tagIncest/TabooMother and Son

Mother and Son


It happened one night not too long ago. I had no date that night so I stayed home to watch some DVD's that I rented. They stopped renting adult movies in the local video store, so I got some that had some explicit nude and sex scenes. At least I didn't have to hide them from my parents this time. It's been six months since I had sex. Lately I've been dating girls who would only let me go as far as feeling them up and that's it. But I needed more than that. It has gotten so bad, that I find myself jerking off three times a day now. I really needed to get laid.

It came to the point where I even found myself sexually attractive to women I never thought of that way before. My next door neighbor, my best friends mother, my mothers best friend, girls that I work with that I know are married, and so on, and so on.

I didn't feel so bad about feeling this way about those girls, but what I did feel bad about was feeling this way for my mother. She's an attractive woman, with a great body and face of a 25 year old. Some have mistaken her for my sister, which she of course enjoys hearing. She has long blonde hair, 36c tits, nice round firm ass, great legs and waist. I never felt this way for her before I came home from college this summer. But becauase of my dry spell, I couldn't resist. I've been spying on her getting dressed, taking a shower, swimming in her small bikini. I know that it's wrong, but with the way things are going for me, I couldn't help to jerk off thinking about fucking her brains out. So I try to keep it a secret as much as I can and try not to let on to these weird feelings for her.

That night my parents were going out to a dinner party hosted by my Dad's company, so my mom took two hours getting herself ready. My dad wore his usual black suit and tie, he looked as handsome as ever. When my mother came out of her bedroom, my jaw dropped at the stunning beauty standing before me.

"Dad," I said. "Are you and mom having marital problems."

"Excuse me," he said sternly.

"Why else would you take this much younger model instead of her?"

Mom couldn't stop giggling and I could see her blush under her makeup from what I just said.

"Aren't I lucky to have such as wonderful and caring son as you?" She said.

And off they went to the party. And as for me, I spent the whole night watching celebrities in their fake sex scenes. This is how low I've come to people. I managed to successfully jerkoff three times before I heard my parents car pull up in the driveway. I quickly hurried up to clean up all the evidence. I know that they know that I masterbate, but I sitll don't want them to know that I do it. No son wants their mothers to know that.

I went downstairs to see welcome them home, but only my mother came in. She was crying so much her mascara was running badly. I didn't know what it was about at first but I knew she needed comfort so I gave her a hug and let her cry on my shoulder. My dad didn't come home with her, so whatever she was crying about, that bastard obviously had something to do with it.

I walked her up to her bedroom and we sat on her bed. I held her as she was crying, I still didn't ask what my dad must've done to her that made her act this way. It took her forty-five minutes to stop crying.

"Can you get me some water and a wet towel?"She asked.

And I did, I rand downstairs to get her a cold glass of water and some wet paper towels, and dry ones to. When I got back upstairs she was beginning to take off her dress. I was about to leave when she stopped me.

"It's ok, don't go," she said. "I just need to get out of this dress."

I went back in and watched as she took off her dress, stockings and shoes, and was now standing there in her bra and slip. I instantly felt the beginning of an erection, which I tried to hold back in this situation. She sat back down on the bed and I walked up to her.

"Here you go," I said as I gave her the water.

"Thank you," she said taking the glass and drinking it.

I knelt down in front of her and began to clean the mascara off her face. As I did this, I couldn't help but to take a few glances at her tits that were being held up by that black lacy bra that you could almost see thru. I was really hoping that she wouldn't notice. When I was done cleaning her face I took her now empty water glass, placed it on the nightstand and sat next to her on the bed.

"So," I began to say. "Are you going to tell me what this is all about? I never seen you act this way before, so I know it must be very serious."

"I'm not going to tell you all the details, it's too long of a story to tell. So I'll just tell you this. At the party, I found out that your father has been cheating on me."

I was in complete shock. He was always so levelheaded and an all around nice guy. He'd give a guy the shirt off his back if he could help him out. Now to hear this.

"Bastard!" I said

"You're damn right he is," she said.

"So where is he now?"

"I told him not to come home tonight. I don't think he will. Knowing him, he will give me this night to be alone and think things through and tomorrow he'll be crawling back with an apology."

We sat there for a long while in silence with my arm around her and her head leaning on my shoulder.

"I'm tired," she said. "I want to go to sleep."

"Ok, I'll leave you now."

"No, can you stay with me tonight, I don't want to be alone."

"Of coure, let me go change first.

I came back a few minutes later in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I slipped underneath the covers with mom and she moved over to lay her head against my chest. She was still in her underware. I did my best to resist the urge to get an erection, but it was so hard having her chest pressed against mine like this.

Suddenly, I felt her hand moving around underneath the blanket. It was moving down to my pants. her hand landed on my crotch and she was new getting the full feel of my erection. SHe looked up at me with a surprised look on her face.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'll leave now."

"No," she said.

She moved her hand underneath my pants and grabbed my incredibly hard cock. It never felt this hard before. She started jacking me off right there. I couldn't beleive it, my own mother was giving me a hand job in bed. She then started to kiss me on the neck and move up to my ear as she was jerking me off. I knew this was wrong but I didn't want her to stop.

We started to remove what remained of our clothings. I finally got to see her naked upclose. We started to make out with deep passionate kissing and fondling. I don't think I ever kissed a girl as hard and passionate as this before. It was like I completly forgot she was my mother.

I got her on her back started to play with her tits. I've been wanting to do this for six months now and now was my chance. I did everything that a person could think of witha pair of tits like these. I squeazed them, sucked on them, bit them, rubbed my face and dick in them (Not at the same time of course), and she enjoyed it all.

Finally I was finished playing with her titties and went straight to fucking her. I spread her legs wide open, I massaged her pussy with my hand. I can feel how hot and wet she was feeling down there. I brought the head of my cock to the edge of ehr pussy, rubbing it against the opening, teasing her with it. She gettin very anxious, she really wants to get fucked tonight. Without any warning I shoved it straight in to her. Her chest heaved upward and she gave a large sigh. That first penetration felt so great that I didn't it to end. Our bodies pressed against each other as I started to pump my cock in and out her. First with gentle strokes, and then gradually went faster and harder until I knew she was hurting from being fucked so hard.

we started to roll around on the bed and somehow fell on to the floor. She had me pinned down on my back now and was riding me like a cowgirl. I enjoyed the sight of her tits jiggling in front of me. After a while I felt that I was about shoot my cum so I turned her over on her back and took over the fucking for the rest of the way. As I felt it at the brink of shooting out I started shoving my cock into her harder and harder. Because I jerked off three times earlier it was really hard to finish this. Which wasn't such a bad thing because it was the most intense feeling I ever had. My mother was coming loud and hard as I fucked her with every last strenght I had.

Finally, I as able to shoot out all my cum right inside her body. I didn't bother to think of what might be the consequences, I just really wanted to fill her with my cum. She felt the warm liquid flowing through her body, she closed hey eyes and smiled with from that feeling.

after that my body fell ontop of hers and she held me like a baby. We were both just laying there sweating, and tryihg to catch our breathes. We layed there all night on the floor holding each others naked body. When I woke she was already stroking my morning erection. I fucked her again that morning and later on after breakfast. And twice more around lunch. After that my dad came home groveling to my mom. She took him back, and we never spoke of that time we shared ever again.

The End!

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