tagIncest/TabooMother Blows Best

Mother Blows Best


Wendy glanced over her shoulder as she walked down the hallway, blushing when she saw him checking out her ass. She still couldn't believe she was about to let this twenty-one-year-old stud – the same age as her son – fuck her.

Wendy went to open the door to her left and he grabbed her wrist.

"That's my friend's room," Hunter said. "Keep going...mine's at the end of the hall."

As Wendy let go of the doorknob, she heard a moan from the room. "Sounds like someone's getting their cock sucked," she whispered, as her eyes drifted down to Hunter's obvious bulge. "Is that what you were hoping for?"

"For starters," he said, and gave her ass a squeeze as he pushed her toward his bedroom.

Wendy had no idea that the moan she'd just heard had come from her son, Adam, who was on the other side of the door fucking a forty-three-year-old single mom's mouth.

Ironically, Adam hadn't taken this cock-sucking cougar home because he didn't want to get caught by his mom. So he'd brought her here and was borrowing the bedroom of a college friend, Mike, who was away for the night.

Adam had his hand behind the middle-aged woman's head, trying to force her mouth down even farther on his thick eight-incher. But she had her hand firmly planted on his thigh, bracing herself so he couldn't go too deep.

Frustrated, Adam grabbed her hand and tried to get her to jack his cock while she blew him, but she kept putting it back on his thigh. She wasn't even sucking, just keeping her mouth open while he fucked it. Her eyes had been clenched shut the entire blowjob, and she didn't open them until he finally slid his cock out.

Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she said, "Was that okay? It's been a while for me."

"No shit," Adam thought. He knew he was going to be cleaning out some cobwebs when he got his cock into this cougar.

"Yeah, that was amazing," Adam lied, as he undressed. "I just couldn't wait any longer, I want to fuck you so bad, Mary."

"It's Marie," she said, as her eyes drifted down his muscular chest, across his taut stomach, and zeroed in on the big dick hanging between his legs, still wet from her mouth.

"It'll be easier if you're naked too," Adam said, as Marie sat on the bed, fully clothed, with her arms and legs crossed.

"Sure," she said, half smiling as she brushed a lock of her dyed-blonde hair behind her ear. "But can you turn off the light first?"

In the other bedroom, Adam's mom was sliding off her little black mini dress and also wishing the lights were turned off. At thirty-nine-years old, she couldn't help being self-conscious. She knew she looked good for her age, but those were the key words – her age. After one child and two decades, Wendy didn't have the body of a twenty-year-old anymore, a fact her husband had made painfully clear.

As he'd wanted sex less and less frequently, she'd become suspicious and eventually discovered he was having an affair. He'd met a woman half her age on an Internet dating site and had been fucking her for months. When Wendy had confronted him she'd expected him to apologize and break it off; she was shocked when he moved in with his young lover and asked for a divorce.

Wendy wished he could see her now, wished he could see the young stud undressing in front of her who was twice the man he was. As Hunter pushed his boxer briefs down and his stiff, young cock swung free, Wendy felt her pussy tingle; it had been so long since she'd sucked anyone other than her ex.

She'd loved the feel of a big dick in her mouth when she was young, which was how she'd met her husband. He'd been standing outside a club when Wendy had staggered out – bombed – and told him she'd give him a blowjob if he'd drive her home. Minutes later, she was sucking him off in the front seat of his car. After he'd blown his load in her mouth, and asked her where she lived, she'd pointed at the apartment building right across the street from the club.

But this was the first time Wendy had been with anyone other than her husband since that night, and she was nervous as – still wearing her bra and panties – she climbed into the bed. Once under the covers, she took them off and put them beside her purse, which she left on the nightstand.

Hunter climbed into bed completely naked. Without a kiss or a hint of foreplay, he climbed on top of Wendy and pressed his knob against her neatly trimmed pussy.

She was flattered by his eagerness, but not sure if she was ready to jump in the deep end yet. "Don't you want me to suck you for a while first?"

"No, I'm ready," he said, and she gasped as he plunged his hard cock inside her.

Wendy was definitely ready too, and he slid easily into her wet hole. She wrapped her arms around him and hooked her heels behind his knees to hang on as he started to pump her fast and hard; she couldn't believe how stiff his cock was as he banged away.

"Unh...slow down," she pleaded, but he just fucked her faster. The springs of his bed creaked as he pumped his pole in and out of her, and just as fast as it had began it ended.

"Fuck, I'm gonna come..." he groaned, and whipped his cock out from between her legs and shot a small puddle of cum on Wendy's stomach. She'd forgotten how fast young guys could be, but she was sure a little encouragement from her mouth would soon have him ready for round two.

Wendy looked down at the mess on her belly. "Can you get me some tissue or toilet paper?"

"Sure," Hunter said, as he grabbed his cell phone. "But do you mind if I take a picture first?"

On the other side of the wall, Marie was on all fours, groaning as Adam drove into her from behind. As he bounced against her big ass, pounding his cock inside her, he watched the rolls of fat around her middle jiggle back and forth. He grabbed one and, embarrassed, she took his hand and put it on her saggy tit, like that was a big improvement. He let go and her tits bounced crazily back and forth beneath her as he slammed her back and forth on his cock.

Grabbing her waist just above her wide hips, he could feel her back fat as he held on and drove his big pole in and out of her. Marie was easily forty pounds overweight and loaded with love handles. She was perfect.

He was used to clearing out the cobwebs in chunky cougars like Marie, but she was worse than most. Adam knew his cock was thicker than most guys, but fucking Marie was like fucking a glass of water. He pulled out his condom-covered cock as she panted, exhausted from only a few minutes of fucking.

"What's wrong," she asked. "Isn't it any good?"

"No, it's great," Adam lied, as he rummaged through the nightstand dresser until he found what he was looking for.

He took the tube of Vaseline and squeezed a dollop onto his forefinger and Marie gasped as he smeared it around her sphincter. "You don't mind a little anal, do you?"

Marie hadn't even gone out until months after her divorce. And when she did, most of the nights were spent alone with her drink, and the only person who talked to her was the bartender when he asked her if she wanted another. When Adam had approached her, she'd thought he was talking to someone else at first; there were so many better-looking women than her at the bar. And after so many months of loneliness, of thinking no one would want her again, she couldn't risk blowing her chances with him.

"No...I'd love it," she lied, and tried to relax.

He pushed his knob against her backdoor and she grimaced as he forced his cock past her sphincter, stretching her wide as he penetrated her ass. She clutched the sheets with her mouth open in a silent scream and, when she finally relaxed, he pushed a couple more inches in.

Marie felt like he was going to tear her virgin asshole in two. "Ow! Please stop...I can't take any more."

"Just one second," he said, and she looked back over her shoulder as he posed for a selfie with his cell phone.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said, as he held his phone up and clicked a picture of his tool half-buried in her ass.

"Sorry," he said. "You just look so sexy, I had to take a picture to show you how hot you look."

He cycled through the photos on his phone and when he got to it he showed it to her. "Doesn't that look amazing?"

Marie wasn't surprised it hurt so much; it looked like she had a log stuffed in her ass. But she also couldn't believe how fat she looked in the photo. "Please...you have to delete that."

"I will," Adam said. "I promise." And before she could argue he pulled his cock out and rammed it back inside her pussy. Marie gasped, and her eyes rolled back as he fucked her hard again.

In the bedroom next door, Adam's mom was completely oblivious to the sounds of fucking drifting through the walls. Lying in the bed alone, lost in her thoughts as Hunter went to get her a drink, Wendy smiled and shook her head. She couldn't believe that six months ago she'd been happily married, or so she thought, and now she was letting a guy her son's age take pictures of her while she lay naked on his bed covered in his cum.

She used the tissues he'd brought her and cleaned up his mess. Maybe it was better that he'd gone off so quick, she was feeling pretty bombed from all the dirty martinis he'd kept buying her at the bar. She curled up under his blankets and turned out the light, thinking she'd surprise her new lover in the morning by making him breakfast in bed.

Down the hallway, Hunter was getting a drink from the fridge when Adam came out of the bedroom, after Marie had begged him for a breather.

"Hey, Tyler, get lucky?" Adam asked.

"Shh! I've got one in the bedroom, but she thinks my name's Hunter," Tyler said.

Adam laughed. "Hunter? What kind of fucking name is Hunter?"

"You know...like cougar hunter."

"Yeah, I get it. So you bagged a cougar?"

"Fuck, yeah! Only met her a few hours ago, and she already let me bang her. Let me show you the picture I took after I glazed her." Tyler went to pull out his phone, but realized he'd left it in the bedroom.

"You aren't going to win anyway," Adam said. "Look at the one I brought back."

He showed Tyler the picture of plain, overweight, middle-aged Marie, looking back in confusion at the camera, and obviously in discomfort as Adam plugged his cock into her wide ass.

"Oh, damn!" Tyler said. "I don't know how you can do those fat, old bitches like that. No wonder you always win these pig parties."

"Shh!" Adam said, grabbing a beer from the fridge. "They'll hear you. And it's a cougar safari, not a pig party."

"Yeah, but you know the nastiest old bitches always take the prize, that's why you brought that heifer home."

Adam almost spit out his beer as he laughed and high-fived Tyler. "Yeah, when I saw her sitting alone at the bar I knew she was a winner. But don't knock the big ones though – they'll rock your fucking world. She's a lot better than some of the botoxed beasts I've nailed."

"I don't know, man...those plumpers scare me. I'm worried I might fall in."

"Well, if you want to give her a try, she's in Mike's room waiting for another go. Want to switch?"

"Damn, you're getting the better of the deal," Tyler said. "The cougar I caught is a hottie. But I guess if I'm ever going to start winning one of these contests, I have to learn to stop swimming in the shallow end."

Minutes later, Marie was on her knees in the bedroom, not sure what was going on. She thought Adam liked her, but after he'd left he never came back, and now she watched as he walked past the room without even glancing in. The boy named Hunter, who'd said he was Adam's roommate, had his fingers wrapped in her hair and was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. She put her hand on his hip to stop him from going too deep, but he knocked her hand away and pushed even more of his stiff shaft between her lips.

At the end of the hallway, Adam opened the door to Tyler's room and saw the cougar he'd brought back from the bar sleeping facedown on the bed, her long, black hair splayed across her naked back. He shut the door, slid off his boxers and made his way in the dark onto the bed. As he leaned over, fumbling blindly for the light switch on the far nightstand, he accidentally knocked her purse off and dumped its contents across the floor.

The noise woke Wendy up and, sensing her lover beside her, she reached out and her hand touched his hip. Feeling her way between his legs she smiled, he was ready for round two.

Adam was surprised to find Tyler's date awake and massaging his cock and balls, he'd planned on fucking her while she was passed out. He knew that she probably thought he was Tyler, so he didn't say a word; he just grabbed her head and guided his prick to her mouth.

Wendy rolled her tongue around his cock, which was bigger and thicker than she remembered. Squeezing his shaft, she sucked softly on his cockhead, tasting the pre-cum. His cock swelled in appreciation and she moaned as it stretched her lips wide; she could barely get her mouth around his thick prick. Dipping a finger between her legs, she wasn't surprised at how wet her pussy was, this was the type of cock she loved to suck.

Adam held her head with both hands, amazed at how well she was polishing his knob. This was why he loved cougars. Young girls always hurried their way through oral sex, and thought letting you put your prick in their mouth counted as a blowjob. But this cougar Tyler had found, she knew how to suck a cock, and obviously loved doing it. He could hear her moaning around his thick shaft as he fucked her mouth.

Wendy's teeth grazed over the head of his cock, and then her lips glided halfway down his length as he sighed in pleasure. He hadn't let her suck him the first time, and there was no way she was stopping now. She pumped her fist up and down his slippery shaft as she sloppily sucked him and, feeling how swollen he was, wondered if she could deep-throat him.

Adam felt the heat of her throat as his cock slid down it, and moaned as the expert cocksucker he was in bed with took over. No one had been able to get all eight inches down before, but he could feel the warm breath from her nostrils on the base of his shaft as she worked her way along his length until her bottom lip brushed against his balls. Her warm tongue slid along the underside of his cock as she let it slide back out and then, without missing a beat, she buried his cock to the hilt in her throat again.

Wendy loved how good it felt having his monster completely inside her. She'd never sucked a cock as big as this one, stretching her lips and her throat so fucking wide. As she worked his giant pole in and out of her wet and willing mouth she squeezed his balls, they were so huge...so full; she knew he was about to go off.

But Wendy wasn't ready for him to come yet...she was enjoying herself too much and wasn't finished with this magnificent fuckpole. She wished the lights were on so she could see it in all its glory, but she loved the sensation of exploring every inch of his cock and balls in the dark with only her fingers and tongue to guide the way. He groaned as she popped him out of her mouth and pushed his stiff shaft flat against his taut stomach. She leaned close and lolled her tongue back and forth across his big balls, sucking one softly into her mouth. And the whole time she kept stroking his shaft with the palm of her hand.

Adam knew he wasn't going to last long; this cougar was driving him right toward the edge. As good as her tongue felt on his balls, he wanted to feel that hot mouth wrapped around his pole again before he fired off his load. He shoved it back between her lips and she eagerly started sucking it, cranking her hands back and forth on his stiff shaft.

Wendy was amazed that, even with her mouth stuffed with his cock, she was still able to wrap both of her hands around his pole. Her pussy was begging her mouth to share the wealth, but she wanted so badly to taste this kid's cream. She didn't remember it feeling this big when he'd fucked her earlier, and wondered if it was just her imagination. But it wasn't her imagination that her jaw ached from sucking this big stick; Wendy wasn't worried, she felt his balls and knew he was about to blow. He tried to pull away but she stopped him by grabbing his ass, holding him as she bobbed even faster on his swollen cock.

Adam tried to warn her, but this woman knew what she wanted and wasn't stopping until she got it. He wrapped his fingers through her long hair and held her head in place as he filled her mouth with cum. She moaned around his shaft as he fired shot after shot of hot, sticky cream down her throat. She squeezed his balls and kept sucking on his shaft, trying to get every drop. Adam's eyes rolled back in his head, no girl had ever let him come in her mouth before, and obviously none had ever swallowed his load. He was used to the cougars he'd picked up mauling him and fucking him like wild animals, so desperate for a young cock between their legs. But none of them had ever sucked him like this one; she'd just given him the best blowjob of his life.

Wendy was in heaven and had her eyes shut, savoring the sweet taste. She'd forgotten how good it felt to have her lips wrapped around a thick shaft as it pumped a load of cum into her ready mouth. She was so drunk with pleasure as she sucked him, trying to get every drop, that she didn't even notice as Adam held up his cell phone in the dark and took a selfie of the two of them – her mouth and his cock.

Wendy fell back on the bed as her lover left the dark bedroom. She was dizzy from sucking his cock for so long. And her pussy was soaked. She wondered how long it would take him to get hard again; she was dying to get fucked by that big dick.

Adam went to the bedroom next door. Marie was on her back with her legs in the air as Tyler pistoned his cock in and out of her pussy. Her hands were clawing at his ass, trying to get him to fuck her as deep as Adam had.

Marie had her eyes closed and wondered if she was dreaming; she still couldn't believe she'd been fortunate enough to be fucked by two studs in the last hour whose combined ages didn't equal hers. She didn't even hear Adam as he picked his clothes up off the floor, dressed and left the apartment.

The next morning, Wendy wandered downstairs from her bedroom a little after nine. It had been a long time since she'd got up this late, and a long time since she'd been so hungover. She turned on the coffee maker and leaned against the counter, holding her head in her hands. She was paying a terrible price for all those dirty martinis, but she couldn't stop thinking about the thick stick she'd sucked the night before. The kid's huge cock had fit her mouth like it was made for it.

Wendy was disappointed she wasn't still at his apartment, getting the sausage breakfast she'd hoped for. Hunter hadn't come back to bed before she fell asleep, but she figured they'd be spending the next morning together, with his big dick between her legs. So she was surprised when he shook her awake a few hours later and told her he'd called a cab to take her home.

Wendy had assumed she'd be staying the night, and wondered if he had to work early or something. He'd pushed her out the door in such a rush that he hadn't even remembered to give her a good night kiss. She'd shivered half drunk on the curb, while down the street a heavy-set woman a few years older than her also stood on the sidewalk, waiting for a taxi.

Wendy poured a cup of coffee and drank it black, trying to banish her hangover, even though she knew she should be drinking water. She looked up and was surprised to see her son standing in the doorway to the kitchen, watching her.

Adam's gaze was drifting up her long, bare legs, as she leaned against the counter in the thigh-high tee she always slept in. His eyes traveled up her body until they reached her mouth. He couldn't take his eyes off her lips, still trying to understand how they'd ended up wrapped around his cock last night.

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