tagFetishMother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 04

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 04


After his gesture of acceptance of Mary's complete control of his sexuality she asked him for his ideas for a formal ceremony or ritual they could perform to make it "more official". David could only think of a written certificate that acknowledged her control. He envisioned it printed in script on fancy paper with detailed lines and webbing, like on money, and perhaps even a seal with a ribbon. Mary liked the idea and he went to work on the language.

As he brought the finished product to her she was thrilled until he started to sign it.

"Wait! You aren't just going to sign it like that are you?"

"Well, what else is there to do?" he asked truly confused.

"For starters shouldn't it be witnessed?"

"Oh, yeah, I suppose so, but..." Before he could wonder aloud who would be the witness Mary broke in with "Mother would be happy to do it for us. In fact she would be thrilled. Maybe even disappointed if we didn't include her," David had an uncomfortable feeling about it all, but he couldn't quite say why.

"Did you think of any ritual to go along with the signing?" Mary asked innocently.

"Well you could get me close to cumming, deny me and then lock me up while I get you off," he offered tentatively.

"Perhaps something like that," she responded, reflectively. Then after a moment she continued.

"David, dear, there's something I need to tell you. There was more to your trip to Mother's to 'entertain' her women's group. You see I have known about her group for a while and I wanted to join. They're a very private and exclusive group of powerful women. Mostly they act behind the scenes, but I think they could be helpful to me on many levels, both professionally and personally. As you can see, they haven't admitted anyone in quite some time, especially someone my age. Mother's request was in answer to mine to join them. Having you make a good showing with them was a way for me to get them to admit me. But I was telling the truth, it was up to you to agree to go. I didn't tell you the rest because I didn't want to pressure you with my membership pending. And it worked! It was your choice, and you got me in!"

It was a lot for David to take in, so he just stared trying to put all the pieces together.

"Are you mad? Are we OK?" Mary asked with genuine concern in her voice.

"No, not mad. We're fine. It's just a surprise to me. And I'm confused about why you bring it up now?"

"Because I'm thinking that in front of Mom's group would be the perfect place for this ceremony of ours."

David was immediately suspicious, but again couldn't say why. "There's more to it, isn't there?" he asked tentatively.

Mary smiled, "Well yes, there is, my smart boy. You already know that these are sexually dominant women. It was and is important for them to see that I am in control of you. Your performance the other weekend was good, and it showed how much you would submit to, including the chastity cage, at my request. It seems only fitting that they be the witnesses for making it 'official'."

David agreed, although deep down he knew that he really didn't have a choice and his agreement was more of a gesture.

"Good, then I'll set it up with Mom," she said cheerily.

"And the ritual?" he asked.

"I think the night you agreed to submit to my authority has the right elements. I'll work out the details, don't you worry about it."

The time till the ceremony passed slowly for David. He kept going over the details of that fateful night when he agreed to submit to Mary. Would she really make him drink her piss in front of the whole group? At least when he did it with some of those same ladies it was one on one, in private. He got very nervous about the upcoming ceremony and would try to calm himself by remembering that he got through it once, he could do it again. And besides, Mary loved him, she wouldn't make it any worse than it had to be.

When they arrived at Ann's they both entered through the side door, but Miss Ann directed David to her room while Mary waited behind to be announced into the living room. In Miss Ann's room David disrobed and fitted his chastity cage, but left off the lock. There was nothing more to do but wait for Miss Ann to return and escort him to the main room. During what seemed like a long wait he got nervous again, and tried to calm himself by re-reading and rehearsing his pledge which had been worked into a fine certificate with printed webbing and calligraphy with a ribbon seal. At last Miss Ann came for him and escorted him to the living room, where Mary was standing in the middle with all of the women in the group standing and sitting around the room.

"Go kneel in front of her, and read your certificate, then give it to her with the lock," Miss Ann whispered in his ear.

David walked to Mary, looking only at her, and trying to ignore the audience. Kneeling he said, "I, David, do hereby grant, bestow and transfer my right to sexual orgasm to Mary, my wife. I make this gift out of love. I pledge to provide Mary with orgasms whenever, and however, she desires with no expectation of reciprocation of any kind. Henceforth, I will not, nor will I allow anyone else, to cause me to orgasm without Mary's permission. The frequency and manner of my orgasms will be entirely at Mary's discretion. She is hereby also granted the prerogative to determine appropriate consequences for unauthorized orgasms, and to determine if I should be required to wear a device to prevent unauthorized orgasms. This gift shall remain in force during the entire life of our relationship." With those final words he signed the certificate and handed the lock to her. Miss Ann signed as witness and gave Mary the paper.

"Thank you, dear. You may stand." When he did she fastened the lock to his chastity device and with a hand gesture indicated that he should kneel again. The audience of witnesses applauded. It was all going so well. Mary was wearing a wraparound skirt, which she now undid and let fall to the floor, with the words, "You may now please me orally."

She had no underwear on, but she was wearing a sanitary napkin. Mary never wore those, preferring tampons. Then he realized that it was to demonstrate her condition and ease its removal. Mary was always horny when she got her period. Even though they had never had sex during that time, David knew she masturbated through it, as he once did. Her flow was always heaviest the first day or two of her period, when the pad was removed it was clear that's where she was in her cycle. David looked up at her with silent pleading in his eyes. She just repeated the words of his pledge, "...whenever, and however, she desires..." with an odd smile.

Trying not to show too much hesitation, he bent to his task. The smell was overwhelming, he tried to stifle a gag response, he thought successfully. He pushed past that to put his tongue in her bloody pussy folds. The taste was metallic, and the sensation was very sticky. Eventually he was lying on the floor while she sat on his face. This position accentuated her flow and at times he could actually feel a little rivulet of blood running into his mouth. He could hear approving sounds from Mary and the audience as his efforts did seem to please her. After what seemed like an eternity he heard the familiar sounds of Mary's orgasm. During her peak, juices that were both her arousal and her menstrual blood bathed his face.

She stood up and was provided a moist cloth to clean herself and a fresh pad. No one made a move to offer cleaning to David. Instead Mary just signaled him to resume the kneeling position as she rewrapped her skirt. Then it happened. A voice from the audience spoke up. It wasn't Miss Ann, though he would always wonder if it wasn't at least at her behest.

"Sister Mary, it appeared that your husband hesitated a little when instructed to please you. It also appeared that he was, shall we say, a little less than enthusiastic when he first encountered your sacred blood. Would you agree with those statements?"

"Yes, Sister Jane, I would. Although it was his very first with this request and he did comply without resistance."

"True enough. While the decision is your's, our little group was often the sounding board for our members on issues of domestic discipline," Sister Jane continued with a smile. "Would you like some feedback?"

"Of course, Sister Jane," Mary replied. Even David could see there was no other response she could make.

"I think I'm not alone in believing that some punishment is in order. Do others agree?" There was an almost unanimous nodding of heads and murmurs of assent. "Not terribly severe, but enough to let him know that in these matters your wishes are to be immediately and cheerfully complied with."

"Of course, Sister Jane. I will address that issue as soon as we get home. Thank you for your feedback. Thanks to all of you."

"Actually, Sister Mary, there is no need to wait till you return home. I always felt that punishment should come close to the crime in order to make the best impression. Besides I think we would all like to see how our newest member handles discipline."

David wasn't sure if Mary felt trapped or not, but he could see that she was, and by extension, him as well. He was going to be punished in front of these women, and there was nothing he, or even his wife, could do about it. In short order David was being led down the steps to the basement punishment room, his face still covered with Mary's menstrual blood. The room was as he remembered it except that a large number of chairs were already arranged as a viewing gallery. The toilet was still there, its walls still not enclosed, he was not offered the use of it this time. As Mary fastened him to the punishment horse she managed to whisper in his ear, "I'm sorry, dear. You know I have to do this." David nodded, as if responding to a question about his bonds. "You know I can't go easy on you either." That last sent a chill down his back, but he nodded just the same. Of course she couldn't, he thought.

As a measure of how deep his submission had already become he was more upset with himself for his hesitation in obeying than he was with Mary for surprising him with her request. One day under similar circumstances he wouldn't even think of her as having any culpability at all. He was strangely calm considering his prior experience on this very spanking horse, but it was almost certainly because deep down his body just couldn't believe that his lovely, sexy wife was going to punish him.

At last all of the ladies were seated in the basement gallery, and the excited anticipation was almost palpable in the tightly packed audience. Mary spoke with a commanding voice, "David, do you understand why you are being punished?"

Even though the ritual was a little different than with Miss Ann, he thought he could improvise well enough. "Yes, Ma'am. I was slow to comply with your command, and was not as enthusiastic as I should be when following your orders."

"So you agree you should be punished?"

"Yes, Ma'am, please make me a better husband to you," he hoped that would buy both of them some points.

"Very well then, your punishment will be 24 cane strokes."

Mary raised the cane high and brought it down with a tremendous crack. It burned like fire all across both cheeks, but David held his breath and didn't make a sound.

"One!" the witnesses all chorused in unison.

"Excuse me, Sister Mary," a voice called out from the gallery. "I realize you may be a little short on experience and I was wondering if you would accept a little coaching?"

"Yes, of course, Sister Betty," again with little other response open to her.

Sister Betty extracted herself from the audience and took the cane from Mary. "If you imagine a line parallel to his behind, and position yourself just behind that line, you will be able to see your target while at the same time being in a position for the full force of the blow to strike his bottom. Also stand far enough to the side so that the tip of the cane just reaches the far side of his opposite butt cheek." She demonstrated her talk by getting into the position herself. "Now when you strike, swivel your hips as you PULL the cane through its arc and don't slow down. His bottom will stop it when all of its energy has been absorbed by his rump. Like this."

With that she swung the cane with a speed that could hardly be believed for a woman who had to be at least 50. The resounding crack almost echoed off the walls and a bright red stripe was already marking the place it hit. A stifled grunt came out of David's mouth despite his best effort to hold it back.

"With a little practice you can control the position precisely, and line up stripes right next to each other." Another horrible strike right next to the first stripe, it too becoming red immediately. David yelped at this blow. "Try that," Betty said as she handed over the cane and resumed her seat to the light applause.

Mary adjusted her position and said, "You have embarrassed me in front of my friends!" And brought the cane down just as Betty had instructed.

CRACK! "AAOOOOWWW" David cried, "Two" the witnesses chorused.


THWACK! "AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! I'm sorry, Mary, I'm SORRY!" There was a definite sob in his voice. "Four!" shouted the group, though not as loud as some wondered about his language. Mary was quick to pick up on it.

"You embarrass me again!" Two more vicious blows in rapid succession. The witnesses shouted "Five! Six!" After a short pause she said, "You just earned six extra!"

David began sobbing real tears at this point. With great deliberation the blows kept coming while he tried to hold back the tears and exclamations. It was no use and he then tried to plead with her. His ass cheeks quivered with pain and fear.

CRACK! "AAAOOOOWWW I'm (sob) sorry, Mistress." "Ten!"

CRACK! "YEEEEEE PLEASE Mistress!" "Eleven!"

CRACK! "OOOWWWWWW I promise I'll be good! (sob) I PROMISE I'll BE GOOD!" "Twelve!"

It was clear from the exclamations of the group that they were enjoying his punishment and his pleading. Some women had even discreetly put their hands into their panties and were working themselves into even higher states of arousal. The same women who had enjoyed his oral attentions a month ago were now equally enjoying his suffering.

Mary was concentrating on her caning posture and follow through, with a very determined look on her face. It was hard to tell if she was just gritting it out to ensure that she made a satisfactory showing to the ladies, or if she was really beginning to believe in the punishment she was inflicting on her helpless husband.

"I'll do anything you want!" CRACK! "YEEEOOOWWW!!" "Sixteen!" Each blow elicited a scream and more futile thrashing at his bonds.

"PLEASE!" CRACK! "AAAIIIIYYEEEEE!! I'll eat you again, better you'll see." "Seventeen!"

"PLEASE!" CRACK! "OOOWWWWWW!! Have (sob) mercy on me, Mistress!" "Eighteen!"

"I (sob) can't (sob) take (sob) anymore." CRACK "YEEEEEK!!" "Nineteen!"

"Doesn't appear that you have much choice, David," Mary said coolly, and resumed his caning. The last five strikes drew blood, and more screams but no more pleading or struggling. He hung over the saw horse, limp and exhausted. Just like the first time, he had completely forgotten about the extras. He would never know if she did it to continue to curry favor, or if it was an attempt to show him that it could have been worse if it hadn't been her for the 24 strokes, but the next words from Mary were: "Would anyone from the group like to administer his extras? It was something of an offense to all of you as well. Sister Jane? Sister Betty?"

Betty declined, having got her strokes in during instruction. Not surprisingly, Jane was interested. She was wearing some sort of leather dress which she unzipped to reveal ample breasts. Standing over him she admonished, "You must learn proper manners in addressing women, especially in settings like this. The sooner you learn, the easier this all will be for you."

"Yes, Ma'am. I am very sorry for giving offense." David had found his voice again, and remembered that trying to beg off the extras would only make it worse.

"Very good. Of course you will still receive your additional six strokes." Jane smiled wickedly.

They were terrible strokes, easily worse than any he had previously received, or at least they seemed so. He lost bladder control during the 4th or 5th stroke. Jane wiped some of the blood from his rump with her finger, then mixed it with some of Mary's blood still on his face and held her finger to his mouth. He sucked the combined blood off her finger. "You two are bound by blood. Don't forget it, or betray it."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Jane unbound him from the horse and simply said, "Now go thank your wife for your discipline."

Mary had already removed the wraparound skirt and pad to reveal her bloody flower, its petals glistening in reds and pinks.

"Thank you for correcting me, Mistress. I promise to do better. May I please you in gratitude?" David was winging the words, following something similar to what he did with Miss Ann.

"You're welcome, dear David, and yes you may."

So afraid of a repeat he dove right in without any hesitation at all and began to greedily lap up her juices. He thought he tasted the familiar flavor of her sexual arousal mixed in with the metallic taste of the blood. Surely it was just left over from his previous oral efforts, he thought. Mary crested powerfully and then recovering her composure looked down at him, "Oh dear, you look like you could use something to wash that down and a little clean up."

"I can help with that," a voice said from the back of the room. "Come forward Sister Rebecca." Rebecca removed her skirt and pulled down her top to reveal nice breasts. Stepping over David she raised a leg and showered him with a strong yellow stream of her nectar. He swallowed some and the rest washed the blood from his face. When she was done she accepted some oral cleaning from him, but did not allow him to bring her to orgasm.

David was still a little dumbfounded about how the simple ceremony to celebrate his acceptance of his wife's authority over their sex life had turned into a severe group punishment, or what her role exactly was in all of this. But one thing had gotten through to him in the last few months; it always made sense to make Mary happy and to try to support whatever she was doing. He thought he knew what needed to be done. Still on the floor he raised himself to his knees and turned to Mistress Jane, "Thank you for your role in my punishment and for your assistance to my Mistress. May I show appreciation to you with some service?"

Mistress Jane smiled broadly, and looked over to Mary. "Well you do have a smart one, Sister Mary. I do believe with a little training he will work out very nicely for you!" Then turning to David, "Yes you may," and with that she bared her sex for him.

Here there was no mistake, the taste and scent of arousal was high in Mistress Jane's pussy. She had clearly been turned on by his punishment. She was so aroused that it took very little time to bring her to a massive, squirting orgasm.

Then he was allowed to stand and go back upstairs where Mary and several of the women cleaned and treated his wounds while he lay face down on Miss Ann's bed. Everyone was acting cheery and friendly, as if nothing untoward had happened. Apparently his puzzlement at the seeming disconnect was noticeable to one of the ladies.

"That's what makes this sort of relationship work so well. Infractions are dealt with and then it's over; no silent treatment, no grudges, no passive aggressive retaliation later," she said. Mary was smiling and nodding in agreement. It was good to know that he was OK with Mary, but it all was still a little hard to understand.

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