tagIncest/TabooMother and I

Mother and I


I awoke on a Saturday morning and looked out the window. The sun is out and it was not raining, I really could not believe it. It had been raining the last five days and C.C.R.'s," I want to know, have you ever seen the rain coming down?" came to mind.

Well the only decent thing for a cross dresser to do was get spritzed up an get out of the house. So I showered and shaved, then had a breakfast of a fried egg on a 3/4 pound burger and cottage cheese.

I headed to the closet where Gertrude keeps her goods and I decided a long gray skirt and white blouse would be nice. I took out what I was going to wear then did the make-up thing. I am saying to my self," Self when will I be able to do this in the time a regular woman does.?" No comment.

I was thinking about dropping over to see my mother. We always got along pretty well and I stayed closer to her now that pops decided he wanted a younger slimline wife. The guy is a fool, to pass up a woman like mom and I can't say I never had thoughts of incest. Not my fault though, she is a damn good looking woman.

I decided to head over to Barnes & Noble or Borders and check out a few books. As I am driving, a few thoughts came to mind. I used to hear mom was pretty close to a few of her old school friends, and when they were over they spoke of some of their more intimate times with each other. I really wondered about that, was it just innocently exploring their bodies or were they doing things for each other?

I was hanging out by her bedroom door, and one of her friends came out in a nightie and asked me how long I was standing there. I said I just got in and she did not want to make a thing of it I guess, and suddenly acted warm towards me. well that was a while ago.

So here I am, just sitting in one of those nice cozy chairs reading a book on Marconi when I hear a voice with some note of surprise to it.


"Ah huh." Standing there is my mom and she has this expression on her face like "What the fuck?" and though she may not know that expression her face did.

"Oh hi mom, I thought you hated shopping malls."

"Why are you dressed as a woman?" she asked in a miffed sort of attitude.

"Mom I have been doing this for quite some time, and I love it."

"Why did you not tell me? I would not have been mad."

"Probably because you have a husband who is not with it at all, and me cross dressing was the last thing you needed on your plate."

"Your right George, it still hurts that he left me for something younger." Said mom with bitterness and sadness.

"Just don't ever take him back, mom. No matter how much he begs. He does not deserve you. He left you when you thought you had a life with him. Any luck he will grow old and lonely with no caring woman by his side."

"Thank you George, I really did not know you felt so strongly about this. Your make-up is so well done and the way you look is great. I wish you told me."

"Like I said mom, you had enough going on as it was. Really no need to give you more worries."

You going right home afterwards?"

"Yes why?"

"I thought I would drop in and give you some company, if it is o.k."

"Of course it is o.k. any one else know of this?"

"I doubt it, I did not tell any of my sisters. Mom, are you hungry or like a cup of coffee?"

"Yes, but back at the house. You look so nice, what age are you trying to depict?"

"A woman in her sixties."

"Why that age when you are getting up to fifty?"

"I Just like older women, mom."

So I followed her back to her place and had a nice visit. Mom was learning piano and had a pretty good electronic keyboard by Yamaha with the keyboard amp and she was doing good. I gave her a few lessons and she said, You remind me of Mrs. Dickens, specially with the beaded eyeglass chain and the half-round glasses for reading. You really need glasses for reading?"

"Yup after the D.M.V. gave me a green card for flunking the eye test. I had cataracts and doc fixed me to see well for distance and told me, "You will probably need reading glasses."

As we are sitting on the bench my mom sees I have a nice lump in my skirt.

"Do I turn you on George?"

"Yes mom, you do, and it is all your fault."

"Oh I can live with that." She said with a giggle.

"Play me a Chopin piece."

So I am and as I am playing, mom wraps her left arm round my waist and pulls me over to her.

"I hope you don't mind I just wanted a man next to me George. Since your old man "Upped sticks and left me."

"But I am dressed as a woman."

"Nothing wrong with that."

It seemed more likely that she had no trouble being close to a woman either or that she knew I was male sexually and a man but not knowing there is a difference between sex and gender.

"Where did you get such a nice eyeglass chain?" Mom asked.

"I made it."

"YOU made that?"

"Yeah mom, if you wore half-glasses and wanted a chain I would make you one."

"That is so nice of you. Actually I do wear half-glasses, but may I try these?"

"Sure mom," So I gave her my glasses and she tried them.

When she gave them back she handed them to me so the beads brushed against my skirt covered cock and frankly it was rather nice.

I don't know if this was done as a tease or it was just the way it worked out.

"Lets have some coffee, you want anything to eat?"

"Sure, Italian ham and provolone on Italian bread?"

"O.K. be right back and I will make you a nice sandwich."

A few minutes later she returned wearing a pair of gold ovals part way down her nose, which caused my skirt to rise another couple of inches.

"What do you think of these, George?"

"Nice, let me try them." As it was she had the newspaper on the table and I went for the want ads as the print was smaller and I wanted to see how good these glasses are.

"Here mom, yes they are nice. And they were, not chintzy like the way some are made.

So as I give them to her she fumbles it and they drop to the floor.

"I'll get them George." And as she does she drops them again so they land on my lap. She picks them up in such a way that she drags them over my skirt in slow motion. It was just another cute way for mom to let me know what she had in mind.

Good thing she was actually baking as she said she was. Otherwise how would she have gotten the butterfingers from the baking she had not been doing?

"I am really butterfingers today!"

I was getting the real impression mom wanted to play with her son as she no longer had a husband to play with.

"Mom, I get the idea you would love to play with your son, I like that."

"How could you even think that?"

"Easy mom. You think I don't know you have your needs? Come on for Pete's sake I know what's going on. You have never been as clumsy as today when you wanted to try my half-glasses and beads and letting the beads brush against me and dropping your glasses on my skirt where my crotch is and I think it is cute you show your feelings this way.

"You really think that?"

"Yes but you don't have to, as your sub conscious does. It says the truth about things. Sigmund Freud discovered that a while ago, that's why it is called a Freudian slip and I wonder if it has lace and is silky."

Mom comes over and sits across from me with her gold ovals part down her nose and says,

"You mean I did what I did because my sub conscious knows what I want?"

"YUP, you don't always have to say something to reveal your feelings. When I let you try my half-glasses and you let the beads brush against me down there, you were in effect saying you would like to see and do things and most likely with my beads."

"So if I took my glasses and brushed them over your cock like this,

And she takes my skirt and slip and pulls it up, then grabs my cock and pulls it out of my panties and brushes my cock with her sexy gold ovals.

"You would have no trouble with it?"

"Mom in spite of my appearance I am a male and to be touched by a damn hot woman like you, is really very nice."

"You think I am damn hot?"

"No, I know you are damn hot. That's why I said,"

"Even if he begs don't take him back."

"Mom. You have done what every other mom does. You know I am a man yet you don't think I think like a man when it comes to thinking about mom. Of course I know your my mom, but you got to figure there's like at least a few thousand years of evolution, that a guy looks at a woman a certain way no matter who she is."

Mom is sitting there and still dragging her reading glasses all over my cock and balls and it feels pretty damn good.

"Be right back." She says.

And she is with a bottle of baby oil. She puts a bit in her palm and starts giving me the nicest hand job East of Worcester, Mass.

"Give me back your half-glasses and beads, please."

I do so and she has them part way down her nose with the beads draped across the back of her neck.

These glasses were a silver half-round style with small pearl like beads for the eyeglass chain. Mom looks very erotic wearing them as she is slowly going up and down my manhood. Rubbing them under my balls or over the top of a growing redder and fatter cock.

This had to be pleasure in its highest form. And to be diddled by my mother was, I don't know if I can describe how good it was. I mean I have had fantasies and I guess I did a few good things along the way and,

"Oh God it feels so good." I say.

I see my self cumming all over moms gold ovals. Her dainty hand with her red fingernails wrapped round my cock holding it so the cum is rolling out in gobs all over her glasses, then she licks it up as though cum was going off the market.

"This thing works damn good, I might have to suck you off after supper."

Well I would have no trouble with that.

Molly, This story is for you. Ch.2 cumming soon.

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