tagIncest/TabooMother and I Ch. 02

Mother and I Ch. 02


I really enjoyed my visit with mom and wondered if similar visits would occur. I didn't have to wait long as she called me a few weeks later asking about music. To be more exact the proper time given to a dotted quarter note. So I told her to time said note as,"1&2" and she would most likely see an 8th note before or after the dotted quarter. She said I explained it very well and asked when I was coming over for a visit.

I told her I would be over tomorrow at noon time and she sounded quite pleased. So I decided what I would wear. A navy blue skirt with belt and a mauve colored blouse:earrings black patent heels with bows and a wig.

So Wednesday at noon I am on my moms doorstep looking quite womanly and I knock.

Mom opens the door and gives me a nice hug, saying,

"Thanks so much for coming George, I was kind of lonely and sad yesterday."

"That's all right mom, I am here now. Let me give you a lesson on the dotted quarter.

"Sure, that would be nice, and you look so nice and quite happy too. Let me get my glasses."

So she went into the other room to get what I thought were going to be her gold ovals but was nicely surprised when she came back wearing a pair of silver rectangular style glasses, which I refer to as granny glasses.

So I start giving her the lesson and showing her how to count time with her foot, keeping heel on floor and saying 1 with toes down and & with toes up. The number always being with toes on floor. I would lean back a bit so I could look through her glasses and she looked at me with a smile.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Doing what mom?"

"You know, leaning back to take a peak through my new glasses, you may try them if you want."

"Afterwards mom, try this music right here."

She did and perfectly I might add, like telling me she had trouble was a rouse.

"Want me to put up some coffee?" mom asked.

"If you don't have any made, sure. Otherwise if you have some from earlier, that's fine."

"George, you need a woman's name, and I thought Georgie would be nice."

"Yup, I like that mom, just like Georgie girl from back in the sixties, she was from England." The song was "Georgie girl" and either done by the Seekers or the Seekers did that song also, but I like it."

I stood up and gave mom a nice hug with my cock growing by the inch."

"How thoughtful, you brought a creme filled cruller for desert!"

"You know Georgie, my sister always liked you, would you mind it if I told her about you?"

Gertrude is HOT, short and feisty, sort of like Carla on Cheers. Her heels are higher than she is or so it seems.

"That's all right with me mom, if she likes me like this that's fine and if not, no bad feelings."

"Let's sit in the living room for a while." Said mom.

"O.K." I said. So we went in and she had a bag that was closed, sitting on the floor at one end of the sofa. She sat there and I sat next to her.

"Georgie, close your eyes."

I hear her going into the bag as the paper is rustling and I feel something being dragged across my lap and it was not a pair of women's half-glasses either.

"Keep your eyes closed." Said mom.

I did so and felt two things being dragged across my lap then I was told to drop my pants keeping my eyes closed all the time or I would suffer the loss of something.

So now I am sitting on the sofa with my pants and undershorts down at my ankles. I feel two heavy objects like in a pound or two a piece. They felt nice and cool and smooth and I knew what they were.

Mom kept dragging her heels over, on or around my cock as it was showing an interest.

"Open your eyes Georgie!"

"Do you like my heels?"

"They are quite nice mom 9-West, And they are black patent. Very sexy."

"Try them on and see if they fit."

I did and yes they fit fine. I walked around the room and mom was just admiring my legs.

"Well Georgie, they are yours. I love that you like dressing like your mom. Pull up a chair and sit in front of me."

I did so and she puts her feet up and donning her three inch black patent heels starts caressing my cock with her heels. She stuffed her toe up under my balls and kept it there and with the other foot starts stroking my cock either going up and down or rubbing any part of that sexy black glossy heel all over and she takes her new gold glasses she had and puts them on and I am so fucking aroused.

"CUM on moms high heel, so she can lick it off. I want you to do that for me. Cum on my heel."

Well, now I felt I was being dominated and I had no trouble with that either.

She took off her glasses and wiped them as she kept her shoes doing its magic with my cock and suddenly it blew. Gobs of the pearly white love sauce came rolling out and allover her sexy black glossy high heel.

"Oh another mother load! allover your moms shoe. You really have a thing there, maybe later I might do this again. I have other thoughts but I want to save something for a very special event."

Mom enjoyed licking the cum off her heel, the cum her cross dressed son put there and that shoe was licked pretty clean.

I had to hit the bathroom and when I came out I though I heard Gertrude. I did hear Gerty, I also heard mom tell her sister about me in tones of a woman quite pleased with things.

"Oh Georgie, Gerty's here."

I walked in and could feel Gert's eyes all over me and she was smiling. I had a nice size frank under my skirt and Gert ran her hand over it.

"Got to have some of that!"

"So Georgie, when did you get into cross dressing?"

"Some time ago mom was out and I saw her heels, they fit so I tried on a skirt an blouse and something inside clicked like I made a connection of some kind, anyways I love wearing woman's clothes."

"You know Marcia, a guy can be even bigger when wearing women's clothes." Said Gert.

"I think we can have a great time here, Marcia. No more picking up weirdo's from bars. Georgie, if you agree to this we can have loads of good sex and I too will let you wear my clothes." Spoke Gert with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Let's get supper going." I said.

Mom brought some nice food over from the Olive Garden. Four cheese sauce with macaroni; sausage and meatballs, egg plant too of course.

So we ate supper and Gert asked me a lot of questions about cross dressing and I had no trouble answering.

I was a bit surprised when mom asked,

"Gerty, how do you feel about doing Georgie?"

"Pretty good really, I have not been satisfied for a while and I think our girl could really do something for me."

"Georgie, how do you feel about doing your aunt Gert?" asked Gert.

"Fine, I had eyes on you for a while anyways Gert, just so you know."

"Oh I knew it and I would fantasize about it with by black ten inch dildo, it takes six double A's. thing won't quit.

"That's cool Gert, just don't ever use one with the plug -in power supply in the tub. To the dildo it gives nine volts but to a ground you get a hundred and twenty volts. The woman thought she was going to get off but she dropped off first."

"O.K. Georgie, I won't do that, sounds shocking anyways."

"Supper was done and we cleared the table, then headed to the bedroom.

"Georgie, I want you and Gerty to have a good time here and you will stay dressed."

So Gert took off her clothes and I am telling you what a body, hardly a wrinkle for sixty nine and her boobs! big freaking melons with aureola's like flap jacks. I was going to try my newest idea with my aunt Gert.

"Mom, may I borrow your half-glasses, the new ones with your eyeglass chain?"

"Course honey," and she went to get them.

"Georgie, you going to read?" asked Gertrude.

"You will see, Gert."

I started to lick, kiss, and suck one of her nipples as I ran the beaded eyeglass chain against her other nipple letting it quiver as the beads went by it. Then I worked on kissing her neck and ear lobes and when I saw her hand going to her pussy I knew it was time to go in.

I got on top and Gert loved having my boobs in her face and feeling my knee highs on her legs.

"Ewe that feels so sexy Georgie." Said my aunt Gert.

"You are right Gert, I love the feel of it and I want to try some of your dresses next time I am over."

I was doing her nice and slow so we both enjoyed the feeling of making love and being loved. She is so tight and warm there, damn do I want to just stay in or what.

"Faster Georgie! fuck your aunt Gert!"

I let out another two notches of the throttle. I feel the heat of her sexy body, her breathing and I see her starring at me with a smile that spoke volumes.

So here I am with my mothers blessings, dressed as a woman and doing her sister. And it is great. I am thrusting my self into Gerty, my balls are smashing into her butt and I felt a fire in my eyes and an energy I have not known in a while.

Gert was bucking like a horse and was she strong.

"Faster, harder, fuck me royally!"

O.K. I'll fuck her like Henry the 8th.

King Henry will like this.

Gerty is getting my best and any minute now. . .

I can feel her love juices slurping and sloshing around my red swollen cock and the thought of getting to do my aunt is really turning me on.

Suddenly, like the knife switches at the powerhouse being closed, thousands of amperes of sex coursed through my aunt Gert's body causing her to stiffen up and shake as a series of orgasms cascaded through her. I had never heard sounds of sexual pleasure come from a woman as I did from Gert and that too was a turn on as my dynamo kept forcing current through her body.

"Oh Georgie, I need this once a week and will give you any dress in my closet. I feel like a woman again, complete. Thanks to your big chunk of meat." She said with a wide smile.

"So Gert, how did Georgie girl do?"

"Great, I feel so. . . well fucking terrific!, give me a man in a dress every time."

Well, we all got cleaned up and dressed. I had other clothes with me. We sat and had coffee and Gert said it was time to split.

I decided likewise and as I was about to go mom said,

"Thanks so much for taking care of your auntie, lets plan on doing something this week end."

"Your great mom, I love you." I said as I left.

I drove back home with a great feeling I would never starve for sex.

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