"But Mom!"

"What NOW?" I asked impatiently.

"Momma! He's probably leaking his sperm inside me right now!" Even while objecting, I could see that my daughter was doing her job correctly; sliding back and forth an inch or two at a time, milking the thick black prick with her internal muscles. Even while trying to act reluctant, Lisa's hips were flexing. Her nipples were fully erect and forcing themselves against her tube-top. Once she had a black man's prick buried up inside her tight little crack, Lisa wouldn't be likely to stop moving her hips. Lisa loved the look and the feel of a thick dark cock as it got slimed with her secretions. She definitely wanted his load deep in her womb.

I thought about what Lisa said, imagined Jenkins' cock leaking and dripping inside my little girl's body. "You're probably right—he is leaking into you." I said. Big Mike looked VERY disappointed, until I continued, "So there's not much point in having him pull out when he shoots, is there?"

I motioned to Mike to continue fucking my little girl. Obediently the big black man slid his thick prick out about two inches then pushed it back in, until my daughter's cunny-lips were spread obscenely around the base. Each stroke showed more white pre-cum streaking his shiny black shaft, so I knew he was leaking sperm into my horny daughter's sucking young womb.

Of course, we all knew that Jenkins had paid for the right to shoot his full load up Lisa's snatch. He didn't like to pull out, and Lisa loved that after his orgasm his cum juiced up her cunt and made a sticky mess of her. But we also all liked to pretend that there was some doubt.

By now, the thick black cylinder had vanished and reappeared, vanished and reappeared many times. It was shiny and streaked with sperm and Lisa was no longer acting like it might hurt. I knew it wouldn't be long before it would be squirting jet after thick white jet of the Negro's baby-making cum right up inside my little girl's unprotected young womb. This was Lisa's favorite part, of course.

"But Mom!" Lisa was almost sobbing now. "What if-- I get a baby?"

"But don't you want that, Lisa?" I said, as I watched Big Mike's thrusting into the little girl become more violent. "I think you want Mister Jenkin's sperm to make you pregnant- aren't we right about that?"

"Yes- yes, Mommy." Lisa fucked harder. "I—oh God-- I do! I I--want a bbblack baby...."

You see, Mike had a pregnancy fantasy. He got off 'knowing' that Lisa was unprotected and liable to be knocked up by his fat cock's cum. We always pretended that she was about to get pregnant. This doubled his excitement, and kept him returning.

So I stage-whispered to Jenkins: "Yes," I said to our client, "your black baby would make a nice contrast with my daughter's pale white skin. I can't wait to see Lisa-Ann climbing on the school-bus, with her cute little tummy all swollen and distorted from your black baby kicking and squirming inside her womb." I smiled as Jenkins' thrusts became deeper. "You will make by darling pregnant today, right, Mr Jenkins?"

Lisa-Ann's movements became even more liquid as they both drew closer to orgasm. Even through her objections; she was working just as hard to make it feel good for her black lover as she was making it good for herself. She squirmed around and thrusted her hips at him. Her tight little baby-hole milked and squeezed on the fat black prick throbbing in her creamy smooth belly. I was really quite proud of my little girl.

"Lisa, your period is a little over two weeks away, so getting pregnant is certainly possible..." As I said this, I observed Big Mike suddenly stiffen, jam his thick prick to the root in my daughter's 19 year old belly. This was his moment. "I'm sure that Mike would be willing to come back again soon and shoot his cum into you again, so that we can be sure you catch. Wouldn't you like that Mike?"

Mike was too busy spasming the teen's hungry little womb full of his thick hot cum to answer for a moment. Only when the huge black man had left every drop of his potent baby-making sperm as far up inside my daughter's tight little slit as he could, did he catch his breath enough to answer. "Yes, Mrs. T," he panted, "I would like that very much."

"But Mom." Lisa-Ann's feigned objections were weaker now. After all, in our playacting, the 'damage' had probably already been done. Even as she spoke, the man's seed was oozing into the nubile young girl's belly; and millions of his vigorous black sperm were seeking refuge in the 19 year old little girl's fertile young womb. Frigging myself, I climaxed myself, at the very thought.

After a few minutes, I opened my Daytimer. "Shall we make another appointment, Mr Jenkins?"

"Yes, Mrs T." said Jenkins, putting on his jacket again and pulling out his wallet. "I wouldn't mind that at all."

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