tagIncest/TabooMother & Daughter Repay

Mother & Daughter Repay


It was one of those miserable autumn nights. The rain was drizzling down; a breeze was starting to build a little, and here and there some fog patches caused the traffic to slow much more than it needed to.

I had slammed the car door in a bit of a temper after leaving the school-board meeting. Another wasted night ----people taking 30 minutes to make decisions that could be resolved in 30 seconds. Some people just love the sound of their own voice and others just don't know when to sit down and shut up.

I continued to mutter my ravings as I drove through the encroaching darkness, asking myself why I had let my guard down so easily and been talked into filling the seat on the board. Yes, I had been a teacher for years and yes I understood that I could have great input and yes, since my wife had died two years ago, I now had time on my hands and I could see where some people would think I would be an asset to the teachers and parents and students.

But after three months I was sick of it all. The constant arguments; the selfishness of adults wanting their own way and the seemingly total lack of care about what was best for the kids. Tonight there had been almost a brawl as to what color the new art-room walls should be painted. To hell with the fact that the art teacher couldn't get a word in to let everyone know that she did not have sufficient supplies to even let the kids draw. So much for the concept of equality in sharing the resources. I was dumb enough to ask why it was necessary for the football team to get brand new uniforms for the third season in a row and the art teacher doesn't have enough materials for even the most basic curriculum projects. I wasn't very popular after that!

As I drove home, my frustration built as my mind dwelt on other people's stupidity. On top of that for some reason I was horny as hell ---it had been almost two years since I had been with a woman but the thought of going into the dating scene at 55 years of age turned me off and I decided "better a life of celibacy with peace than a life of miserable sex with a nagging woman". But sometimes the old desires would let themselves be known.

As I glided through one of those long, sweeping curves that are common on country roads, I saw the flashers of a car on the side of the road about two miles ahead. The rain was still drizzling, but now it fell in an almost steady stream, and the wind had started blowing strongly enough to make the rain streak across the windshield.

As I drew nearer to the parked vehicle, I could see the outline of two people, gathered at the rear of the car, looking down at the tire. They had neither umbrellas nor raincoats and as I pulled to a halt behind them, I could see that they were two women and they were soaked through with the rain.

I grabbed a golf umbrella from the passenger side, flicked it open as I jumped from the car and said: "Looks like you ladies are having trouble!"

The elder of the two turned to me with obvious hesitation and fear and I saw that she was of Indian extraction. The younger woman was standing close to the first, whom I assumed was her mother, holding on to her with the same desperation. I did my best to alleviate their fears by joking:

"Well, you certainly didn't pick the best night to have a flat tire. Now, let's see what we can do to get you on your way again."

The mother smiled a little uncertainly and I noticed both of them shiver uncontrollably. I had remembered to wear a heavy sweater as well as my trench-coat, which I took of and ignoring their protests, I handed it to them and told them to huddle close and wrap it around their shoulders.

I made a hand signal that I needed the car keys to unlock the trunk and the daughter handed them over. As I took the keys, I couldn't help but notice how strikingly beautiful both women were. The long, dark, flowing hair on each of them fringed a face of what could only be described as breath-taking beauty. In the flash of a moment I saw that their complexions were flawless and the rest of their bodies were shaped and filled to perfection. The mother must have been in her forties while the daughter looked a mature late twenties.

I unlocked the trunk, found all the equipment I needed and bent over the flat tire to complete the change. In no time at all, the job was done. The "mini wheel" was securely locked in place and I returned the jack and wheel brace into their original places.

The women had stood behind me the whole time I was working and as I held out the keys, the mother took them from my hand and held my fingers to her forehead. I accepted this to be some form of Indian custom, smiled at her and said "You're Welcome', then since the mother did not seem to speak much English, I looked at the daughter and asked: "Do you have far to go?"

She explained her destination and I added that I had to travel in the same direction and would be happy to follow behind them to make sure they arrived safely.

While I was genuinely trying to maintain being a gentleman, there suddenly was a part of me which didn't want to leave these two beautiful creatures. The thought crossed my mind that a man would be over the moon to have either one of them. I chided myself for my selfish desires and continued: "You both jumped into your car and I won't be far behind in case something else goes wrong".

The mother grabbed my hand again and in broken English said: "I thank my family gods that you have come and rescued us from our great dilemma. You have shown us great kindness and protection and so we are now in your debt and look forward to showing you our gratitude and thanks with a small gift."

I smiled and waved my hand negatively and said: "No --there is no need to do that.

I am happy that I was able to help you and get you on your way again."

The mother joined her hands together to her forehead and smilingly said: " As you follow us to our place, please allow us to grant you hospitality to regain the cleanliness of your hands and dry this coat which is now so wet from saving us out of the rain."

Normally in such a situation, I would have just shrugged her off and said: "Don't worry -- I don't need any thanks", but some magnet- like attraction was keeping me close to these hapless women.

I smiled back at her and thanked her with a nod of my head, held open the door for her while her daughter scurried around to the driver's side and slide in behind the wheel.

The rest of the trip was not long, although they did drive excruciatingly slowly, and soon their right indicator flashed as they prepared to enter into a conglomerate of condominiums at the edge of town. I reflected how close I was to my own house and that I should really just say goodnight and head on home, but the mystery and the magnetism drew me after them and I pulled into a parking space beside them.

I jumped out, locking my doors as I did so, and reached for the handle to open the car door for the mother. Her clothes were still wet from the rain and in the beam of the interior light, they were almost transparent. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra and her breasts were bulging against her silk-like shirt. I could hardly pull my eyes away from staring at her, so I smiled and offered her my hand to help her out of the car. As she stood up, she drew my arm across her breasts and then, gliding slowly behind me, brushed herself against my back. Any control I thought I had over myself disappeared and I had a hard on for the first time in years.

As the mother stood close to my right, she hooked her arm around mine and stiltedly asked: "May I please be bold as to hold your arm so that I may not slip in this wet rain." I smiled into her eyes and she held mine for a few seconds, then demurely lowering her glance, she began to move towards the condo entrances. The daughter then appeared at my left side, slipping her arm under my left arm and together the three of us walked casually towards the doors.

"I have the key, mama", the daughter said, running ahead a few steps and opening the doors. I reached over her head and pushed the door open, holding it clear so that both of them could walk in freely.

"Only one flight of stairs", the mother explained suddenly in much better English. "I think we all can manage that without expending too much energy that might be more useful later on."

She coyly looked sideways at me and smiled again, an alluring smile that suggested a woman of mystery and passion and great desire. "That's true mama," the daughter added with a laugh "but since one accident is enough for tonight, I think we should go up first and if either of us falls, then this kind gentleman will be able to catch us and save us once again."

I stood aside and allowed both women to take the stairs first, and as we climbed I allowed myself the ecstasy of watching two delicious asses swinging provocatively in front of my face.

I made a mental note that in spite of her age, the mother would give the daughter and any other 30 something female, a run for their money when it came to looking good. Through the silk trousers that she wore and which were still wet from the rain, I could see her legs were shapely and that she wore rather flimsy panties. The daughter was wearing a skirt and as she climbed the stairs, she hitched it slightly to her thighs, giving me a view of skin and shape that brought my hard-on raging back with a vengeance.

We reached the top of the stairs, turned right into a hallway and almost immediately stopped at the next door of the left. The daughter slipped a key into the lock and throwing the door open with a flourish, welcomed me to their "humble abode". This time both women stood aside at the doorway and gestured for me to enter. As I brushed past each of them, neither made any attempt to move as our bodies lightly touched and I walked into a rather old-fashioned, but pleasant room.

I heard the click of the lock being thrown into place and turned to see both women looking me up and down.

The mother stepped forward and rubbing my sweater and pant leg in her fingers said: "Oh, you also have become very wet in your clothes. Please allow us to provide you with garments from my son so that we may dry these clothes for you to wear. "

The intoxication brought about by her smile, her sultry voice and accent and the aroma of a very unique perfume left me speechless and all I could do was nod my head in thanks.

The daughter went into an adjacent room, returning almost immediately with a baggy pair of men's silk pants and a cotton tee shirt that was clearly much too large for me.

"You can change in there and there's a wooden clotheshorse for drying" she said, pointing to the room she had just left. I followed her direction and closed the door behind me. I was surprised how wet everything was as I undressed, even my underwear, and I stripped down to the skin and donned the loaned clothes. I hung all my wet gear over the limbs of the clotheshorse and then made my way back out to the living room.

Both of the women had disappeared, but I could hear them in the adjoining room and soon they returned. I imagine my mouth fell open in disbelief at how they were dressed. The mother was wearing a long silk robe, with a plunging neckline that was open enough to demand repeated stares from any man, and with each step she took the bottom swung free from about two inches above the knee.

The daughter wore silk pajamas with obviously nothing underneath and a silk top with the top three buttons undone, showing the beginning of a deep cleavage.

Both women were so stunning that I couldn't help but gasp at their beauty and sexuality.

The mother stepped forward and taking my hands in hers, she held them again to her forehead and said: " In our country we have an unwritten law that a good deed must be repaid with an even greater gift. We are not rich, but you must allow us the honor of presenting you with our small gift to repay your kindness."

Again I was about to protest the need for such a gift, when she stepped into the small circle of my personal zone and softly kissed me, her lips slowly opening and closing as she caressed mine with hers. Somewhat taken aback I didn't move, and my lack of resistance made her bolder and she began to flick her tongue against mine. At the same time, her hands wrapped around my back and I could feel the hardness of her nipples press against my chest.

The daughter meanwhile had moved behind me and pressing herself tightly against my back, began to caress my nipples with her long fingers. I have never enjoyed having anyone touching my nipples, yet her caresses were so lovingly performed, all resistance left me and I succumbed to her advances.

I circled my arms around the mother's spine and began to return her kisses, with much more tongue and passion. At the same time, I slipped my hand under the thinness of her silk shirt and caressed my way around to the front until my fingers found her breasts and nipples. Her breasts were soft yet firm, and her nipples protruded a good inch.

The pleasure of having a woman in my arms again drove all control out the window. I began to kiss her more passionately and longingly and my hands manipulated her breasts and nipples in a hundred different ways.

I was so engrossed in enjoying the mother's body I had almost completely forgotten the daughter. Suddenly her hands dropped to my crotch and slipped inside my baggy silk pants.

By now my hard-on was in full bloom and she began to slide my cock in and out of a circle she had made with her thumb and forefinger. As she worked my shaft, I could feel her other hand slowing pulling the silk pants away and off my body. Almost without realizing it, I was soon standing naked in between the both of them.

Suddenly, all of their caresses and kisses came to an abrupt halt. I opened my eyes to see what was happening and both were standing in front of me.

"Now it is your turn to pleasure us", the mother said, lifting her arms in the air. "Take off my shirt --take everything off" she commanded. I obliged by peeling her top off in one swift movement. Her breasts presented themselves to my eyes and again I gasped in amazement at her sheer beauty. My passion and desire was gaining more control over me and I almost pounced on her mounds and began to suck each one like a hungry child. As I suckled, my hands began to drop her pajamas, and as they fell to the floor she stepped out of them and flicked them aside with her toes.

Ripping me away from my frenzy on her breasts, she pulled my face close to hers and whimpered: "Put me on the floor and use my whole body".

I lowered her down, placing a cushion behind her head, and began to run my hands all over her body. Her pussy was covered with a forest of thick black hair and she opened her legs, inviting me to taste her juices which were glistening already in the dim light.

Suddenly the daughter lay down beside her mother and looking at me asked with some bewilderment: "What about me? I need some too."

I reached out and ripped the flimsy shirt from her back and as she arched her back I pulled her pajamas off revealing her in all her stunning beauty. Her breasts were not quite as large as the mother's, but were perfectly round and full, with nipples dramatically standing up almost demanding to be sucked. Her pussy was shaved except for a very small triangle and as I knelt between them, mother and daughter opened their legs with whimpering caries of : "Eat me. Suck me. Finger me". I reached my left and right hand fingers forward on each side of my body and began my slow assault on each pussy. Both were wet and slippery and as I stroked up and down each slit, the musky smell of sex and desire began to fill the room. With each stroke of my fingers, both women responded with a bucking of their hips to present their hungry cunts to my probing fingers. I found each clit and gently squeezed it, before plunging two fingers into each hole and beginning a deep and furious thrusting with each.

Neither woman could contain herself any longer. "Ohhh Fuck me!! Harder!! Please!!. That's it!! Faster!! Deeper!!!.

Their moans and cries of sexual relief grew with each thrust and then almost simultaneously, each pussy expelled a full flow of cum onto my fingers and hands.

By this time my cock was rock hard and ready to do what it was made to do. I lowered my self, full length on to the mother and without guidance or looking, I thrust forward with all my strength. My cock hit the mark. Her wet pussy lips parted and my whole shaft plunged deeply into her receptive cunt.

She gasped and smiled and immediately wrapped her legs around my back. "Fuck me hard!!" she cried. "Fuck me now and don't stop fucking me". I started thrusting, knowing that since it had been so long since I had taken a woman, I would probably cum in seconds. Fortunately I had prepared her well and as I fucked in and out with faster and deeper thrusts, her whole body began to shake. She bucked wildly with her hips and in a beautiful moment of pleasure and passion we came together ----her cunt throbbing uncontrollably while my cock spewed stream after stream of hot cum into the depths of her open body. Then just as quickly we both subsided and I slid off her and rolled onto my back beside her.

I have never in my life been able to do a "repeat performance" but then the daughter approached me, lowered her mouth to my cock and began a thorough clean up job of the mingled juice and cum which covered it.

To my surprise and delight, my cock responded to her tongue and mouth and filled again to its full thickness and stood straight up. The daughter grabbed my face and kissed me wildly on the lips, probing and caressing with her tongue. Then she sat up straight, took my ready cock in her hand and placing it at her slippery pussy lips, sat down hard and took in my whole shaft.

Her cunt was tighter than the mother's and she had such control over her muscles that she began to work my cock as if it was in her hand. She dribbled cunt juices constantly, which slithered down along my shaft and dripped onto my balls. Her rocking and squeezing movements were taking me close to explosion and she smiled down at me and said: "Are you enjoying my fucking as much as you enjoyed fucking mother?"

I could say nothing. I grabbed her breasts and assaulted her nipples with long circling strokes as I lifted my cock up pushing further inside her as she rocked and rotated on my shaft.

The mother had rolled onto her side and was nibbling on my ear. I heard her whisper: "Fuck my hungry daughter. Fuck her as well as your fucked me." My hand left the daughter's nipple and reached out to follow the mother's body down across her belly until my fingers hooked inside her still wet pussy.

I concentrated my thoughts on the sheer pleasure I was being given by the daughter, holding my cock up as high as I could so that each time she clamped down on me, my shaft rocketed deep inside her pulsating cunt.

All the time she had been riding me, she had been quiet. Now she began to moan: "Oh fuck --I think I'm cumming. Ohhh fuuuuucccckkkkkk. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

I felt her cunt throb even more violently than the mother's, while her face contorted in a smile of absolute pleasure and satisfaction.

She stopped moving and I thrust in and out three more times, before finally pummeling my shaft into the throbbing environs of her cunt. My cock swelled and filled itself to capacity and then in another special moment, it released its load, shooting stream after stream.

It seemed to pump forever, but then again it subsided. The daughter collapsed on top of me and the mother snuggled as close to me as she could get.

All three of us lay there together for some time, enjoying the togetherness of our naked bodies and basking in the numerous orgasms each of us had been part of.

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