Mother and Daughter's Smoky BJ


Mary’s took a lot longer. She had already pleasured herself several times today and her body was going to take a little longer to reach the heights of pleasure she wanted. Sinead lay still recovering while Mick now used both vibrators on Mary. One rubbed against her clit and the other Mick used to fuck her pussy.

Mary’s long use of the vibrators had taught her how to get the maximum pleasure from them. And one method she loved over every one was when she had one inside her pussy and one in her arse. And this is what Mary wanted now. She got up onto all fours and said to Mick, ‘Both holes, I need it in both holes’.

Mick slowly inserted one in her pussy. She was so wet it slid in easily. Mick teased her arse hole with the other one. Very slowly at first but when it started to open he eased this one all the way in. Mary was in heaven, she adored having both holes filled. It was an ambition off hers to be fucked my two men and for them to both cum at the same time and fill both holes with their cum.

Mary knew she could last quite a time before she came and she was going to enjoy the pleasure.

Mick said to Sinead, ‘Play with Mary’s tits’.

Sinead was unsure what to do. She couldn’t say no because Mick would wonder why. She reached out and started stroking her mothers hanging tits. Surprisingly Sinead enjoyed it. She felt her mothers nipples hardening and squeezed them and pulled them. Mary, too was enjoying the pleasure that her daughter gave her.

Soon Sinead had forgotten it was her mother. She leaned underneath and took a nipple in her mouth and sucked it. It was hard to work out who was enjoying it more, Mary or Sinead.

After a while, Mick asked Sinead to help him out with one of the vibrators. Sinead looked at her mother for permission. Mary smiled and said, ‘Oh yes, please help Mick, make mummy cum’.

Mick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He didn’t stop fucking Mary with the vibrator but his mind was elsewhere for a few minutes while he realised that he was having a threesome with mother and daughter.

Mick moved his hand off the vibrator in Mary’s cunt and left it for Sinead. She reached for it and slowly withdrew it from her mother’s pussy before plunging it deep inside again. Mick was doing exactly the same with the other vibrator inside Mary’s arse.

Mary was going wild with pleasure as Mick and her daughter brought her to the enormous orgasm she needed. Even as her first orgasm subsided they both continued fucking her. Mary’s second, third and fourth orgasm followed in quick succession.

Eventually Mary collapsed face down on the bed. Mick said, ‘I never realised you were mother and daughter’. Sinead replied, ‘This is the first time we have ever done this. He replied, ‘I hope it’s not the last’. Sinead said, ‘I hope not too’.

Mary recovered after a short while, sat up and said to Mick, ‘It’s time for a smoking blow job’.

This was something Mick hoped for. His cock was instantly hard just thinking about the pleasures that awaited him.

Mary sat on the edge of the bed. Her cigarettes, lighter and ashtray beside her. Mick stood in front of her. His 7 inches of hard cock standing directly out in front of him. Mary placed a cigarette between her lips and lit it. She only inhaled enough to light it. She wanted it to last as long as possible. She moved her head towards his cock and opened her mouth and took his cock inside.

Mary clamped her lipstick coated lips tightly around his cock. He felt her lips part slightly and he looked down and watched Mary lift he cigarette to her lips. He felt slight heat from the cigarette and then he watched as Mary took a huge inhale. The feeling was sensational as the cigarette smoke engulfed his cock. He couldn’t believe how good it was. Mary was sucking and moving her mouth up and down his cock while the smoke swirled around inside her mouth.

Sinead, in the meantime was mesmerised by the sight of her mother sucking Mick’s cock and smoking at the same time. She was getting very horny again. She had seen how much her mother enjoyed having vibrators in both holes at the same time. This was something Sinead had ever dreamt of before, but now Sinead wanted to try it for herself.

She sat on the bed and leant against the headboard. Her legs were wide apart and her pussy was wide open. The vibrator slipped inside her pussy so easily. Sinead gave a big sigh as the little buzzing toy did its job. She raised her bottom and tried to use the other vibrator on her arse but had difficulty. She needed to get into another position. Ideally she needed someone to do it for her. Ideally she needed Mick’s cock in her arse but she could see that at the moment nothing would tempt away from what he was getting.

Meanwhile, every inhale of Mary’s cigarette was giving Mick so much pleasure. He adored the sudden woosh of hot smoke engulfing his cock. He watched as Mary inhaled and sucked his cock at the same time. When she had a mouthful of smoke she would move her mouth up and down his cock. He was in heaven. Mary kept her mouth tightly shut and exhaled through her nose. Mick watched as this exhaled smoke hovered around his balls.

Micks orgasm was nearing, but he wanted it to least longer. He said to Mary, ‘Slow down, I’m almost cumming, it’s lovely, oh please slow down, don’t make me cum yet’.

Sinead, for the time being, had given up trying to get the vibrator in her arse, instead she had resorted to a very moist finger. She had managed to get just her small finger inside her but even that was a wonderful feeling. She fucked her pussy with the vibrator, telling herself that at the first opportunity she was going to get fucked in the arse. She liked the thought of having a foursome with her mother and two men.

As she brought herself to the orgasm she wanted, she couldn’t take her eyes of her mother sucking Mick’s cock.

Mary finished her cigarette and lit another. She stopped running her lips up and down Mick’s cock trying to delay his orgasm. But as she continued to inhale and suck, it only brought him closer to the edge. Sinead was now sitting right next to them and playing with Mick’s balls. She was tempted to start fingering his arse but didn’t know whether he would like it. She thought she would leave that for another time.

Sinead saw that Mary’s cigarette had almost finished. Although she did not smoke she put one between her lips and lit it. She coughed as she inhaled and really didn’t like the taste and handed it to Mary. Mary put it in between her lips and inhaled deeply. Once again Mick got that wonderful feeling of the heat of the smoke swirling around his cock. He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer.

Mick said, Sinead, I want you to wank me off into your mothers mouth while she smokes’.

Sinead reahed her haand up and held the base of Mick’s cock that wasn’t in her mothers mouth. She rubbed it only a few times and felt him start to cum.

Sinead said, ‘Oh mummy, he’s cumming, I’m wanking him off into your mouth’.

Mary sucked and inhaled, sucked and inhaled as her daughter wanked Mick’s cock. Mary soon felt that lovely twitching feeling of a cock about to cum. She sucked harder and suddenly it happened. Mary’s mouth was suddenly awash with Mick’s cum. Although he had recently cum, his cock kept exploding with cum deep inside Mary’s mouth. Mary swallowed as quickly as she could as her mouth soon filled to overflowing with Mick’s hot cum.

Mick collapsed onto the bed. His cock and balls now totally drained of spunk. Mary and Sinead both said how much they enjoyed it, including playing with each other and agreed to do it again soon.

Sinead said how much she wanted a cock in her arse and pussy at the same time and it was agreed that Mick and a mate of his would oblige, but Mary also insisted that she wasn’t left out either.

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