tagSci-Fi & FantasyMother Goose: Jack and Jill

Mother Goose: Jack and Jill


Author's Note: This story contains light BDSM as well as incest elements. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older. Enjoy!


No one ever gets these things right.

Yes, Mother Goose—that's me! What threw you off—the garters and stockings and black leather whip? Like I said, no one ever gets these things right. Father Goose says they've twisted all my stories around, and according to the books he brought home with him after he crossed back over, they all claim I never existed at all! I guess, historically speaking, that's true. I never did exist in that world. From what I hear, it's dreadfully dull. I'm sure I would just be bored. It's probably better that the real stories never made it out. I don't know that the Earthfolk were ready for them.

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after...


Mother was having a picnic and the day was glorious. The shade of the umbrella over her pale, creamy skin made it just cool enough to sit and drink iced tea and enjoy the festivities. The bright shock of green lawn was already filled with people milling about the tables that Blue and Willie had set up the day before. Cook had loaded them with food, and Mother had borrowed King Cole's fiddlers and they were playing merry tunes to dance to.

"Mary has arrived, Mother." Blue leaned to whisper into her ear, making her shiver with the heat of his breath.

"Goodness, look at Peep!" Mother exclaimed, crossing her long, bare legs under her peignoir and swinging one high-heeled boot.

"Mother..." Mary (who some called contrary) leaned in to kiss the other woman's cheek. She was followed by Little Bo Peep dressed in a black corset and stockings with tall, soft boots, almost a replica of Mother's outfit, minus the peignoir. She also wore a soft leather collar, and Mary held the leash attached to it.

"I wouldn't have recognized you, Peep darling," Mother exclaimed, noting the girl's dark make-up, her eyes heavily lined in charcoal, a stark contrast to her pale skin and hair. She turned her attention to Mary who was taking a seat beside her. "Good to see you, dear."

"Isn't she lovely?" Mary smiled, tugging the leash gently. Peep sank to her knees beside her mistress, her hands going behind her back as she bowed her head, her golden hair falling like a curtain around her face. "She has been a dream to train."

"She always did like it so," Mother agreed, watching the girl fondly as Mary petted the girl's flaxen tresses. "Have you seen my newest procurement?"

Mary shook her head and then gasped as one of Mother's catgirls, Lucy, nudged her from under the chair.

"Look how big they're getting!" Mary exclaimed, reaching down to massage the soft, velvety ears of the catgirl at her feet. They were growing at an accelerated rate, as all feline-human species do, and would be full grown by six months. "What are these on her paws?"

"Mittens," Mother replied with a sigh. "I lost three good peignoirs and had to order more made before Willie came up with that idea. Problem is, they hate them, and often lose them."

Mary chuckled as Lucy nuzzled her black velvety head against the woman's knee, her purr audible. "They can be a handful."

"Speaking of a handful," Mother murmured, glancing behind her. "Blue, have you seen the twins?"

"Yes, Mother," he replied, squatting next to her chair and pointing. Her gaze followed the direction of his finger and she saw them up on the hill next to the well.

Jill's bright red hair was like a beacon and it hung down her back in coppery waves in the sun. As they watched, Jack tugged at a blonde girl's curls, and even from where they were sitting, they could hear her squeal. The blonde smiled at him, though, pinching his cheek and then leaning in to kiss him there.

"Blue, will you fetch them?" Mother asked, shading her eyes and standing for a better vantage point. "Before Jill's temper—"

"Too late," Blue lamented as they heard Jill shriek.

All of them heard a hollow "bonk" as Jill brought a pail down on Jack's head. It turned upside down, soaking the front of him as Jill lunged for him and they tumbled together down the hill.

"Blue!" Mother cried, but he was already on his way, meeting them at the bottom of the hill and dragging them both over to where Mother was waiting. All of the guests watched as Blue yanked their collars, his fingers in the loops so they couldn't wiggle away.

"You pervert!" Jill shrieked, still wailing and trying to wallop her brother. "Do you lust after every girl that comes along!?"

"Enough!" Mother said, rising and holding her hand out in a "stopping" motion. Her guests were talking quietly again, but their eyes were on the scene at Mother's table.

"Mother said you weren't to flirt with the girls," Jill said, her lower lip trembling.

Jack rolled his eyes. "I wasn't flirting. She kissed me."

"I also said that you weren't to hit your brother anymore," Mother said, her voice quavering with anger, her eyes flashing at Jill. "Blue, take them upstairs to my room. I'll be up shortly."

He gave a short nod, dragging them both inside.

"They are a handful!" Mary exclaimed, looking up at Mother with wide eyes.

"You have no idea." Mother sighed, taking a seat and petting Peep, rubbing a strand of her blonde hair between her fingers. "I acquired them at the Queen's Fair and they have been trouble ever since."

"Redheads," Mary said with a knowing nod. "They're so passionate."

Mother's mouth curled into a slow smile. "Yes... well, that has its advantages, too."

"I imagine it does." Mary returned her smile.

Mother rose, patting Peep once more with a sigh. "Mary, would you mind entertaining my guests for a while? I need to tend to my fiery little charges."

"I'd be honored," Mary replied, kissing Mother's hand before she headed inside.

Mother made her way up the long flight of stairs, the heels of her boots clicking on the stone floor as she continued down the hallway. Blue was just hooking Jill up to the chains embedded in the wall. Jack's wrists were already restrained in manacles and he looked up when Mother came into the room.

"Thank you, Blue, darling," Mother murmured, caressing the bulge in his breeches. Jill's struggle had pulled her white corset down to expose her full, pink-tipped breasts and Blue had obviously been admiring them.

"My pleasure, Mother," he replied, meeting her eyes as her hand squeezed him gently.

"What am I going to do with you two?" Mother asked, shaking her head and pacing back and forth in front of her two young charges. "Every time I turn around, you're fighting like cats and dogs!"

"It wasn't my fault, Mother!" Jack cried, glaring over at his sister. "I was pulling some water from the well for the baker's daughter, and out of nowhere, Jill pushes me down!"

"Ha!" Jill snorted, tossing her long red hair over her shoulder with a flip of her head. "He was looking down her dress, Mother. I saw him!"

Mother raised her eyebrows, stopping in front of the girl with a frown.

"Natural male response," Mother murmured, tapping her chin with her finger. "Don't you think, Blue?"

"Indeed, Mother," the man replied, his eyes still moving over Jill's exposed cleavage.

"But..." the girl stammered, her cheeks flushing, making the freckles peppered over her nose and cheeks stand out even more. "But, Mother... you said we weren't allowed... that is..."

"Yes," Mother replied with a nod, looking between her two charges. "No touching, that's correct... but you can't tame a man's eyes. They look—it's inevitable."

Mother gently turned Blue's chin and met his gaze. He grinned and shrugged, but then gasped when she touched him again, squeezing between his legs.

"What I'm more concerned about is your response, Jill," Mother went on, turning back to the two chained youngsters. "Why should it concern you what your brother does?"

"I... I was just trying... to be good..." The girl bit her lip, looking over at her brother and then back to the tall woman standing in front of her.

"Hm." Mother frowned, tapping the toe of her boot on the cold stone floor. "I just don't believe it. Blue, do you believe her?"

The dark-haired man shook his head. "I'm afraid not."

"Well, then, perhaps it's time for a little truth-telling session!" Mother exclaimed with a smile. "My cat please, Blue."

"Yes, Mother," he replied, moving toward the cabinet in the corner.

As if on cue, one of the kittens that Mother had purchased from Miss Contrary jumped up onto the bed.

"Not you, precious," Mother admonished, chucking Toby, the boy cat, under the chin. He purred, tilting his orange head to the side and rubbing it against her hand. The face that stared back at her with large, gold eyes was quite human.

"Mrowr," he said, licking her fingers with his rough tongue as Blue held out the cat o'nine tails.

"Later," Mother whispered to the catboy, leaning in and kissing him on the cheek. He curled up on the bed, his tail swishing as he watched his mistress stand and approach the two young humans.

"Please, Mother," the little redhead begged, her eyes flicking between the two figures standing in front of her. "I didn't mean anything by it. I was just trying to keep Jack from getting into trouble!"

"Perhaps," Mother agreed, holding the thick, black leather straps of the cat o'nine tails up to the girls pale skin. She let them trail over her bare shoulder. "But I think there's more that you're not telling me..."

"No," the girl whimpered, shaking her head, her red hair flying around her flushed cheeks. "I swear, that's all!"

"Blue, unchain her," Mother instructed, watching as the man unhooked the girl's manacles. She rubbed her wrists as she stared up at Mother with wide blue eyes.

"Would you like to undress her, Blue?" Mother asked, giving him a sideways smile.

"Yes, Mother," he agreed, moving his big hands over her corset.

Instead of turning her around, he pulled her in to his big body, pressing her full breasts to him as he roughly untied and loosened the corsets' strings, tugging it down her hips. Her panties were white and sheer and he pulled those off with the stockings. She stepped out of her shoes, allowing him to pool her clothing at her feet.

His eyes moved over her body as he grabbed her shoulders, holding her at arms length. Her pink-tipped breasts pointed straight towards him, and the gentle curve of her waist and hips drew the eye downward to the swell of her thighs that trembled as she tried to press them together to hide her sex. A soft triangle of bright red hair pointed like an arrowhead between her legs.

"Lovely, isn't she?" Mother smiled, her eyes caressing the girl. "Doesn't she make you want her?"

"Yes," Blue agreed with a nod, taking a step back from the girl and removing his hands so suddenly that she stumbled and nearly fell.

"What do you think, Jack?" Mother asked, cocking her head toward the young man.

His blue eyes widened. "She's my sister!"

"Indeed," Mother murmured in agreement, seeing the tremble in Jill's mouth at his words. "But she's still a beautiful girl, isn't she?"

"I... I suppose," Jack replied, his eyes moving sideways to look at his sister's nude form.

"Mm-hm," Mother nodded, looking back and forth between them. "Look at her, Jack. Look at those ripe, firm breasts."

Mother trailed the thick, black leather straps over the girl's nipples, making her shiver.

"And she has a beautifully wet little cunt, Jack," Mother went on, sliding the handle of the cat between the girl's legs, forcing her to spread them with a soft moan. "Have you seen it?"

"She's... my sister," Jack said again, watching as the black handle moved back and forth, slapping Jill's flesh, making her open wider.

"Yes, so you mentioned," Mother murmured, parting the soft, red hair between the young girl's legs with the handle of the cat. Jill sighed, closing her eyes as the stiff nub of the whip's handle found her clit. "But you didn't answer me, Jack. Have you seen your sister's pretty, pink pussy?"

Jack's face blushed bright red and he shook his head. "No, Mother."

"Hm." Mother moved the handle back and forth against Jill's clit, making her moan and spread a little more. "Is that true, Jilly?"

"Mother!" the girl gasped as the older woman slipped the hard handle of the whip between her lips, forcing it slowly inside.

"Your brother has a fine, big cock, you know," Mother leaned in to whisper in the girl's ear. Jill whimpered, shaking her head as she lowered her eyes to the floor, her red hair falling around her face.

"Yes," Mother nodded, moving her hand away from the cat o'nine tails. "You do know, don't you?"

"No, Mother," Jill cried.

"Don't let that drop to the floor," Mother instructed, watching the heavy black straps sinking slowly down the girl's legs as the handle slid out of her wetness.

"Oh please!" the girl protested, but she tightened her muscles, halting the slide of the whip. Her tender, pale thighs trembled in protest.

"Good girl," Mother said with a nod, moving toward Jack with a small smile playing on her lips.

"I don't think you're telling me the truth, Jack," the older woman said with a sigh as she began to work the buttons on his wet shirt. He strained against the manacles around his wrists, twisting and turning, but it was no use.

"In fact, I'm almost sure of it," Mother murmured, working the fastenings on his breeches and sliding them down to reveal his stiff member. It was pointing toward Mother's own exposed dark triangle.

"Blue, darling," Mother called over her shoulder as she grasped the young man's cock in her hand, squeezing hard. The older man was standing to the side, his arms crossed over his chest, watching. "Would you bend Jilly over and fuck her, please?"

"No!" Jill cried, panicking and starting to run, the cat o'nine tails clattering to the floor between her legs. Blue caught her arm, turning her roughly towards him with a shake of his head.

"Yes, sweetheart," Mother said with a firm nod.

Blue moved the girl towards Mother's tall bed, grabbing her arms and twisting them behind her back as she struggled.

"Watch this, lovey." Mother's hand squeezed Jack's cock, working it slowly up and down as she leaned in to the young man.

"Please!" Jill sobbed as Blue held her in place with one hand, the other working his breeches. His cock was hard and thick, and he pressed it up between her lips, making sure that the two figures behind him could see what he was doing. "Oh, please, don't!"

"Mother," Jack said hoarsely, watching the older man's cock run up and down his sister's slippery slit. "Don't do this."

"She's not a virgin," Mother murmured, rubbing her thumb over the young man's cock head. It was slick with pre-cum. "Is she?"

"Oh god, please," the girl struggled, and Blue grunted in his attempt to keep her still.

"Tell me, Jack," Mother whispered, her other hand finding the sac hanging low under his shaft. Her fingers tickled and then tugged, making him gasp. "Tell Mother the truth."

"Yes!" he cried, watching Blue's cock easing his sister's pink flesh apart. "Okay, yes, yes, it's true!"

"No, Jack!" Jill sobbed, looking over her shoulder at her brother.

"Yes," he gasped as the grip Mother had on his testicles eased. "Yes, I fucked her. I fucked my sister."

"Good boy," Mother murmured, her eyes bright as she looked between the two of them.

"Noooo!" Jill moaned as Blue slid his cock deep into her hole, grabbing her hips and pulling her in tight.

"Fuck her hard, Blue," Mother insisted, still tugging gently on Jack's stiff member. "Fuck her until she says yes."

"No!" Jack cried, watching as Blue's thickly veined cock parted his sister's soft flesh again and again.

Jill's hands were twisted behind her back, and Blue yanked them roughly as he fucked her, driving his hips into hers with a jarring force. He continued to pound into her as she twisted against the bed, struggling under his weight.

"Tell me, Jill," Mother called, her hand still wrapped around Jack's stiff length. "Tell Mother the truth."

"No-oh-oh-oh!" the girl wailed, the force of Blue's thrusts drawing the words out of her chest in short bursts.

"Jack," Mother whispered into the young man's ear, her hand squeezing and releasing him. "I think you like watching your sister get fucked."

The boy's eyes were fixed on his sister's rounded behind lifted high into the air as Blue impaled her. Jack licked his lips and glanced at Mother, his eyes pleading with her.

"Please," he said, groaning when the older woman squeezed the head of his cock.

Blue wasn't stopping—he wasn't even slowing—and Jill had finally submitted, her face pressed into the mattress, her cries muffled.

"Come with me," Mother murmured, unlocking the manacles around his wrists and leading him naked toward the bed by his cock like a leash.

"Jill," Mother murmured, putting her face down by the young girl's. "Just tell Mother the truth... did you let your brother fuck you?"

The redhead turned her flushed, tear-stained face to the woman, her lower lip trembling as she whispered, "Yes..."

"Now the big question," Mother went on, pulling Jack a little closer by his cock, making him gasp. "Did you like it?"

"I... I..." The girl squirmed as Blue thrust into her again, his flesh slapping into her ass. "Ohhh god... yes... yes, Mother, yes..."

Blue slowed, letting go of the girl's wrists, and she whimpered as the big man ran his hands over the swell of her behind.

"Good." Mother nodded, standing and surveying the scene. "Jack, up on the bed, please."

Looking confused, the boy climbed up next to his sister, watching as Mother rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"On your back, there's a good lad," she instructed. "Now, Jill, up you go..."

The girl stood, her eyes wide as she stared at Mother over her shoulder. "But..."

"You heard me," Mother said, her tone firm. "If you like your brother's cock so much, you can have it... but only when I say so."

Blue backed away from the girl, his cock still slick with her juices and Mother smiled when she saw it.

"I won't forget you, darling," Mother whispered. "I have a special surprise for you."

Blue nodded, his hand stroking his cock as he watched the young girl climb onto her brother and straddle him.

"Come along, Jill," Mother said impatiently. "Mount up!"

Jack moaned when she aimed his cock into her flesh and slid down the length of him, settling herself onto his hips like she'd been there before. They began without asking, their bodies doing what came natural, rocking together on the bed.

Mother smiled as she watched, reaching for Blue's still-wet cock and squeezing it in her hand. The young girl's hips were moving in slow circles and she moaned loudly as her brother grabbed for her breasts, sucking her nipple into his mouth.

Mother leaned in and ran her finger down the crack of the girl's ass to the small, puckered hole that seemed to wink at them as Jack's cock stretched his sister's pussy open.

"Oh Jack," the redhead moaned, grinding her hips down into her brother's hard cock. "That feels so good."

"Yeah," he gasped, his eyes closing as he grabbed her ass in his hands, shoving her down onto him.

"You like your brother's big cock, don't you, Jill?" Mother murmured as she stroked the girl's tight, winking hole. The girl squirmed, glancing over her shoulder, and Mother knew she had almost forgotten that they were there.

"Y-yes, Mother," she said, slowing a little, her brother's fingers digging into her hips.

"I think she's been spoiled, Blue," Mother murmured, using her other hand to squeeze the head of his cock in a slow, practiced manner—just enough stimulation to keep him hard. "I think she likes her brother's cock a little too much. Don't you?"

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