tagBDSMMother and Daughter Whipped Ch. 02

Mother and Daughter Whipped Ch. 02


As Nora and her daughter sat in the cell, made more comfortable by the food and water and blankets, she finally began to think about all that had happened. From the arrest on she had been terrified and just reacting to the situation but now she really began to think about where they were. She looked over at her daughter who sat against the wall crying, not even using her blanket.

Jodi sat there whimpering until her mother came to her and arranged the blanket for her to sit on and cover herself. She tried to comfort her daughter until Jodi pushed her away and cried, "Do something, don't let them hurt me anymore. I can't stand what they did to me and what you did to that man." With that she began to cry hysterically. Not knowing what else to do, Nora slapped her hard across her face, shocking her into silence.

"I didn't enjoy sucking his dirty cock. I did it so they would not hurt you so much. They whipped me too. We would not be here at all if you had not bought the dope. You brought all of this on us." We that Jodi started crying and Nora took her in her arms to comfort her.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry. I know it is my fault and you did nothing. Please forgive me." The two topless women sat there, one holding the other, until the daughter fell asleep. Covering her, Nora retreated to her own blanket and lit another of Franz's strong cigarettes. She had always enjoyed smoking with her husband, especially after sex and smoking now was comforting to her.

Finally Nora fell asleep and awakened when sunlight struck her face through the cell window the next morning. She heard the cell door opening and a guard left food and fresh water and then gestured to her to follow him. She slipped on her blouse and left Jodi sleeping. The man took Nora to the hut she knew was Franz's.

"Come in, come in please and sit" Franz said as he gestured to the table. As Nora sat down a young woman set the table and brought coffee and bread and cooked meat. Nora started to refuse and then thinking the better of it began to eat. Franz sat opposite her and devoured three times as much food as she did.

"I like you, my American friend." he said. "I want us to get to know each other."

"We are not friends, " she told him, "you are my jailer and my torturer and I do not want to be your friend." Nora continued eating calmly, thinking that she should try to stay strong and leave more of the food in the cell for her daughter.

"Very well, " Franz said as he smiled at her, "I am your jailer and your torturer and you should remember it. We will continue your whipping in a few days and you should decide if you want it hard and brutal, or if you want the light treatment got yesterday?"

"I would like for you to give us the light treatment, sir." Nora said as she realized their very lives were in his hands. "Whatever you say, sir." She hated being so meek and docile but for Jodi's sake, she knew she had to appear that way to him.

"Good, good, then you shall join me in my bed today. I want first for you to suck me again like yesterday and then maybe I shall fuck you. What do you say to that?" He grinned at her as he sat by the bed and began removing his trousers.

"Please don't make me do this, I am an American citizen and you can't make me do this."

"GUARDS, " he shouted, "Come and get this woman. She and her daughter will soon be dancing and bleeding at my whipping post today." He laughed evilly as he looked at her waiting for her to react.

The guards drug her from the hut toward the whipping posts and began tearing her blouse from her body. As they tied her hands over her head Franz came out with a long black bull whip. Nora began to beg him not to whip her but one of the guards gagged her with a dirty rag. Soon she was standing with her feet barely touching the ground her daughter was standing between two guards before her.

Franz stepped behind her and she heard the swish of the long whip coming. It cracked loudly and she would have screamed if she had not been gagged. The pain was 100 times worse than yesterday and she knew she was bleeding. The long whip had struck across the middle of her bare back and had wrapped around her, leaving an angry welt which extended from her back, through her underarm fur and across her right breast. She continued to shudder and cry into her gag as trickles of blood ran from the lash mark.

Franz came around in front of her. He paused to gently fondle her breasts taking time to rub the welt causing her pain. He looked at her teary eyes and then untied the gag. "Perhaps you would like to reconsider my generous offer. Or shall I have you watch while I finish your daughter's sentence with my favorite whip?"

Her voice was hoarse and ragged as she replied. "No, anything you want. Please don't hurt us anymore." Franz motioned and Nora was taken down and dragged to his hut. A crying Jodi was taken back to the cell. Nora was laid gently on Franz's large bed and soon a nurse came in. The shy woman didn't talk but smiled at her as she applied an ointment to the whip weal. Nora realized there must be some kind of pain killer in the ointment because most of her pain went away.

When Franz did not come back to the hut, Nora helped herself to a glass of wine and ate some cheese and sausage she found. She then lay down, still topless, on her stomach and began to think about their situation. Nora had come from a working class family. Her husband had also, and from his hard work and brilliance they had become affluent. Nora very strongly believed in laws and justice and did not question Franz's right to have she and Jodi arrested and even punished. Nora was very firmly against drugs and was horrified at what her daughter had done.

Nora began thinking then about the reaction of her own body as she had been whipped and then again as she had sucked Franz's huge cock. She had always been proper and modest but had had always enjoyed being topless or even naked around her husband. She had fantasized about being naked in front of many people and yesterday, that fantasy had been forced upon her.

Even now, after the fright and severe pain of the single lash cutting her back, she felt the wetness between her legs. Rolling to her side with her back to the door, Nora slipped her hand under her lower clothing and ran her fingers through her thick pubic hair. As her fingertips reached her vagina she found the hair slick and soaking.

Without pausing, she slipped one and then two fingers into her sensitive pussy. She had wanted to do this the the night before but was afraid her daughter would see her. Her clit was very sensitive and after running her fingers deeply inside her pussy several times she began to rub her soaking clit with her thumb. Within seconds, she was having an earth shattering orgasm. She writhed and moaned and with her other hand pulled and twisted her nipples as she stroked her pussy and continued to cum hard for several minutes.

While cumming Nora had rolled to her back and the sensation of pain from her lashed bare back on the rough blankets added to her intense pleasure. She nearly passed out from the feeling and lay still and breathless for a long time after she stopped stroking he pussy. When she opened her eyes she saw a box of Franz's cigarettes on the table and taking one, lit it and inhaled deeply.

Nora's cum soaked hand was holding her cigarette, wetting the paper and as she took a second deep draw on it, she could smell her pungent aroma. On impulse she licked her fingers and then as she exhaled smoke around them licked them clean. Nora was shocked at herself. She had always liked the taste of her pussy juices on her husbands cock when she sucked him after he had entered her, but had never considered such a completely self aware action as what she had just done.

As Nora drew hard on the cigarette again she heard heavy breathing and turning to the doorway she saw Franz standing there. His pants were open and he was stroking his very large and very hard erection as he watched her there on the bed. Nora showed little reaction as she exhaled a dense stream of smoke slowly in his direction. She suddenly realize that she wanted that huge cock inside her more than she had ever wanted a cock in her life.

Shirley put the cigarette between her lips and stood by the side of the bed. Leaving the cigarette dangling there she began to remove her lower clothing. Franz stood speechless with his heavy cock in his hand as he watched her slowly strip herself completely. She took her clothing off slowly, drawing on the cigarette and then exhaling through her nose with no conscious thoughts other than having sex with this big man.

Nora's behavior at this moment was new in every respect for her. When she was naked, Franz looked at her womanly body with appreciation. She had thickened through the waist and had a small bulge at her stomach. Her hips were wide and her pubic hair was dark and thick with a trail of soft dark hair extending towards her navel. Her legs were covered with soft dark hair that thickened at her upper thighs. Nora's breasts were still flushed from her previous orgasm and her nipples were erect and darkened with the blood of her excitement.

Franz stepped forward and Nora reached eagerly for his huge cock. She was terrified of this big man and yet wanted his cock. Nora took one last drag from her dangling cigarette and dropping it on the floor she exhaled on Franz's chest as she leaned in to lick his nipples. Her hand kept stroking his cock as she pushed him onto the bed on his back. He moved willingly and watched as Nora climbed over him and straddled his massive cock.

Nora took the big plum colored head of his cock and rubbed it up and down her soaking slit. When it was wet she slit the head of it between her pussy lips. Slowly she settled down on it, pushing the thick head in a few inches. It was larger than anything she had ever imagined. She raised herself up again and then slowly lowered herself even lower taking two more inches than before.

Nora felt like the his cock was splitting her open, but she had to have it. She continued moving up and down and began to orgasm before she had taken him all the way in. As she writhed on his cock she stroked him in and out and then lowered her entire weight on it forcing all 9 thick inches of him into her. She was in pain and ecstasy at the same time and continued to stroke up and down when she felt him buck under her. Franz bellowed like an animal and began to thrust into her as she felt ropes of thick hot cum filling her pussy.

Nora's orgasm intensified and she wildly threw herself up and down meeting his every thrust with her own and grinding her groin into his at the end of each stroke. Franz had been the aggressor his entire life and lay there amazed. This woman he had debased and publicly whipped was giving him the fucking of his life. He watched her as she continued to thrash and thrust herself on his now spent penis.

Nora finally flung herself off of Franz and lay there beside him on the bed sobbing. She was not sure why she was crying but she knew that she was totally spent. Franz said nothing. He stood up and then after covering her with a blanket left the hut. Nora fell into an exhausted sleep.

It was full daylight when Nora woke up. Her pussy was sore an her entire body ached. She poured water from a pitcher and bathed herself. She dressed herself in to soiled clothing and went out into the open area by the whipping posts. People were moving around and she walked without anyone seeming to notice her to the jail hut. Inside she found her daughter eating breakfast. They share bread and some kind of cooked meat as they talked.

Nora did not tell her daughter about the previous nights activities. She simply said she had been kept in a different hut. Actually, Nora was not sure it had really happened until she was reminded by her sore pussy and tired body. She sat outside her daughter's cell until she was summoned by a guard to Franz's hut again.

Franz was sitting at the table and after offering her a cigarette and lighting it for her he asked her if she was ready to "perform her duty." Nora asked what that duty was. Franz told her that a woman was going to be whipped that morning and he required her to suck him off again. Nora had hoped that last night had given him some tender thoughts toward her but this morning he was all business.

Franz led her outside and sitting in his chair he told his guards to bring the woman out. She was sentenced to the usual 39 lashes, this time for stealing. She admitted to her crime but begged for leniency. Nora saw that she was probably in her thirty's and had very dark brown skin. She was plump and her breasts, when she stripped hung almost to her waist. Franz did not get up and caress her as he had the earlier women.

Franz looked at Nora and motioned so she again reached for his cock. Franz stopped her and told her to strip to the waist again. When Nora had complied and taken his cock in hand the whipping began. Taking a deep drag on her cigarette she dropped it in the dirt as she exhaled onto erection, delighting Franz with her actions. She heard the swish of the lash through the air and the crack of it striking the woman's back as she took his hard cock into her mouth. She tasted her own pussy on him and realized he had not washed since the night before. As lash after lash fell on the bare back of the crying whimpering woman, Nora realized that Franz was watching her and his cock sliding into and out of her mouth instead of the whipping. Even as she was sucking and stroking with her hands she wondered if he was developing and affection for her and if she could save herself and her daughter more lashes. She also felt her own pussy getting very wet.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to me or left comments. I always wish I could know the gender and age of those making comments. Please email me if you have any discussion or comments on my stories. Part three will begin where this one ends, with Nora's mouth full and the woman suffering under the whip. In Part three, Nora and her daughter have their punishment continued.

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